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Posted by mycanopyisready | May 18, 2013 @ 04:41 AM | 4,298 Views
Hello there, welcome to my quick build blog which will hopefully prevent you from doing the least cost effective and performance stabbing mod. In the world.
The goal for all this, was to create a cheap Bravo SX alternative. The result was a more expensive Bravo SX alternative, but worse in every way. Im joking, this is a great heli.

First you`ll need the GW9988 bits.
-Tail wing (better off without)
-Skid set

After meticulously placing the order for the parts needed, and watching out for that sneaky "shadow" stock marketing trick, which is only meant to fool the unaware that the parts are in stock, when in fact they are on a slowboat from China, tadaaa, my vigilance pays off and I have the bits the next day. I actually can`t believe that there are people out there that make a living by selling thin pieces of aircraft shaped plastics. And I can`t believe that people buys these. The bunch that created the demand for this initially, should be shot in the back of their head. This hobby takes too much time and I like to waste my life on other useless things.

There it is, coax with flybar, fp with flybar, and a flybarless with invisible blades.

Here`s the coax in its days of glory, hovering in front of my fridge and slowly creeping forward toward an unsuspecting wall while I was trying to lock focus. Yep, I have to do both things myself as absolutely no one I know can pilot a coax or use a camera. People are...Continue Reading