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Posted by pjdog350 | Jul 10, 2014 @ 12:15 PM | 1,498 Views
Here's a video with my new GoPro Hero 3 of Park Zone UMX P-40, My favorite plane. Not my best, just my favorite.

Park Zone P 40 (6 min 28 sec)

This is a Fly Zone UM P-38. The only Fly Zone plane that I like.

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Posted by pjdog350 | Jul 04, 2014 @ 02:57 AM | 1,595 Views
I'm so tired of messing with these $ 30.00 cheap camera's. It's always a fight all the time. I got a dice camera from Nitro planes that I thought was going to solve all my video problems and then it stopped working after ten videos because the battery failed?

I went to Best Buy for Go-Pro. They were out plus they didn't have the mount I wanted. I've been to Best Buy many times and they are always out of stock? The sale person said come back at 16:00 we should have some then???? So I thought I'd go on line and buy one. Just wait for the mail to deliver it. First thing I noticed on line is that Wal-Mart has Go-Pros. So we went to the local Wal-Mart in down town Hudson Florida. Wal-Mart is NOT my favorite place. Spooky in there. Some body needs to tell them to turn down the inter-com!

I had to wait a long time for some folks buy groceries in the electronics department. I hate that. These folks think they are special and they don't have to wait in line in the food department. They there food stamp card locked up the register???

But after some flustrating time at Wal-Mart I did get the Go-Pro. Now I have to learn how to use it and wait for the head mount gear to get hear in the mail and I'm in business.

Posted by pjdog350 | Jul 02, 2014 @ 08:54 AM | 1,820 Views
I've tried to fly my Park Zone Spitfire UMX several times. Twice I crashed into the field next to my home. The first time I stuck it in a tree around the retention pond behind the house. Like to never got it out of the tree. But did. I decided that the problem was not the plane but me. So I got a Park Zone Champ. Was able to fly it and have been flying it for 6 months. I first started fly RC in 1972 but I was using Mode 1. All the RC Helicopters and ready to fly Park Zone and Fly zone are all mode 2. So I had to learn to switch to mode 2 which is not an easy task. The Champ got my head screwed on right and now I think I'm a mode 2 flier.

After the champ I did a T-28, then a P-51, then a F4U, then the Spitfire. I've got to say the Spitfire is the best of them all so far. It's so gentle to fly. I've had the same problems with the Park Zone P-40. Crashed three times trying to do a maiden flight before I got use to mode 2. I also put the P-40 up today for a real flight (maiden again) as I'm thinking I'm on a roll and should stay after it while all is going well. The P-40 sucks. Enough said about him.

Back to the Spitfire. I really love it. BUT - upon landing I was trying to stay away from all those neighbors who had gathered to watch. In doing that I did the worse landing I've ever had and pulled off the right landing gear. Not a problem as I have already used a little foam safe glue and up it back on. The locals that were watching were spread all over the place. So I had...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Jun 27, 2014 @ 01:53 PM | 1,803 Views
Today the FedX man brought me a new Park Zone (PZ) war bird. I love these Park Zone war birds. They fly great. Last a long time as they are so light. Also look real good. The P-40 is my favorite however it's by far not the best flier. The T-28 seems to be the best flier for me. After watching the video from Horizon Hobby (HH) I'm thinking that maybe the Corsair my surpass the T-28 in ease of flying. It appears to slow up very well and is very restant to tip stall.

Going to do the maiden flight in the morning real early. Maybe 6:30 am. Going to also have the video camera on to record the result. Nothing the a video to tell the truth about what happened.
Posted by pjdog350 | Jun 17, 2014 @ 02:34 PM | 2,434 Views
I bought a new Spektrum DX6 transmitter today. I have two DX6I's. I love them
but they only hold 10 models. The DX6 holds 250 models. I'm real sure I'll not exceed that! My wife just assured me I'd be under 250 models.

Currently reading the manual. It's very thick!

Posted by pjdog350 | May 29, 2014 @ 08:27 AM | 3,479 Views
Today I put the HK 10400 wheels on my ParkZone P-40, P-51 & Spitfire. I had already done that to the Mosquito and the FlyZone P-38.
Posted by pjdog350 | May 27, 2014 @ 01:10 PM | 1,841 Views
Josef Rejent made a little gnome motor for a project build I'm working on. An E-Flite 250 slow flier Nieuport 17. They give you a little thin plastic motor to attach to your small 250 electric out runner motor. My first little plastic dummy motor blew up on the first run up. So I did a better job with the second little plastic motor. But it to blew up. So I wrote off having any thing in there that looked like a motor. The while surfing the RCGroups forum I came across this man in the Czech Republic that make his own scale motors for his own builds. I contacted him to see if he'd be interested in a build for me. He responded that he did do that sort of thing so I asked for a very small Gnome motor. he worked up a plan and 3D drawings and we agreed on the work. A few weeks later here it is and I'm very, very happy with it.

He's done little spark plugs, rocker arms, plug wires, nuts, bolts. When you look at it you'd think it will run. I'm very pleased with it. Josef even made a little wooden box to ship it from Europe to the USA.

Check this out:

I've got to have more.

I've added another small Nieuport motor to my fleet. This one is a La Rhome 9J. Lots of good scale detail. Another Josef build!

My second E-Flite Nieuport is almost finished. This 9J will go on it. I think I'll also add aileron servos to it today. The stock E-Flite 250 Nieuport is a three (3) channel plane.
Posted by pjdog350 | May 22, 2014 @ 02:12 PM | 2,553 Views
Today (05/21/2014) my order for the Ultra Micro war bird (PZ) wheels showed up. I could not remember which size I had order many years ago. So like many years ago I order a bunch. Now I'll get more. The correct wheels are marked 10400 OR006-00801. I also got some 10401 and large K. These are pretty big for UM's but I'm sure I'll find a use for them. Maybe on the Champ. Everybody likes to put big tires on champs.

The 10400 measured 30.46 MM. (1.2 inches)
The 10401 measured 36.00 MM (1.4 inches)
The 9837 are 47.85MM (1.8 inches)



I painted the wheel aluminum. Then put a set on the PZ T-28 & PZ Champ.
Posted by pjdog350 | May 03, 2014 @ 09:18 AM | 2,330 Views
I really like this little UM planes. Especially the Park Zone ones. The Park Zone ones seem to have more quality but that's just my opinion. They are much quieter!!

Anyway I'm missing the P-51 and the P-38. Also the ASK-21. They where in a place where I could not reach them. They are hanging from the ceiling in my man cave. It's been raining here (Florida, USA) for three days and I didn't want to get my F-150 Ford wet. It's real clean and It's hard to wash & dry. I'm not complaining about the rain. We live in Florida and water here is always welcome. Expensive too! My water bill is about $ 200.00 a month.

P-38 is in the mail with a TT650 TX which I understand is a good one?

I fly with Spektrum DX6I's I have two. I was using the ANYLINK for the FlyZone planes. It works real well but I don't like the plug it in, then unplug. It's a pain in the butt to use. I got a TT404 but I keep seeing allot of guys are having range problems with the cheap little radio. I guess if you keep your plane real tight to you you'll be OK but I don't want that worry. I'm hard pressed just to take off, fly around, then land in a controlled fashion so I bought the TT650. It's in the mail now? If it's half a good as the DX6I I'll be happy.

Horizon hobby keeps saying they are coming out with a DX6 that has a 250 model memory. That's what I want. It's at the top of my bucket list. Then I go on a campaign to fill it up.

I'm thinking of building a UM B-36. Working up the specifications...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | May 02, 2014 @ 02:28 PM | 2,594 Views
Today (05/02/2014) the Fedex man brought my second Nieuport 17 from Horizon Hobby. The shipping box was in excellent shape however when I got the Nieuport out of the shipping box I saw some heavy handed damage to the original box. I was real concerned. I open up the box and removed all the parts. Almost everything is good. However there is some slight wrinkling in the top wing in two places. That kinda sucks as when you buy something you expect it to arrive at you home in perfect shape. I paid for a perfect one that's what I should have received.

The real down side is that Horizon Hobby knew this box had been damaged before they put it in the shipping box. It was packed real well in the shipping box.

I have another set of wings I got from Horizon Hobby when my first Nieuport 17 had a wing alinement problem. It caused a top wing warp? I ask that Horizon replace the wings and they did no questions ask. I really hate to complain again. So I'm going to man up and live with it. Still going to save the spare set of wings for the first crash rebuild.

I love these Nieuport 17 slow fliers. I hope HH does not discontinue the Nieuport 17's like the did the Fokker D-7.

Starting the assembly of the Nieuport today (05/10/2014). Went to the LHS and got some new servos that do not require and mods the the servo box. They are Futaba S3107's. They just fit in there. Also made a place for the ESC to fit to the side of the firewall.

This sure is a nice looking RC plane.

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Posted by pjdog350 | Apr 19, 2014 @ 02:32 PM | 2,291 Views
Today the postman brought me four (4) new AR6100E receivers from Target hobby. I order them about a month ago. Normally they get here in two weeks. I was getting concerned. A few days ago I looked up my account on there site to be sure I ordered and paid for them. I did.

These receivers are only about 4 or 5 dollars.

Now I need for more PNP Rc planes to use them in. I'm thinking one of these.

Also another E-Flite Nieuport 17 250.

UPDATE - 4/30/2014

I ordered another E-Flite Nieuport 17 250 yesterday. It's already on it way. I have the motor, receiver and ESC in my parts box. I've got several HobbyKing 12A ESC's, Also have 4 HobbyKing T2211-2300 motors which are almost the same as the motor offered by E-Flite for this plane and I have the receivers. So I'm good to go. The last times I assemblied this sweet plane I found that the Hi-Tec servos I bought for it where a little to tall as they hit the carbon fiber tube that the motor attached to. I had to mod the servo to be raised up. that caused me to attach the push rods to the bottom of the servo arm. That caused travel problems. So this time I'm going to install the motor. Then take the fuselage to the LHS and get a servo that will fit. Plus have good gear straingh. I will NOT be using the E-Flite servos that come with a B400 RC Helicopter. Those little babys caused be allot for trouble. The gears are real weak. Cost me lots of money in B400 repairs.

I also bought a FlyZone P-38. Spending the Tax return cash. Well my allotment of it. Most goes to the house for the wifes wants. She real fare about money. I can't complain.
Posted by pjdog350 | Apr 08, 2014 @ 11:13 AM | 2,935 Views
Following all the postings on the UM RC Models I have found allot of thoughts on the brushed motors in the UM line of planes. They are pager motors so we should not really expect that much. However some folks think there pager motored RC planes are prefect and will last forever. Not so.

I took my new - never - flown and never run PZ UM Mosquito and used my Tower Hobbies digital Mini-Tach to see what the RPM's where on this model. It does seem to be off almost 100 RPM almost all the time. If I remember right the left (Port) motor is a little stronger than the right motor?

I also found that one of the main wheels on the Mosquito was way out of round. I had ordered a couple dozen wheel three years ago while I was doing UM scratch builds. I just happened to have a set that were the correct size. The hubs were white which I thought was stupid looking for a War Bird so I painted them alumunim and then put the faon rubber tire back on..

attached are some short videos of the process.

Bad stock wheel on PZ Mosquito (0 min 59 sec)[/url]...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 31, 2014 @ 10:13 AM | 2,135 Views
I had some motor problems with the FZ Nieuport 17. I hated it as I really like the Nieuports allot. But I returned the Nieuport to the LHS (B&B Hobbies) here in Hudson Florida. She said they had another one coming in Thursday. I thought that would be fine but then saw the PZ T-28. I asked if I could swap it out for the T-28. She accepted and I went homw with that.

Charging batteries as I write this.

I finally got to fly the new UM PZ T-28. Great little plane.

I had the ailerons backwards. Checked it several times and still had it backwards for it's first flight? It rolled over and went straight in with full motor? But it was OK. Sitting there in the sand on it's wheels. Got lots of sand in the gears but was able to get most out. I have had four (4) flights sense. All good ones.

I had asked on RCGroups if it need any nose weight. All said no but she seemed tail heavy so I put a smidgen in anyway. Well - that made it nose heavy and I had to remove it for the third flight. Now - with the landing gear on and the battery as far forward as I can get it she flies great. What a sweet plane.

My Camera is one I bought to carry on the planes and Helicopters for videos. I currently have it under the bill of my baseball cap. Seems I never have the camera pointing where I want it. I'm either over the plane or under it.

Sorry that your seeing nothing most the time but I have a great crash landing at the end that you can see. Again - T-28 is OK.

Got a real video this time.

April 11, 2014 at &:30 AM I hit the Light pole in front of my house on the street with the T-28. Wrinkled the nose a little more!
Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 28, 2014 @ 10:46 AM | 2,703 Views
Yesterday while at the LHS getting some foam safe glue for some modifications to my Champ I saw a FlyZone Nieuport 17. I really don't like the gear sound from FlyZone planes but I like the looks of the Nieuport so I bought it. After removing it from the box the first thing I saw was allot of right motor thrust? I seemed to me to be way to much? It's got allot more right motor thrust that the DR-1 I have from Flyzone?

Anyway I sent a email to Hobbico asking if this is correct. Of course I included pictures!

Well bad news. I decided to try the FZ Nieuport 17 this morning. It had no power at all. I like to try my new planes running down the street first, I've just never been a fan of hand launches. When I wnet to run in down the street it had almost no power at all. It was really a dud. I was really disappointed. I love Nieuports & Biplanes. I made a movie. It's real poor as most the time the plane is below the picture. That's because the camera is mounted on my baseball cap. I have to raise the cal way up or when the planes are flying they are above the picture?

But at the end you can see what the plane has no power? Can't get out of it's own way.

FlyZone Nieuport 17 maiden DUD (4 min 26 sec)

I returned the plane to the folks I bought it from. B&B hobbies on highway 19 here in Down Town Hudson Florida. She said she had another one coming in Thursday and she'd trade me out. Which was fine with me. But I saw a ParkZone (PZ) T-28 and everyone that has one say they are great fliers. I like to fly here at home so I asked if a swap for the T-28 would be OK. She said it would be fine. They were the same price. So Now I'm the owner of a T-28.
Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 26, 2014 @ 07:23 AM | 2,240 Views
Yesterday the Fedx man brought me 4 new Champ wings. Looking forward to putting magnets in the wings to hold them on the fuselage. Doing trim art on the wings. Making a clip wing to see if it really flies better in the wind. And lastly - make a extended wing for gliding. Maybe even carry my new little bitty China camera up over the neighborhood to see if I can see the gulf from my house. It's 4.6 miles to the west?

Pictures and movies to follow?

First to the local hobby shop (LHS) for trim items.

Also I want another E-Flite Nieuport 17 250 slow flier.

Today is March 28th. I have four wings to modify and yesterday I got several different kinds of foam safe glue. So I'm off to the man cave for some wing modifications for the Champ.

First set of wings I tried to clip didn't turn on well I don't think. I think my foam glue is to thick? The LHS only had two foam friendly glues in stock. I bought both but I'm not happy. I watched Gabe do his and it looks like his glue is thinner?
Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 25, 2014 @ 08:50 AM | 2,285 Views
I have a FlyZone (FZ) DR-1 that I got a few months ago. Had trouble with it from the start. It's double fragile. The maiden flight it was tail heavy and I broke the prop, ripped the top wing off, broke all the cabane's lose, ripped of the landing gear off. But foam safe glue put it back together again. However it's still a dud.
I think it was a waste of money. The J-3 UM flies great!

I saw a guy flying one on a video in a very confined area. I thought if he can do it so can I. This morning I got the FZ DR-1 down from the ceiling in the man cave and put the FZ J-3 Cub up in it's place. Put a battery in it and went out front of my house and put the little plane in the air. It flew. It's not happy but it flew. Out of the box the DR-1 is tail heavy. It did take some lead in the nose to make it a flier?

First flight I had full elevator and it barely got in the air. In fact I had to put it in the weeds down the street cause it was not going to fly. Put some up elevator in it and it flew then. I'm using the stock TTX402 TX. I don't like the Anylink for my DX6I's.
Then when it flew it seemed to lose power? So I had another controlled crash and got another battery out. Turns out I had put some spent batteries in the charged battery's place in the battery storage box. So now I have a full battery, trimmed damaged FZ DR-1 to fly. Up it went. I have to remember to move my camera up higher on my head. The planes always fly up above where the camera's looking. But you get the idea. The little plane did fly. But I don't like it.

I have fallen in love with WWI planes. I just bought a E-Flite Nieuport 17 three (3) channel at is so cool. I love it. It's so beautiful. I think I'll get another one. Maybe two more as I'm getting old and I want a fleet of Nieuport's before I go to the great airport in the sky. Thinking of switching out all my fixed wing fliers for Biplanes and Tri-planes.

FlyZone DR1 UM at home (4 min 8 sec)

Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 14, 2014 @ 11:49 AM | 3,482 Views
Today the FedEx man brought me a E-Flite Nieuport 17 to assemble. The box was in great shape when it arrived. Opened up the models box and was real happy with the model. It's a three (3) channel inside flier. I've been doing the Champ and a Cub but wanted a little more of a model. While searching the Horizon Hobby site I saw the Nieuport 17 on sale. Looked at the little dog and pony show on the Nieuport and fell in love with it. If my age has me reduced to fly low and slow this is what I want for early morning no wind flying. I still love the Champ but this is more of my kind of model. It's a just put it together. All the hard part has been done by some poor 5 dollar a day china man. The workmanship on this plane is real good.

For the first time in my life I actually read the manual before I start assembling this model. It's way to nice for my normal trial and error building. Plus this is an assembly because the plane is already built when you get it. Just install your radio system, slap on the tail feathers and put on the wings. Bomb, you got a plane.

First I've installed the Hi-tech MG65 servos. They were what was in my new parts box. After installing the servos I got a Detrum A12 ESC, Spektrum AR6110 receiver (both new) and bound the package to my sweet DX6I. Had to put it over another model cause both the DX6I's are full. After binding I centered the servos and made up the servos arms along with the hardware for the push rods. Now is a good time to mention that...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 12, 2014 @ 11:32 AM | 2,566 Views
I just got a new ParkZone Mosquito. Hope it flies as good as it looks.

I was sitting here and just remembered that I also ordered two sets of spare propellers.
I went out to the trash to get the order slip and found a plastic bag with the four propellers in it>
That was a close call. almost threw them out?

Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 11, 2014 @ 04:20 PM | 3,381 Views
I'm not that proud of my magnet installation. Had allot of trouble. First started the job with hot glue. Not a good idea. Hot glue went through the wing. Plus when you push the magnets down into the wing or Fuselage your fingers get stuck and hot?

So I switched to foam safe glue with accullerator. That seems to have worked. I'm on the search for more little rare earth magnets. I have some but mine are twice the size I got with Gabes magnet kit. By the way, Gabes wing jig is great. It did a great job. I'm sure when I put the magnets on the other wing it will go allot better.

The proof is in the pudding. Flight test in the morning.

(Next Day)

Raining and very windy so I didn't get to try thr new magnets to hold the wing on the Champ. Weather looks poor for a few days?

I was not happy with the sloppy job I did on the first Champ wing installing the magnets. I have more rare earth magnets. They are twice the size of the ones I got from Gabe but I figure they will just hold on better. So I installed four bigger magnest into the first original Champ wing. Came out much better. I think I've graduated to a magnet installer.

Posted by pjdog350 | Feb 28, 2014 @ 01:11 PM | 2,596 Views
My ParkZone Champ has between 30 to 40 flights on it. I've never crashed it or had any hard landings. Just been flying it around trying to get the feel for mode 2 rather than mode 1 as mode 1 was what I learned on in the early 1970's. I've had great flights with the Champ. It's a sturdy plane and flies very well. Don't like the brushed motor but for under $ 90.00 complete what can you expect. It come ready to fly (RTF). Even has a little TX with it.

Anyway - I've been having problems getting the motor to start and keep running when I begin a flight. I've been thinking it was old batteries getting ready to give up. Been putting they in the trash after leaving the batteries in a salt water solution for three or four weeks to kill them.

While watching a boring TV show it occurred to me it could be the cheap brushed motor getting ready to fail. I went to my man cave and got one of the what I thought was a DUD battery and nursed and motor very slowly trying to get the motor to run. I was very surprised to see that the motor did run for well over 5 minutes with full power. and when running at about 1/3 power I was getting 10 minute run times. Does not look like a bad or dead battery to me.

This morning I had two Champ motors and gear sets from another project I've not completed yet. I took one of the motors and installed it into the Champ. Cleaned up the original gears, cleaned all the teeth and pushed the new motor into the motor mount. Tested the motor run direction. It was correct. Hot glued the motor, receiver and motor connection to the AR6400 (I think). Which is the way I found it when I opened it up.

Taped the fuselage back together. I have a Flyzone Cub and the ParkZone Champ. I find the Champ to be a much better construction. Foam is better and thicker. Location of all the RC and power stuff is much cleaner. Lends itself much better to perform maintenance to. I prefer the Champ 3 to one over the Cub.