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Posted by ChopperJack | Jul 12, 2014 @ 07:48 PM | 916 Views
I received a crashed T-rex 450PRO DFC today. It took me about an hour to disassemble and go through it. Here is the first picture. It will receive Hitec cyclic servos and a new Gpro controller in addition to some other odds and ends.
It's been a while since I spent five or six hours working on a heli. I removed all the screws and bearings from this section. It was completely covered in a fine powder of dust. All surfaces were wiped down. Bearings were cleaned, lubricated, and tested for excessive wear. The boom was bent and torque tube compressed slightly so those got replaced. Front umbrella gears and drive gear were replaced. Installed metal tube type skids.

Now, moving on to the tail section.
Posted by ChopperJack | Feb 02, 2014 @ 03:37 PM | 1,949 Views
WARNING: this is a blog so I make almost no attempt at brevity. If you have patience to read this in depth, you might pick up some ideas for your project, whatever it might be. At least, that is my hope and intention.

I have been working on my MD500 fuselage for about a year now. I admit, I am taking my time and throughout this process it has been pretty much one step forward with two steps back learning the hard way. I have the fuselage built and helicopter mechanics installed. The big hold up for the past six months or so has been the vertical fin. The vertical fin which comes with the kit would probably be good enough but in my opinion, somewhat risky due to the fact that it is too flexible. This flexibility allows the fin to oscillate which causes the helicopter to become unstable. I have spent the past six months building my own version of the vertical fin. It is much more rigid and therefore stable than the stock version. Next, I will describe the process I went through building the fin and things I had to learn the hard way to get where I am. I hope this write up will help someone else find an easier way to build their own whatever it might be.

First things first. Soon after I received my MD500E fuselage from RC Aerodyne, I GOOGLed G-JIVE and came up with this picture. I would use this as a comparison while I was assembling the kit. Of course, there are a lot of small details which have been left undone. Some of the major details was to get the...Continue Reading
Posted by ChopperJack | Jun 10, 2013 @ 08:08 PM | 1,705 Views
600 size five blade rotor head pictures.
Posted by ChopperJack | Feb 28, 2013 @ 09:41 PM | 2,185 Views
Specifically, Align part number KX0190010T. Not a modern FBL, 3GX, DFC (etc., etc.) kit but a nice Little economical winter project all the same. That's one of the reasons I like this hobby, building helicopters.

I picked the kit up from an e-bay vendor less electronics for $170. I needed a project and this seemed like a good sized little CP heli which needed me. All my other heli's this size are FP so this would be a good addition to my collection.

It has a flybar which makes it a bit cheaper. Believe it or not, all the CP model helicopters I've owned to date have been FBL. This is my first flybar heli so it should be interesting. Actually, it has already proven to be interesting.

After getting the heli completely assembled and wires all secured in place, I took it out for a test spool up. It didn't take long to realize something was askew. Right aileron was left and left was right - not good. But I got lucky. I thought I was going to have to remove all the tie wraps so I could slide the receiver out to swap pitch and aileron plugs. All I had to do was remove the tie wraps securing those two sets of wires, pry both plugs out with a screw driver, swap them, then plug them back in. It turned out to be really simple. Now I am ready to take two more steps forward.

Getting back to cost, I had a set of Align DS410M cyclic servos, a RCE-BL15X Brushless ESC, and GP780 Gyro just sitting around waiting to be used. That's over $300 worth of heli electronics...Continue Reading
Posted by ChopperJack | Jan 19, 2013 @ 10:50 AM | 1,919 Views
This is the original ad I posted in the Aircraft - Electric - Helis (FS/W) classified section 1/18/2013

I am asking $165 which includes CONUS shipping and I accept PayPal.

I need money for projects and make space for other heliís. I am currently working on a Trex 250 PRO.

I fly this heli with a Walkera WK-2801 PRO transmitter. The last time I flew it in October, it flew as smooth as glass. It was amazingly stable. This would be a great heli to learn CP without having to overcome bugs like insufficient servos. I will include my transmitter settings.

I bought this heli as an inexpensive graduation from 200 size FP to larger 400 size CP. I have now moved on from the V400 to other heliís.

Modifications include (3) Hitec HS-65MG cyclic servos and a upper/lower frame vertical stabilizer. Included is the rare V400eVERFRAME by COCO2010 ($31).

Included Items:
(1) Walkera V400D02 w/Stock CF Blades
(1) Original Box
(1) WK-2603 Transmitter
(2) Userís Manual V400 & WK-2603
(2) Main Motor New In Bag
(1) Tail Motor NIB
(1) Tail Rotor Blade NIB
(1) Tail Gear NIB
(2) Main Gear NIB
(1) Main Gear
(1) Ball Linkage Set NIB
(1) Ball Linkage Set
(2) Sets Landing Struts
(1) Set Landing Rails
(1) Complete Upper Frame
(1) V400eVERFRAME Lower Frame
(1) Set CF Stock Blades

Required Items:
Battery http://www.wowhobbies.com/HM-V400D02-Z-30.aspx
Charger http://www.wowhobbies.com/hm-cb180-z...eiver-1-1.aspx

More pictures:
Posted by ChopperJack | Nov 30, 2012 @ 01:14 AM | 2,610 Views
HK(mostly Align)600-GT DFC (Scorpion motor, AR6110 Rx)
Align Trex 450 3GX DFC PRO (Walkera RX2801) [AUG 2013 four blade head, updated 3GX from v1.2 o v3.1, will mount in MD500E fuselage soon]
4f200SD5 (five blades CP)
4f180 (four blades FP)
Align Trex 250 PRO purchased 1/2013 (Walkera RX2801)
V200D01 #1 (worn out retired for parts)
V200D01 #2
mQX, mCX2, mSR, mCPX (retired).

V400D02 (stock)(sold 1/18/2013 see post this blog)
Posted by ChopperJack | Feb 21, 2012 @ 11:38 AM | 2,562 Views
Day 1 Part 3 - Blade Grip Torque (3 min 38 sec)

Scroll down about half way to "Blade Grip Tightness."
Posted by ChopperJack | Sep 10, 2011 @ 09:21 PM | 2,978 Views
Greetings all and thanks for stopping by

I'm not a heavy duty blogger but I would like to make a comment or two from time to time. I just finished reading nese's blog which sounds real familiar.

I have always been fascinated with helicopters - doesn't matter how big or small. I was sort of remotely interested in model RC helicopters but never really gave it much thought until my daughter bought me a coaxial micro heli as a Christmas peasant last Christmas. Of course, it didn't take me long to break it but long enough to get bit by the bug so to speak.

My first real model heli experience began with a Syma S107G. Those were the days of real fun, real cheap hobby. Little did I know this was the proverbial tip of the ice berg. I was beginning to wake up to an ocean of possibilities.

In the brief period I have been involved with the RC helicopter hobby, I have spent way too much money, learned as much (maybe more) as I would in a semester college class, and had more fun than a barrel of monkeys

more later...