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Posted by JW57RC | Nov 17, 2014 @ 01:37 PM | 1,896 Views
The full-size transmitter that comes with the WLToys V912 RTF helicopter is generally regarded as a good transmitter for learning, especially when you consider the cost. But it lacks two features that I could not live without:
- Throttle Hold: for safety I want to have the throttle at the lowest setting any time that I am not actively flying. The is a standard feature on most mid- to high-end radios. I particularly want this feature when working with kids!
- Turbo Rate Switch: now that I have the skill to fly this heli, I always use the highest available servo rates. The TX has a Turbo-mode momentary switch on the right shoulder, and I want that on all the time so I have to push it in, but my hands don't work like that!
This mod is shown on a Mode 2 TX; be sure to select the correct gimbal potentiometer if you are not using Mode 2.

Turbo Mode Switch:
Radio Shack pn 275-0009, Illuminated Pushbutton Switch
The Turbo Mode switch mod is well documented in the V912 discussions. The only thing I did differently wasto use a lighted push-button on-off switch. Since I use this TX with other models, the light helps me to remember that I need to verify that switch setting before binding to my other models (in the case of the V911 it makes the tail go all wrong!).

To light the internal LED, I tapped into the LED lighting from the existing V on the front of the TX. You can see the Red and Blue wires I used in the images. I also used the existing white wires for the switched...Continue Reading