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Posted by DX188 | Today @ 11:01 PM | 6 Views

Serious deformation appears in the nose of sky surfer X8 after countless bad crashes. On this newly assembled sky surfer, with carbon fiber reinforcing, I think it is also necessary to do some reinforcement in the nose.

I use fiber cloth covering around in the nose and use 1:3 Epoxy resin adhesive smearing evenly on it. It drys in about 2 hours in the sun.

To get better protection, weight increases again, LOL
Posted by mjnco | Today @ 10:53 PM | 9 Views
Close in and low to the ground.
BLANIKaero (2 min 3 sec)

Posted by flyinjrc74 | Today @ 10:47 PM | 12 Views
I bought this airplane after having the 85" version. The big one was a pain to transport and keep foam from getting beat up so this one got my attention. I flew my brothers before buying it but it didnt have the punch the big one had so I had the remedy in mind before the purchase. I had a new Turnigy motor sitting on the bench fitted to a Turnigy Trust 45A esc. When my S2 arrived it took me about 20 minutes and the power unit was installed(very easy). It can be flown on 3 and 4S lipo. I used the Parkzone Icon A5 three blade prop and spinner. It can be used on the stock motor but if you go to that prop you may want to go up to a 25-30A esc to prevent a fire.

First flight was on a 3S 2200mah. Take off roll was about 2 feet and went like a rocket upstairs. Dont think it will nerd 4S but I have the option if need be. This plane is a blast to fly and looks very good.

I ordered a set of floats for winter flying and just tonight added a new set of Multiplex Fun Cub Tires and I already like it better. If you have been looking at this plane dont hesitate on buying it. It fits in the back seat of a car in one piece, flies on 3S 2200 and has a lot of options like carrying a GoPro, floats, glider tugging and mild to wild aerobatics! Besides that its a Cub...
Posted by TScott1118 | Today @ 09:30 PM | 75 Views
Trick or treaters cut into my building time, but I did get the spoilers rigged and they function just fine

Should I put washout in the wing's tips? My full size BOT doesn't have any, but with this thin airfoil would it be a good idea to add it? Any expert advice appreciated.

So all that's left is.......
-set the throws down a bit on the elevator and rudder for the first flight
Posted by Kmot | Today @ 09:27 PM | 84 Views
I just was made aware of this from LA City Councilmember Mitchell Englander:

This week, together with my colleague Councilmember Tom La Bonge, we introduced a motion requesting the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Board of Police Commissioners, the City Attorney, the City Administrative Officer (CAO), and the Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) report to the Public Safety Committee with policy guidelines for the operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), also known as Drones, within the City of Los Angeles and provide recommendations on how to strictly enforce the operation of drones to designated areas or remote controlled airfields.

The operation of drones have been increasing greatly within the City of Los Angeles. These UAS are either gas or electric driven and controlled by a signal sending device that is in the possession of the operator.

These UAS are susceptible to the same conditions and could encounter the same problems that any aircraft, flying over the City of Los Angeles, would experience. Since the size of the drone is usually small and used as a recreational tool, the UAS currently can be flown anywhere in the City at a relatively low altitude. Because of its size, its ability to fly low and its low noise signature, drones can currently be flown in areas and virtually be undetected by citizens on the ground.

The operator also has ability of controlling the aircraft and losing visual contact with the aircraft which would put the safety of
...Continue Reading
Posted by rraming | Today @ 07:17 PM | 185 Views
Must be my 2 nd childhood because I had an itch to fly some RC stuff. Quadcopters really interested me so I purchase a Nano based upon the suggestions on this forum. I then purchased a CX2 heli and a DX6 followed by two airplanes, a Sport Cub and a Radian UMX. I really enjoy flying the airplanes, I've been out twice (even though it's getting cold here) and had a blast. I am totally new to this so will be flopping around to see what I enjoy the most.
I believe I have already ruled out Heli's for now. I really like the cub planes and will be picking up a BNF Appentice next and plan on flying that next summer. I have joined the AMA and will be joining a local club soon. I have yet to fly my little sailplane but have a great interest in doing that.
I am eager to fly some larger planes, I always enter hobbies full throttle to give it a full ride, there is no way this won't be a permanent part of my life.
I am thrilled to be doing this!
Posted by ArizVela | Today @ 06:01 PM | 237 Views
Here's my EA's rc design the "AXON" a little different but still a fun plane to build.
This plane came together faster cause I had already built the Noob Tube and has much of the same dimensions....
It is flight ready carries a 2200mah lipo with a keychain camera for flying video all mounted with heavy duty velcro. It can accommodate two batteries in fuse for longer flight time but this battery gives me 5-6 min alone with moderate throttle...Continue Reading
Posted by Pa72sha | Today @ 02:47 PM | 426 Views
Hello. My English is not very good, please forgive. On the Internet, a lot of information and my head is spinning, it is difficult to choose the right. 
I'm interested multirotor. I have a: flight controller KK2.1.5, motors MT2213-935KV MultiStar, Afro 20A with SimonK, propellers 10x4.7 , LiPo baterys 2.8 Ah. And Tx , Rx  6ch. Optic . I built the first trikopter weight was 980 grams, materials - plywood 3 mm aluminum tube 12x12 mm. I very long suffered with the settings of the controller . I take information on this site, and Russian - my trikopter not want to hang and fly smoothly and without wobble. Please help me choose a simple design trikopter under KK2.1.5 and help set up a simple language. Materials - aluminum tubes 12 x12mm, glass fiber, 1.5 mm.
I understand that my controller is not the best choice, but I saw in the video how wonderful you can fly with him. 
Can do to start quadrocopter, or advise beginner? 
Thank you in advance.
Posted by kristjane | Today @ 02:34 PM | 419 Views
Working on idea using brushless motors and controller for controlling FPV 3D camera. Since brushless gimbals are much smoother than servo driven gimbals and response is more accurate when we talk about centering. At firs I was thinking to use servos, but more and more I'm thinking to go with gimbal motors. Will it work in follow mode?
Posted by jefffassbinder | Today @ 02:29 PM | 486 Views
The Align APS-M is awesome, software very easy to navigate. So
after programming my Radio last evening and doing a quick test flight. I charged up some packs for today so I could just get used to the Align M480L Multicopter. I will note that I used 2x 6s 5200 in parallel to extend the time I could achieve in flight. I was amazed that I was able to get over 15 minutes of flight time and still have reserves. When going up in battery size make sure to note the center of gravity as shown in the Align manual. Actually it is just in front of the landing gear and the M480L. I did some POI laps in the neighborhood. I had a few people stop as they were asking if I had a camera on it and I told them no just flying at the moment. People were amazed that I could talk to them and still control the M480L. Put it in GPS, put in desired position, and it will do the rest. I'll be going to Prado on Sunday to fly. I'll make sure to bring the M480L with me so if you want to take a closer look come on out. Just look up PVMAC in Chino, CA. I'll be there in the morning. Here are a few shots I took while flying. It's kind of dark today, maybe because it's Halloween!
Posted by Test Pilot Mafia | Today @ 02:01 PM | 461 Views
Ive been keeping my thoughts on aerial safety somewhat secret for some years, mostly for two reasons. First, I presumed before my thoughts would matter much, others would have much done better and formally codified all this long ago, yet this still has not happened as of the near end of 2014. Second, Ive seen a shocking rise in published videos of outrageous and even criminally reckless operation of drones, which will destroy our sport, hobby and businesses in this new frontier technology.
I can be silent no longer.

In particular, cases of idiot pilots flying over drunken idiot crowds using a drone to carry a Champagne bottle, really disturbs me. Several drones have been downed by an idiot hurling a beer bottle at stadiums already. These drones could be coming down into crowds as if it were the Russian front or the battle of Britain.


Dicta Boelcke for the Safe Flying of Drones.

(In order of significance and priority)

Zeroth :
In all matters related to machine operation, the pilot is responsible for everything that does and does not happen, from power on to power off. The ability to identify the legally responsible operator of the drone(s) should reside within each drone's physical body.

First :
Human life, limb and private property are not to be placed at risk by the operation of a drone. This is the highest priority.

Second :
There must always be sufficient margin, from departure of commanded flight to a forcible kill (deliberate crash) of the machine, such that human life, limb and property were not in danger during decent or fly-away.

Third :
The useful flight of a drone which returns with little or no damage to itself is the lowest priority, and only possible if the zeroth, first and second rules have been satisfied.

Authored by:
Patrick W. Coleman

Influeced by and cited works are:
Oswald Boelcke (Hauptmann, Lufftwaffe) "Dicta Boelcke" circa 1916
Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics", circa 1942

Posted by tsooi | Today @ 02:00 PM | 475 Views
Currently I am testing the EMAX 2206 1900kv 4S for my acrobatics quadcopter. And I think we have a winner. The EMAX 2206 1900kv on 4S are my favorite wiht the HQ 6045. I speak Dutch in the video. Since quadcopters are very popular in toy stores here, I tell that it's fun for the kids to fly through the living room save yourself !

EMAX 2206 1900kv 4S (2 min 21 sec)

Posted by rdstarwalt | Today @ 01:36 PM | 496 Views
...there seems to be only one published, purpose written obituary for the passing of Jack Headley? I thought I had found all the published announcements until I used the Colin Usher Aeromodeller Index mentioned in a previous blog post. Any body of work is subject to correction and I was comparing my list of Aeromodeller articles by J.W.H. to Mr. Usher's. Imagine my surprise to find an obituary listed in the index. Wow! I quickly checked for a scanned online version of the issue and found none. Off to ebay I went and success was waiting for me. A Buy It Now purchase later succured the issue.

Jack Headley was 53 at the time of his passing according to the announcement. If this is correct, he was born in 1930 (give or take 6 months). The surviving members of his family were listed and this was the very first mention I have ever seen of his wife's name, 'Pet'. Lisa and Samantha, his daughters, were also listed and have been mentioned and seen here in these blog posts. No information on where he is interred was provided, as you can see in the attached scan.

A great surprise was a partial listing of the models he published in Aeromodeller. This list revealed two unknown models, 'Midas' and 'Pepe'. I have located a copy of the issue with Midas but, it seems that Pepe is not a Jack Headley design. Colin Usher's index lists both models to a 'Healey' author/designer. I have since located and purchased the 1963 issue with 'Pepe' in it and will confirm the author.

Having not...Continue Reading
Posted by Mach1 Airspace | Today @ 12:51 PM | 533 Views
Cool action from Melbourne, guys!

Out of the Delta Formation the Thunderbirds slowly morph into an oncoming cross configuration called the Stinger Formation from which they perform their signature Low Bomb Burst pass at the 2014 Melbourne Air Show.

USAF Thunderbirds - Signature 'Low Bomb Burst' Maneuver, Melbourne, 2014 (1 min 16 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Today @ 11:36 AM | 593 Views
Updated to add a link to a short video on making the X-15 to help those that wanted to see how they go together:

My posted Plans are here:


Here is a link to my youtube videos which cover many of my builds:


Here is a great wing CG calculator I've used for some of my odd wing shapes.

wing calculator: http://wingcgcalc.bruder.com.br/en_US/?
Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 10:27 AM | 662 Views
I gave up on the CF 105 Arrow after several attempts to get the EDF mounted......came back into the house, sat down at the computer and came up with this......another morph of the Jetstream....

I'll post the drawings and patterns if anyone is interested.

why I gave up...I fired up the EDF and it wouldn't stay in the bulkheads....nothing seemed to want to stick to the plastic housing of the EDF....'course, watching the motor go through the front of the aircraft in mid-flight might be worth a look or two....or.....once!

Here's the drawing and the patterns.....thanks Rick !
Posted by fearfactorfred | Today @ 09:30 AM | 704 Views
I have plenty of time but no money so I started scratch building a wing from a box of cores I got from a friend. The cores are made of a very flimsy Styrofoam. Airfoil u known flat LE looks symmetrical. 48" ws cut to make a 16" micro wing for light lift days. Adding gear today so will post flight report soon.
Posted by paisa | Today @ 08:48 AM | 718 Views
I went to my local state forest to try to capture some of the majestic fall colors around West Virginia. I am happy with the footage I got...

Flying my apm v3.1 fpv quadcopter @ Coopers Rock, WV (State Forest) (6 min 1 sec)

Posted by pioneerko | Today @ 08:40 AM | 720 Views
I Have a 500 size quadcopter:
Frame: Hobbyking X525 V3
Brains: Apm 2.5
ESC: Qbrain ESC
Motors: RCTimers 4108 - 720kv
Props: 1245 APC props
Batt: 3S - 4000mAh
Radio: Dx6i

FPV: 700TVL Sony CCD FPV camera
TX/RX RX: RC832 TX: ImmersionRC 5.8GHz 25mW