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Posted by PeterF | Aug 20, 2012 @ 05:58 PM | 2,060 Views
I have been flying RC models since the year 2000 so still a recent newcomer. My main interest is in scale models, no particular era or type but more of a wide ranging interest and the subject is something not seen normally. At one end I have an Etrich Taube through to my current build being a Northrop B2 stealth, with a Lancaster, Mosqutio and DC3 in between.

Details of my Brian Taylor Mosquito build log can be found on RC ScaleBuilder (before I really got into RCG) at BT Mosquito RC ScaleBuilder and an equivalent on RC Groups at BT Mosquito RC Groups. The RC Groups one is easier to read as I ported the RCSB log into RC Groups in one go so it has very little off topic stuff in.

My Chris Golds B2 stealth build log can be found on RC Groups at CG B2 Stealth bomber.

Another model I have featured in RC Groups is a small Etrich Tabe for indoor flight based on the Parkzone brick. See Indoor Taube

One thing on my Brian Taylor Mosquito that I put on the build log was casting the exhaust stubs from resin (see BT Mosquito exhaust stubs). This has been seen by several other builders of the Brian Taylor kit and I have since sold several more sets of the cast exhaust stubs as I have retained the moulds. If you are interested in getting a set of stubs then send me a PM.