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Posted by Matty12 | Apr 04, 2014 @ 07:54 PM | 2,003 Views
I've just finished my maiden FPV flight with my second Parkzone P-47, most of the electronics were retained from the first one including:
HK G25 Motor
40A Plush ESC
3000mah 4s 20C Batteries
Mobius cam for flight camera
experimental 3 axis camera mount

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Posted by Matty12 | Dec 23, 2013 @ 03:42 AM | 1,978 Views
I've had some requests for info about the setup I use on my P-47.

This is a pretty bare bones setup, optimised for fast and fun close proximity flying. Though the link should be good for approx 2km, there is no autopilot, so if I lose control the plane goes down and I start walking.

The video system is a 5.8G boscam system with skew-planar antennas on both sides. The video transmitter needs a 12 power supply and the mobius needs a 5v so there are two BECs (5v and 12v), the tilt and pan servos just plug into the receiver. Receiver is a normal 2.4 system, frsky in this case with telemetry.

The mobius is powered by the 5v BEC as well as it's own internal battery, the camera is set to auto-on and auto-record so when I plug in the flight battery it starts recording straight away. The slot for the micro-sd card is exposed at the back of the camera so I can take the card out to upload videos.

There are two extra little boards in the planes interior, one is a voltage sensor for the radio telemetry and the other is a very simple OSD that displays the flight pack voltage on the video feed, so I know when to come home.

On the goggles there is a DIY head tracker that plugs into my radio's trainer port and a 5.8Ghz video receiver that plugs into the goggles, supplying them with a video feed. The attached 2s battery powers VRx, goggles and headtracker. The last bit is a set of fatshark headphones with attached volume adjuster, the video transmitter has a built in microphone so I can hear the motor purring while I fly.

I think thats it, this is not a simple setup, definitely easy to moderate difficulty. Feel free to ask any questions, there are more descriptions with the photos below.
Posted by Matty12 | Nov 30, 2013 @ 12:31 AM | 1,719 Views
Time to upgrade the old Jug! Im not really excited about the scaly soft feel of the foam for this plane so I plan to sand and fibreglass the bird and give her a new coat of paint.

Here is the colour scheme I've chosen:
Posted by Matty12 | Oct 13, 2013 @ 09:22 PM | 1,918 Views
My cockpit build is looking pretty advanced, I have made my arms but have yet to install them. I'm waiting on some microservos to make my moving joystick and throttle, I'm still considering putting or how to put a voltage display in the cockpit...
The camera will go approximately where the persons head will be but I may have to move it aft slightly depending on how it all looks thought the view of the camera.
Posted by Matty12 | Oct 07, 2013 @ 07:26 AM | 2,373 Views
I'm quite proud of the tilt/pan system on my P-47.

The mechanism itself is a U shaped piece of plastic, fashioned from a duplo block with two control horns glued to it. The whole mechanism attaches to a 180degree servo thats glued into the aircraft, the tilt servo fits inside the duple U and is secured with a screw drilled (carefully) into the casing of the servo.

The camera is then glued straight onto the tilt servo (on this build I use a balsa spacer there because the plug for the camera is in the back of its case) and viola!!!

Works quite nicely too, the velcro on top is where I attach my 808 keychain camera, the servos are plenty strong enough for the job.

(Addit: Tiltpan system in action)
Three ship formations (4 min 38 sec)

Posted by Matty12 | Sep 14, 2013 @ 01:52 AM | 2,178 Views
Loving the Warbird FPV action, it's really quite exciting!

FPV Dogfight (3 min 57 sec)

Mine is the P-47, the other planes in the video and photo are HondaJet's
Posted by Matty12 | Sep 08, 2013 @ 05:53 AM | 2,157 Views
Second time out with the FPV P47.

Loving it!!
Posted by Matty12 | Sep 04, 2013 @ 08:57 AM | 2,648 Views
Successful LOS maiden today! Very exciting little plane.

I've just installed the FPV gear and she's ready to go!
Posted by Matty12 | Jun 11, 2013 @ 02:15 AM | 2,602 Views
Went out today to maiden the Frankenplane.

Gave her 3/4 throttle and a good shove, she climbed out nicely, even with plenty of power...

maybe a bit too much power. The central spar snapped and she came down, relatively gently.

Good and bad really, I know that she flies so ill order some cf rods to replace the wooden dowel (what was I thinking!!!), so in a few more weeks I'll try again!
Posted by Matty12 | Jun 10, 2013 @ 08:18 AM | 2,183 Views
Threw the frankenplane from a slight hill and it glided nicely, had to give it nice old push as its quite heavy but it came to a gentle landing about 30m away with a few clicks of aileron trim and full up elevator!

No time for a full test today but hopefully tomorrow ill take it up properly!
Posted by Matty12 | Jun 09, 2013 @ 06:44 AM | 2,335 Views
The frankenplane is ready for glide tests!

I've lengthened the fuselage to move the batteries further forwards, cg is now spot on with 2x2200 3s most of the way forward in the fuselage. I'll be able to shift them aft a bit when the extra electronics and and FPV gear go in, I intend to use the batteries in series (or is it parallel, I never can remember) to get a 4400 3s total! Should be plenty for a good flight! Wingspan is 180cm.

all electrics are hooked up now, theres a photo of the elevator setup, all very simple and more cable ties!!! I'm going to use a frsky 4ch park receiver, plenty for most los flights. I decided to go with the 3000kv motor and 6x4 prop, plenty of power on bench testing unsurprisingly but I might go to a more reasonable motor to save weight later.

I have no doubt that it will fly like a crazy thing, I have no doubt that it will glide very very well, I just have serious doubts about my ability to control it! Very curious about how it will fly.
Posted by Matty12 | Jun 09, 2013 @ 06:36 AM | 2,197 Views
At this point I've connected the wings and strengthened the ends of the wings with wooden dowel, would've preferred carbon tube which I might use later if this thing flies!

Motor mount/wing shoulder is made from 7mm plywood and seems quite strong. Lots of cable ties here even the motor is mounted with them but the whole arrangement is really quite sturdy and light now, I've no doubt that itll hold up to flight.
Posted by Matty12 | Jun 08, 2013 @ 08:49 PM | 2,274 Views
Hey Folks,

I get very jealous of all the foamboard DIY aircraft, especially as FPV platforms. I was considering the wing area of a new bixler I've just ordered but then I thought that I have a fair bit of spare foam off old destroyed foamies and enough wing parts to make a large Skyhunter style aircraft.

My tail is finished now, I used some depron-style board (I get small pieces for free, offcuts from a framing shop) and balsa struts, it's just missing the servo and control horn.

My wings are almost finished, they're glued together and share a reinforcing strut but it doesn't go out far enough and the ends of the wing will need reinforcement. Also I've been cutting out badly damaged parts of the leading edge and replacing them with good foam. Today I'll buy some 6mm wood plank to make the wing connecting part/motor mount. I intent to use a 26-38 2200kv motor and 20a plush ESC because that's what I've got lying around.

Ill build the cabin out of foamboard and try to keep it large and flat to make it easy access to electronics. Can't use hot glue either because of the heat here
Just CA, epoxy and lots and lots of tape