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GemFan killers. DragonFly Bulletproof props for miniquads (4 min 27 sec)

Dragonfly Bulletproof Propellers are composite props with a slight change in mixture. They offer extra strength when compared to other propellers. (See above video for the comparison with Gemfan props)

Temporarily, the Dragonfly Bulletproof Propellers are available in the sizes of 5030, 5045 and 6045. The colors are available in red and white.

Price for four pairs (4cw+4ccw).

Features: Low cost, hiigh durability and strength.


Type: 5030 / 5045 / 6045
Colors: Red / White (Optional)
Material: Nylon
weight: 1.5g per piece for 5030/5045, 2g per piece for 6045
Quantity: 4 pairs (4 pcs CW rotation, 4 pcs CCW rotation)

Dragonfly 5030 Bulletproof Props:

Dragonfly 5045 Bulletproof Props:
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Hi guys,
I wanted to know the entire procedure for programming DYS ESC (MB30030) 30A with SimonK firmware. I bought the ESC at an electronics retail store. The product comes with a manual. But there is no information on how to program. So can anybody plsss.. help me in this regard???
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So about 4 years ago I lost my H9 Pulse 40 to a ESC blow out or so I thought. Wing was fine, but the fuse was a wreck. Firewall, wing mount and landing gear mount all destroyed. I kept it in my basement for years, was not sure why I did not tose it. Well a friend got into the hobby this year and really wanted a second plane and talked me into trying to repair it and so I did. Well it just remaidened and holy crap the landing gear mount and firewall all held. 3 flights on it. This is the most extensive repair job I have done. He now has it as his low wing trainer and I could not be more happy. Setup is lightning 50 motor CC edge 75 on 4S 4000mah spinning a 13 x 8 prop.
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Ok well we have some HK stock now and prices are sorted. please remember these are for pick up if you want them shipped a shipping charge will have to be incurred. These models are ready to go now. pick up from Ascot Brisbane.

Durafly EFX Racer High Performance Sports Model $183.00

Durafl SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model EPO 1500mm $231.00

Durafl D.H.100 Vampire Mk6 EDF Jet w/retracts 1100mm $152.00

Durafly™ JU-87G Stuka w/flaps & lights 1100mm $169.00

Avios Hawker Sea Fury warbird 1200mm $277.00

Avios Riff Raff 99 Sea Fury Racer 1200mm $296.00

HobbyKing Bix3 Trainer/FPV EPO 1550mm $122.00

HobbyKing Walrus Glider w/Flaps EPO 1400mm $86.00

Trainstar Tough Electric Trainer 1.4m $122.00

T-50 Golden Eagle EDF Jet Trainer EPO 820mm $195.00

H-King FW190 w/Lights Flaps Retracts Gear-Doors 1200mm $163.00

MX2 Blue 3D 1400mm EPO $195.00

AXN Floater-Jet Glider EPO 1127mm $86.00

Payment methods: cash, pay pal and credit card.

We are open to ideas or suggestion of items you want to fly.
Just send us an email

don't for get to like us on facebook. Propeller Heads RC
We stock planes for beginners too
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Getting pretty serious with quads and surfing here. People with next to no experience flying into the lineup . Took this image from a couple months ago of Kelly Slater dropping in with a drone in his face. Crazy times.
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Hello from Cambria CA ... our flying field is just north of San Simeon State Park and a few miles south of Hearst Castle ... the model plane is the Delta Ray (it does a good job of maintaining stability for video when using it in "beginner mode") ... I placed a Mobius camera with wide angle lens (the "C" version) on the nose of the aircraft and added about 30 grams of lead to the tail to get good center of gravity ... I used 5 mil laminate on this model which added a bit more weight than I would have liked ... next time I will use the 3 mil laminate ... this model is not known for it's power/thrust ability ... it is a wonderful beginner model due to it's less demanding flight characteristics and the "Panic Button" is always there if you get distracted by something ... check out the link to see the video ... curlyq3
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Lipo and charging board fires are real, I had my first run in with one today. My luck just keeps getting better and better

The link to my story is above, and the aftermath is below
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This was my first stab at flying a quadcopter with a built-in camera. It's definitely not the highest quality camera, but for a first time user, it's nice to be able to see things from a different angle!

DM007(with cam):
More DM007 Gears:

NightHawk DM007 Spy Quadcopter with 2MP 720p Camera Review! (7 min 51 sec)

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I set a new personal record for non-stop flight with my Sport Cub S today. I almost flew up one whole battery without crashing into the ground once! And almost all of it in Intermediate. Well, I did bail out with Beginner / SAFE a few times, but only momentarily. And even that less frequently than ever before.

Some of you might not think this is such an impressive record, but you don't know what a struggle it has been for me to reach this point.

And if that fence post hadn't jumped out in front of me I might have stayed in the air until I ran out of battery.
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Spekrum DX5e for sale!

~ Used once in a failed attempt to fly my first plane (my fault) :-D
~ Like New
~ All Packaging, Manuals, and of course the radio is included
~ Works great
~ 5 Channels
~ Perfect Condition DX5e

Asking $45
~ Contact me with any questions at
~ Glad to answer any questions
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This was the beginning of my quadiction this past winter, haha!
first outdoor flight with my syma x5c (0 min 48 sec)

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A departure from my "normal" taste in RC aircraft. I hope to finally fly it this weekend (just the hover phase) and then go to the forward flight mode next.

First let me say that I was originally going to use 3DR Pixhawk and APM 2.6 controllers but after some thought chose to use the APM for forward flight and the DJI NAZA Lite for hover, as the designers suggested. Well, foolishly or not I upgraded the DJI Lite V1 to a V2 and this is where it all went to Hell. I won't go into details but brought the Lite V1 back to original specs and installed the configuration files to the VI firmware.

It's very windy today since I (with the help of my buddy Berno) restored the NAZA to it's original state) but a quick and dirty test in his building room indicates that hovering this thing shouldn't be an issue now. It's very strange since Berno's quad upgrades from the Lite to the V2 apparently work VERY well and are providing a much smoother and precise flight. Strange....

My one major departure from the original plans was the installation of the Air Gear 350 Tiger motor set which cost much less than the recommended BirdsEye View motor set (sorry, guys....this was such a better deal for much better motors).

With some help from BirdsEye Aero and some of the fellows on the RCG thread I think I have this thing licked. I've flown Y6 copters with NAZA controllers before with no problem so just FOLLOWING THE RECOMMENDATIONS (other than the motors) should prove to provide a successful machine. I'll let you know as soon as the conditions here in the desert allow a decent and safe test.
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I don't know what my poor plane did in its past life, but it must have some seriously bad karma.
To be born as My Plane.
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The Armattan PDB ended up failing, a ground trace burned up. Checking specs again on site I see it [now] says 10A limit. Lame. It was fine with 2S, but soon as I ran a 3S lipo and got to 75% throttle or so it just feel out of sky and after investigating saw the burned trace on PDB. Armattan has a new PDB design that handles more current, and offered to send me one as a replacement. But I had already put in order for one off micromotorwarehouse. It claims it supports 80A continuous, which should be more than enough.

I removed spaces to PDB now lays flat against frame, there is a layer of heatshrink between the two.

I swapped out the stock cones with low-profile nylon lock nuts from getfpv, they're smaller/lighter/better looking/easier to put on/take off. Well worth $5 or whatever it was.

Need to do PID tuning on 3S now.
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One of the best entry-level FPV quadcopters on the market.

WLtoys - V686G Explore - Review and Flight (Indoor & Outdoor) (18 min 53 sec)

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...that Jack Headley was not mentioned at all in Kevin Flynn's design article 'Puffin' in the Janary 1975 issue of RCM? RCM was notorious for not giving photo credit except for the cover shots. If you were a young modeler (like me) those issues and their articles were fundamental in establishing a life long love of model building and flying. It didn't hurt that the covers also had pretty images.

I recently asked Kevin (via email) if he remembered Puffin and if he remembered who took the photos.

Doug I do remember the Puffin. God knows what happened to it when Jack passed. It was very difficult for me as I kept a lot of models at Jack's house and they were all in the attic.... All the models and engines, radios all the stuff we had was left at his house... There have been several models in kit form over the years that looked like my or Jacks designs but once the plan was sold to the magazines they owned all the rights to them. My brother took some of the photos. I can't remember all the details. I do remember that RCM wanted 2 1/4 Ektachrome transparencies of all the photos. I can tell you it was a real losing proposition in those days with the time spent and cost of film and processing.

You will find Puffin on Outerzone. Search for Kevin Flynn or just 'Flynn' and the entire article and scanned plan set will be there. I like it. With a Proctor Antic kind of look (read Kevin's article to get the real inspiration), I definitely think it is on my 'to build' list.