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Posted by Falafel Flop | May 26, 2015 @ 11:51 PM | 2,136 Views

After weeks of research, ordering parts and assembing I have FINALLY finished my charging station (and I'm actually happy with it).

I intended from the outset to make a system that would be powerful enough to get me through the next couple years without any extra purchases (paraboards and harnesses aside) and that would also be able to add another more powerful charger when the time would come.



Enter the power supply from feathermerchantrc. This thing is a powerhouse, with the capability of 2400 WATTS (with the right input)! Feathermerchant was kind enough to guide me along with my decision before and after my purchase.


At first, I was deciding between the 1000w Reaktor and a 300w Reaktor, but it was recommended to just get two -so I figured why the hell not?!

So if you do the math, two 300w chargers into a 2400w supply leaves 1300w for a third, much larger, charger. At that point I may decide to get the 1000w Reaktor or step up to an iCharger or FMA Powerlab.

For now, however, I'm set.


I thought first about Pelican cases -I mean they do look damn nice and are tough... but decided against it. Harbor Freight ended up having the perfect case for my needs.


Okay, so the parts list is moderately big and some things were limited to my understanding, but here it goes:

The Cornerstones:
The Electronics:...Continue Reading