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Posted by accel8or | Today @ 06:52 PM | 125 Views
I've been wanting to fly gas planes for the past three years. The problem is that there aren't any books on the subject. Another problem is that I do not have any friends to get me started. Most (but not all) gas flyers are reluctant to show me how, and if they do, it's under the premise that they are talking to somebody who already knows how to set up a gas plane. I'm talking about how to wire up the external switches to the receiver, Life batteries, the charge ports for the Life batteries, the tachometer, onboard voltmeter. There are no diagrams anywhere. I just found a diagram on how to wire up the opto kill switch.

For three years, I saved up and bought a gas plane. I paid a guy to put it together, because no one would help. He's had since January the 6th. No word from him this week, or the last. Just keeps telling me it's almost done, almost done, almost done. I wonder if the circumstances would be different if it was another guy's plane?
Posted by augustus | Today @ 06:12 PM | 178 Views
Got a bit more don on "MR ELYAS" yesterday and today.

Had my first go at Building with Brass, and Torch Soldering.

I used 7/16" Tubing for the Uprights of the Bit and 1/4" Tubing for the Cross Bar.
Used 0.040" Brass Sheet for the Endcaps, and Rossini Core Solder.
The Solder I used is probably too small in diameter... Might need to get some heaver solder...

Took a couple hours with Files and various Grit Sanding Sticks to clean up my Cotton Candy style soldering job. But in the end it came out pretty decent,

So I go the Bit finished and Painted last night.
Three coats of Rust-Oleum Flat-Red Primer.
Then Two Light coats of Krylon Brass Metalic.
I used the same mix on the Brass-Orange for the color on the rest of the boat.
Bam Bam Elyas is my ORANGE Boy...

Also Mounted 3/4" x 1" Cross Bracing on the under side of the Deck, to drill into, to support the Bit. Did I mention my Sweet Lad is a tad Heavy Handed?

And I got the Bit mounting location marked out.
Used Blue Masking Tape to keep the progressively larger drill bits from wandering and stop the drill bits from lifting a splinter, worked Great.

Today I got the Bit Glued in.

I had picked up some Tamiya 1/10 scale Truck Tires a couple weeks back for the Push Knees. I got them Cut, Trimmed and Installed with Hot Stuff Thick CA Glue today.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with "MR ELYAS" so far.
Still have a little paint touch up do.
Order the Name for the Stern, and get that mounted.
Then a few clear coats to lock everything in.
And tidy up the Ballast and Wiring.

And this Tug will be Done.

Posted by mike_kelly | Today @ 05:52 PM | 219 Views
>>> Feel free to post your Tarot travel case solution as a comment at the end of this blog post <<<

Now that I have my Tarot built I need a travel case. The aluminum ones from Asia are way too expensive for me and the Pelican cases are worse. After looking and following other posts I finally came upon the Plano 114400 Bow Case.

This case is 41"x17" x7" which is enough room for the Tarot 650i 650s 680 680 Pro and 690 even with extended arms. It is lockable and has room for my gimbal too.

It comes with a thin layer of pluck foam so I plan to put a layer of solid foam underneath the pluck foam.

It is not a perfectly rigid case like the Pelcan cases. It flexes a bit and it is definitely a cheaper build quality but it is lighter and a lot less expensive.

I got mine off Amazon for $75 shipped.
Posted by mkolby | Today @ 05:16 PM | 226 Views
I have been flying the HeliPal Storm drone 6 v2 for a few months and it worked amazing! Not one glitch until today. Re-calibrated Naza V2 prior to flight, showing 13 satellites and home point stored. When it crashed I was flying in Atti mode with the IOC on. Oh well I will start my new Flame Wheel F550 build now.

Storm Drone Flyaway and Destroyed (2 min 30 sec)

Posted by Flying Icarus | Today @ 04:47 PM | 285 Views
Heya all,

My name is Ben.
I come from the Netherlands and I am 20 years old.
I recently started with RC, the quadcopers in particular.
In these couple of weeks I bought four quadcopters: Hubsan x4, WLtoys Skylark V636, JJRC H5C, Cheerson CX-10.

If you have any questions you can always give it a try, but I think that I am the one asking the most questions here, haha.

Have a good one,

Posted by neonvortex57 | Today @ 04:34 PM | 298 Views
Hey everyone, I've just decided to start my blog and say thanks in advance for visiting. So far I have a traxxas nitro 4tec 2.5 and an Hpi chassis w/ engine and servos. I'm looking into a Dromida sc4.18 and either of the desert models. I'll try to keep you updated on everything rc related I do. Please pm me with any suggestions for me or my blog
Posted by davidterrell80 | Today @ 04:15 PM | 313 Views
This is a prototype thread for me to work out the preparations for the next contest.


"BBCC 6" -- 6th Balsa Builders Conversion Contest Thread

The Goal: Build yourself a flying model, constructed predominantly of balsa and derived from an existing model, kit or plans, changing your model's "mode of control" from that used by the prototype (i.e. FF, CL, RC) to a different mode. Examples include: FF to RC, CL to RC, RC to FF, etc.

Notice: The dates associated with this contest are two months later than previous contests. I am changing the dates to allow a better chance of getting a first flight opportunity before winter sets in, in the respective hemispheres.

See the answers to Frequently Asked Questions in Post #3, below, for additional information.

Significant Dates:

Contest Start:............01 FEB 2015 (This date is in line with the previous schedule, to allow those wanting to roll previous projects to do so. Build Threads should be started)
Entries Close:............30 JUN 2015 (No entries accepted after this date)
Primary Build period:.....01 JUL 2015 to 30 SEP 2015
Contest Ends:.............30 SEP 2015
------ Aircraft must have proof of flight posted by this date to be considered for judging in BBCC 6

Polling Begins:...........01 OCT 2015
Polling Ends:.............31 OCT 2015

All deadlines are at at the end of the specified day, at midnight UTC.
Judging Criteria:
Best Build – this title will be voted on by
...Continue Reading
Posted by saskwatch | Today @ 04:07 PM | 316 Views
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In the image above, which I presume is of the bec, there is a pair of red wires soldered together that is not attached to the bec. I wonder if this pair has become detached or is this ok?

Also, the black/red wires running toward the bottom of the photo end in a small black connector -- where does that connect?

Name: IMG_6070.jpg
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The two JST connectors are labelled "aux" (presumably 5v?) and "osd". I'm not sure what the OSD connects to?

thanks, Chris... very pleased with this and excited to get it airborne... very very carefully!
Posted by Recon RCPlanes | Today @ 03:33 PM | 379 Views
In hindsight, formation flying was probably not the best way to test the new head tracker but for what little head tracking there is you can see that it is real smooth and reacts to the slightest head movement. Luv It!
I'm only using two axis at the moment but plan on using the 3 axis in the future.

Maiden Flight with the Trinity Head Tracker (3 min 59 sec)

Posted by YarSmythe | Today @ 03:22 PM | 400 Views
He did this last month. Proud of this guy. Practiced hard with RealFlight and a Hobby Zone Champ. This is a mashed-up Apprentice from different versions. NO stabilizer. Handled it very well.

Austin's RC Solo Flight (1 min 57 sec)

Posted by juanej | Today @ 02:55 PM | 424 Views
QAV250 amazing Failsafe (0 min 24 sec)

This is my friend's video, we had to watch it multiple times to believe it
Posted by Zr_Flyer | Today @ 02:47 PM | 412 Views
New Frame
Posted by kmac1369 | Today @ 01:21 PM | 515 Views
You will have to read the below story to see the quote attributed to President Obama. I'm still smiling after reading it.

Hope that some of you get a chuckle out of it as well!


Thanks for your time and fly safe!!
Posted by kmac1369 | Today @ 01:18 PM | 518 Views
By now, EVERYONE knows where it landed! On the White House lawn! Wow!

While I hesitate to say that it was a fly away, because I don't know if it was or not, my guess is that it was since the owner had no idea where it was until he saw the news report that a quadcopter had crashed on the White House lawn and the Secret Service was investigating. So the owner called in to admit it was his.

THIS is the kind of story that we don't want to see in the paper or on the news everyone. Our hobby has enough of a battle to fight without someone flying their copter into the White House! I mean really, W#F??!! ALL of DC is a NO FLY ZONE! How confusing is that??

Sorry, this story really bothers me for so many reasons. Rather than start a blog fight, I'll just leave it at that and let you all read it for yourselves.


Thanks for your time and fly safe!
Posted by traxxasdude5 | Today @ 11:55 AM | 626 Views
I brought my friend into the world of RC and I told him some of the brands. He wants an ARRMA Raider BLS. I am wondering if it is a good RC to get.
Posted by BigBRC1 | Today @ 08:21 AM | 890 Views
To complete the tail section on my B-29 build, I fashioned the gunner's position out of balsa and lite ply. I'll insert a gunner figure after painting and installing some acetate windows. Now for the turret. Needing a ball shape, I found a ping pong ball. I cut it in half, cut out the shape for the guns and using the other half, placed it inside. Adding a piece of dowel , drilled two holes for guns and pivot hole, inserted a wire and I had a rear turret. I may attach it with a magnet so as not to damage it in transport.
Posted by FWAL | Today @ 06:38 AM | 970 Views
Last night after a good dose of sanding Rebel was removed from the shadows. 2.5mm balsa, 1 wetted out layer 80g/m2 F/G and 2 subsequent coats of west resin. Present weight 84g or just under 3oz. I think I'm in the right field!