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George Shering's blog
Posted by George Shering | May 30, 2013 @ 11:05 AM | 1,976 Views
This blog is a continuation of the thread in High Performance
It will describe, give tips and respond to requests and comments.

UniF5B is an app for Android JellyBean phones and tablets together with the Unilog 1. Data can be uploaded from the Unilog, displayed, and the data stored on a file. The normal gestures for scroll, pinch to expand scales and touch to display numeric values are available. The parameters of the Unilog can be set. On-line data can be acquired and displayed allowing the Android device to be used as a meter.

UniF5B can be downloaded and installed from the attached file. Also attached is an example file Round1 so that you can try the display facilities before getting an OTG (On The Go) cable for your device. This cable is often supplied in the box with low cost tablets. The example file was taken from a competition flight with temperature sensors connected to A1 and A2. Although the default parameters are set for convenient F5B use they can be changed. They will only be reset to the F5B values when the app is restarted after a Quit. The default directory for UniF5B is /mnt/sdcard/Flights.

Please reply with your experiences.