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f3k 2º fam 2014

f3k 2º fam 2014 (9 min 53 sec)

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Hi Everyone-

This is the " TORERO " pattern plane article scanned directly from my issue

of the December 1963 Vol 1 No.4 RCM.

It has distinctive twin fins and a 70" span for .45 to .60 two strokes.

Feel free to download this 1963 vintage model article.

Steve WMD - this has been submitted to outerzone

Best Regards,

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check the link

UMX Habu 180 DF BNF (1 min 34 sec)

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Capturing HDMI video from an iPad 2 is like going back to the world of 1997. The capture cards are hundreds of dollars. They use PCI. When was the last time something used PCI? They use ancient custom FPGA compression chips to output ancient, horrible quality MPEG-2 compression. The cables are a fortune. The 30 pin connector is 2 generations old. There is no Linux support. There are cheaper grey market items on ebay, but the grey market has never actually shipped anything.

The thing is $50 camcorders have been compressing HD video from image sensors for years. They all use the same $1 Ambarella chip to generate high quality x264 compression. It takes parallel data in the same format from an image sensor as an HDMI decoder would generate. You could hack something out of an FPGA to forward data from an HDMI cable to a stock camcorder. The trick would be the soldering.

The leaders of the cheap market are the Timeleak HD72A & Roxio Game Capture HD. Only the Timeleak can capture HDCP protected content but it has no compression. An intriguing device is the Grabbee HD, which compresses to USB. If the grey market item actually arrived, it would have to be used in Windows. Video capture in Linux is something which has risen & fallen, but it's something that would be rarely used. It would only capture 1 game on the iPad.
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The DJI Phantom 2 and the Walkera Scout X4 are going to be the hottest RTF quadcopters on the market this holiday season so we wanted to put together a full list so you can learn about all the different specs and how they match up. We wanted to keep this fairly high level so you can get the essential information you need to make an informed decision on which model you decide to end up with.

For this comparison we are going to focus on the DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse gimbal for the GoPro as we feel this will be the most comparable model. If you aren't familiar with the different DJI phantom models then go ahead and check out our overview here. On the other side we will be comparing this model with the Walkera Scout X4 RTF version. For both models you will need to purchase a GoPro separately to get the results we talk about and is the common denominator as it provides the best video quality.

The general TLDR of this post is summed up by the Walkera Scout X4 is more powerful than the Phantom and also comes with some more goodies. That being said it is also more expensive.

Follow the rest of this post here:
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Tested the FF200 / EH 200 brushless motors using the hobbyking power draw meter.


1/. V915. EH200. 4100kv. 10t pinion.
2/. V912. FF200. 5000kv. 9t pinion.
3/. FX071. FF200. 5000kv. 9t pinion.

Identical 1000mah batteries used

1/ Constant Watts 83. Amps 11.4
2/. Constant Watts 87, Burst 96 W.
3/. Burst watts 125! Could have been a bit of a one off couldn't get it to read that again, burst amps 15.7. Constant watts 87 at max steady rpm.

Seems max constant load is around 12 amps 85 - 87 watts, But hard throttle burst can see 15 - 16 amps and maybe ? 120 watts burst power. All machines pulling similar head speed rpm.

More testing needed but a neat device.

Toggle between volts , amps and watts, both current reading and peak. Peak values stored in the memory and can be toggled back through. Tad tricky holding the heli, setting max power and toggling through the modes. Light enough to attach and fly it.

Turnigy esc setup tool, super easy to use, makes esc setup a breeze.....
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Gentlemen :

This version of the V22 Osprey is 50% in size of the one recently posted . Its intent is to provide a smaller aircraft for performing the necessary electronics and initial flight testing before committing to the larger model . As I am into the construction of this model , I am quickly seeing that it is becoming a viable one that deserves more than a cursory quick-build approach as I would normally use for a "tester" . As such , this log will be treating this model as its own entity that it deserves to be .

Scans : All of the scans presented for this model are of a scale that will produce an airplane with an approximate 32 inch wingspan . The scans are not of the best quality , but could be cleaned up with others that have better computer skills than I . They are however adequate for construction purposes . Perhaps someone with CAD experience would offer to generate a proper building plan set for this model .

Foam Cutter : I would recommend that the foam cutting equipment used would be of a safer design that I chose to use . 12 volt battery charger power supplies for example .

Foam Materials : This model is using low density white foam and Corning blue Styrofoam through-out . The produced foam structure segments will be properly filled and sanded to be covered with a thinned down epoxy solution that I have previously posted .

For this model , I have chosen its skin thickness to be roughly of 1/4&...Continue Reading
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Dave Burrow bought a plastic B-29 kit and asked me to assemble it as a gift to Mac Hodges to memorialize his amazing B-29.

These are the photos of the build process....Continue Reading
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Always looking to meet new pilots, as I go to many fly ins around Wisconsin.
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Tried a different park today. Had a good time but I discovered the camera battery is going bad, only stays on for two minuets.
Champ flight around the mountains. (1 min 3 sec)

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Here is a quick drawing showing scorpion blown up to except 120mm fan
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Today I managed to remove the blade grip bearings of my 4F200LM:
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The bearings are dead, so replacing them was not an option unless I wanted to buy another complete head assembly. The process is quite simple but it took several weeks for me to realize how to do it!
Note: this destroys the bearings, so you have to get some spares if you want to fly the same day

I needed:
  • A 2.5mm aluminium tube
  • A small philips screwdriver that can't be inserted into the tube but can still go through the bearings
  • A hammer
  • A small burin or similar to push the last bearing out
  • Strong pliers

1. Outer bearing (from the whole head perspective)

The idea there is to insert the aluminium tube in the bearing center and lock it from the other side by inserting the screwdriver.
Name: photo 1.JPG
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Insert the tube (I used the hammer because it is a tight fit.) Not too far so you won't grip the inner bearing. There is a collar between the bearings. If you can avoid inserting the aluminium tube on this collar it may be better so you don't waste it.
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Walston Retrieval System, have one for sale
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f3k rescue

f3k a tree rescue\f3k rescate de un árbol (1 min 49 sec)

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This is a fully scale Fw-189 Tailwheel assembly in 6th scale. This is a "Hybrid", being partially metal, and partially 3D printed. It has a working shock and is also semi-castoring (castoring spring not shown here). Wheel is off the shelf Dubro as the design is close enough to scale to be credible.
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I picked up the dynam spit from my local trusty model shop it had been hanging upside down for months
Then shop gave me a price I couldn't turn down
It had the spinner and prop adaptor missing....
A quick dig on the shelf produced a true dynam spinner and a dynam Texan adapter was sourced

I had a few personal issues with the spit in the fact there was several scale problems

No dihedral to the wings
Fuselage where it meets tailplane is to deep
Canopy bubble was not big enough
The rear canopy glass to big
Aerial to far back
Underwing radiator's wrong shape

The first thing to do was set about the repaint with tamiya flat earth and wooden deck tan for the trop camo

The vokes .filter was next and I used plastic up in box.form shaping a piece of.foam would have been time consuming
I ended up making 2 try and get a.close match

Gear rake fwd by 15 degrees
And slight foam removal

Canopy was cut open to try and hide the fact its the wrong shape...I did eventually correct the rear glazing
Motor magnets were incorporated into the open canopy so it could b used open or closed

With the vokes filter in place 10 grams was added to make her balance to my preference

The maiden
Dynam spitfire VB conversion maiden (3 min 59 sec)

The second flight with only 1 wheel deployed

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One of my favorites...the KE spin. Also adding a quick clip of one my old videos ('07), doing a knife edge spin with the Fliton [AJ] Extra 330. Not sure if Fliton still sells them or if it is even still in business, at all. But this was a great airframe.

How to fly 3D - KnifeEdgeSpin (0 min 48 sec)

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