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Posted by Hugo Flynow | Feb 16, 2016 @ 07:59 PM | 1,401 Views
I thought I'd start a gallery of planes I painted and /or weathered.

I airbrush/ weathered the P51, P47, BF-110.
The two planes are Hitec Zippers which come as plain white foam. Navy Trainer scheme is always high vis.

The sailplane is an Airwing Sky Surfer I pulled off all the stickers and made a Navy trainer scheme. I later added flaps which make landings incredible short.

I refurbished my old Airfield P47 750mm Hun Hunter. Replaced the bent motor shaft, added invasion stripes and airbrushed some weathering. Plane was masked off with blue masking tape and didn't lift off any silver as Airfield knew how to paint a plane. I sprayed flat white Krylon enamel, then taped off the white with 1" blue tape. Then sprayed Krylon flat black. some of the white lifted off with the tape, so I touched it up with white acrylic with a brush. I then airbrushed panel lines and weathering with thinned black acrylic thru an Iwata revolution airbrush.
I tried not to over-weather the invasion stripes as they were short lived on the actual planes. I might have gotten carried away anyway, but oh well.

Oh yeah, I also custom made landing gear doors and carved out the wheel well......Continue Reading
Posted by Hugo Flynow | Nov 29, 2015 @ 06:25 PM | 3,255 Views
Here's a small portion of Custom Bikes, helmets, cars, dragsters, and clothing I painted...some of the dull pics are before they were clearcoated....Continue Reading