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Posted by unleaded218 | Jun 22, 2012 @ 04:02 AM | 1,868 Views
some feww weeks back i was looking into building a twin to be powered by two OS20 that were my late fathers but due to the damage (corousion)from sitting around for twenty odd years i was unable to proceed but then i remembered i had two 3542-800 KV SK3 sitting in a box and so i did some quick basic calks and thought they will do,
i had been given an old 1500 x 270 wing from a low wing model that he had damaged and was about to throw it out (see first pics for wing section) this had a deep cord so would have no problems fitting the motor nancell (pic 3&4)

i looked around for a suitable fuse that i could get some idears from and so happened to have the March addition of RCM&E and there was the plan of the Harlequin which looked about right.(PIC 5)

motor nancells were basic in design flat sides which were slotted to clear leading edge and glued to the ribs with two formers two support and mount motors ...Continue Reading
Posted by unleaded218 | Apr 02, 2012 @ 11:17 PM | 3,186 Views

I have decided to scratch this beautifull little EP aircraft that was featured in Januarys edition of RCM&E see attached pic from magazine

I Have returned to aero modeling after about 23 years break and i am now in my 65th year , i have been enjoying flying all these new ARF balsa & foamys and i have referbished three of my late fathers scratch built aircraft that had not been flown or had not left terra ferma in 23 years
I need some thing to occupie my evenings in stead of watching the 'TV"

Having made enquiries about purchasing a FULL KIT from "My Hobby Store" in the UK cost of postage was a bit high so i settled for the "CNC KIT" as it had all the light ply formers ,fuselarge sides,doublers, fuse formers and wing ribs and for only $25.00 AUS postage an all up cost of $79.00 Aus made it a goer
the remaining sheets of material will be obtained from LHS,
the article by Tim was very informative and his tips and thoughts as to why he did certain things was excellent

I am going to use the recomended 3542 1250 KV Turnigy SK coupled to a Trust 55A SBEC ESC , 9x6 prop and 2650 40c 3S pack
I love the colour scheme that tim has used and i have the three rolls of covering on the way

the first couple of pics are of some of the CNC parts that appeared to have not been cut right through (see pin holes) but a quick email to My Hobby shop had the issue sorted (it appeared that some parts were routed out not laser cut and the cutting dust had reentered the groove and gave the appearence that it was not cut )
the last two pics are of the first half of the left wing and the servo mounting

thatsall for now i hope someone out there is interised and may even decide to build this cute little aircraft