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PsychopathRC's blog
Posted by PsychopathRC | Sep 18, 2014 @ 03:35 PM | 1,446 Views
I've had an interesting evening and I thought I'd share this on here.

First of all, I gave my Mum 1 after she said she needed some chopped tomato's for cooking. Rather then saying thank you, she later moaned at me for not going to the shop to buy her chopped tomato's.

Later I took one of my small drones out for a flight in the park. I had one more battery left when I decided to go home, so I flew the drone down a few streets. I eventually passed a pub where three men, probably 40+ years old, shouted some gibberish at my drone. Amongst that gibberish they said "Get a real job!" and "Paedophile!" I didn't know all pilots, including 'RC' pilots liked to have sex with kids. I also didn't know my camera-less Hubsan X4 can mysteriously take photos of kids, even when there are none around. Also, it seems I work as some sort of 'RC' pilot. Smartest drunk people I ever met! They know more about me then I do!
Posted by PsychopathRC | Sep 11, 2014 @ 12:34 PM | 1,977 Views
If like me you have a bicycle, be careful when you take it out. A week ago today, I rode to the park to fly my P2V+ and whilst I was there, someone cut the chain and rode off. It could have been worse I guess. Someone could have tried to mug me. Seventy 'Stolen' posters around the park have yielded nothing. Doubt I'll ever see the bike again. R.I.P Raleigh Talus 2.0.

Ultimately, make sure you have a fat chain to secure your bike. I mean PHAT! Mine was flimsy, but served me for the past four years just fine. Lesson learned though. Oh! If you happen to read this and you live in London, feel free to email me if you happen to notice my bike. My email - SomePussyStoleMyBike@outlook.com

Yes, it's real. Try it!
Posted by PsychopathRC | Aug 11, 2014 @ 10:11 AM | 1,828 Views
I fell into the RC hobby just 2 months ago. Of course I had stuff as a child. But nothing very sophisticated. Recently though, after years of no RC action, I started out with a Hubsan X4 before buying a Syma X5C and a Hubsan Q4 Nano Quad. Now I've found myself with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Lets hope I don't crash!