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Posted by Firgelli | Dec 18, 2015 @ 03:26 PM | 3,095 Views
Our new PQ12 linear servo is now available! 20mm stroke, 3 gearing options and small enough to fit in a tic tac box! Check them out here:

We now have 21 models of RC Linear Servos to help move your project.
Posted by Firgelli | Feb 27, 2014 @ 01:09 PM | 5,044 Views
Finally we have all stroke lengths and gearing options of the L16-R series available!

L16-50-35-6-R 50mm stroke, 35:1 gearing
L16-50-63-6-R 50mm stroke, 63:1 gearing
L16-50-150-6-R 50mm stroke, 150:1 gearing
L16-100-35-6-R 100mm stroke, 35:1 gearing
L16-100-63-6-R 100mm stroke, 63:1 gearing
L16-100-150-6-R 100mm stroke, 150:1 gearing
L16-140-35-6-R 140mm stroke, 35:1 gearing
L16-140-63-6-R 140mm stroke, 63:1 gearing
L16-140-150-6-R 140mm stroke, 150:1 gearing

Combined with our L12-R series, we now have 18 models of RC Linear Servos!
Posted by Firgelli | Feb 07, 2014 @ 11:33 PM | 7,501 Views
We have just received our first small shipment of L16-Rs!
L16-50-35-6-R - 50mm 35:1 gearing
L16-50-63-6-R - 50mm 63:1 gearing
L16-50-150-6-R - 50mm 150:1 gearing
Available online now!

The L16-R will also come in 100mm and 140mm stroke lengths. We should have the first 100mm units out next week.
Posted by Firgelli | Jan 29, 2014 @ 04:02 PM | 4,565 Views
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Finally, we have some L16-R's inbound from our factory! The first units are set to arrive here late next week, with the first shipment being the 50mm stroke lengths:
L16-50-35-6-R max speed 32mm/sec max force lifted 10 lbs
L16-50-63-6-R max speed 20mm/sec max force lifted 20 lbs
L16-50-150-6-R max speed 8mm/sec max force lifted 40 lbs

The L16-R will also come in 100mm and 140mm stroke lengths.

We will be stocking up on all the L16-R stroke and gearing options, but initially not all will be available. We will endeavor to get them online for you as soon as we can.
The best part? Pricing on the L16-R series is identical to our L12 series!
Posted by Firgelli | Dec 02, 2013 @ 10:41 AM | 4,371 Views
Hi There,
Just wanted to mention we have been hard at work negotiating new shipping rates with our carrier (UPS). International shipping rates have DROPPED, in some cases up to 50%.
Examples - These are taken from actual customer's orders to compare the old rates to the new ones:
$100 order to Perth Australia: UPS Expedited was $60.96, now $31.88!
$90 Order to United Kingdom: UPS Expedited was $38.08, now $21.72!
$170 order to India: UPS Expedited was $59.06, now $32.85!

Note: Rates can vary slightly depending on your location within your country.

Best of the season from Firgelli Technologies!
Posted by Firgelli | Oct 29, 2013 @ 01:24 PM | 5,190 Views
Hi I’m Ian with the sales division at Firgelli Technologies. I love everything RC and thought I’d start with a little introduction to our products. We at Firgelli produce several different kinds of actuators that can be used via RC:

The L12-R

This is our 6V receiver–ready linear servo. Plug it into your receiver and it works just like an analog servo. It comes in 3 stroke lengths: 30mm, 50mm and 100mm
and 3 gearing options:
50:1 Max speed: 23mm/sec Max load: 2lbs
100:1 Max speed: 12mm/sec Max load: 5lbs
210:1 Max speed: 5mm/sec Max load 10lbs

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Description: L12-R

The L16-S:

A more powerful version of the L12, the L16-S series is 12vdc only. It can be used with any brushed reversible speed controller (like a Sabertooth) or operate with just a switch. The L16-S series comes in 3 stroke lengths: 50mm, 100mm and 140mm
and 3 gearing options:
35:1 Max speed: 32mm/sec Max load: 10lbs
63:1 Max speed 20mm/sec Max load: 20lbs
150:1 Max speed: 8mm/sec Max load: 40lbs

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Description: L16-S

The PQ12-P with LAC:

The PQ12-P is our smallest actuator and comes in either 6vdc or 12vdc. It has one stroke length, 20mm and 3 gearing options:
30:1 Max speed: 25mm/sec Max load: 1.5 lbs
63:1 Max speed: 12mm/sec Max load: 4lbs
100:1 Max speed: 9mm/sec Max load: 6lbs
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