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Posted by Papa_G | Apr 06, 2014 @ 01:58 AM | 1,143 Views
Heres a link to the pouch that I usually try and ship with my products. As a bonus , or if yours showed up smashed, here's a PDF of the printable pouch design.

Papa G's Pouchette Instructions (8 min 43 sec)

  • Download the file. Should be compatible with adobe PDF 4.3 or later
  • Locate some good double sided tape. About 3/4" wide by 4" long suits it best.
  • Get your hands on, or source a sample pack of 110lb weight printer paper. And unless you need 250 sheets at $20, just get the sample pack for a few bucks or ask your local print shop for their heaviest weight paper, probably give you one or two sheets for free. Make sure your printer can handle the heavy weight. I will not be responsible for your printer if you don't check compatibility and ability first.
  • Open the PDF file in your reader/writer of choice. print up a test run on a regular sheet of paper. Once you're confident everything is aligned, load your paper and start your print.
  • Kids get an adult. Adults use something sharp like a good, sharp(op word) pair of 8" scissors. If you use an eXacto knife, wear your safety goggles.....I've shattered a few razors on the super heavyweight paper.
  • The dotted lines are crease and fold dashes. I use a big Dasco Pro 542 3/8' P. Punch. But any thing that has a nice, tough, very slightly rounded tip that will not cut the paper but crease it. If you go slow and hold it near the tip your pressing against the paper, you can conceivably use a credit card.
  • All
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Posted by Papa_G | Mar 30, 2014 @ 04:26 PM | 1,390 Views
So I had some free time this morning and started mucking with the uv LEDs.

There's 8 of them and I pointed them all up as I believe you don't want to be looking at uv for very long.

Buuuuut this is one of the most awesome mods I've done. Don't think it's releasable but I would definitely be willing to walk people through it.

This is with the yellow G-Ring. The Blue GITD looks nice as well as the green. The red and reg blue don't transmit like the others.

Removed and replaced the stock LEDs with 6 UV's and 2 clear green. The green were mostly for orientation. Also because the larger battery was blocking most of the light from the front two UV's.

This is the Estes Proto X 1st gen with the green PapaGuard and B-Clip. 125 mah 25C thunder power battery. Micro-Motor-Warehouse.com 0612-19 beta upgrade/replacement Proto X motors.

After its all said and done, with the bigger battery, bigger LEDs, and the PapaGuard, it weighs in at 13.76grams. So only a 2gram increase for some really awesome mods!

Battery was half charged. Will update when it gets darker and I can utilize the big space.

Glowing hover bug Estes Proto X UV LED mod (4 min 52 sec)

Posted by Papa_G | Mar 25, 2014 @ 10:00 PM | 1,595 Views
I was noticing that the fragmentation of the info about my stuff was getting worse. So I decided to gather it all up in one spot.

Here it goes, scroll all the way down for added edits:

My RCGroups forums original thread OG's, Original Guards, Prop Guards

In action and installation videos on my youtube

If you would like to buy my stuff you can find me on my website Papa G's Mods or on FeeBay: iSpecialize. Or on Facebook: Papa G's Mods

Ok that was the easy way out. Links. Here's the actual content:

Proto X prop guard flight time (2 min 58 sec)

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Posted by Papa_G | Mar 17, 2014 @ 05:27 PM | 1,623 Views
So, after 4 or 5 sleepless nights, it is finally up. Additions to come as I get more stuff printed. Let me know what you think. I am very tired and excited.....mostly tired.

Webstore addy:PapaG's Shop

Have fun!!

Also, new packaging....check it out. Made it myself

You can fit your proto inside. Unfortunately, you can't fit both the proto and the guards. But it will fit the proto, extra batteries, charging cable and extra props. And it swill slip into your pocket.

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Posted by Papa_G | Mar 15, 2014 @ 01:07 PM | 2,680 Views
The longest flight times I've achieved have been with my battery clip and guard and a 180mah 45C battery by lectron pro. 6:15 flight time, and I figure I could've gotten more if i didn't use the guard. Theres a video up on my thread about it. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2097559

I am not selling those batteries as CommonSense RC is doing a fine job of that, I am selling the smaller 125mah thunder power brand, which is within .3 grams of the stock battery. So more storage, higher discharge rate if needed, about the same weight. There were some reports from the test group of getting 8 minutes of flight time, but I believe the battery was being over charged, so I would average them all out at around 4-5 minutes. Be aware my batteries do not have the OPC in them, so use your Estes USB charger with care and due diligence.

I have been pulling all nighters getting designs working and printing in a fashion that I can work with. Also getting the graphics together for the website and all the blurbs. Oh the blurbs are killing me. I keep telling myself succinct....sigh

Expect some awesome new things here in the next couple days:

New Colors: Blue Glow in the Dark and a Bright Yellow to the original offering of colors

New version of the PapaGuard V2: Dubbed: G-Rings.....sounds dirty....I like it! It is also a reference to one of Saturn's rings.

PapaGuard V1 with the battery clip and pico blade molex connectors extension (turns out I've been calling...Continue Reading
Posted by Papa_G | Mar 14, 2014 @ 01:55 AM | 2,548 Views
Inspired by Design

฿TC appreciated: 1E2L9DBPofBJw8cEaii9KPQwo7wCocsNPh



Dontaions encouraged and welcome

Posted by Papa_G | Mar 12, 2014 @ 11:10 AM | 1,676 Views
So after a bout of insomnia and excitement, I have come up with a couple things one is kitschy, the other is awesome!

The legs weigh about .97 grams, the guards weigh about 1.01 grams. I'll be working on making one lighter and the other stronger......as well as a couple other things up my sleeve by end of week hopefully.

Check it out.

Proto Insect and a new and improved PapaGuard (1 min 59 sec)

Posted by Papa_G | Mar 11, 2014 @ 01:15 AM | 2,564 Views
Okay, so there's this theory of diminishing returns, although I personally subscribe to Zenos' Paradox(which has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about). That one is about a whole bunch of half measures.....so to speak.

It has to due with, in this case adding a bigger battery but getting more flight time yet increasing the weight via the bigger battery thus reducing the overall flight time. But the question is how big can I go before it cancels itself out? I'm guessing its right around the 5 gram limit with the stock props. This video is with stock props and motors, big heavy, 4.5 grams, battery. Out the door weight with this setup is 14.774 grams.

I'll have to put together a spreadsheet so I can track all this. Essentially I'm adding 3.5 grams for an extra 2-3 minutes flight time. Probably wears on the motors too running high for extended periods. See how many flights I can get.

Well, in the video below, I popped that Lectron Pro 180 mah 45C battery in the PapaGuard/BatteryClip and voila, I got right around 6 minutes and 15 seconds!! It was very well balanced for me even with the huge overhang.

And I bet you could go even longer since you can rock the BatteryClip without the PapaGaurd, you save 0.9 grams.

I didn't think about it but you can use the Battery Clip with batteries you already own that are in the size range of the 150mah e-flight batteries.

Focus actually happens at the beginning and then at 45 seconds, so just hang in there.

Couple crashes where I had to pick it up and reattach/snap-on the break away Guard back onto the battery clip. By design. Sorry for the audio quality. And the video quality. Figure it will get better as I progress.

Thanks for watching.

Happy Flying!!

Papa G

Estes Proto X PapaGuard with Battery Clip and 180mah Battery (6 min 29 sec)

Posted by Papa_G | Mar 10, 2014 @ 01:05 PM | 2,615 Views
Hey there everyone, I have been struggling with getting my proto balanced after modding bigger motors, bigger props and a bigger battery. So, I started working on a way to get it close enough to center to be able to just lift off and go with out too much time spent trimming. Pics and description to follow at the end.

Less time diddlilng with settings, the more flight time you get right?

This other creation was inspired by Jesolins and Benedikt. Jesolins for doing it first, and Benedikt for providing the Sweetest motors. Super smooth!

Proto X by Estes
Chao Li 0615-14kv motors by Micro-Motor-Warehouse.com
Nano QX propellers by Horizon Hobby
180Mah 45C 1S Lectron Pro Battery courtesy of CommonSenseRc
Hubsan X4 Transmitter


The motors are the same diameter but 3mm taller. Doesn't sound like much unless your trying to get it to fit a space designed for the shorter motor...So I took the old motor holders and removed/shaved the bottom down. If you look at your Proto X Motor holders, you can see the center support, above the little tabs. This provides a little more than 4mm extra space once modified and using existing hardware.

Once trimmed, the motors slide right in and clip in place in the motor holders. I then designed a battery tray that will hold a larger battery while still allowing you to slide it front to back for balance. Left to right is locked in, more or less, via the clip.

Initially, I had been using a homemade Ultra-Micro extension, then I was inspired...Continue Reading
Posted by Papa_G | Mar 04, 2014 @ 08:42 PM | 2,474 Views
Got the vibes worked out. Well, they stopped. I twisted the props to a steeper angle which fixed the vibration issue for some reason.

And now I have trimmed down the props even further. Gotta say, I liked it better with more surface area. Buuuut this is quickly becoming my favorite mod right now.

Posted by Papa_G | Mar 04, 2014 @ 08:12 AM | 1,782 Views
FeeBay listing has gone live. I only have 5 of each version listed. 5 all translucent, 5 translucent guard/black clip, 5 all black..So not a lot of stock but expect that to change as the ball gets rolling.

This is a little bit of a different beast as you will be adding forward weight with the longer battery as well as adding the guard which once again changes the CG back towards the center. Since the guard is separate from the clip, you can either leave it unglued and adjustable as needed, or you can find the sweet spot and put a spot of CA glue to affix the guard to the clip.

The battery is as mentioned, 125 mah and 25C. It comes with the normal lack platic housing on one end. I am willing to remove this before mailing these off. Or if you prefer to have them stock and do it on your own, suit yourself. The clip can be flown hanging from the bottom but you lose the benefit of the guard. That way you can use the battery stock, with the plastic housing, with an e-flight, micro JST battery extension.
Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 11:49 PM | 1,764 Views
Ok. So here's my next release. I will probably offer it in a couple different ways.

1. Both pieces in one kit
2. Battery clip solo
3. Both pieces and a battery
4. A replacement option for those of you who have already purchased my original design. Buy the battery clip and I will throw in a matching guard.

The below pics are of the prototype. I am very pleased with the balance and ease of use.

Couple things to note. This will replace your canopy. The guard and the clip weigh less than the guard and the canopy. The guard snaps onto the battery clip. I would personally glue it on, but I will leave that to everyone's discretion when they receive their kit. Some folks may decide to just use the clip and go from there. The guard/clip/bigger battery combo come out to 12.676. not bad including the extra weight of the battery. The clip is .53. The guard is now 1.039! The combo with a stock battery is 12.1 or there a bouts. Also not bad.

The pictures are of the mussy-fussy e-filament, so I expect a finer quality on the finished product. I am also considering trying the acetone cloud for a super smooth finish. Maybe also do mix and match clip colors and guards. Any ideas out there are welcome. You know I am always appreciative.

The support piece in the middle of the battery clip can be cut out for larger batteries. the stock batteries are thicker and wider than the ones I'll be selling, so that will be necessary for those that wish to stick with stock.

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Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 01:02 AM | 1,686 Views
Ok, so I ordered one of these little guys to check it out and see how serious the comp is. And if your out there lurking looking for info, XYZ and apexpredator, take the following as what can be done to make a functional product.

I ultimately like the design. It's easy to use. Looks ok. And it is light, 1.128grams vs 1.08grams, and here is where we come to what was done to get that lighter weight. Originally when I asked, I was told 1.89-2.grams.

The rings on the XYZ are slightly smaller in diameter at 32.38mm across, my guards are at 34.5mm Doesn't sound like much, but it doesn't leave room for impact or flex of the guard. At that size if you bump stuff the prop will rub on the guard every time. The rings on the XYZ are also thinner, 1.76mm vs 2mm which results in less converge of the props themselves vertically. See pics. Once again its not much and I have yet to stick the little guy to the ceiling to see the effect on the tops of the prop nubs sticking out. Ultimately, they have done an excellent job of shaving down the weight. But have compromised the over usefulness in my eyes.

Alignment: good alignment and I see why you need to balance the XYZ guard before printing as there is not much if any adjustments that can be done once its installed. Some issues I've encountered is prop wear on the clip frame, since it is set back slightly and it adds ~1mm of height to the already close to the props canopy, I've found it rubs sometimes, which is remedied via pushing...Continue Reading
Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:52 AM | 1,645 Views
Hey there. Thanks!

I have looked into it, mqx size guards, and as far as the bigger stuff goes, I would have to invest in a larger printer or knuckle down and buy a stereo lithographer. $$$$$

But I'll keep that in mind. Actually, a cohort of mine has offered use of his Cnc machine. Maybe I can do something there.

Anyway, here's a, hopefully, helpful video on installing the prop guard. With a little bonus at the end with hover cat. Although with the weight of the guard and the cat, it's a bit stressed.

Proto X prop guard installation tips (5 min 5 sec)

Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:51 AM | 1,614 Views
Major pilot error broke a guard pretty good this evening.

I still throttle down most of the time when there is an imminent crash........buuuut this time since I was trying to stress test the guard, I "forgot" to throttle down and it bumped and tumbled against the wall and fff straight into the concrete. O.o

Here's a vid and some pics of the aftermath. Still flys. After I replaced the missing prop and broken shield.
Ps the first crash it was fine, it was me screwing around at the end that did it.

Proto X pilot failure (1 min 32 sec)

Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:50 AM | 1,597 Views
Some morning flying and crashing. Getting better though.

Back up and running - Proto X (6 min 4 sec)

Edit: Same prop kept coming off. Turns out I had cracked it last night in the hard crash. So I said screw it, now it has all new props all around. Save the others for a rainy day.....wait its roaming Joe.....read 'raining now'. Thanks auto correct and fat thumb syndrome.
Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:49 AM | 1,600 Views
I also realize that there are essentially 2 sides to the guards. One side is flush and flat the other has the diamond shape hollow. I mount mine with the flat/flush side against the canopy. I think if you flip it and mount the canopy in the hollow it will sit too low.

Which explains the want/need for the gaff tape. Your method might/should also give you more surface area if need it and you build it up with gaff tape.

Just a heads up to everyone who already got theirs, check the orientation. I'll update the Listing accordingly.

It's preferential as to how you mount it. I follow a some rules:

Stays stuck
Doesn't add too much more weight
Easily enough to remove, without damage
Readily available if needs replacement, ie can find it at your local hardware store
Stays level with the props. To me that's one of the more important parts to its function.

If you mount it with the flat/flush side against the canopy, it naturally sits even with most of the prop. A tiny little bit of the tip should stick up above the guard.

On a side note I bent a prop this morning and when I bent it back, it had a steeper angle then the others. So I said why not and bent all the others to the same angle +\-. Higher angle pitch on the props = much lower pitch sound during flight(?) and I'm not using as much throttle to keep her up. Just a thought on prop pitch.

Also, make sure your guard is level if you want a stable hover. The Proto X is tiny enough that even the smallest off center tilt of the guard will introduce drift in the direction of the associated tilt.

I usually tilt it forward just a bit so I always have a forward motion to it. Be aware it makes it harder to stop if you do that.

On another side note: tried the nub idea and am having a hard time getting it to stay stuck. Keeps breaking off when cleaning up the model. Which makes me want to rethink this approach. Will keep you updated.
Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:47 AM | 1,572 Views
First off huge thank you to everyone who's buying these up. Finally got caught up enough to have more than 10 listed at a time.

Thanks Dhingy and Bogger and txflyboys to name what i can count on one hand, for the thoughts and positive feedback on the guards! I agree wholeheartedly, it has made it much easier for me to get the hang of this without destroying it.

Gonna layoff stress testing for a bit. Starting to burn out my front right motor after these recent gravity/"is that object really solid?" checks.

Needs a flick to start. :0( and the postman lost my spare motors a couple weeks ago.....right after RPPhobby.com sold out. As in, the same day I couldn't find my "delivered" package, they sold out, day. Murphy's Law in full force.

Fortunately Estes was awesome when I emailed them right before Xmas, so I have my old flyer with 2 bad motors. I'll heat up the old soldering station later.

Haven't done much with the guards today other than shipping as I've been banging my head against my nano QX, added nav lights after replacing the FC, motors(twice, set I bought on stealBay are crud. Gonna be stalking @Benedikt's website for 0720's I believe), new frame and new props all around. Work out one issue only to uncover three more. And there's not a lot to go wrong with these things. Dips and dives after yaw. Full throttle sometimes drops it to the ground. Sometimes not. Generally acting all flakey and unreliable.

On the other hand my V252...Continue Reading
Posted by Papa_G | Feb 28, 2014 @ 12:43 AM | 1,578 Views
Soooooo…. instead of continuing to hijack the New Product, 137 page thread, or the other thread regarding Proto X guards as not sure if that was DIY or discussion, I decided to start a new one regarding these little prop guards I've been producing with positive results.

I've tried a couple other versions and the biggest issue I've found is the weight to power ratio. The more protection you get, the heavier it ultimately is. And the heavier it is, the less actual air time and motor life you will get. Be on your 'guard' when adjusting to new flight characteristics if you use the heavier guard and then fly without it. I like my guard, its so light it barely registers on my Proto x, almost like its not there until I slam it up against yet another immovable object.

This little guy seems to suffer more damage from careening off the walls than from me bouncing it off the ceiling. Living in California has afforded me high ceilings and warehouses galore to fly this little hover bug around, so maybe height is not an issue for me. Just sheer running room…..although I always seem to be trying to run the 100yd dash in a 50 yard gym with this little guy.

Anyway, I had already posted a few 'blurbs' in the massive thread about these but here it is again. I am only producing a handful at a time as it takes a bit of time and work to print and cleanup the guards. So until I invest in a production grade 3D printer, I'll bleed these out between work and play. They are printed from...Continue Reading