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Posted by mjgravina | Jan 11, 2015 @ 05:41 PM | 1,765 Views
Was succesful with my first four maiden flights. Crashed on the second due to trying to hover without knowing the plane well, never going over 50% on the throttle, and once I cut it, eventually led to a stall I could not recover, feathered and hit the ground with some damage, torn wing adapter parts, nose barely crunched and separated slightly.

Fixed it hot on the field, and was able to produce two extra flights. All of them about 1-2.5min in duration, so my goal today is to achieve longer flights, and test the flaps for lift/landing and eventually takeoff if things go well too.

In between flights I crashed a brand new Parkzone T-28, all my surfaces were reversed, I had mixed and expo'd channels without ever flying the thing, and attempted to take off grass and horsed it at 100% throttle, which caused the 3.5 second flight/crash. Some damage there too, but minimal overall.

Last attempt of flying was a crash on an 18hr old brand new plane, so I need to regain my bearings on the bix2 before I can think of flying the Trojan again.

Slightly concerned about the tree limits of the park I will be flying in, though the space is about 150mts by 200-250mts. I should be fine there.

Time to go, burning the last 90 mins of daylight for this day. Will come back and report.