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A few years ago my brother and I built a basic and small 1/18 scale 3 car garage to display our models. Since then, time has taken its toll and we decided it was time to replace our old diorama with a new one.

My brother and I used to have mini contests several years ago to see who could use recycled materials to make a free run airboat with minimal cash output. His consisted of two scrap bottles, a light piece of wood, 1 motor, a prop, and some C cell batteries. Mine consisted of something like 10 motors, 7 9 volt batteries and 2 large bottles, among other things. It was a (very heavy) powerhouse His was small and while his zipped to the other side of the pond, I had to rescue mine from sinking

We looked at the old garage and recalled our old contest days, so we agreed on a contest to replace the old diorama: who can make the best 1/18 garage diorama for the least amount of money. It isn't a serious contest, just a chance for me to see the margin by which I beat him But, if it has any results similar to our previous contests, he will beat me by a clear mile.

Anyhoo, enough rambling and on to the garages themselves.

The old garage was built from gatorboard and my brother made the accessories for it while I did the overall structural work (not much). The plan was to have a roof and front for this one but that never came to fruition. It still made a pretty good photo studio for time it was in service.

My brother's garage is designed as a 4 car and he's...Continue Reading
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Here's a video with my new GoPro Hero 3 of Park Zone UMX P-40, My favorite plane. Not my best, just my favorite.

Park Zone P 40 (6 min 28 sec)

This is a Fly Zone UM P-38. The only Fly Zone plane that I like.

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Mini Hexacopter…. more like Wrecks-A-Copter.

Art-Tech - Mini X6 - Review and Flight (9 min 6 sec)

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3drankin no doubt makes the most quality airframes you can get for the umx as3xtra along with a single servo version and 2 different versions of the umx 4-site airframe.

But recently i recieved an airframe from him that is now made with depron aero foam, this foam is almost 20% lighter then the original 3mm depron version(still sells as well) and yet just as strong and rigid.

As you can see the airframe itself isnt much different except for the weight cut of the new material, but there is a couple things that are different with this version.

#1 being the rx brick is mounted further up then the original to get the correct cg for the weight loss of the airframe, now i know a lot of you must be thinking what should i do for new pushrods because the old ones wont be long enough? Well dont worry 3drankin has you covered he adds two carbon rods 1 for elevator(shorter) and 1 for rudder. You still will have to build up the micro z bends onto the carbon rods using shrink tube and ca which is very easy

#2 being something I noticed that some may not have coming from the original airframe, the depron aero foam cuts so much more precise then the original foam, leaving no little chunks of foam that you have to clean out just to get the hinge to work, this is big for me because now theres no worry of cleaning out hinge tracks and worrying about scraping up the foam or damaging the hinge.

Here is a couple pictures:

First: complete airframe with no electronics

Second: showing the carbon support job i did for the main wing and the landing skid design, this setup actually weiged out to be less then 2.5 grams so adding all the carbon and extra foam didnt do a thing to this airframe due to how light it is already, holding the airframe without electronics is like holding nothing almost its nuts!

Thanks for looking, will have a flight video as soon as possible!

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A few common misunderstandings about FPV technology. If something doesn't sound quite right, keep watching, I probably explain it better further on. There are many things in this video that depend. FPV setups always depend so even the misunderstandings depend.

#33 - Common Newbie FPV Misunderstandings (21 min 44 sec)

Full FPV beginners guide here:

More Mw = More Range? 0:27
Lower GHz = More Range? 5:36
OSD w/RTH = Necessity? 8:14
Diversity = Perfect? 10:38
Flying behind obstacles? 15:05
Long range = More fun? 16:23
Spektrum = OK for FPV? 19:13
EXTRAS!!!!! ... 21:07
Fuzzy the rabbit 21:26

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hey guys just some photos of all of my boats i have sold a few boats and now i no what i got hope you like the photos

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Hi guys,

After more than one report of crap build quality and poor soldering I finally took the 9xr pro apart. While I was at it I went ahead and designed and printed a module adapter and module housing out of ABS plastic. the fit is awesome after some minor tweaks and I can now pull it out and upgrade it if I ever need to.
The build quality of my 9xr-pro was spot on, I saw NO issues with solder joints or mis-placed plugs or anything


9xr pro teardown and Bluetooth adapter 3d printed for direct fit and finish 708 (42 min 45 sec)

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Finally got around to cleaning up the Trinket (a bit):

I hardmounted it internally so I can connect the USB directly and reach the reset pin. This makes it so I can upload new LED sketches without taking apart the shell. That makes it a LOT easier to program new blink patterns and color combinations.

Just playing around with some options:
New neopixel animation for Phantom (0 min 22 sec)

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I've checked out a variety motor test stands in posts across RCG while researching various brushless builds and some I have found lacking in the ability to faithfully and correctly transfer thrust to the scale. I decided to build mine with a few tricks to ensure that I got as correct of a reading as possible, plus allow for a variety of motors and props. I started with some parallel V blocks and some 1/8" ID bearings from Fast Eddy as the fulcrum.

The nice thing about these V blocks is they can be screwed to a base, in this case a piece of perfectly sized scrap wood with at least one square edge. I measured carefully then drilled and mounted the first V block. I used m3 x 50mm bolts with countersunk holes underneath so the base still sits flat. This arrangement gave me enough strength to hold them in place while still allowing a bit of movement to square them up.

Once the second block was mounted I ensured they were as square as humanly possible and snugged them down. While tightening the screws I placed the straight edge into the V to keep alignment.

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Hello again!
Last night, at 23:30, I came home with a new receiver and a new 5V UBEC from a kind fellow RC pilot! I was unable to go to bed without testing that everything worked.... Soldered on the UBEC, connected the receiver, bound the receiver and transmitter and connected everything up and did a receiver-test on the KK2.1.5. Everything seemed to work! This morning my son woke up about 05:30, and tired as hell, I finally (and impatiently) mounted everything to the frame and tightened the nuts on the frame for the first time. Did a short test to see if all motors spun the right way and that the self-leveling worked. Everything seems to work perfectly! Now I'm only missing 1cm of double-sided tape to fasten the Voltage Alarm LED and some self-adhesive velcro for the battery and I'm ready for maiden! Unfortunately I had to go to work before being able to do those small things... :-( I just HOPE that I'll be able to find some time for this tonight, and even start tuning the settings to get it stable and snappy!

Below you see some pictures of the completed build, which I'm quite happy with! I MIGHT do some resoldering (basically just to get it more tidy "under the hood" during my vacation if the weather is bad and the kids are busy doing something else... The Warthox FQuad frame really is beatuiful!!!

Can't wait to get it in the air!!!

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My friend built a model J-10 with 70mm impeller. That's what came out of it.
RominIMPELLER (3 min 39 sec)

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I have been flying the Backfire on the 17 x 18 with a 5S battery and it just didn't feel as fast or as much power as ecalc says. Pulled the data log and it isn't. Under 2000 watts. I think my offset twisted spinner isn't twisted.
Posted by Captain Canardly | Yesterday @ 11:08 PM | 792 Views
With the Sailboat shown in the preceding post, Which was purchased at Kremer's Toy and Hobby in Albertville Minn. 55301, And stopping my " so much to do, so little time mode" I realized I needed some specific glass cloths to do my new Canard activations mount, which will be tested on the twin propelated 'Skittereater'. Upon returning from getting the initial paperwerks done for a new job, I had recieved a phone call for said cloths. Then of course, upon during all these ducks getting in a row, students for flight training getting ready for first flights, ( usually without human interruptions) Learning how active Kremer's is involved with supporting the youth of Minnesota and RC Groups mentions (and adds for) the UMX Radian,
we shall return next week with camera in hand, to see where one of the UMX's will reside! As per our conversation today, communications and product listings are growing, and my next special will be a 'spray can' of Butyrates for various finishings! Stay tuned folks! this is just the beginning of a real rich lifestyle! (who needs bucks when you have people like Kremer's Toy and Hobby! ( some toys are even for the "over 21" age group!
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Posted by mfwilliams | Yesterday @ 09:51 PM | 833 Views
Another Saturday I could have probably missed out on. Very light wind and thunder storms on all sides. Everyone else had the same thought, since only three of us showed up, Larry, Buck and me. The lightning and rain finally drove us off the hill at 1:40 PM and we headed down to the Peachtree for lunch.

PS Larry L shot most of the pics. Thanks for the assist Larry.
Posted by Michael in Toronto | Yesterday @ 09:29 PM | 856 Views
My Spektra electric powered glider at our club this evening ....
Posted by 747Pilot | Yesterday @ 09:28 PM | 885 Views
Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone

Audio - The drama queens start their hissy fit at 21:25
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This is going to be a fun one, can not wait to see this one in the air. I have the build thread under the Giant Planes forum. Here are some of the unboxing pictures.

Anyone else put one of these in the air? Love to see some pictures.
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Well, here we go again! I got the Hobbico Hobbistar 60 project flying GREAT, so on to another......

Here is the next project coming tomorrow:


Going to tear off all the covering and turn it into a Eindecker looking plane. Cowling, pilot, machine gun, wire gear, vintage wheels, RCGF 15cc gas engine, servos in the tail mounted location(already cutout in the airframe). Tail skid.

Looking forward to a fun WWI looking bird!!!!
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Having nearly depleted my year's budget for flying at this early date from unfortunate crashes , I have a renewed interest in the scratch built foamies . The likes of FoamFlyin Fool and Goldguy projects have inspired my current efforts .

Since I owed my buddy Frank a borrowed 2830 motor which I damaged in my last crash , we decided that I would frame up an ULTIMATE from Demon Gti that I found in the scratchbuild foamies section of this website for him and one for myself . I always loved flying the Ultimate and hope that this model will not be too different .

This model calls for equipment that I already have on hand like :

3S 2200mA Battery
2812 motor
30 Amp ESC
9 gram Tower Pro servos

Some early construction pix for your enjoyment ..................

Thanx for the blog support !

Regards to all flyers : RickC_RCAV8R