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Flying Pitcher's blog
Posted by Flying Pitcher | Jul 03, 2014 @ 08:38 PM | 1,109 Views
Stupid me...lost orientation in flight today. I was doing a slow pass 2 o'clock high and started to turn her around, but looked like tail went the other way, so i gave it rudder to wiggle, but couldn't tell!! I panicked as I couldn't figure out which way to correct. It looked like rudder was going the other way!! Heli started to tilt and i was losing altitude and not level. I dumped throttle hold in place and she went down on her right side from a height of pine trees...30-50feet?

I thought my receiver glitched, so i grabbed little heli...450 and went to recreate the scenario...stupid me...same thing, it's hard to tell, but when you just have silhouette against grey cloud and no sun shining on the heli from your side, i totally can lose orientation...heli looks like it's the opposite direction when it's JUST at the right angle!!! I made the same slow high 2 o'clock pass and started to do a turnaround and there!! i almost lost it again, but I saved it with a high G pullout. I feel bummed right now here are pix:

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Posted by Flying Pitcher | Jun 29, 2014 @ 02:40 PM | 946 Views
Well, decided to give it a whiz! I have castle ice 75AMP, like mentioned earlier in my blogs. I know it's a little underpowered for a 7.7pound 600 heli running 6s, but it hovers and park-flies wonderfullly!!

By the way, them heavy glassfiber blades are awesome!! They didn't break in my last autorotation and only smacked a boom real hard that i had to replace it but they also do awesome when you give sudden collective like in "OH COOKIES!!" situation!! Because of big mass, they barely even show rpm loss

anyways, set my simple gov mode in the castle menu...oh you know....it says easiest to use out of box, what can go wrong Well, i set one flat curve in one of 3 idle modes and grabbed heli outside. Well, my first point is 0 and next is like 70-70-70-70, so i was crawling on throttle to get her really slow to speed, then when it almost reached, i let go a little, heli was already getting light, then i gave more stick again and heli probably thought it was coming out of "auto-abandonment" and spooled up again aggressively, tail blew to right and heli gained altitude and almost landed on the roof of my lanai!!

O BOY, WHAT NEXT!!! I'm quickly thinking in panic, well they say if you switch to normal mode, heli will respond to throttle normal, so i did that and it was responding in a really jumpy pattern as other modes i had throttle curve programmed for regular flying!!It was jumping all over the place along with tail twitching from all these constant...Continue Reading
Posted by Flying Pitcher | Jun 28, 2014 @ 09:54 AM | 1,049 Views
Aye mate, she's all ready to go The shades are to keep the sun glare down, she likes flying that way

Posted by Flying Pitcher | Jun 14, 2014 @ 09:11 PM | 1,422 Views
just did a little mod for the landing gear...

got this material over at LOWE's....also available at home depot(i think). plate is $4.xx something...

used a tool to sand them down...works pretty good actually. no need for a saw...which would probably work better i guess....but o well, tools left at work over weekend

here they are....braces
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Posted by Flying Pitcher | Jun 09, 2014 @ 05:20 PM | 1,357 Views
well, this was bound to happen sooner or later i guess. i went out for a flight today with my little one and a big one. flew the little one flawlessly and first battery with a big one. Last flight i was flying with higher RPM and was doing some aggressive accelerations. During a turn-around i noticed RPM's starting to drop and realized it's going down...

it was over large pile of empty crates and some garage nearby. Knowing that i have to make it back to the grassy land, i dropped collective and dove forward towards me trying to get it over the fence and to the grass. By that time, RPM's were too low for a forward flight and i started transition into autorotation and was going down with low rpm's. right before impact, i gave hard collective and she went in almost flat on the skids and impact happened....

I ran to the crash site looking frantically for survivors... here are the pics...

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Posted by Flying Pitcher | May 17, 2014 @ 03:59 PM | 16,611 Views
THIS IS A COPY OF THREAD INTO MY BLOG(some people wanted it not to get lost in time...)

Hey everyone! Finally got all my parts in the mail today. Well, had everything for a while now, but heli and blades arrived 30 mins ago. Sorry about the long wait and i haven't forgotten about the build thread, which is what i'll be starting now...

I decided to post build log in here, because when I was researching what size heli to get, I could never find enough pictures for comparison to what I have, so I'll be doing a little side by side comparison to what most people have, a 450 heli. I think it'll be a neat little thing to watch, hope you enjoy it as well.

Components I'll be using:
CopterX radio+receiver
ProModeler Servos
Castle ESC
Turnigy motor
ZYX-s controller
Zippy batteries

Power supply from old PC linked to iCharger...

Heli box...
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