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Best Viewed in Fullscreen and HD! Now for a little something different. A few days before shooting this video, I was out in the same park flying the Air Hogs Firewing Ornithopter which had caught the attention of a local eagle in the area. I managed to evade the attacks several times until the battery ran out. It was a really cool sight to see as this large wing-spanned eagle would swoop down for an attack run, miss, and then circle around for another attack. There was an outdoor staff picnic being held on the opposite side of the park at the time and it must have been an entertaining show for them as they watched this eagle return over and over in search for prey. I was hoping to see the eagle again when shooting this video, but unfortunately was nowhere to be found. Keeping my GoPro close for the next time the eagle pays a visit. Aside from that, this 2-channel toy grade ornithopter is pretty fun in calm to light wind days. Looks like a real bird!

It's For The Birds - Air Hogs Firewing Ornithopter Flight (3 min 56 sec)

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I have a problem with my qw350 quadcopter.
please see attached photo and i need to know if there is any part need replacement or anything.
I bought it at gearbest but the leg tape is has turn to brown already and some minor scratches on the quadcopter.
please help me. i contacted them but no response about this issue.

1st photo regarding the position of connector being slanted.
2nd photo quadcopter has green and red blinking inside
3rd photo quadcopter has red blinking light inside
4th photo NO GPS. FIX! And remote control if blue light is on. its blinking slowly and also red blinking slowly. I know

red blinking is not unlocked
blue blinking in positioning.

Can you help me with all the problems i listed above.

I await your response. Anyone.
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Voice-Controlled Micro Quad!

Fineco - FX-21V - Review and Flight (13 min 19 sec)

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Check out my latest video on youtube!!
Bothering Bald faced hornets with an Action Drone AD-1 (12 min 59 sec)

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hi all, my new seagull jumper is ready to go but ime conerned about the c of g. in the manual it says 7.5cm from the leading edge but the jp models catalog manual says 7cm so which is correct. i assume this is when the fuel tank is empty .many thanks from richard x bernie
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Fly the harrier took me awhile but i got it taking off like a helicopter and off in the sky no crash after many try's. The helicopters I am doing better with and getting better. There are no quads on my clearview se or my realflight basic. Just have better control on realflight but I did not download any helicopters on clearview se at the time did not own one. Now I have planes a quad and a helicopter....Continue Reading
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My Current RC Sqn consists of the following:

Freewing 1450mm P-51
FMS 1400mm P-51D Big Beautiful Doll
FMS 1400mm Zero
FMS 1400mm FW-190
FMS 1400mm Me-109
FMS 1700mm P-51D 3Sqn RAAF
FMS 1700mm F4U Corsair
PZ 1100mm P-51D AS3X
PZ 1100mm F4U Corsair AS3X
Durafly 1100mm P-40N
eflite albatros 25e
eflite Beaver 25E
eflite Super Cub 25E

HSD Super Viper V2
Freewing Stinger 90
Freewing 80mm F-86
Freewing / Ready2Fly Yak-130
Freewing / Ready2Fly Venom RAF

Sebart PC-21 50E
Sebart SU-29 50E

Hangar 9 1/4 scale Super Cub
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JJRC H18 - Nothing Special

JJRC H18 (5 min 2 sec)

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...Jack Headley offered another free set of plans in the April 1968 issue of the Norair Modeller (cover spelling but 'Modeler' was on the title page). 'The Ono Bird' a rubber powered FF plane - plans specify that the wing and tail assemblies were from another model seen in the January 1968 issue. That plane was the 'Hurricane'. Unfortunately the NMAM in Muncie does not have this issue in their collection. If you know of any issues of the Norair Modeler (or Modeller), contact me or the NMAM. It would be great to complete the known list of the issues and to determine how long Jack Headley was the editor.

While at the NMAM this year, I delivered some materials, now legally transferred and accepted into their collection. One of the materials was an issue of the Norair Modeler they did not have. I found the April 1968 issue on eBay and knew that it was needed for the collection in Muncie. How did I know about the missing January 1968 issue? Jack himself put the clue in the plans of Ono Bird.

Another rubber powered model by Jack, that looks similar to Ono Bird, has no plans seen anywhere so far. The model is 'Ajax' and is seen on the cover of the April 1969 issue of Norair Modeler. Remember that Jack was the editor of the newsletter. The plane on the cover is identified on the table of content page . This is issue has the Flying Sorcerer, feature in Blog #59.

Ono Bird has classic stick fuselage construction. We can only speculate on the Hurricane until the January...Continue Reading
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Here is my final report on the X101:
Had the same strange flyaway as DJ Soulforce on his first X101
For some reason, you can take flight and the controls are non-responsive after initial takeoff.
Distance had nothing to do with it either. Control would be lost either 50 feet (15m) or 200 feet (60m) away.

Once I recovered, one motor was jammed but no sign of impact.
It is not a bent drive shaft as I removed it to test.
Also noted earlier, the X101 has a light metal inner skeleton.
I had no issue with it replacing the body the first time.
But this recovery, one of the arms were bent down from the main hull.
So how can that possibly be aligned for perfect flight?
I would guess one would only get close to perfect after that.

Plus, the quad will not turn on.
Must be a cracked mainboard because when I was checking alignment of the bent arm, the battery was attached with switch off but the orange lights were trying to come on.

Since there is a jammed motor, bent skeleton and cracked controller board, that was my last flight with the X101.

I confirm wholeheartedly there is something screwy with the controls.
Powerful, yes
Controllable, NO

I had more uncontrolled (not loss of control) flights than successful flights.

As an avid quad flyer since February 2015, I strenuously do not recommend the MJX X101 for anyone. Turn away from the power...there will be nothing but heart ache with this drone.
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I've been wanting to build a small 4" propped 180ish quad for a while now, but I've been waiting for the right frame to come along. Once the Diatone Blade180 frame was released, I jumped on it. I've actually been gathering random parts for about a year, so I've had some YEP 7A ESCs since before the recent rush of small KISS style ESCs. I've also picked up some random motors over that time, and finally I grabbed some of the recent small props to match this size quad.

The overall goal is a small, nimble, and light 2S powered quad for blasting around tighter spaces like my yard.

The first motor, and the most recent acquisition, is the Emax PM1306 2800kv motor. The PM stands for plastic motor, as the bell is made out of plastic verses aluminum. This motor pair came so well packaged that I just have to share a photo, unfortunately that's the last nice thing I can say about it.

Very well protected in a nice foam box, they also look reasonably sharp also.

The first issue came when I tried to install a GemFan 4045 prop. The motor shaft is so long that the included acorn nut would not clamp on the prop hub. I managed to hand drill a 3mm nylon spacer to 4mm to match the shaft diameter and get the prop secured.

Testing on 2S was not terribly impressive...131g thrust at a nice and low 3.3A using a 2S 3300mah cell that I had just pulled off the charger. I didn't bother to break out the tachometer, but the motor just seemed to be running slow. All...Continue Reading
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I like AM Diesels
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Hello All,

Here is my video submission for the 2015 beer lift. ended up in disaster class. Not enough power..... will have to try again next year.

Hobbyking Beer Lift 2015 - Disaster Class (0 min 36 sec)

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The girl on the bottle I mean... :-)
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Time for a SPEED project...
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FPV Model is glad to annouce that the PDB of ZMR250 V2 now has been upgraded from V1.0 to V1.2.

We have taken the advise of many and reworked the PDB. It now features ESC pads on the top and bottom of the board. Traces and main power distribution have been routed in a manner to avoid running under the arms. Optional 12V regulator w/ built in LC filter is now available.

Besides, the issue of misaligned MinimOSD solder pins that may exist in the previous version now solved. Also, the arms for fitting 2204/2206 motors are selectable.

Except the ZMR250 V2 frame kits, FPV Model now also offer series of ZMR250 V2 ARF packages at a discounted price, including two ARF Pro packages that come with T-motor brushless motors.

Frame Kit only:

ARF Kits (Standard):

ARF Pro w/ T-motor MN2204/MN2206 Motors:

ARF Pro w/ T-motor MN1806 Motors:

...Continue Reading