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thanks to 1uas.com for this tutorial

DJI Ronin App - Part 1: Quick Start Guide - 1uas.com (8 min 19 sec)

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How to assemble and install your new DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD) gimbal. This video shows you how to mount your Canon 5D Mark III camera.

DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD) Gimbal Installation Demonstration (2 min 56 sec)

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I have a built scratch plane, it weighs 790 grams, it uses a 3 cell turnigy lipo battery, 60A hobbywing esc and a 700 kv motor. Since the i built it it it never flies, please I'm frustrated and lost i need serious help is it the motor or the battery tht's causing it not to fly? I though they say lower kv produces more torque or whatever it is. PLEASE HELP ME CALCULATE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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I have a built scratch plane, it weighs 790 grams, it uses a 3 cell turnigy lipo battery, 60A hobbywing esc and a 700 kv motor. Since the i built it it it never flies, please I'm frustrated and lost i need serious help is it the motor or the battery tht's causing it not to fly? I though they say lower kv produces more torque or whatever it is. PLEASE HELP ME CALCULATE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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This weekend I tested the modified Prairie Bird at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, Ohio, where the Cleveland Free Flight Society was having a contest. The field was large and winds light but unsettled until a lake breeze from Lake Erie started to blow from the north. With about 900 turns in the 4 strand X 3/32 motor, about 14 inches long (3.6 grams), I was getting flights of about 40 seconds long. One flight wound a bit tighter lasted 63 seconds. The climb out from the card table R.O.G. was about 40 degrees and steady to a couple hundred feet. There was no evidence of overspeeding, like barrel rolls. The new 7 inch prop was working out fairly well, but at 24 grams including rubber the Prairie Bird was a bit overweight.

There were about a dozen contestants in Embryo. I didn't expect to place very high, but I enjoyed the flying and as always the hospitality of CFFS.
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I have a built scratch plane, it weighs 790 grams, it uses a 3 cell turnigy lipo battery, 60A hobbywing esc and a 700 kv motor. Since the i built it it it never flies, please I'm frustrated and lost i need serious help is it the motor or the battery tht's causing it not to fly? I though they say lower kv produces more torque or whatever it is. PLEASE HELP ME CALCULATE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
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Latrax was founded by Jim Jenkins in 1977. The first R/C toy was the Alpha, followed by the Lancia Stratos, Mustang Cobra, 77 Camaro, and the 1979 Firebird. On the Hobby side, the first Latrax Hobby R/C was the Corvette, followed by the 1979 Firebird, Porsche 917, and the Hustler Buggy. I believe that there was a Latrax Cigarette Racing Boats, one that was a toy model and a second one as a Hobby model. As far as I know, those where the only Latrax models available, along with the parts accessories.
What makes this story so ironic was the fact that Mr. Jenkins sold Latrax to Brinkmann in 1980. And a few years later, around 1982, Brinkmann closed down the company because it was not part of their core operations.

With that said, Mr. Jenkins went on to co-found Traxxas in 1986, which was about 9 years after he establish Latrax. Today, his son, Mike Jenkins is sole owner of Traxxas, a company that was built on top of the Latrax brand.

It would be great if someone would write a bio on the origins of Latrax and the people behind it and how it led to the creation of Traxxas.

02/08/2006 20:42:36
description **PLEASE READ THIS** for anyone looking at this model displayed in my showroom and wondering if I will sell it? PLEASE DON’T ASK!!! I get numerous requests from TC members wanting to buy cars displayed in my Tamiyaclub showroom, and to be honest I get very annoyed when people ask to buy something that is clearly NOT FOR SALE!! This car is part of MY COLLECTION and...Continue Reading
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Did not have time to make a fiberglass cowling, so made a temporary balsa box, to somehow cover up the engine for testing and the first flight.

As usual for test flight of a new model, it was exciting, and hands shaking as for the first time. But, okay, the plane flies well! Balance point found just at the forward position of the battery.

Suspension: the tension of the rubber bands seemed sufficient by hand on the ground. But in a normal fairly soft real landing the plane pushed the rubber shock absorbers hard. And suspension worked too much, 5-8 centimetres of vertical wheel movement. Had to add a couple of rubber bands to increase the tension, and the suspension has come to normal. It works.

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Okay, so we buy our son the skyrover stalker. He flies it around just a bit in living room to get a feel for the remote. Then we go outside and he begins lift off and it takes off! Straight up in the air and gone!!! We walked around a couple of miles in the direction it went looking in yards and on roofs but couldn't find it. My husband thinks it possibly picked up another frequency or something?? Has anyone ever seen this? Or heard of this happening?? I tried to contact Auldey but cannot find a phone number and there website is no good!
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Here is my review of the Cheerson CX-30, which is a micro quadcopter with a Phantom-like design.

Cheerson - CX-30 - Review and Flight (10 min 52 sec)

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Testin AND learnin

Ignore please
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Not a long range antenna type of flight...

But rather "total distance traveled"

Get that baby up in the air and get it MOVING!!! Keep your speed up... watch the hard turns... keep it going for as long as possible...

How far can you fly your Phantom 2 Vision Plus... 7.77 miles ??? (4 min 24 sec)

Had a lot of fun that day... gonna go out again on Saturday and try to beat that number if possible... In fact we have a friendly little competition getting put together over at the other forum.... Click here


How far can YOU fly your P2V+ ??


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I have been asked to explain the cg of a tapered wing airplane like my favorite 3-d monster gas. It is just simple trig.

Make a trace of your wing on a piece of paper if possible. If not, tape your wing down on a flat surface and get out your tape measure.

Measure the chord of the wing at the fuselage and also at the wing tip. Write them both down. Do as the drawing shows , join the four corner points and project the point where the meet 90 degrees to the fuselage. That is the cg.

Hope this helps.
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I see a lot of pilots questioning the published cg of their new aircraft...that is a good thing. If you follow the directions that come with the kit you will crash sooner or later.

I have seen cg locations out as much as 2" on some airplanes.
The cg of any civilian or military aircraft (excluding stealth)is:
1. The low pressure point of the wing
2. The thickest part of the wing
3. The location of the main spar (only if exact scale)
4. The balance point of the aircraft

the cg is 29% of the wing chord including the flaps and ailerons. Plus or minus 2%.
This is a fact, pay attention. 29% is for normal sport flying.
27% is for nose heavy sticks and fighter aircraft models.
31% is for 3-d only with radical maneuvers.

Now you can get it right every time. Hope this helped.
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A good friend gave me an Ventus 2.5m motor glider kit awhile back. I worked on it, saw some reviews, read the blogs and got a little skeptical about it's flying characteristics. I also had some problems with the build. It hung on the wall for quite a long time unflown. Eventually I had a couple ideas for fixing the problems that stumped me and got it ready to maiden. It came in at 34.5 oz. (without the battery) and balanced perfectly with a 1300mah (cg at 47mm). Well yesterday was the day. With more than a little doubt, we tossed it first thing. It flew good, really good. It looked cool in the air and handled nicely. It took more attention than my Radian to keep it level and moving straight, challenging but in a nice way. So now I am very excited about this new type of glider in my arsenal and can't wait to get it in the sky again. It is just a guess now, but I think it might handle a little more wind than the Radian. I still have a bug to work out with the spinner, but it should be an easy fix. If you're interested I'll keep you posted about the next flight.
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Back again from The Quad Spot, Dave shows you how to properly balance charge your LiPo battery pack with the Turnigy Accucel-6 Charger.

Turnigy Accucel Balance Charge (7 min 25 sec)

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Walkera QR Y100 FPV Hexacopter est un produit de la Wi-Fi version, l'obtention de la transmission à longue portée. Cette Hexacopter est le plus facile de commande dans le monde, avec iRemote Logiciel de contrôle. Il montre également l'instruction d'interface de commande clair pour vous permettre de prendre le contrôle total du vol. 

iRemote Logiciel de contrôle

Pour l'installation du logiciel, vous pouvez télécharger le logiciel sur la page d'accueil iRemote Walkera (www.walkera.com) ou Google pour la version Android 2.3 ci-dessus. Si elle est Apple IOS système, vous pouvez télécharger le logiciel de iRemote sur l'App Store. 
Après l'installation, vous avez besoin de puissance de l'Hexacopter, et puis si le voyant rouge du récepteur clignote rapidement, cela signifie qu'il est à la recherche pour téléphone signaux. Vous devriez ouvrir WiFi de votre téléphone....Dans votre liste de WIFI et connectez-le, jusqu'à ce que la connexion réussie s'affiche, vous pouvez quitter le réglage après terminé. ouvrir iRemote dans votre téléphone, et vous pouvez toucher l'icône pour entrer dans l'interface de commande. En touchant l'icône, vous pouvez activer le commutateur de transfert de la date, et dans le même temps, le commutateur de capteur de gravité est actif par défaut. Le témoin du récepteur s'allume en rouge au bleu, et l'image en temps réel sera affiché sur l'écran du téléphone, ce qui signifie que le code d'appairage est réussi.

Smart Moteur Protection
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DJI Phantom 2 Vision + evaluation: overall appearance

DJI. Phantom 2 Vision +
relative to the older models- DJI. Phantom 2 Vision,
it not only retains the Vision of RTF,no need to install, free convenience features.
but also upgrading the three-axis gimbals stabilized,
can take a more stable picture with itself camera.
It also enhances the communication distance with the cell phone.
Name: 1.jpg
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Size: 28.5 KB

DJI Phantom 2 Vision + basically follows the previous generation base,
upgrading the one-axi gimbal camera to a new three-axis stability augmentation,
an amend movement to the fuselage in pitch, roll, horizontal turning to three axial action,
to maintain the stable picture. Phantom 2 Vision +keep some camera with the DJI 1,
is still 14 million pixel CMOS, 140 degree viewing angle , lens F2.8, fisheye aperture,
through APP on the phone, the user can setting various camera’s setting,
as well as remote control shooting still pictures and motion video.
Name: 2.jpg
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Size: 43.1 KB
For the advanced GPS positioning and attitude control algorithms,as the entertainment level of the product, DJI Phantom 2 Vision +
still has a stable flight attitude ,control can be described as nothing more difficult to get started.
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Hi every body! I want to buy autopilot for rc plain but don’t know which system is better. I want to enter to FPV and for that propose need autopilot system. Pls help me to choose one:
- HKPilot Mega 2.7 Master
- Arkbird Autopilot System
- Dianmu FPV Flight Controller System
- FY-DoS Inertial Attitude Stabiliser with GPS
- FY-41AP-Lite Flight Stabilization Controller & OSD Combo