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Posted by microlyn | Feb 22, 2014 @ 02:16 PM | 2,074 Views
AS a side post I thought I'd describe how to scale your model and references for those who may be new to scale model construction or maybe just have not done this before.
By scaling, I mean finding the relationship in size between either your model and the full scale aircraft it represents, or your "documentation", be that a drawing (three view line drawing) or profile artwork, even a plastic scale model (the bigger the better). Of course, if you are fortunate enough to have a full scale version near by that's a great source.
The goal is to come up with a number (ratio) for each of your reference sources that you can use to multiply measurements from those sources to real time dimensions on your model.
eg,.. If you want to put scale sized wheels on your model and don't think the kit ones are right, you would measure the wheels on your drawing/documentation, and simply multiply that dimension by your SCALE FACTOR NUMBER to come up with the size of wheel that would be on your model.
Here's a quick "picto tutorial" on how.
BTW... You may notice that I am using metric figures. While I understand that our American cousins outside of the military do not generally use metric, in this case it very much simplifies the process. There are no fractions to consider and multiply/divide. If you have or can get some metric rulers I would strongly suggest using them as they are simple to read and the chances of error are greatly reduced. The only conversions between...Continue Reading
Posted by microlyn | Jan 05, 2014 @ 09:35 AM | 4,642 Views
Thought I'd put the project here as it's probably clogging up the thread some.
At first I was going to just keep it simple and do an F4 by cutting off the gun an wheel well bumps, and adding the little windows under the front canopy frame.
Well then my flying buddy Greg went bananas on his so what the hay!
There is nothing I like better than 109's so if it can't be an E4 it might as well be a G10.
I chose a G 10/U4 of II/JG51.
The G10/U4 differs from the G6 in that it had the DB605D engine and required the streamlined type 100 cowl bulges to cover both the gun shell ejection chutes and the engine supercharger (port side, thus the port side bulge is larger)
Other differences include the "Erla Haube" frameless canopy the tall tail,the wider tires and larger wing bulges, plus the deep chin oil cooler scoop.
My intention with these entries is to share ideas on construction and finishing for mutual benefit of all parties. Please feel free to post suggestions or questions.