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Posted by FR4-Pilot | Jun 17, 2014 @ 11:22 AM | 1,555 Views
I recently picked up a pre-owned Apprentice 15e (aka "V1") from Hot Wheels here on RCG. It's not the newer re-designed one with SAFE technology, rather the original one from 2008. It seems to be in really good shape considering how old it could be. Just the plane and a battery - no transmitter or charger, which is absolutely perfect as I have plenty of those Rick even threw in some extra servo arms and a servo - thanks Rick!

The plane has:
  • Stock BL15 outrunner, 840kV motor
  • 30A ESC with 0.7A switching BEC
  • AR500 DSM2 5-Ch receiver
  • 3x 13g metal gear servos (ailerons & elevator)
  • 1x 37g standard servo (rudder & nose gear)
The battery included in the deal is a 3200mAh 3S 11.1V 15C Li-Po.

Everything appears to be in working order. I'll be using one of my DX6i's (or both for buddy boxing).

So a few things needed attention:
  • One of the aileron control arms was broken.
  • One of the hinge-pins on the battery door was broken.
  • The tail fins (both rudder and elevator) have bends/creases, but no breaks.
I was able to fix up the aileron situation by stealing the servo arm from the elevator servo. Then I was able to swap a similar servo arm for the elevator servo from one of my old Corona servos. I cleaned up and re-taped the aileron wires in the wings a bit. I also added some wide packing tape along the main wing's leading edge.

A new battery door, elevator, rudder, some rubber bands, an extra prop and some extra clevises are on order from RC Planet and...Continue Reading