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Posted by RickC_RCAV8R | Today @ 08:59 PM | 55 Views
Gentlemen :

As it rained all afternoon , I was afforded an opportunity to complete a short duration project which I have been thinking about for some time now .

Fanny Power ! One of my pet peeves is having to purchase and replace batteries for some of my radios . Even using 2S packs in the 650mA range only allows for 5 or 6 flights before they die out . It is a PITA to be fooling around with the batteries all of the time . So I made up a portable MPPT type power supply that can be strapped to ones waist and be plugged into the AUX jack of nearly every radio made . (12 volt input) A short power lead is routed to the radio from the Fanny Pack and is VelCro'd to the back of the TX .

The beauty of using the MPPT (Buck / Boost) type power supply board is that it can be supplied with any LiPo battery 3S thru 9S while maintaining the set point voltage of 12 volts . This PSU adjusts itself to use available voltage and current to keep up the output voltage . Watts IN have to equal Watts OUT . I am finding that this under $10 supply is allowing me to have more flights per battery charge than using the AA cells or 2S packs .

Regards to all of the builders and flyers : RickC_RCAV8R
Posted by santanig5 | Today @ 07:39 PM | 116 Views
This is my first contribution to the Master List of other planes with the EFLR310013 SAFE receiver.
The receiver bound with no issues.
There is very little room in the receiver compartment so I installed the reciver on top of the wing.
I rotated the motor 180 degrees to route the ESC leads through the bottom vent and enlarged the top vent to hold the 3S 2200, 3S 4000, and 4S 2500 battery.
I used carbon fiber rods to create a battery tray and one as a battery stop.
I had to install the receiver backwards for SAFE to work correctly with the ailerons, no other changes were needed.
I used a reversing "Y" cable on Aux 2 for both Flaps and Retracts.
See the programming in my blog for the P-51D, I just copied that model on my DX9.
Posted by tailskid2 | Today @ 07:06 PM | 161 Views
Fixed the landing gear and was ready to take to the field yesterday...discovered the battery was where to order a 1200* mAh Nicad battery....??????

Notice how after the last landing the LG appears to be attempting to 'retract' Well they are straight now...but I'm going to fly this bird again without the cowl OR the landing gear 'spats' until I'm certain I can handle the bird on the ground .

The thing flies like a trainer - once you get it off the ground - and lands so nice and slow - then bounces a lot on touchdown
Posted by Suenaga | Today @ 06:45 PM | 168 Views
The price of the Parkzone Artizan has dropped quite a bit so I picked up a PNP version and put an Eflite SAFE Rx in it. I know a couple of guys did the conversion and reported it as "no muss, no fuss". They were right--no modifications or servo reversing necessary. She flies great and lets me practice my noobie aerobatics with a lot more confidence--a video is below--I threw her in and out of all 3 modes quite a bit and she performed well with SAFE.


Parkzone ArtiZan with SAFE Rx (5 min 41 sec)

Posted by scottnathan | Today @ 06:00 PM | 175 Views
I was wondering would anyone know if it would be a bad idea to put a 3600 mah 4 cell lipo into my CZ yak. I'm doing a 3300 mah rightnow. The 3600 is no longer or wider just a little taller than my 3300 mah lipo, but it is 20% heaver than my 3300 mah lipos. It also a 40 c while my 3300 mah is just a 30 c lipo.
Posted by jefffassbinder | Today @ 05:47 PM | 315 Views
Well had a chance to get out and fly today with my kids at the Wings Over Prado event held at PVMAC. There was a good amount of scale aircraft present. Many of the EDF locals were present. I did manage to see Rich F-4 fly, as well as Brent and his huge F-15 photos don't do it justice. Brian had a TJ A-4 on hand, and Chris Wolfe had the Mirage III with him that is very nice. Chris also had the JHI A-7 on a 90mm and it flew very well. Myself I stuck to the JHI Fury and did all my flights with this great bird on a 90mm Jet Fan system. Winds at time were very interesting and challenging but that didn't stop most. Later in the day the rain said hello and most at that time packed up. Well here are a few images of the event for those who were unable to attend.

Best Regards,
Jeff...Continue Reading
Posted by farquward | Today @ 05:38 PM | 223 Views
This will be as the title says, pretty much a photo gallery of my latest project. Parts are starting to trickle in so soon I'll have something to look at. This is to be another 200 SRX powered build and will feature a four blade head. I traded for the remains of a 200 and with parts on hand was able to build a new bird. Some test flights and some adjustments and it's flying like new. This one is the most likely to get the Talon ESC I have as the tail motor runs warmer than either of my other 200's.
Posted by gliders | Today @ 05:38 PM | 238 Views
On buying
SHIPPING METHODS - Unless stated in my posts, I ship small stuff via 1st class and larger stuff via Priority Mail or FedEx. If you have a problem with this, please make this clear in your offer. I will ship anyway you like but I will also pass on the costs to you.

I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL TO WHOM I CHOOSE. I will usually work on a first come first serve basis, but I reserve that right in special circumstances. I WILL ALWAYS HONOR MY WORD.

I AM WILLING TO ENTERTAIN OFFERS, but if you ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS or HAGGLE, please don't expect to be the first considered just because you were the first to contact me. As soon as somebody says "I'LL TAKE IT", the item is SOLD. I certainly don't mind answering questions, but a quick sale is what I'm really looking for.
Please feel free to make offers, you never know, I rarely get my actual asking price so it can pay off at times

YOU BUY IT, TINKER, CHANGE IT, WRECK IT, THE ITEM THEN BECOMES YOURS with no more communication on the item.I`m an avid modeler with the RC addiction, not a wholesale RC outlet or store.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Today @ 04:44 PM | 235 Views
So, I have a crappy day at the field today. My GP Escapade is laid up for the time being due to a pancake landing I managed to excute. It was a gusty day again and as I was touching the rudder to straighten it out to land I must have had brain lock on the elevator. It was coming in at 45 deggrees to the runway and ideally I should have waited until just before touch down to straighten her out, i didn't. My flying skills were not up to the task with the huge rudder on this airplane. The result is the landing gear being ripped off the airframe and as a consequence rolling up under and damaging the wing. Easily repairable. I just seldom get in the mood to repair airplanes....

Then after that while flying my Tower Uproar, I did a slow fly by and while powering on to pull out, the engine flamed out. My only choice to make the runway was to turn immediately and do a downwind landing. It would have been fine if I had actually made it to the runway. The result was a broken prop, and my self esteem.

Fortunately, my grandson caught both on video.

Bad day at the field (0 min 12 sec)

Posted by carltonjacobs | Today @ 04:25 PM | 232 Views
I bought a hummer epp about a year ago and it flew like an absolute dog I tried everything ,stiffening the airframe with carbon ,coating the ailerons rudder and elevator with foam armour to stiffen then nothing seemed to work,checked the c of g over and over with the recommended measurement nothing would work,then I noticed the recommended c of g was right back nearly 2thirds of the wing cord,
I punched the numbers into 3 different c of g calculators on the net and they come up with a number way different ,I got out the lead moved it forward about30mm and it flew like a different plane 0coupling on knife edge ,I had to use so much lead it now wouldn't hover so I upped the engine size increased the the battery size dumped the lead now it flys like a dream tracks straight no coupling in knife edge and prop hangs beuitifuly.
Posted by Jonb81 | Today @ 01:06 PM | 503 Views
Okay so after a week of dedicating time to RCG I have learned a few things. First off is the average time online for most posters. Most are relatively new to this awesome hobby and are looking to get the most for their dollar which I get. But most new guys need to understand that in this hobby instant satisfaction is an illusion. If you think buyining that no name RTR from a company that gets most of the stuff from china is the way to go. Think again. You will spend double trying to get it to work and keep it running. Second thing is even saying that you have a budget of $$$$ this is a hobby and that is considered a want not a need. So if you can spend 50 you can spend 100 and so on. Don't get me wrong look for deals but also look for quality along with the deal.
Posted by rdstarwalt | Today @ 12:33 PM | 562 Views
...just this past week I found another Jack Headley 'duplicate' plan set? The Beagle Pup 150 was originally published in the October 1968 issue of Aeromodeller as a free plans set. You can download a copy at OZ: As the editor of the Northrop newsletter, Jack Headley also provided some supplementary scale information about the plane in the April 1968 issue of the newsletter. I have included the copy of the Northrop article and when you download the Aeromodeller article from OZ, you will find the text to be nearly identical! There are some hand written notes in the Northrop article that are not found in the Aeromodeller article. But wait there's more!

A second version of this plan was just discovered this past week. I check eBay for certain items every day (preset searches and filters are wonderful!). While going through my model plane search I noticed a listing for a magazine that I had seen before somewhere. The logo for the mag looked like a variation of the RCM 'crest' though different. The real thrill came when I inspected the scan of the table of contents. Jack Headley's Beagle Pup was there! I bid immediately well beyond the initial asking price. A few hours later I received an email telling me the bid was cancelled. That has never happened to me before. A quick email to the seller (I have purchased several items from them before and they run tight operation) and return answer cleared up the reason. When they get...Continue Reading
Posted by pulserudder | Today @ 12:16 PM | 540 Views
Great video. Appears to be footage from the 1984 NATS? Free flight and SAM RC flying. Lots of cabin models and ignition engines.

Old Timers Flying Model Aircraft 1984 Classic (35 min 45 sec)

If the creator is on this forum, job well done.
Posted by bwill6 | Today @ 08:46 AM | 724 Views
A year and a half ago I did extensive testing of various parameters affecting the launch performance of vertical stabilizers in DLGs. I learned a tremendous amount about what makes tails perform and I've long wanted to make the benefits of that testing available to others by offering quality molded DLG tails. I'm happy to say that I'm finally spooling up to start a production run of vertical stabilizers. I'm working to source a supplier for my cores right now. I am not taking orders yet, but will announce (via a new thread in the hand launch forum) when I'm ready to start taking them.

Here's a pic of the first molded tail, made from hand-sanded XPS foam. With machined Rohacell cores I expect weights to be under 6.5g. To say I'm excited would be the understatement of the century
Posted by BernGRT | Today @ 07:28 AM | 763 Views
I decided to take the quad to the park earlier for my first outdoor 'flight', so, prop guards off and I'm away... and typically, the whole 10 minutes it took me to walk to it, the wind started to pick-up and by the time I got there it was getting quite blustery ! Gave it a short go anyway, it went up, the wind started to take it away and I quickly lost the sense of which way it was pointing towards. As it was 'flying', I lost the binding about 3 times but managed to recover quite quickly so, no drama there but I will definitely need to look into improving the range !
As I got closer to the trees and I was still ensure about it's orientation, I decided not to take chances and quickly brought it down rather than risk directing it the wrong way ! Grass is good to cushion landings
I'm quite pleased with the camera to be honest, YouTube doesn't do it justice but, when you consider the relative low cost of the whole thing, although not of cinematic quality, it's very decent, if you look carefully at the footage, you can even see (very briefly !) the Wembley Stadium arch in the distance to the right of the screen
X5SC 1 1st outdoor flight (0 min 38 sec)

Another thing I'd like to be able to do as well as improving the range is to somehow shield the microphone from the quad's noise, as it is, it's really drowning any other sounds !
Anyway... can't wait to get those extra batteries !
Posted by scotty909 | Today @ 07:02 AM | 805 Views
I've started a Facebook group for my Radio controlled Addiction. If anybody is interested feel free to join in,
Posted by zanthor | Today @ 06:31 AM | 813 Views
I have often shared the joy of new prop day with you by sharing my photos, today I would like to share the joy of New Prop Day with you by sending you props.

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