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I successfully flew, and successfully landed, my Yak 12 tonight.

Then I semi - successfully flew it again, but I don't consider landing it high in a tall tree to have been a success.

It had my NX3 Evo in it. I think the NX3 worked pretty well but I'm not sure. The winds were very lighy, and if you don't count leaving it in a tree I never got in trouble enough to need a panic switch.

I'm fairly annoyed.

It's twice as big as the Sport Cub S. I just didn't realize how far away I had it. That tree is always there.
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As every new month approaches I always wonder if I will have anything to blog about. Seems something always comes up, either an experience, introducing a new plane or based on feedback from RCG members. The reward for the effort is a PM or post that someone benefited from the blog. I limit myself to an average of 5 blogs per month. I have posted 83 blogs & like to think there is something for members that have a common interest. As the blogs age, it becomes apparent some are more popular than others. Age will kill the number of average community views per month, unless folks find it of value & share it. Best way to review the blogs is come back after the end of a month, scroll down to Archives & click on the previous month to view only the most recent entries. If you find a blog of interest, read & enjoy. Please share it with others.

Top 4 Blogs

*** Spektrum Audio Editor ground school, click here ***

*** Flight Log Debrief Reports , click here ***

*** Keep Warm at the Core! U & the Batts, click here ***

*** umx Radian ~ Mods & more ..., click here ***

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This is a very nice write up if you are having issues with setting up you A2 and Lightbridge.
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Introducing the all new FMS MXS 1100mm 3D Sport Aerobatic plane. Features include an easy to assemble glueless design, New Hollow wing design for reduced weight and rigidity, Wing tip Side Force Generators for superior Knife Edge and slow Harrier maneuvering, Super strong laminated control surface hinges, Powerfull 35-36 1250kv outrunner motor, 40amp ESC, & 4 Digital metal gear servos all pre-installed and ready for your receiver and battery... check it out at www.FMSMODEL.COM and www.DIAMONDHOBBY.COM

FMS MXS 3D 1100mm INTRO Video by RCINFORMER (5 min 28 sec)

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Custom FPV system builds are available!
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Buy it here:

Syma X8C 4CH 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter:
HD camera allows you to take pictures and record videos.
With headless mode function.
The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched.
6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.
2.4 technology adopted for anti-interference, even more than one quadcopter is flying at the same time they will not interfere with each other.
The quadcopter can fly both indoor and outdoor.
Including 4CH digital proportional RC system

Type: RC Simulators
Functions: Turn left/right, Sideward flight, With light, Camera, Forward/backward, 3D rollover
Built-in Gyro: Yes
Night Flight: Yes
Material: Plastic, Electronic components

Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Channel: 4-Channels
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Transmitter Power: 6 x 1.5V AA battery(not included)

Dimension and Weight:
Package Weight : 2.500 kg
Product Size (L x W x H) : 48.5 x 48.5 x 19 cm / 19.06 x 19.06 x 7.47 inches
Package Size (L x W x H) : 36 x 36 x 18 cm / 14.15 x 14.15 x 7.07 inches

Package Contents:
1 x Quadcopter
1 x Remote Control
1 x Camera
1 x Card Reader
1 x Storage Card
1 x Lithium Battery
1 x Charger
4 x Fan Blade
4 x Undercart
4 x Protector
1 x Enligsh Manual
1 x Balanced Charger

My Unboxing Video:
Syma X8C Venture Unboxing (Courtesy of GearBest) (3 min 52 sec)

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This is the very first time I've 'blogged'. ...So here's hoping it turns out ok.

...I just put together this 3 minute video filmed with a Go Pro mounted on my old Radian Glider ...and flew it over the gorgeous landscape of St Catherines Point, Isle of Wight, UK (a few miles down the road)

I was so lucky to get that last shot so perfectly framed against the falling sun. i feel the need to share it with everyone. Please enjoy the film

RC Glider Flying over St Catherines Point, Isle of Wight (3 min 23 sec)

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Off-road design, but meant of on-road use.

HuanQi - Moto OffRoad - Review and Run (6 min 29 sec)

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With our continued Funky Extra Wet Spring-Summer my Drydock pretty much got Washed Out... Had to pack everything up as I had to keep pulling my Kids out of my Parts Boxes. That and my wife was shining the Evil Eye on all the Boat Parts Lovingly stacked by the back door.

I was beginning to worry that she might drop the Lot in the Recycle Bin...

Should have the Drydock Crew back to work after the July 4th Weekend...

First back in the Drydock will be Cranking Up a Vintage Dumas Drag-N-Fly...
Had the Mechanicals apart, cleaned and back together.
Starter should be here today or tomorrow.
Looking forward to getting her running.
She should be a bit faster than my Zipkits Tugsters...

Sorry no photos this time round.

Until next time,


Except for this one...
She sure is Purty!
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I am curious if

this propeller

would be able to mount to

this motor
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We put a Fire Alarm & Mass Notification System in the Airport Passenger Terminal on Maxwell AFB here in Montgomery, AL. (See the red devices? They are speakers)
These markers were out front and in the back.....
Posted by Puterjoe | Today @ 02:17 PM | 380 Views
What do y'all think?
(I love it!)

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Dromida Ominus - Alias Shaft/Propellers Upgrade/Conversion (7 min 34 sec)

Parts Required for Conversion:
Dromida Ominus Gear Set - DIDE1115
LaTrax Alias Aluminum Main Shaft Set - TRA6633X
LaTrax Alias Propeller Set - TRA6626 & TRA66xx
5mm Flat Washers
#60 O-Rings

1) Put 2x 5mm washers on Ominus spur gear shaft, cut/file smooth. Repeat for each of the 4 motors.
2) Replace stock Ominus Shafts/Gears with new shafts/gears.
3) Install 1x 5mm O-ring between top of Ominus spur gear bottom of Alias propeller.
4) Tighten top set screw on Alias propeller.
5) Verify blade direction was correct for each corner.
6) Enjoy.
Video Source: Fuji FinePix HS25exr
Audio Source: Fuji FinePix HS25exr
Video Editing: Serif MoviePlus X6
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Yesterday the replacement Easy Stick arrived. I did investigate only buying replacement parts as Value Hobby does offer the wing, fuselage, and tail feathers as separate spares. After looking at the cost of what I would need, fuselage ($50) and tail feathers($25) plus shipping I figured I might as well buy the entire airplane again.

Once again it was packed in 2 blank double boxes and it arrived undamaged. Seeing as I have assembled one before, I did not even bother to open the instruction manual, I knew exactly what I needed to do. The first step was to apply plenty of wood glue to the entire joint areas inside. I smeared this around each joint with my finger and did not worry about applying too much. These joints can use all the extra glue they can take.

The next step for me again was to punch out the blind nuts in the original firewall to make way for the new firewall I epoxied onto the original. Once drilled for the engine mount, throttle, and fuel lines I moved onto the aft fuselage section.

This time I am putting both elevator and rudder servos in this section of the fuselage. I don't think the extra weight is going to be an issue and if it is I have plenty of room in the forward end to move things around.

Once the servos with extensions are in place, it is time to glue in the 4 wood joiners. These align the front and rear halves and provide more area for gluing. I installed the four joiners in the front section and used CA to hold them in place for the...Continue Reading
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The Solo's capabilities are endless, when the Gimbal is released, this will be in a class of its own as far as the prosumer market is concerned!!
Take a moment a watch the "Smart Shots" maiden footage. The possibilities with this software can go on and on forever.

#gimbalguy #solo #3dr #smartshots
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G'day guys
I made my first blog post ages ago and I've been meaning to put a few more word/thoughts out there, so here it is.

I have been flying a while and am starting to become fairly proficient, I think. I have a bunch of different types of planes and even scratch built a couple too. But not too long ago I got something completely different to the rest of my fleet, I got a "proper" glider. The ASW28 from Lanyu/Volantex/Hobbyking. I just looks sooo good, in my opinion.

A few of the guys I fly with have the Radian and it flies really really well. It seems to be an extremely efficient and very stable glider. But I have an aversion to flying the same thing as everyone else and decided to go with (in my opinion) the much better looking ASW28. But is it better flying?

I have to say now though, I am not that good at flying gliders! Is it the plane or is it me? I'm not sure I have it set-up that well.

I have added my Bigaole BGL-6G-AP flight controller with RTH, just in case it got out of sight, but the mode I am using the most is the stabiliser. With the stab off, I seem to get the whole thing really upset. pitching and diving, climbing wildly and stalling. If it was not for the stab, I think I would have crashed it by now for sure.

With that said, I think I like it a little that it is hard to fly. There is something about getting better at flying it that gives me a great amount of satisfaction. It reminds me a little of starting out again.
Flying...Continue Reading
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After a long sleep in the clusters of my hard disk drive, the Canadair CL-415 project is back on track !

I learnt some new building tricks using a hot wire cut during the build of my Me-109E PSS project and i hope to use them again for building this bird.