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Posted by shane_hood | Mar 05, 2014 @ 06:00 AM | 2,014 Views
hey guys
so i have only been into this sport for less then a year but i have manage to gather up a cool random collection of mostly 2nd hand planes.

First plane purchased was the Wilga 2000 inc floats
2. Yak55
3. Walrus deceased

from there my love grew exponentially
5. Catalina Deceased
6. profile yak55 mini
7. Micro F3a
8. Home made conduit plane
9. Show time 50
10. Gee bee R3 1400mm
11. Green sleeves
12. yak 54 carbon z
13. yak 55M
14. Siren
15. p55 Mustang
16 mini hobbyking Biplane
17 Hacker
18 Multiplex Mulan 4m sail plane
19. mini sailplane.
20. Asassin by the toughest plane on the planet.

i have a story for every plane so far and am really loving the hobby

do have a few questions and am always willing to learn more.