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Posted by schumixmd | Aug 28, 2014 @ 04:19 PM | 2,217 Views
Well guys, not that I have reinvented the wheel. I am just proud that after 3 years I have finally built it, my UHF Relay that will allow me to use DragonLink v1 module with my Hitec Aurora 9 or Spektrum DX8 wireless and trouble free.

The most important point is that because DL v1 does not have auxiliary head tracker port I wasn't able to use Fatshark head tracker because Aurora does not support it, but on Dx8 the trainer port was busy with DL module. Now, on the DX8 the trainer port will be free and I will be able to finally use the tracker, of course - after I will get an ppm capable spektrum receiver.

UHF Relay Box (3 min 37 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Jul 09, 2014 @ 08:43 AM | 2,880 Views
Hi everyone,

so, our friend HobbyKing shock us again with their new product.
This time they listed an alternative to GOPRO camera at 1/3 of it's price.

Turnigy HD ActionCam 1080P Full HD Video Camera w/Waterproof Case

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Posted by schumixmd | Jun 07, 2014 @ 03:02 PM | 3,168 Views
Not much to say! Went out for slope soaring!

Slope and thermal soaring with Phoenix2000. (3 min 35 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | May 25, 2014 @ 08:40 AM | 2,229 Views
Today we went flying around!

No more testing, only enjoying the scenery, but noticing so high thermal activity we did not resist to see if this plane is good to go thermals.

The answer is quite clear - the plane is quite good for thermals, much more if you try to work them out. We didn't put any effort. We just flew around the mark where plane climbed throttle off. Kinda fools, but look how it goes.

Sorry for the bad quality. Still can't get decent quality from EasyCap Someone willing to donate a DVR?

Skywalker Naja Working Thermal (4 min 44 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | May 11, 2014 @ 03:11 PM | 2,716 Views
Today, on a calm day, took the Naja for some short testing.

After the maiden flight I have improved it a little.
  • Installed new motor NTM 3530 1100kv, instead of old Turnigy 3536 1300kv. The propeller remained the same 10x4.7.
  • Relocated the vtx from tail boom to the wing.
  • Relocated the GPS and Rx on the main plywood plate more forward.
  • Removed 90g of ballast which was needed to obtain the CG at 80mm from LE.
  • And some more ground tuning of MyFlyDream Autopilot. The Autopilot also got version 1.4 firmware.

Voila! Now the CG is at the same spot but the plane is 100g light.

The plane got many modifications so I was a little worried how it will go, 'cause I was alone, and had to hand lunch it by myself, which I never did with this plane.

I engaged LAUNCH mode on MFD AP, got full throttle and launched it. The plane climbed smoothly with only little left banking (1-2 degree).
- Amazing! I flew over 20 minutes with a 3s 5000mAh tuning the AP. I wasn't afraid anymore to hand lunch it after every landing, 'cause launch mode worked like a charm.

With a single battery I have done all the testing and tuning I was hopping for, but still got a lot of time until full sunset. So I decided to go for an endurance flight.

Loaded 3s2p 3000mah (6000mah total) and took off.

Unfortunately I still have not invested in a DVR since I am in hobby. Every time more important things got in front. Also the MFD AP doesn't log the flight. So I don't have any proof of my flight...Continue Reading
Posted by schumixmd | Apr 28, 2014 @ 11:04 AM | 2,560 Views
Hello guys,
Some time ago, I was given the chance to review a new plane on the FPV scene. The plane comes from the well know Skywalker company. Considering the reputation of their previous plane which is in service for most FPV pilots, the expectation for the new plane are, let say – high enough.
Ladies and Gentlemen – Skywalker Naja is the plane I am going to review.
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Here I have the chance to say Thank you! to store, which kindly provided the plane for review and a big personal Thanks to Jason, who had the patience to work out the delivery method, since the delivery carrier asked a very high price to deliver the box to my country and I had to find an alternative way.
The plane was sent to Italy then forwarded to me by bus.
Upon receiving I didn’t wait too much, and opened the box right away. All foam parts in the box were intact and in very good shape, they even perfectly aligned straight out of the box, thanks to the pre-molded alignment points.

The list of parts in the box:
  • Wings, as you can imagine, they were two.
  • Main fuselage, as you might suppose, two halves of it.
  • Carbon tail rod with very long servo extensions, and some plastic assembly parts installed.
  • Carbon spar which hold the wings on the fuselage.
  • V-tail foam assembly parts.
  • Foam canopy for the lower fuselage bay.
  • Plastic cover for the upper fuselage bay.
  • Plywood plates to be glued inside the fuselage.
  • Plastic motor mount.
  • Packets with 4 pushrods, y-
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Posted by schumixmd | Apr 25, 2014 @ 02:09 PM | 2,514 Views
My first video - Unboxing the Skywalker Naja, for Russian auditory is up!
Skywalker Naja Review: 1я часть - Распаковка (6 min 40 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Feb 17, 2014 @ 04:05 AM | 2,984 Views
My very first video and flight with the MFD AP.
here we go:
MyFlyDream Autopilot Maiden Flight with narration. (19 min 41 sec)

And Russian version here:
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Posted by schumixmd | Feb 05, 2014 @ 07:12 AM | 2,737 Views
Since I got the MFD AP unit and till now, I still didn't have any flight with it.
Don't wonder why, it is not because of the AP, I just crashed the plane the AP was supposed to be installed in, because of very aft CG.
- My fault.
But it will fly soon 'cause the damage is very minor.

However, mean time, I was dealing with the AP on a single problem it had.
If you already saw the my video with the OSD overview, then you maybe noticed that the OSD shows my battery has 29.58 volts, but I was using a 3S lipo charged to 11.7volts.
After many posts on the MFD AP thread and getting valuable support from community, I have resolved my problem.
For those who have the same problem like me, and their current sensor reports a greater voltage than their pack is due to wrongly placed two resistors on the board.
The resistors are 590 Ohm and 4.42 kOhm, and they are used to divide pack voltage to 3.3v range and goes directly to sensing line, but being exchanged on the board they divide the voltage incorrectly to 10v, and the the sensing line reports incorrect voltage.
The resistors are easy to remove and solder back in the right places.

Looking forward to fly this autopilot a.s.a.p.
Posted by schumixmd | Feb 05, 2014 @ 06:30 AM | 2,638 Views

When I first time started to look on an OSD with or without autopilot, I was wondering how this thing look like .. what do I see on screen, and what configuration option there are.
I didn't find an video showing that, instead I had to watch a bunch of different video that show specific functions.
Now, when I got the MyFlyDream autopilot, I though that maybe someone like me does wonder how the menu looks like and what settings are present.

So here it goes. The video with the OSD menu overview.
MyFlyDream Autopilot OSD Menu overview (5 min 0 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Jan 31, 2014 @ 03:25 AM | 2,679 Views
Hi there,

Received my Autopilot form some days ago and started to review it for Russian forum. Since chanyote66 is doing good work on RCGroups, I think there is no need for another video on "what's in box" in English, and so on..
So far, have updated the AP to 1.11, without even knowing what firmware was installed in it. And have connected it on the bench too see how OSD looks like.

Have to say - I am impressed.

The first version of manual does not cover important features Autopilot has, but it is very good start for connecting it and having an overview of how it works, and how to tune in.

The switch'n'stick menu navigation is very intuitive and just after few minutes I got comfortable with that, although some on screen explanation for different options should be done better.

An important feature manual does not cover:
- Saving/Loading settings for different models directly on AP memory, so you don't have to remember the settings if you would like to install it in different planes.
There are some more menu items that are not described in manual which I think are intuitive, and for sure some of us will cover later on reviews.

For the time being, for thus interested, here is the Russian review and What's in box video:

MyFlyDream Autopilot обзор. Часть 1. (6 min 52 sec)

Thank you
Posted by schumixmd | Dec 24, 2013 @ 06:19 AM | 2,733 Views
When you are bored, take your plane and go to a frozen lake, and you will for sure find a lot of interesting things to do...

Drifting (0 min 41 sec)

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Posted by schumixmd | Dec 14, 2013 @ 11:28 AM | 2,760 Views
The year is coming to an end, and we all soon will trace the line and make the summary of what we did last year.
From FPV point of view, I have already made that and compiled a video with the Best Moments of 2013. Thanks to DragonLink I have flown with confidence.

Enjoy the video.
2013 FPV Mashup (5 min 42 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Nov 18, 2013 @ 02:45 AM | 2,953 Views
This is yet the most beautiful scenery we flown and filmed. Watching sunrise in the morning from high above is really making you high without any drugs.

In the cold light of morning (4 min 10 sec)

Flown with DragonLink
Posted by schumixmd | Oct 28, 2013 @ 11:45 AM | 2,924 Views
Have put together a video of flights from this weekend. Unfortunately we had another target to film, but the wind was crossing the runway too much, and the real pilots didn't risk to fly. So we just enjoyed the view from over the city. We are not scared by crosswinds

Flight over city. Flown with DragonLink (6 min 11 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Oct 23, 2013 @ 02:22 PM | 3,179 Views
I thought I had to put the contest video here on my Blog.
This is one of the few videos where I am actually trying to communicate with "virtual" viewers.

The RCGroups Great FPV Scavenger Hunt: October (7 min 2 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Oct 14, 2013 @ 04:58 AM | 3,221 Views
At our first meeting with clouds we decided to make a tribute to Zach Sobiech. An American folk rock singer-songwriter.
At age 14, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer which mostly strikes children.
At age 17, May 2012, his doctors informed him that he had up to a year to live. Sobiech recorded the song "Clouds" about his battle with cancer, living last days of his life with the smile on the face.
The song went viral on Youtube, surpassing 3 million views at the time of his death. Sobiech died on May 20, 2013. R.I.P.

Clouds - A tribute to Zach Sobiech. Flown with DragonLink. (3 min 14 sec)

The second video should bring back the happiness.

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Posted by schumixmd | Sep 30, 2013 @ 05:18 AM | 3,076 Views
Finally got the GoPro on the wing and made some shots.
Average flight time on 3s5000mah is 20mins if only cruising around.

Wingman in action (3 min 29 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Aug 23, 2013 @ 06:47 PM | 3,441 Views
FPVWingman Maiden Flight (4 min 54 sec)

Posted by schumixmd | Aug 21, 2013 @ 09:01 AM | 3,397 Views
This is our first Cross Country flight. We crossed 13km on one 2200mAh pack, and we exchanged 3 of them.
It was not big performance but we enjoyed a lot the "trip", and are likely to repeat it again, this time with a better performance.

The "cabriolet" car provided by our friend is an old "LUAZ 967" that uphills developed speed less than our Bixler

The DragonLink combined with 1.2ghz video worked like a charm and the helical antenna had to barely be pointed at the plane.

Cross Country and Rock and Roll. Flown with DragonLink. (2 min 48 sec)