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Posted by AJ.K | Sep 05, 2014 @ 09:10 PM | 3,504 Views
it's my biggest plane to date. Stable in the wind. I'm not setup for long range control/video at this time. It can carry an FPV cam, Vtx, and OSD. It's been out 1400ft @300ft high, with Cam,Vtx and OSD last weekend. wind kept me from continuing.

When I get another 'big' plane, it will most likely be geared for FPV, and the tinkering will occur on that one... but ..
until then...

The Goal(s) .. KEEP IT LIGHT
CHEAP Brushless conversion (SAFE active)
3S Battery power (more FPV options)
~>+15-20min flight time.
--Vtx pico cam
--HD Keychain Cam
--Vtx (prefer 1.2GHz)
-----and antenna
--Voltage Sense. current sense/shunts = heavy.

I've already picked up a couple of cheap Brushed to Brushless signal converters from Miracle Mart. Very lightweight.

Bench tests show they worked until 80% throttle.
After 80%, the DutyCycle was too high for the converter to register. Easily fixed by setting the transmitter to a max of 80% (or there-about's).
Bench tests also showed that the motors did not always come back on when the throttle was moved above and below the 80% mark, until power was cycled. Not good in the air.

Bench testing the Miracle Mart converter was done with :
: EFlite Park180 and a Cheapie 8A ESC,
: Hobby King xxxxx and a Turnigy 25A ESC. (gotta look it up )
both behaved the same way. 80% throttle max.

I was hoping to achieve the conversion with 20mm inrunner's, to avoid...Continue Reading
Posted by AJ.K | Aug 23, 2014 @ 11:14 AM | 2,073 Views
This blog thing is kinda nice.
It's like keeping my notes 'on the cloud' .. or is it 'in the cloud' .. either way, I dont have to go far to look up what I had done. Plus I can keep my writing skills in check. My English teacher would be proud . lol. But then again, I would probably get knocked down for no APA style formatting. ah well, i digress.

My Delta Ray.

What can I say... HobbyZone did a number on this one. I may not have been in this hobby for very long, and had only owned UMX craft up until this plane, but I gotta say, I really like this plane!

Not sure exactly what drew me to the Delta Ray. Maybe it was the sleek looking design, the AS3X functionality, the large wing area (useful if adding weight), the new SAFE technology with 3 different flight modes, or a combination of all of this in one package. At a reasonable price no less. Heh, I sound like a commercial.

But I do know I wanted it for the panic switch.

As hinted to in my previous posts.. I am was trying to show friends the hobby (I have since given up on that, but I did later eventually get one interested soul, my father-in-law, and have sold two of these to passer's by on this weekend maiden no-less) , and well, seeing as how my piloting skills aren't exactly professional level, a switch that would Auto-Level the plane was perfect! (after getting it, I later realized buddy boxing with the Panic Switch 'usable' on both Tx's .. well, i still haven't figured it out. I'm not sure it can be done) ..

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Posted by AJ.K | Aug 21, 2014 @ 09:28 AM | 1,729 Views
well, I've had a Yak for about a year now. It has quite a bit of flight time. the first and the second one. Now equipped with a pico 5.8G cam/vtx combo.

The first one had only ever seen upright non-inverted slow 'practice' flights, and FPV although thought of, was not considered. ie i was am still researching .

Out of the box, coming from a Champ, she was and still is a handful on high rates. The powerful thrust from the little 180 Brushless motor has saved my butt a few times. Snapping to vertical inches above the ground. It doesnt look pretty, but it stays in contact with the air, not the ground.

Dialing down the rates helped TREMENDOUSLY when learning to fly this. I'm sure I would have been fixing it more than flying it had it not been for the programmable radio.

Even now after some hours flying, with high rates it's a hands-on-no-relaxing-flight. On low rates, it's a little more relaxing, but she likes to 'snap' to the attitude if i am not careful. I'm guessing it's my lack of 'finesse' with the sticks.

and then one day, as always happens when your trying to show a friend something ...

(a tangent> pc's, phones, software, pictures, etc.etc.. it always happens. Whenever you, well I and others I know, want to show someone something on, lets say your phone, the stupid thing locks up or starts acting weird. The screen wont open, its taking forever to load, whatever .. either way, it's never as smooth as it should be..>back to the Yak..)...

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Posted by AJ.K | Aug 15, 2014 @ 02:43 PM | 1,631 Views
Just some of my experiences. Again, something for the Alzheimer's later.

This all took place over a course of a year or so after the Nano CPX experiences.

My First RC Plane, the Hobby Zone Champ. (and subsequent hangar inclusions)

Not much to say about this little guy. Flew damn fine right out of the box. Orientation skills from the little Nano CPX transferred over just fine. Throttle kill cat like reflexes transferred over excellently!
the only problems are the landings/landing strip. Finding a nice grassy un-populated area to fly over, and basketball court to land on properly, isnt easy. So the park it is.

Usually it lands with a nice touchdown, and then flips over. darn park grass.

I would definitely recommend this plane to another.
The only thing that keeps needing 'adjustment' is the motor mount. Too many nose-over's and the prop gets closer and closer to the nose of the plane. Eventually making contact, and then wearing on the efficiency of the motor.

I would also NOT recommend pestering friends into 'Look How easy it is to fly.. surely YOU can do it' when they really don't want to. .. that resulted in a wing shearing off. Some people just don't understand 'PULL UP! means 'Pull the stick BACK to make the plane go UP! .. lol ' .. ah but what are friends for. lol.

I need to learn how to setup a buddy-box properly.

After getting the Champ, I had also picked up a Nano QX. I know its not a plane, but it sure is a fun little quad. Great...Continue Reading
Posted by AJ.K | Aug 02, 2014 @ 02:08 PM | 2,116 Views
Hi .. just having fun writing this out.

Lets just start with ...
...probably not the best idea to go from a small coax Scout to a twitchy little bird like the Nano CPX.

...If it wasn't for the programmability of the DX8 and my genuine tenacity to fly, and ability to fix electronics/mechanics this hobby would be dead in the water for me.

... no sim experience.

Even though i read and read on how to program the DX8 long before I got it, it was still Greek. (at least i knew the language though ) .. and to time consuming to 'actually program it' .. C'Mon!! it was like Christmas with a new toy. Cant wait to get it in the air.. how hard can it be ..... lol. (boy I had alot to learn.. )

Setup a profile for a heli and lets go!!

Battery charged.. check.
Tx charged.. check.
Plug in Nano wait for blinky light.. check.
Bind DX8 to nano ..

hmm... try that again .. unplug Nano..
Plug in Nano wait for blinky light.. check.
Bind DX8 to nano .. check.

(item to note: every model thus far binds to (as the DX8 screen says) DSM and doesnt show the words 'telemetry', give the rate (mS), or say DSMX .. only on the VERY FIRST BIND.
The second and any subsequent 'binds' show the latter items on the screen. I do not know if this is issue or not. DX8 has latest firmware)

odd. but it must have been me.

everything checks. control surfaces move. lets Go Already!!

set on living room floor, perfectly aligned to me with tail in....Continue Reading
Posted by AJ.K | Jun 14, 2014 @ 09:32 AM | 2,598 Views
Hi, .My First Blog.

Only 3-4 years into this playing with wireless flight. Maybe someone sitting on the fence about entering this hobby comes along these entries, from a newb, might sway them one way or the other... or offer insight through some of my experiences and mishaps. Right, wrong, or indifferent... experience is experience. I personally have learned so much from just reading RCG (and the like) for the past 5 yrs, I figured I would try and give back.

(or maybe I'm giving myself something to read if I get Alzheimer's as I age. lol)

Fascinated with flight since I was knee high to a grasshopper. One of my first words were Aireeo-Plane (yea, that's how my mom says I said it when i was a tyke)..

oddly enough, due to happenstance and the 'ways of the universe'.. i never became a pilot... regretfully. ... but there is always tomorrow. That's not to say I haven't flown for real ., ,
Heli at a county fair in MI, not that the pilot didn't have total control, but his hand was 'cupping' the stick (age 6.. one of my earliest memories ).
glider, paid flight. SOO many lawns mowed/neighbors helped. (age 13).
F-16 Simulator, I knew someone at the Tucson Air National Guard. (age 23).
Cessna 151, 11hrs logged flight, and 15 or so hrs flight school..( age 25),...
and my fave.. the Extra 300L(age 38).

I didn't eat/drink for a month to afford that.

and now RC. I priced out the Extra 300L and the appropriate...Continue Reading
Posted by AJ.K | Jun 13, 2014 @ 02:36 PM | 2,069 Views
Testing .. 1. .. 2. .. 3 .