SMALL - Telemetry SMALL - Radio
Posted by riechsoldier1 | Today @ 01:16 AM | 1 Views
Here is my exo kit build using all gpm and topcad parts from This kit is no longer made. Building it like this should make it last a long time.
Has full led light kit front and rear. It is powered by a velenion brushless system.
Posted by Nightstone | Today @ 12:01 AM | 74 Views
Picked up one of these cheap 2.4 range extenders from ebay. These are as low as $20. They claim to be 2w but I doubt that. They are nice and small though and mate up perfectly to an external Taranis external unit.

Power usage from my in home testing was around 30mins on 1000mah 3s. Not bad. My 2w full size booster uses 1500mah 3s in 15 mins.

I will test it this weekend and through out the coming weeks. we will see how it does in a dirty urban environment.

One mod that seems necessary is to put a heat sink on the unit. It gets quite hot.

Folks are reporting out to about 8 klicks with the unit. Perfect for shorter range FPV.

Lastly... Why use one of these instead of a LRS like dragonlink or IRC. Price and weight.

Posted by tomclark | Yesterday @ 10:03 PM | 145 Views
Admit it guys. Some of the best time of the day is the time we spend in the workshop…

I love scratch building planes - 90 so far - but I also love fussing around with the shop itself. Since another of my hobbies is woodworking, I am able to build my own shop cabinets, and every now and then it is easy to get in the mood to do something to improve the shop.

Recently I decided I needed more storage space in the shop. Having recently built a workbench for a friend, and when it was finished there we 12 drawer slides left over, so the mind was busy thinking of things to do with them. Can't just let them go to waste, right?

There were just too many objects that did not have a place to be stored where they we easy to get to. My old building tablet was 40x80, but underneath it was quite empty, so a new building workbench was drawn up, with 12 large drawers. Don't think I'll run out of space anytime soon.

If you like the looks of this model area, but are not a woodworker, you can find many drawer units at home stores and office supplies. Check out used furniture and used office supply stores for bargains.

Having a nice place to work just makes our model building hobby all the more fun, and to me, improving our shops is just one more fun hobby.
Posted by djmessina | Yesterday @ 07:54 PM | 284 Views
Got my yaw problems fixed. Yay! Now I'm working on adjusting my PID values. I've done tons of research on PID stuff and I think I understand it. Maybe? Lol. She flies pretty well to begin with, except for the really slow yaw, which I've fixed. But there's definitely some room for improvement. I wouldn't mind it if it was a tad more responsive. And it also tends to gain altitude seemingly by itself! I start out hovering at around 8 feet, and before I know it, it's 50-60 feet up and climbing! Without touching the sticks at all. From what I've read, PID settings should take care of that problem. That, and the mild "shaking" it does as I bring it back down. Other than those issues, it flies well.
I also ordered the new ZMR 250 V2 frame today. After debating, I settled on that frame for my 2nd quad build. It has serious improvements over the version 1, and an awesome PDB. On a side note, I was at my local hobby shop the other day and picked up another 250 sized frame from Spedix. It's the S250 "agility" version. Never heard of it before, and it looked kinda cool, so it was basically an impulse buy! Interestingly, it uses round shaped speed controllers that mount under the motors and have built in LED's. Thought it was cool. I'll post updates on that build soon.
Posted by GLSJr | Yesterday @ 06:43 PM | 333 Views
Okay. This is just for informational purposes only. So, if in my wildest airplane daydreams I decide to put watts up, I guess there are some obvious necessities: a motor (not "engine"), motor mount, a BEC and ESC, lots of wire, and tons of batteries. That all has given me a headache. I need one more thing: my head examined. By the way, how do they get it to sound like an airplane.?
Posted by aku | Yesterday @ 06:32 PM | 353 Views
Well, I found these pics on my drive at work, and just had to share 'em here. This prototype Northrup N-9MB put on an awesome flight demonstration. The low speed handling was amazing; the pilot managed some tight low speed turns that looked graceful and smooth. The landing was spot-on. These few images show some pretty close-in flying.

This was originally a flying 1/3 scale version of the Northup B-35 concept that was in development, and eventually cancelled. The wings are molded plywood and the fuse is a steel tubular structure, beautifully restored by former Northrup employees and additional volunteers at the Chino Air Museum. The engines are twin air-cooled Franklins displacing 8 liters @ 300 hp each. Remember the Tucker automobiles powered by Franklin engines? Here is the wiki for more information:

And two other images, the Heritage Flyby and Mig 17 & F-86... awesome!
Posted by JordanKeyes | Yesterday @ 06:27 PM | 355 Views
I've taken a big step outside of "toy" territory with this one.

This thing is an absolute BEAST. At $166 from Banggood ( you can't go wrong!

Found the manual for the transmitter on HiSky's website:

HiSky HMX 280 Unboxing and First Flight! (from (8 min 28 sec)

Posted by mopar_man | Yesterday @ 05:16 PM | 478 Views
I've been visiting family in Central Florida and I had a chance to fly at the Flagler Rams RC Club in Bunnell. This is a collection of photos from the day that my uncle and I flew with the club. Many thanks to Jim Houston and the other Rams members for your hospitality. I had a great time....Continue Reading
Posted by Jay Burkart | Yesterday @ 05:10 PM | 490 Views
I've got the Racer finished to where I am ready to test fly it......
I also made wing storage/transport bags and also for the H. stab and rudder.
Right now waiting for delivery of a new 5 cell 2550mah Eneloop receiver/servo battery pack.
I plan on taking the Racer to it's first SAM contest next week at The Weak Signals annual SAM contest up north of Toledo.
Hope I can test fly it before then, otherwise that's when it gets test flown, but it's about the nicest wide open field around to do it.
I'll try to get some assembled pictures soon.
Still waiting on the rest of the decal set too.
Posted by GLSJr | Yesterday @ 04:50 PM | 520 Views
Does anybody know of any attempt to recreate the piggyback launch of the Bell X-1 rocket plane that broke the Sound Barrier. I believe it is completely possible using a modified model rocket motor around a built-up X-1. Come to think of it, the X-15 got a running start too. Both aircraft landed successfully.
Posted by brandonmoon | Yesterday @ 03:01 PM | 978 Views
Here are a few pictures of the latest addition. A droppable water working "Torpedo" Still doing some refinements since the last one exploded and caught fire and melted in the water.

This is my second one of these. The first one exploded and caught fire last weekend when the Lipo got wet the second time I took the plane out to test it. the first time was a complete success and worked perfectly. Too Perfectly in fact and took off across the lake ....forcing me to take a swim after it.

It consist of three of the grey FMS Zero Drop tanks glued together and hollowed out in select sections that house a small 1S 150mAh lipo powering a small electric motor, dowsed in corrosion X. The (+,-) end of the circuit are left slightly exposed at the nose tip of the TORPEDO to cause a circuit short, and closes the circuit to engage the motor when it makes contact with water after it's dropped.

I'm also doing this same thing for my Free Wing SBD5 on the center line drop
Posted by DismayingObservation | Yesterday @ 01:28 PM | 1,161 Views
...while you're making other plans.

That, by the way, is a quote from Allen Saunders and not John Lennon. Lennon used the quote in the lyrics of "Beautiful Boy," one of his last compositions.

That said, I haven't made any progress on the little Thunder Tiger Bearcat since last we met here on the blogs. That missing motor bearing might be an unusual 3.17mm version and there were none to be found at the hobby shop. I'm just going to install an E-flite and be done with it soon.

Lots of professional stuff has kept me busy, but in a remarkably nice way. Details to follow.

In the meantime: Lots of great hobby stuff is on its way to the electric flight review pages! I'm covering the HobbyKing Super-G autogyro, the HobbyKing micro B-17 and the Joe-Hanson Vesper II utility airplane. The latter is a foam board model designed and produced by an user, namely "Hansondiandian" out of Texas. It's a very utilitarian model which can be used as an FPV platform, camera platform or even an aileron trainer. I'm simply waiting for parts and supplies to complete all three models.

Watch this page and the electric flight page for updates!
Posted by ddruck | Yesterday @ 01:26 PM | 1,148 Views
On this test I went for bigger load prop 16x8 Aeronaut. I tested 2 Hobby King Lipos the 1300ma 3S 45-90C Nano-tech and the 1800ma 3S 65-130C A-SPEC and 1100ma 3S 45-90C. Again Nano-techs proved to be quite surprisingly good, again equaling the ridiculously expensive Thunder powers. On this test the motor got quite hot after shutoff and so did some of the Lipos, especially the small 850TP as expected.
Posted by GLSJr | Yesterday @ 01:20 PM | 1,147 Views
I freak out with the thought of using just any old servo with any old radio and transmitter. And does it matter to mix brands if is the same frequency and channel? Can one receiver use several different servos?
Posted by ddruck | Yesterday @ 01:13 PM | 1,169 Views
I have several lipos I use in my ALES planes and I know there is some difference in performance. I came to couple of conclusion, all manufacturers exaggerate the C rating of their batteries and price does not always mean performance. I tested 2 Thunder power lipos 1300ma and 850ma both 3S 70C packs the G8 variety, that I use in competition. Then I tested 2 Hobby King Lipos the 1300ma 3S 45-90C Nano-tech and the 1800ma 3S 65-130C A-SPEC. Lastly I have some 1100ma 3S 45-90C that I use in practice sessions quite a bit. All these were purchased since November of last year, Nano's are new . Nano-techs proved to be quite surprisingly good, equaling the ridiculously expensive Thunder powers. The A_SPEC are year old and still perform great as I found out when I got them, wish they made them a bit smaller size. I did have some 850 size Nano-tech but their performance was dismal right from start so I did not even bother with them.
All these were tested on 15x8 Aeronaut prop, on my Z3019-14 motor which makes it to 200m in 26 sec on this prop in my 4m 2130g Euphoria.
I created a Watt measure diagram with all batteries side by side to make comparison easier plus my usual individual tests.
Posted by JohnnyJiuJitsu | Yesterday @ 12:46 PM | 1,199 Views
Is anyone as passionate about this warbird as I am? This has always been my favorite plane...

I don't know if you can find this one anymore NIB. Looks like a serious build:
A bit above my skill level but would make an awesome decoration if nobody wants it.
If anyone is interested in making an offer, please message me.
Posted by theimacman | Yesterday @ 12:35 PM | 1,223 Views
This quad really surpassed my expectations!

Attop - YD-829 Sky Dreamer Plus - Review and Flight (11 min 16 sec)

Posted by ConnAyers | Yesterday @ 11:10 AM | 1,294 Views
just got my Disco frame with TMotor extended aluminum arms.
Posted by JoshuaJo | Yesterday @ 10:54 AM | 1,326 Views
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