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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 26, 2015 @ 08:19 AM | 1,294 Views
Yesterday I reported that I had received 2 engines, one of them being a well used Enya 19X. I completely disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled this engine. Luckily the bearings on this engine still felt pretty good. Obviously they have been changed before. The internals showed considerable run time and it had very low compression.

The parts cleaned up really well and I just ran it for the first time, much to the dismay of my neighbors.

Enya 19X first run (3 min 52 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 25, 2015 @ 07:57 PM | 557 Views
Today I received 2 engines in the mail. One I bought and the other Balsaworkbench(Rob) bought on Ebay and had sent straight to me.

First, my engine, A very nice OS FS-48 Surpass. I purchased this engine here on RCG and thought it was a used engine, but upon arrival, I was not sure. I wanted to do a "Box to the Bench" review on it but since I could not tell that it had ever been run, I decided to open it up first for an inspection. I then ran it several times after the initial inspection. As it turns out it isn't quite as pristine as I thought. The high speed needle is bent causing some inconsistency during running and one of the pushrod tubes is dented. Overall it is an extremely nice engine and one I will keep.

The second engine is an Enya 19X. This is a very well used engine and had very little compression. I completely tore this engine down, cleaned up the parts and re-assembled it. It now has very good compression and should run quite well. I still need to clean the carburetor and get it freed up before I can run it.

A total of 4 videos were made covering these engines. They can be viewed on my YouTube channel.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 23, 2015 @ 03:26 PM | 1,217 Views
I just received my latest vintage Enya from the other universe. A fellow no longer in the hobby. It is the Model 7101 60XF II Ring. The best I can find out this was released in the mid 70's. It is a very large, substantial engine. I have no current plans for this engine nor do I think I am going to rush into running it.

It felt a bit rough turning the crankshaft over and since this is a NIB engine, I knew it wasn't due to being run and just put away. It had to be the 30+ year old oil in it. So I decided to disassemble, inspect, and re-oil all moving parts.

I used the heat gun and some 3 in 1 oil to loosen up the bearings in the front housing. After that I sprayed them down with alcohol and then blew it dry with compressed air. I liberally oiled the bearings again. No they felt smoother than before. Once I do find an airplane for this engine I might just replace the bearings and start fresh. For now all internals have been wiped clean and oiled up again for storage....Continue Reading
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 20, 2015 @ 05:30 PM | 1,047 Views
For my nice new Enya SS25BB. What a nice looking engine. Aside from the instructions stating too lean of an initial needle valve setting, the engine starts easily and ran well for the first tank. I have two very rich tanks through it now. Here is the first.

Enya SS25BB first run (7 min 34 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 12, 2015 @ 06:17 PM | 1,582 Views
I just scored another really nice Enya SS25BB from a great RCG member here cappy0161. Thank you Robert! This engine features a ringless cast iron piston in a steel sleeve. What that means is that this engine will last forever.

Here are the pictures.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 07, 2015 @ 11:42 AM | 1,081 Views
Here is my video of the newly rebuilt Saito FA-50 in the Old School look. It is a darn nice running engine. I think I'll keep it!!

Saito 50 first run after rebuild (7 min 17 sec)

Saito 50 second run after rebuild (7 min 52 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 06, 2015 @ 06:05 PM | 1,478 Views
Well instead of flying tomorrow, I'll be running some engines instead. It seems like a reasonable alternative; besides true flying weather is just about to start down here anyway.

First will be my now 'Old School' Saito FA-50. A used engine I purchased a few months ago in need of bearings. I took it down again and replaced the ring. Videos can be seen on my channel, This is now an exposed rocker engine, watch to see why.

Secondly is a NIB Enya 15 MK IV. Since I am going to fly some smaller airplanes, this engine seemed like a good buy. Due to its cast iron piston and steel liner, it should last for many years if broken in properly. I have never owned an engine this small before. It should be fun.

Lastly, a used OS 20FP that will be Volume 4 of my Box to the Bench review. Again another small 2 stroke for my foray into smaller scratch built aircraft.

Videos to be posted of all runs tomorrow. For now some pictures.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Nov 05, 2015 @ 06:43 PM | 1,444 Views
In the past I would have been buying many 4 stroke engines, but of late that has changed. I am now quite enamored with the older OS and Enya 2 stroke engines. Today I received three such engines. Yes it was like Xmas for me today and I still have one more to receive.

Yep, I'm done buying engines after that.... for this year....maybe....

Anyway to the engines. Today I got to new Enya 2 strokes from a fine fellow Aeromister. An Enya 15 IV and a new 40CX. I initially responded to a thread advertising just the 15, but as fate would have it, there were more Enya's available so I got the 40CX too.

In another thread I saw a very nice and somewhat rare OS 20FP, that Bendix1 had posted. So I picked it up too. Since this is a used engine it will be the subject of another Box to the Bench video, volume 4. Look for that this weekend. Now on to the pictures....Continue Reading
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 31, 2015 @ 03:19 PM | 1,477 Views
After several weeks of very windy conditions, it was finally nice enough to get some flight time in. I took the Tower Hobbies Kaos 40 out powered by my nice Enya SS40BB. I think this engine is just now getting broken in. This engine provides more than enough power to fly this airplane quite well through the pattern maneuvers. Unfortunately Justus wasn't able to keep up and catch any of them. Anything more than a hot 45 2 stroke on this airplane is really a waste of power and just extra weight.

The video clips are quite short but my video man Justus has been out of practice for a while, plus the Kaos is a fast airplane to try to capture. Some aren't too bad though.

Kaos flight clips (3 min 8 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 29, 2015 @ 07:13 AM | 1,321 Views
I have acquired OS FS-20 and FS-26 Surpass engines. My flying interests are changing to something a bit smaller and more easily transported. With a connection to plans from yesteryear and a connection to laser cut parts I can enjoy some of the smaller airplanes from years gone by. Since one of my passions is 4 stroke engines, what's better than the now extinct OS 20 size engines?

I was comparing these two engines last night and this morning and noticed one significant difference between the two. Initially I had thought that they were nearly identical with the exception of displacement. Can you see the difference? No I'm not referring to the muffler either....

Don't cheat. The last photo obviously gives away which engine is which, but do you see the major external physical difference?
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 20, 2015 @ 06:32 PM | 1,981 Views
Well no surprise here. The engine fires right up and runs well. Typical Enya quality. This will definitely find its way into my new Tower Kaos 40.

Enya 40X TV (11 min 41 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 19, 2015 @ 05:52 PM | 70,807 Views
I just received an awesome Enya engine, the Model 6101 40X TV. This is the oldest designed engine that I have owned. Most of my 'old' engines are from the 1980's, but this was reviewed in the June 1978 issue of Model Airplane News. I am psyched to run this engine!

My only other Enya 2 stroke is a SS40BB, but I am unsure when it was released but I love it! The SS45 was reviewed in 1987 which is the closest I can find to the SS40BB.

My SS40BB features a cast iron piston and a two piece crankcase, but this 40X has a Dykes ring and a single piece crankcase much like the OS SF series engines. I have never had an engine with a Dykes ring before but from what I have read they are excellent and oftentimes do not feel like they have any compression at all, which is normal. I was expecting this 'lack of compression' feeling, but was surprised. Once the glow plug was installed this engine had enough compression to make it quite difficult to turn over without a prop!

Again this engine has a typically beautiful casting and finish that Enya engines are known for. I am a bit torn as to whether or not to actually run it..... No, yeah, I'm going to run it!!! From what I have read the break-in period is considerably longer and more particular than a typical ABC construction 2 stroke engine. I will NOT be rushing this break-in.

Now for some pictures.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 16, 2015 @ 07:23 AM | 1,708 Views
So in yet another trade, I find myself in possession of an older OS 70 Surpass engine. I bought one of these new in the early 1990's and it was a fine running engine. Then a few years ago I bought a NIB one here for nostalgia reasons alone, and then traded it off. So now I have another.

You may ask why I shoot Box to the Bench videos. Typically with used engines I purchase I open them up, inspect and clean them before I attempt to run them. The last few engines I have received I decided to change that up a bit. If the engine feels like it has decent compression and no external damage I will take the chance of running it.

This engine arrived in what I would consider good condition. It clearly had been used but it is unknown exactly how old the engine really is or how much run time it has. The fellow I got it from received it on an airplane so the history is unknown.

As you can see from the video the engine starts easily and runs quite well. I plan on cleaning the exterior a bit and taking a peek inside just to see what it looks like. At the conclusion of the last run the exhaust nipple came off the muffler so that is going to have to be fixed with a bit of JB Weld.

Volume 3 Box to the Bench: OS FS-70 Surpass (4 min 20 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 10, 2015 @ 01:48 PM | 1,872 Views
I made a trade with a great RCG member here, BWH. I traded my Saito FA-30S for his OS FS-20. These engines don't come around very often and it looked like a pretty nice, good condition engine.

It arrived today and I created my second Box to the Bench video on this engine. I took some pictures of the engine when I opened the box. Rotated the throttle arm to the upright position, and ensured the glow plug lit up. Aside from that I did nothing to the engine prior to running it for the first time.

As you will see in the video, it ran out of the box. I adjusted it to a peak running setting for the video. The airbleed carb needed adjustment to idle in my high humidity environment. I think the engine is a keeper!

OS FS-20 box to the bench (6 min 25 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 08, 2015 @ 11:53 AM | 1,589 Views
I just got back from the flying field and I completed the first 3 flights on the Kaos 40. I can sum it up in three words, boring, excellent flyer.

What, wait? BORING? Yes, I said boring. You know the nerves you get prior to a maiden flight? Well I had those and they lasted about 5 seconds after it broke ground. The Kaos wanted to dive to the left immediately, but once I compensated, gained some altitude, I had it trimmed out in one circuit of the field. Here is where the boring starts. Once trimmed this airplane flies beautifully! There are no surprises at all. Being a precise pattern airplane it has NO self recovery tendencies at all. It goes precisely where you point it, PERIOD.

You hear the phrase "it flies like it is on rails", well it does. It is smooth, precise, and graceful. It makes an average flier like me look pretty good. HUGE graceful loops, Split S, Immelmann, and stall turns are a breeze. It does one heck of a snap roll too. All of this done on the maiden. I usually don't wring a new airplane out until the 3rd or 4th flight, but this plane, once trimmed, puts you at ease immediately.

Landings are fun. I bring it in on a long slow flat approach managing the throttle to maintain altitude and then chop it for a full stall 3 point landing. Quite fun!

This is not a trainer but anyone who flies their airplane and not the other way around will have no issues mastering this plane.

Unfortunately I have no flight videos as my cameraman is in school today. My Kaos is powered by my nice Enya SS40BB. This engine provides PLENTY of power for this plane. It is quite fast and there is no need, in my opinion, for more power. Now I do have about 5 other engines that I would like to try on this airplane but I am extremely satisfied with the performance the Enya provides.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Oct 01, 2015 @ 07:17 PM | 2,013 Views
when you are trying to trace out some parts? My girl Chloe thought she would help hold my plan sheet flat for me. Thanks Chloe!
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Sep 30, 2015 @ 06:21 PM | 2,012 Views
On a whim I bought this engine here. I have been interested in these engines for some time but never found one for the right price. Well I found a well used one for a decent price.

This is the first time I have done a Box to the Bench run. I literally opened the shipping box, installed a propeller, and strapped it onto the test stand. I was told this engine had been run previously and I wanted to see how it ran before I did my normal inspection.

Well after getting it running my impressions are, eh. I am not really impressed with the engine at this point. I am trying really hard to find something positive to say about the engine. However, these are just my initial impressions based solely on what is shown in the video.

There are some things I do not like about the engine from this initial few minutes with it.

1. Side mounted glow plug.
2. Not a hand starter. (Now this could change when I get it properly tuned and setup)
3. The RPM range is really not that impressive. I recorded 9120 RPM during my test, but I did not realize that was pushing it according to the instructions.
4. Operating range of high speed needle valve very small. (Maybe this is due to the idle setting)
5. Length of the crankshaft. I had to use two prop washers from other engines just to get the supplied spinner nut to tighten down.

Instructions state the RPM range is 8600-9100 with a 12x6 propeller which is what I had on it.

I guess at this point I am unsure what the advantages of this design are. They say 'compact design'. But if it is gutless, who cares how compact it is. My Saito 50 and 56 will out turn this engine easily.

Well here is my video of the RVC 58CD Box to the Bench.

RCV 58CD box to bench (6 min 30 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Sep 26, 2015 @ 06:52 PM | 2,368 Views
Man what a deal this was. Shooboy tipped many off to this sale Tower had. $71 for this airplane plus an $8.00 off shipping coupon. To my door at $71.98 or something.

This is a very high quality ARF. For the price it is comparable to the Value Hobby ones I've had. This is such a straight forward, easy assembly. There are no surprises thus far.

I am showing 3 of the 5 possible engines I will power this plane with. Since it has this nice strap-on type mount, engines swaps are a snap. Easy connector at servo to adjust for throttle lengths if necessary. I did not show my Tower Pro 46. or the Enya SS40BB.

This should be a great flying airplane. Time to start learning the pattern maneuvers again.
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Sep 25, 2015 @ 06:04 PM | 2,344 Views
I just ran this engine after tearing it down completely, replacing the front and rear crankshaft bearings, and cleaning up all other parts. This engine is a keeper.

I also have several accompanying videos detailing the tear down, cleanup, and re-assembly.

OS FS-90 first run after rebuild (3 min 6 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Sep 20, 2015 @ 12:40 PM | 1,922 Views
I started these on Friday and now have a total of 11 videos showing the steps of dis-assembling this engine and the beginning of the re-assembly process. The re-assembly will not be complete until next weekend as I am waiting for front and rear crankshaft bearings to arrive.

If you like what you see please comment and perhaps subscribe to my YouTube channel. Enjoy.
Playlist of all videos.

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