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Posted by mpferarro | Yesterday @ 10:48 PM | 506 Views
My name is Mike.

This is my fourth quad copter build and I'm looking for help with and issue with what I believe is a battery issue.
I'm building a Tarot Iron Man 650, below are the components used.
4 - 340 kv motors
4-15" props
4- 60 amp BEC
Naza M controller
Devo 7 remote & receiver
5S 5000 25c 18.5v lipo battery

I currently had a 3S 25c 5000 lipo with everything above except for a different frame which was a DJI 450 frame and everything worked fine.
I calibrated the battery with the Naza utility application but when I tried to re-calibrate the ESC all I get is beeping and no lights on the esc calibration card.
this issue is the same for my quad that has been flying perfect and the new iron man with just a larger battery.
Is the battery defective?
Any help would be much appreciated!
Posted by bigthai | Yesterday @ 10:37 PM | 575 Views
Trying out a new color!
Posted by Sawn Craft | Yesterday @ 09:53 PM | 557 Views
Hi there everyone!
We are very pleased to announce that we have completed the development and manufacture of the Sawn Craft Mini Mana-Tee and it is now available to purchase!
Don't be fooled by the name, this aircraft is more of a shark in combat flights! Perfect for small fields and indoor flying, the powerful motor combined with large control surfaces makes this an extremely capable model.

Wingspan: 18"
Length: 12.69"
Wing Area: 217.5in^2
Flying Weight: 3.125oz / 89g
Battery: 2S 300mAh LiPo
ESC: 6A Brushless
Motor: 10g to 16g Brushless Outrunner
Prop: 5"x3"
Servos: 2x 3.6g Micro

Check back here soon for the full build video!

Stop on by Sawn-Craft.com to order your own Mini Mana-Tee today and while you are there, check out our other fine micro and mini models!...Continue Reading
Posted by John Gallagher | Yesterday @ 09:42 PM | 572 Views
Here's some mods I've made to my Radians. I've had three so far....Continue Reading
Posted by RumbleQuad | Yesterday @ 09:20 PM | 601 Views
I want to share some pictures of my recent conversion. Loving it ! Been flying it for 3 days now and even after several encounters with the ground and a wall while practicing flips and rolls... Not even a scratch

...Continue Reading
Posted by QuadcopterHQ | Yesterday @ 09:09 PM | 659 Views
Just posted a new review of the UDI U818A quadcopter - its a solid value for any beginners looking for their first video enabled quadcopter to learn to fly on. Read the full UDI U818A review here with pictures: UDI U818 Review on QuadcopterHQ.com


The UDI U818A comes in a medium sized cardboard box with a handle for easy carrying on top. It comes with all the quadcopter accessories that you need to start flying, including:
  • UDI U818A Quadcopter
  • One 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  • 2.4Ghz Remote Controller
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare PropellersUDI U818A Packaging

UDI U818A Quadcopter Design

The UDI U818A is similar to many other quadcopters in design, with a plastic cross frame and pretty much entirely plastic parts. It is a mid-size quadcopter, measuring about 13″ by 13″ and about 2.5″ tall. If you’re familiar with the Syma X1 quadcopter, it is nearly identical in size – and has very similar propellers too! Personally, I think this is a great size quadcopter to learn on as it is big enough to see easily, it can be controlled with easy and isn’t too twitchy like some micro/nano quads, and its still small enough to fly indoors.

The motors are standard and the drive assembly is exposed just like in the Syma X1, so you can see the gears that drive the propellers. Be sure to check them for hair, dust, etc. after a few flights as that can interfere with your...Continue Reading
Posted by FLDataTeK | Yesterday @ 09:07 PM | 636 Views
This could cause serious issues for people using FTDI programmers. Make sure you read this.

Posted by Helldiver | Yesterday @ 08:38 PM | 658 Views
So I have been playing too much Ps4....i bought my nephew Proto x. I got to fly it and I wanted something smaller than my Nano QX.

I was going to buy one on Monday but they were out. Ended up leaving the LHS with a Kodo Dromida...great flyer

I went back to give my review on the Kodo and pickup my Proto but they were still out.

The LHS owner hands me the Faze....I didn't want to pay more but hey it's Horizon...

I am glad I got the Faze instead of the Proto X....this guy has more LEDs and flies so much better. I can not believe how much I like this little thing after 2 flights.

*i don't work for HH, just a loyal customer
Posted by troynh | Yesterday @ 08:33 PM | 655 Views
Posted by bhood | Yesterday @ 08:08 PM | 671 Views
First run in the 3dhs extra 300 lt
3dhs 108 extra 330 lt first start:
3dhs 108 extra 330 lt first start (1 min 39 sec)

Posted by quadman | Yesterday @ 06:51 PM | 739 Views
Anura is access to flight, whenever, wherever, 24/7.

Anura Pocket Drone is currently on KickStarter.

Posted by punkindrublik | Yesterday @ 04:12 PM | 1,038 Views
It's about time, huh?

Fully capable 32 bit board with baro and mag. Runs Baseflight, Cleanflight and Harikari beautifully. You might also have heard of these as Flip32s, but the DragonFly is here to stay!

These boards look awesome. Pick one up now at multirotormania.com!





Posted by Disastore | Yesterday @ 03:19 PM | 983 Views
hello guyz!
help me out here i tried everything i know and checked every yb video on the net and could find the reasons why my tarot 650 quadcopter with kk2.1 board wouldnt fly and tilts at one side at a the takeoff throttel level ...

i used the standard gains for kk2 and even lowered them down more and still ,the rx sensor on the board is reading correctly and telling me that my tx is good "initially all 0" ...

-rctimer 5010 360kv motors
-carbon fiber 17.5 x 5.5 props
-kk2.1 controller
-30A x4 Quatro sky lll esc's from favourate
-tarot fyi 650 fram with motor mounts
-simple tx rx hobbyking 6ch radio "thinking its the reason as the to ARM the controller i have to move the th stick to the left up angle rather then down right angle" (waiting for my 9ch turnigy thats taking forever to get here from china)
-10000mah multistar battery 4s

i uploaded the videos for you to see my problem

Tarot 650 quadcopter fail takeoff ... (1 min 32 sec)


...Continue Reading
Posted by travelwithdrone | Yesterday @ 02:59 PM | 1,030 Views
We invite you to insert your aerial videos on the map travelwithdrone.com

By this occasion we would like to thank all UAV pilots around the world!

Today we just has published the 2000 aerial videos on the map.We invite each pilot UAV.

The best site with films from the sky. We have for you the best drone videos from around the world.

Enjoy watching
Posted by tearig | Yesterday @ 01:36 PM | 2,160 Views

This is a picture of a prototype skid steering FPV rover we have in development. In the coming days we will have updates and additional information about this vehicle. This project will be running the ArduRover software branch of ArduPilot and will be made available presale to our developer partners.

More information will be found at digi-dna.net and updates will be first posted there as they are avalible. If you are interested in contribution to the product or access to pre-release products we welcome the inquiry.
Posted by Mach1 Airspace | Yesterday @ 12:21 PM | 1,263 Views
Here's some wacko fun at the Melbourne Air Show, guys!

Kent Pietsch is up to his old tricks (and a few new ones) in his Jelly Belly Stunt Plane, a 1942 Interstate Cadet, as ex-con 'Chuck Dramamene' who built the plane in prison and smuggled it out one piece at a time.

Crazy Pilot Stunt Plane 'Crashes' Melbourne Air Show - Jelly Belly Comedy Act (6 min 35 sec)

Posted by rcflyer66 | Yesterday @ 12:09 PM | 1,237 Views
Made for an RCgroups member!
Posted by theimacman | Yesterday @ 11:15 AM | 1,291 Views
The Yi Zhan X4 is a nice quad, with interesting looking prop guards.

Yi Zhan - X4 - Review and Flight (8 min 59 sec)

Posted by Maxthrottle | Yesterday @ 10:35 AM | 1,408 Views

Model Name: F16C [Tail Designation 91359]
Wingspan: 1023mm
Length: 1522mm
Aircraft Material: EPO material
PNP Takeoff Weight: 3550 g (126 oz.) w/ wingtip two missiles
Thrust: 3150 g (112 oz.) installed

Find Hobby Asia
RC-Castle Asia
MotionRC US

Empty KIT includes:
Empty without any electronic devices???
Electric shock absorber screw metal retractable landing gear set.
Like true navigation lights system.
Simulation plume lighting system.
Glue gift
English manual one.

KIT + S + Servo empty version also includes and is already installed on the aircraft for your empty machine on the basis of:
4x9 g metal servos (2 forward, 2 reverse). est 1.4kg or 20oz/in
23L x 17H x 12W
  • 1 Steering
  • 1 Nose Gear Door
  • 2 Main Gear Doors

5x17g metal servos (4 forward one reverse) estimated 2.8kg or 40 oz/in
28L x 19H x 13W
  • 2 Anhedral Stabs
  • 2 Aileron/Flapperon
  • 1 Rudder

PNP Based on the following Kit + S + Power Plant:
Battery: 6S 5000mAh 35C
EDF; FW 12B metal 90mm
Motor: FW 3748-1550KV
ESC:130A +
BEC: External 8A UBEC
AUW with wires:

Battery: 2 x 4S 4500mAh-5000mAh 40-70C
EDF: JetFan 9B
Motor: HET 700-68-1680
ESC: 120 A 4-14V
BEC: 10A External
AUW with wires:

Landing Gear
Freewing Custom
Nose Gear
Height (Pivot to Wheel Base):
Wheel Dia:

Main Gear
Height (Pivot to Wheel Base):
Wheel Dia:

Radio Set Up:
can be done with 6 - 9 channels. More than that is all extras....

Stabilator R
Stabilator L
Aileron/Flapperon R
Aileron/Flapperon L

Gear > Sequencer > Gear > 3 door Servo

Posted by Micubano | Yesterday @ 08:43 AM | 1,456 Views
Here is a review I helped my LHS make. It is the second one of a weekly series we are doing.

Ares Optim 80 CP Review and Indoor Flight (6 min 13 sec)