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Condor84's blog
Posted by Condor84 | Sep 30, 2014 @ 06:18 PM | 1,777 Views
Well, I got the sailplane bug after not having flown an R/C or even full scale one for nearly 10 years. Well, I really didn't have the time to build from a kit or scratch, so I put together an Advantage Hobby Mini Sailmaster, which is really just a Guppy sailplane copy (rip-off) with a fiberglass fuse. It was on sale, so I figured, what the hell. It went together alright, and so for my first test flight, I brought it down to St. Augustine Beach because they have some good dunes there, and the condos on the beach front help add to the lift. I parked right on the beach, and gave it a go. Well, compared to the Sophisticated Lady I flew as my first sailplane (and second RC plane), it was a rocket ship. The lift on the beach was good, with 25 knot winds blowing in from the sea. Well, after trimming, it actually flew pretty alright for a 61inch ship. It did, require however, lots of aileron differential, and of course lots of rudder in the turns (the first thing you learn flying full scale ships). After three flights that day, I was happy. Even brought it to the local park and thermaled it a few times, which was nice, but I just wish it's glide ratio was a tad better. It's not bad, just not spectacular. I then brought it to the beach again, and on the second flight, had some motor pulsating problems right after launch, and at 100 feet, it tip stalled and went nose in right into the beach and surf. NO time to recover from that one. My wife was nice enough to retrieve it immediately....Continue Reading