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Posted by mustng1bob | Mar 10, 2007 @ 11:25 AM | 2,334 Views
Ok, I've finished and maidened the Sabre. Man it flies great! I highly recommend picking one up. If I had to guess, I'd say it has a top speed of around 60 to 70 mph. It's not a barnburner, but that's ok; I didn't want it to be .

I've also picked up a TRex 450S. Yes, the RC bug has bitten me hard. This brings the total number of aircraft in my hanger to 4 (Blade CP, TRex 450, Alfa F-86, and the MUS). I've also gotten an itch to pickup another Alfa, probably the P-47. I really liked the simple yet effective construction of the Sabre, and I think the detail is incredible for a model of that size and price. Plus, since they're all basically foam with a touch of balsa, it doesn't take much to put them together. Not sure if the wife will let me buy another toy just yet, but I'll never know if I don't ask right?

So far there have only been a few crashes (none with the Sabre thankfully) but nothing major, and all of them have been due to pilot stupidity (not error ). So, my new axiom for any type of flying is "Nothing Stupid". Normally this goes without saying, but sometimes I need to remind myself. So, the next time I'm flying the TRex and I ask myself, "gee I wonder if I could fly between the two trees in my front yard" I need to remember, "Nothing Stupid".
Posted by mustng1bob | Nov 10, 2006 @ 06:38 PM | 2,427 Views
To get ready for the new Alfa Sabre, I decided to buy the E-Flite Mini Ultra Stick...for practice... . It wasn't a total waste of money; I'm planning on using the radio I bought (Futaba 6EX) for both ships, and am also planning on using the 3s li-poly for both. I've only got one flight with it, but so far I like it. Another plus is that it'll be nice to have a traditional prop-driven plane in addition to the EDF.
Posted by mustng1bob | Oct 28, 2006 @ 09:24 AM | 2,923 Views
Well, I've decided to buy the Alfa F-86. I haven't finalized the equipment I'm going to use just yet, but as of right now I'm thinking I'll use the Himax 2025-5400 with an E-flite 25 amp esc, and a 6-channel Futaba radio. The reason for the higher end radio is because I'm planning on adding a functional rudder as well as functional speed brakes. I'm also planning on using this radio on any other planes I buy in the near future.

The only thing I have decided for sure is the paint scheme (see attachment, thanks ). I know it's not too fancy, but I think it looks pretty cool, and I need it to be pretty simple because I plan on airbrushing it on, which I have never done before. To aid in visibility, I plan on painting a large red isosceles triangle on the underside of the wing. I want the short side of the triangle to be parallel with the fuse and the same length as the chord of the wing root. One of the long sides will be parallel with the leading edge of the wing, and the other long side will go from the point at the wingtip to the end of the short leg at the wing root. This leg will not be parallel with the trailing edge of the wing, but I think that looks better than just painting the whole under side red. I think I'll do the same thing with the under side of the horizontal stab too... .

I'll be sure to add posts/pictures as my build progresses. So be sure to check back from time to time.

Thanks for reading my thoughts and feel free to leave any of your thoughts or comments.