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I finally got around to doing this.

The additional switches I got were Frsky spare parts from Hobby King: Here

(That blue switch you see in my photo below is a replacement for one of the stock Devo 7E switches which I broke sometime earlier because I was clumsy )

Parts Needed:
- some servo wire (or any other 3 color wire)... allow 20cm per switch and trim later
- 4pcs common signal diode (eg. 1N4148, 1N4004...etc)

Basic Steps:
1) Open up your TX

2) The 7E already has the holes in the plastic chassis for the 2 additional switches. However, these holes are covered by a thin decorative metal "sticker". You can either drill through this sticker, or remove them, which is what I did. To remove them, you have to loosen the nuts on the original existing switches, peel off the sticker and replace those switches.

3) Insert the 2 new switches, but don't solder anything just yet.

4) Remove the 5 screws on the bottom PCB and flip it upwards so you can see the LCD screen and fascia switches.

5) Solder 5 wires onto the points (refer to attached photo, which has clearly labeled each wire A-E), and thread the wires through to the other side of the PCB via the rectangular hole (also shown in the photo).

6) Replace the bottom PCB and tighten the 5 screws for it.

7) Solder the diodes onto the new switches as per the photo. Note the diode orientation.

8) Bridge the center pins (pin 'D' in my photo) of each new switch with a short wire (about 10-12cm). You can take this wire from one of the 3-color/servo wires.

9) Solder the 5 wires from the lower PCB, matching the points as labelled on my photo.

10) Close up the Tx and boot it up in USB mode to edit the 'hardware.ini' file. This file must contain the line 'extra-switches=3x2' so that Deviation knows you've added these two switches.

That's it! The Devo 7E is ready for use
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After reading a few threads on cheapo vacuum bagging techniques I decided to give it a try on some Bee elevons.
I bought a food saver at Costco a few months ago to actually use in the kitchen with an idea in the back of that my head that I might be able to use it for bagging fins or elevons. I had come across several mentions of the technique in RCG.
The food saver came with a 10 foot roll of 11 inch wide bag material. It has one smooth side and one textured side to help with the vacuum. I had already purchased a quart of West Systems epoxy on Amazon several years ago for finishing out a few molded planes. My local plastics store sells fiberglass cloth by the yard. I bought 2 yards of 6 ounce cloth for about 15 bucks.
In some of the threads I read about using dry erase instead of mylars. After talking to a couple friends while flying they suggested I simply use plastic sheeting from Home Depot, I was wary but willing to give it a try. I bought some 4 mil. I also bought a few cheap disposable paintbrushes. I was concerned about the brush is losing it's bristles so I CA'd the bristles into the ferrule.
I thought about it for another few weeks and then decided I had stalled long enough, it was time to give it a shot.
I cut a 6 inch wide by 30+" long piece of 4mil plastic sheet. Then 2 pieces of glass cloth approx the same size but on the cloth's bias. Next I made a bag long enough to fit it all in including a few sheets of paper towel hopefully to...Continue Reading
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So I've always wanted a way to cut cores without asking the wife or friends to come over and hold the other side of the bow! So this is my solution. I'll probably get the drives around xmass and start playing
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This is the second part of a flight i had with the 829 sky dreamer. Clipped the wire, unfortunately I didnt catch it on film, it was spectacular, sparks were visible. The quad and pilot are doing fine.

829 Sky Dreamer sunset flight (4 min 0 sec)

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So, that second Afromini? Probably dead. Likely cause would be leaving the solder on a pin too long at some point.

The stm chip gets too hot to the touch, just like the first one. I'm marking it as a write off.

I had a third for an eventual other project that I'm moving forward to this one.

Using all of the header pins makes testing so easy! In the images for this post, is it with the header pins attached, alongside the wiring harness to well, work.

It powers up, and connects via FTDI! That's great!

Unfortunately the motor does not spin up using the motor tester in Baseflight. I was hoping this would have been the breakthrough needed, but unfortunately not. This may have been settings given to the motor via BlHeliSuite, I will need to read the settings again and check it out. At least that should not be too hard to do, when I get back to it.
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I have spent several hours trying to send money to a person in Canada for a sailplane kit that does not have a paypal account and it still is not done

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In preparation for the build articles I will publish shortly on my website that will detail the build of my new Atas Defiance 265 racing quad, I thought I would share some links to my website PROJECT RC for those interested in reading technical build articles involving RC's.

PROJECT RC was created in March 2015 as a way to express my ideas involving RC projects and to share knowledge with others. Currently the articles discuss RC car build projects but with my recent entry into the world of racing quads, PROJECT RC will soon have technical build articles involving quads in addition to the various RC car projects.

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The following is from memory:

NOTE: Brian Joder has a website called where he has collected a lot of great information about Hobie and the Hobie Hawk you will undoubtedly find very interesting. Also on this site are pictures of some of the equipment used to produce the Hobie Hawk. Every tool, jig, fixture, mold or machine was designed for one purpose...Making a Hobie Hawk and in today's dollars we are looking at over $2 million dollars investment.....Hobie never did anything that wasn't first class !

Chapter One
When Hobie got the bug to fly an RC sailplane he was frustrated that he could not buy something and go fly that day! He thought there must be many people like him that would enjoy flying if they could just go buy something and not spend days, weeks or months building. Hobie decided to design and manufacturer the Hobie Hawk and he had two primary goals. First, he wanted a sailplane that anyone could walk into a Hobby Shop and buy that was completely built and ready to fly. Second, he wanted to make sure that if you needed a replacement part, every part made, no matter how long it had been since you bought yours, the new parts would fit as good as the original. Of course, all this must be Hobie quality.

First he had to design the Hobie Hawk and he told me that he tried many designs before he came up with the final design. Early prototypes were not the sophisticated super ship we have come...Continue Reading
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I, FPV (4 min 47 sec)

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Cheerson CX-10 (Green)
Dromida Ominus (Yellow) Modded
JumpBo Q08 555 Series Explorer (Blue)
Mingjy MJ-102 Spy (Green)
SBEGO Pocket Drone Quadcopter 124 FQ777 (Black)
Top Selling X6 FY319 Shadow Breaker (Green)
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I am a photographer and filmmaker in west Ky. I got into quadcopters to get some aerial shots, and got hooked. I have a Phantom 1.1 with Go-Pro . . . nothing fancy, but I have been getting some great shots. Reach me at, or
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The bad thing about a hexacopter, you have an extra two motors to maintain.

One motor died, no plug and play motors on hand? Time to improvise.

MJX X800 Motor replacement (3 min 52 sec)

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A few changes from Version 2.0......maiden will probably be Thursday

30" WS x 40" OAL x 46 oz AUW
3/16" Elmer's board
KFM-2 airfoil
83% thrust cone (hybrid nacelle/fan mount)
(2) 70 mm 5-bladed Dynam fans with 3000 kV motors
(2) 50 amp ESC's
(2) TowerPro MG 90 S servos
(1) Lemon 6-channel Featherlite receiver
(1) 3700 mah 40C 4s battery
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Having had a ride in the back seat of the leader of the Frecce Tricolori during the 1984 Sanicole airshow, the FlyFly/TopGun 90mm EDF Aeromacchi 339 model had been on my wish list for some time. I saw somebody else in the club fly this relatively large but seemingly docile model , and when I decided to get rid of my smaller EDF’s and standardize on 90mm fan models, I immediately thought of this as a proficiency trainer. End of June 2015 I saw a completed yet unflown one for sale on the secondhand market and purchased it for 200 euro.

The assembly and finish quality was atrocious, but the value was the Typhoon HET EDF 650-58-1760 Motor with an 11 blade TAFT fan, the rest was for the model with servos and replacement electric retracts and battery. I figured all those items later could be used on my still dormant FlyFly F100 Super Sabre as well.

The first detailed inspection at home did not make me happy. Servos seemed to be the cheapest HK variety, summarily glued into the recesses and covered by painted-over sticky tape. The reliability didn’t bother me too much because there were separate servos for each elevator and aileron, thereby allowing for half the control in pitch or roll even after a servo failure. The drag produced by the thick Christmas decoration letters with rough sparkles would have been enormous, and these were quickly peeled off.

...Continue Reading
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Best viewed in Fullscreen and HD! Upon recommendation, I upgraded my Hobbyzone Sport Cub S "Icarus" that has the 2S Brushless System from the stock Eflite 5 x 2.75 Prop to the 5.75 x 2.5 Yak / Pitts Prop today.

My expectation for the 5.75 x 2.5 Yak / Pitts Prop was "to see a development of more peak thrust, and a shift in the thrust-curve down to a lower speed-range. As a result, you get more thrust, and you get it at considerably lower airspeed - which allows the plane to fly with much greater authority near the lower end of its speed envelope." - Joel, aka Turboparker of RC Groups.

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S Yak / Pitts Prop Upgrade Test Flight (9 min 44 sec)

The UMX Yak / Pitts Prop did meet the expectations that were set and I noticed more power throughout the flight for less throttle. What I didn't expect were the weather conditions to worsen mid-flight, almost killing my plane a few times. I fortunately took Wind Gauge readings Pre and Post Flight, and they offer a good explanation of why you can hear a bit of my nerves through my In-Flight Commentary.

I do understand that you cannot hear the wind very much through the video - My GoPro is using a GoPro black protective casing that is shielding it from sound. I actually had to adjust my sound levels so you could hear my commentary.

The Battery used for this flight was an Eflite 2S 7.4V 200mAh 30C Battery and the Timer set on my DX6 was for 6 Minutes.

With the size of the Prop, I recommend...Continue Reading
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Been a while since I posted anything. I took a couple of pics of my garage/workshop today, getting quit crowded.