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fieliep's blog
Posted by fieliep | Jan 21, 2015 @ 03:03 PM | 982 Views
I came across this great list with practices for multirotor flying.

You can find the original complete blog (highly recommended) at:

Batfire thank you very much for this nice piece of information to help us newby's out.

This is the practice list

Basic Multicopter Maneuvers

Rear of quadcopter facing you in Hover.
Visualize a box for these maneuvers or mark on out on ground for practice.
Hover from 2 points side by side.
Hover from 2 points front to back
Hover in a box formation
Hover in a triangle formation
Rotate quadcopter nose left and nose right in one spot
Sideways hover from 2 points side by side
Sideways hover from 2 points front to back.
Sideways hover in a box formation
Sideways hover in a triangle formation (remember, do both directions)
Slow forward flight in circle around pilot (Pilot rotates to face quadcopter)
Slow forward flight as above but stopping & restarting every 1/4 rotation
Travel Side to side, pointing nose in direction of travel
Slow flat figure 8 maneuver only after very confident with above maneuvers.

Optional before advancing to full forward flight (but HIGHLY recommended)
These maneuvers are Front of quadcopter facing you.

Rotate to nose in and back, hold as long as you can then rotate to tail in or sideways.
Nose in Hover one spot
Nose in Hover 2 points side by side
Nose in Hover 2 points front to back
Nose in Hover in a box formation.
Nose in Hover in a triangle formation
Slow rotating hover, keep quadcopter in one spot using yaw only


Thx again Batfire, much appreciated!
Posted by fieliep | Oct 28, 2014 @ 06:27 AM | 1,693 Views
For interested other newbies like me.
Are you trying to figure out what to order?
Underneath you'll find my final shopping list.
I used this when ordering my first real quad: an Armattan CF258
(upgrading from the Hubsan X4 miniquad)

Feel free to ask me any 'easy' startup-questions or the reasons why I chose for this configuration!
The more experienced guys will definitely follow up on my beginners-thoughts and this helps.
Cause I've experienced it's a lot of work to find out what you need.
And what you need all those things for in the beginning.
I've got a lot of help here and like to give back to this nice community.

I'll update this list on a regular basis when I find out things are missing.

For other Dutch people on this thread (voor andere Nederlanders)
http://www.shopzinnig.nl/ has a good web-shop and competitive prices (compared to the Dutch price level)
I visited the showroom in Breda this week. The shop owner was nice & very helpful with his advice!
He does repairs too. So I'm happy to have found this shop is in my hometown.
By the way, I have no ties to this company whatsoever!


>>> TO BUY @ ARMATTAN's / Chris <<<
Armattan CF 258 - KK2.1.5 board - new 2208 T-Motors** - XT60 connectors
6x Receiver cables (5 + 1 spare) http://www.armattanquads.com/90mm-re...bles-1x-cable/
Clear Laser Cut Top Plate http://www.armattanquads.com/clear-laser-cut-top-plate/

**You could probably go for the new OEM motors from Chris now...Continue Reading