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Murdock80's blog
Posted by Murdock80 | Jan 29, 2015 @ 10:20 PM | 3,291 Views
Dynam Hawksky-learned to fly on 4 channel great beginner plane! Stock
Dynam PBY Catalina-elevator mod from grayson hobby adding an extra pushrod. Stock
Parkzone 280 mustang-deceased. Nosedives are a friend of mine stock.
Airfield 800mm mustang-deceased. Did not like split S's?? Stock.
Eflite carbon z yak 54-like new havent flown. Cnc motor mount. Apc 13x4 prop
Parkzone F4u-1a corsair-great flyer!!! Retracts added extra set dynams (thanks Merlin) ar6210 rx.
Parkzone F4F Wildcat-(am i in the club??) eflite 30amp esc
Parkzone spitfire-stock
Eflite sbach original-...Continue Reading