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Good afternoon RC fans. My research and discovery of warbirds continues. As of late I feel that my writing consist of my love proclamation of Horizon Hobby and all they are with the occasional affair with a Durafly model. The truth is if a company produces a model that delivers on the promises of what they offer, well that will be the one I buy. Any model from Horizon Hobby will be delivered with great confidence to the customers.

What I found today was some information from the last E Flite warbird that reinforces the integrity of Horizon Hobby. To be fair the other RC manufacteurs also have QC, but for E-Flite I feel it went above what I would have expected from other brands.

User Pittspecial put together a great list of events from the horrific release of the E-Flite Hawker Hurricane. Lets look at the aircraft from E-Flite that was destined to fail.

The E-Flight Hawker Hurricane was to be available the first part of July and on schedule Horizon Hobby had a press release that the models were on a boat on their way to the USA. Then on July 12 (my birthday) 2011 to all of our surprise Horizon Hobby announced that the entire shipment was rejected due to quality and that they were going to destroy the rejects as they did not want any filtering into the market in any way.

Lets analyze that. A large stock of product that could have at minimum been sold without a warranty at a cut rate but staying true to their standards Horizon Hobby turned down the profit. These...Continue Reading
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Mini quad build log

The frame was built around the GoPro 3 and the 2200mAh 3cell

It measures 260 millimeters from front left motor hub to rear right motor hub

Its a 250 class mini quad


2200 mAh 30-40C Turnigy

4. half inch booms, with a 19 degree cut on one end of each

3. oat quarter inch plates

4. aluminum shims cut out of 3/16 x 0.35 tapped at both ends to fit a 4 X 32 screw

4.nylon 1/2 shims and 4. 4x32 nylon bolts and nuts to hold flight controller

8. 6x32 nuts and bolts to hold booms and two plates

8. 4x32 bolts to mount motors to booms

4. 2206 X 2150 multistar Motors

4. 5x3 props

4. 10 amp plush ESC's

1. power distribution board

1. Naze 32 flight controller

Free sky X8R

Immersion RC 600 mw 5.8GHz

More details and pics and videos coming soon
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These are my choices for the Top 5 Quadcopters Under $50:

Top 5 Quadcopters Under $50 (6 min 22 sec)

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O.k. for you silly people who do not know the OV1 Mohawk, let me set a few things straight.
She is not Ugly. Her nose is designed to carry a huge KA-60 Panoramic camera that can take photo's wing tip to wing tip at altitude. The nose is required to shelter the camera.
In the belly she has a rotating KA-76 camera. This camera points down and can be rotated to 0, 15,30 or 45 degrees to either side of the ship.
She also carries one of two systems.
Infrared system for temperature difference not heat. We used this system in Alaska to hunt for Subs and map ice flows.
In the jungles we look for vehicle exhaust, and smoking cigarettes.
The second system she can also carry is a Slar system.
Side looking airborne radar.
It can look out from the ship, up to a hundred miles and detect anything moving faster than 2.5 miles per hour. The sensitivity is set by the Technical Observer based on what he is looking for.
As to the twin 1700 horse power Lycoming turbo jet engines driving props.She needed a lot of lift not speed. Fully loaded SHE WEIGHED IN OVER 18,000 POUNDS ,YES THATS 9 TONS OF AWESOME, BEATING ITS WAY THRU THE AIR BY BRUTE FORCE. The massive engines and large wings allowed her to cruise close to 250 knots, not particularly fast but her missions were low enough to give her a reputation for coming home with vegetation in the intakes.
The enemy called the Mohawk "Whispering Death" before the air force threw a fit and had us disarm the bird. Only the...Continue Reading
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1. Remove the Pivot Foot Knob, replace with M5X~10mm bolt+2-3 washers+M5 prop spinner or nut(local hardware store)
2. Cut Center Point from Pivot Foot
3. Reattach Center Point with M5x~10mm bolt (from step 1)

As a circle cutter, this device is not so great. As a prop cutter, it works very well.

Losen the M5 bolt and more your prop to nearly any length you desire. The rail is ruled and actually pretty close. However, I've scribed lines and dyed with india ink to label the various prop lengths for my rigs.
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A few weeks ago I spent a lot of time at the club field helping out people with their planes. Lately I've been getting handed the stick on a lot of new planes for members and friends to do the test flights. Which is how I ended up with a used Hanger 9 Kantana 50.

The previous owner was having trouble with the plane and asked for me to look it over and see if I could get it adjusted / trimmed out. The plane looks sharp and is big at 59" wingspan. He had it glow powered and the engine was just not behaving very well. On my first take off the plane shot straight up indicating some pitch trim issues to say the least The motor seemed strong enough to pull her up but then just died. I managed to get her back down with no damage and we went back and adjusted the motor for a second flight. Second flight went well, but the motor just felt very sluggish and the plane just needed a bit of attention stay airborne. I advised the owner that the motor / power plant need some attention and checking. But he said he was just not bonding with the plane and offered it to me. We worked a trade deal and a week later I picked up a bare airframe.

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I decided to use all the extra parts from my backup Splendor which was nice because I have all metal gear digital servos and the AS3X 635 RX.

Name: Servo Install.jpg
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Rudder Servo was a left over from the previous owner and I didn't fell like changing out the cables and servo arm to Eflite at this time. It seems plenty quick to me for my type of flying (sport, with F3A and some mild 3D)

Name: Rudder Servo.jpg
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I picked up a used Eflite Power 60 and ESC from RC groups and even found some new wheel pants too to make her look very pretty!

Name: Beauty Shot.jpg
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Weight came in at 6.2 lbs!
E-Flite Power 60B (400kv)
E-Flight 60 amp ESC
6cell 3300 mah 40C
APC Prop 16x8 (48 Amps, 1050 watts) or 15x8 (38 Amps, 830 watts) on Watt Meter
eCalc says 4 min - 8 min flight time

Looking forward to Sunday!
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Hi guys , well 500 pro is great i had to re-flash 3GX from v5 back to 3.2 , due to tail wag or tail kick , but 3.2 flys well, now looking into a cobra AH-1 body heliartist one comes with aircrew the align one is just body , do i want to spend £100 more for aircrew with the heliartist , if i can get it over here then yes its look so much more scale
The airwolf has been set back due to the black angel not fitting in , so if your getting one your need a pro air frame the angel is to tall and the tail servo stops the heli from fitting in the body , not happy as it says in the copterx site it fits , just glad i didnt buy second angel to fit in this body , so its on hold for now , want to get trex dressed up first as it flys so nice
keep well happy flying
Here are some photos of the trex and i tried to keep install clean i hate wires every...Continue Reading
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FLYPRO X600 avec DEVO 7 Drone Hexacopter,un produit qui nous rend aimer son performance et l'utiliser comme un équipement de travail, l’utiliser pour causal vol et prendre certaine vidéo très intéressante. Aujourd’hui, on va présenter les raisons de ses bonnes performances.

Spécifications de FLYPRO X600 :

Les Dimensions de FLYPRO X600 est un peu grands par rapport aux autres drones (590mm x 590mm x 270mm). Pour son contrôleur de vol, FLYPRO X600 utilise la technologie de DJI NAZA Lite w/ GPS Module qui équipe une Configuration pour DEVO 7 émetteur et assure la stabilité de qualité industrielle, il reste juste à un endroit lorsque vous laissez aller le contrôleur, l'expérience de vol très lisse.

On voit que FLYPRO X600 équipe six rotor, ce design fait FLYPRO X600 voler plus facilement. Vous savez que plus de rotor signifie plus de stabilité, c'est pourquoi on fait un Hexacopter pour le travail, on équilibre chaque partie si bien, le FLYPRO X600 GPS est extrêmement stable.

Avec une Hélice en Fibre de Carbone mesurant de 9" X 5.5". Nouveau moteur et hélice en fibre de carbone de deux trous conçus remplacent l'ancienne filature d'aluminium et l'hélice palstique, cela sauvegarde 9 grammes sur chaque moteur, et signifie beaucoup sur l'objet de filature, le module léger améliore répondre du drone de façon spectaculaire. En outre, Le mécanisme de verrouillage est faite de plastique renforcé de carbone, aucun outil n'est nécessaire lorsque vous...Continue Reading
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Thank you for buying FLYPRO X600 from HobbyWOW.The video is the assembly steps of X600.Hoping to help your installation.-

FLYPRO X600 assembly tutorial! (16 min 26 sec)

...Continue Reading
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Ferocious Frankie or Dallas Doll, with nicknames like those for an airplane I think we all win. Is there really a difference from one model to the next? In the end dont they all fly? Well in my battle series I will put popular over produced models against each other and with E-flites soon to be available P-51D "Dallas Doll" , I decided to call all P-51 models to the battle field.

The models that are the leaders in this category are the E-Flite and the Durafly. Dynam, FMS, LX (blitzrcwork), and anyone one else building and selling a P-51D are a distant second. Hopefully I find some surprises in my Battle of the Mustangs.

Lets start with the Dallas Doll. As a devout Dallas Cowboys Fan and a even greater fan of their cheerleaders, I will own an airplane called Dallas Doll. Aside from that pointless piece of info here are the stats

E-Flite P-51D
Wingspan 1120mm (so it is a 1100mm class)
length 975mm or 38.4 inches
flying weight of 1214 grams or 2.7 pounds
Constructed of proprietary Z-foam while fitted with a 15 size brushless motor and a 30 amp esc. This Horizon Hobby must buy is loaded! Weather you buy the available PNP or BNF "basic" (PNP plus receiver. Horizon Hobby if your listening can you just call it PNP Plus it confuses me when I open my kit and get no battery or charger on a BNF.) you will have retracts, flaps, and for the BNF basic a programable AR636 to get those gains just right on the AS3X. Horizon Hobby has never offered so much...Continue Reading
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Good evening RC fans. With 2 Hobbyzone F4u Corsair S out of commission because of defects I have had plenty of time to explore the other Corsairs. Uniquely enough I stumbled across a Unique Models F4U4-XS Corsair.

Lets start with images:
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Name: F4U4-XS rear retracts 2.JPG
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...Continue Reading