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ripacheco's blog
Posted by ripacheco | Dec 02, 2014 @ 11:53 AM | 1,621 Views
Multiplex Pilatus PC-6

I needed a plane for our club's "Scale Fly-In".

DetailsProject Status

My Other Planes
Posted by ripacheco | Mar 11, 2014 @ 03:20 PM | 2,593 Views
Just a reminder that quality receivers can be moved to an airplane that needs them.
Posted by ripacheco | Apr 23, 2013 @ 09:46 PM | 3,536 Views
My Planes
  1. Multiplex Pilatus PC-6. Semi Scale Aircraft
  2. Xplorer II 3500. F3J/TD Competition Glider
  3. Great Planes 2m Spirit Glider. Donated glider. Competed in a contest. Crashed on trees while practicing. Spent night atop a tree. Got rained overnight. Got patched and flew again on the Feb Glider Contest.
  4. Flyzone Calypso 73" AeroCell Motor Glider. Used in motor glider competitions and youth outreach program.
Will fly Soon
  1. Great Planes Avistar Elite GP/EP ARF 62.5". Flight training on our club's youth outreach program.
  2. Yashioka Imagine 50. Pattern Training aircraft. 90% assembled. Electric conversion.
  3. Mountain Models SwitchBack Sr. 70% complete. Covering.
  4. Great Planes 2m Spirit Glider. Being built with electric conversion for ALES. 75% built.
  5. Don Smith 1/5 Scale EMB-312 Tucano. 0% complete. Most parts on hand except radio system and Power drive.
  6. 1/5 Fun Scale DynaFlite PT-19. 0% Complete. In the Box.
  7. 1/3 scale, Fournier RF-5. Drawing Plans.

On the maintenance hangar
  • Libelle DLG. Discus Launch Glider. Linkages broke on first flight. Servos "acting up"
  • Aeronca. Rescued an abandoned project from a former member of the club.

  • Kadet Senior EG. Winner of simplified Pattern Contest! Used in youth outreach programs.
    Wing and fuse damaged in accident during flight training.

Receiver Dance

Posted by ripacheco | Feb 20, 2013 @ 02:34 PM | 2,925 Views
Updated Jan 2014
  1. Compete on pattern contest(s) Sportsman category.
  2. Compete on F3J/TD contests.
  3. Organize motor Glider Contest.
  4. Organize youth outreach program for club.
  5. Continue building what is on the bench.

Posted by ripacheco | Feb 01, 2013 @ 01:59 PM | 2,983 Views
RC-Planes in my life

Peru 1980s...
  1. Several Free flight gliders. Including one called "Condor":

    The Condor came with a well-written booklet that introduced you to free flight. It included detailed instructions on how to trim and tow the glider. My building skills were so-so but was able to finish it. And delighted on flying it.

  2. Cox Sportavia. 2-chan foam electric motor glider trainer. This was my very first RC model.

    Took the plane to the flying site only to be told I couldn't fly the plane there because my 72Mhz radio was subject to interference from the TV antenas on a nearby hill. Was told to go to the slope-soaring site where it was safe to use a 72Mhz radio. Drove 40Km away from Lima to the site and found several modellers flying gliders there on a hill by the sea.

    On the flat-area of the site I started to learn to fly it with the assistance of an instructor there. Had several flights with it that day including one where the tail broked off during a hard landing (instructor was landing it). An old-modeller named Don Julio fixed it for me on the field.

    Flew the Sportavia several other sessions, always with an instructor next to me.

    Having become more confident went to a different flying site where noone ever went to fly and crashed this plane beyond repair it when I stalled it as it was flying towards me. I had flown "on my own" a couple of times at the slope soaring site. I was devastated. Even though father, with great time and
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Posted by ripacheco | Jan 17, 2013 @ 08:01 PM | 3,316 Views
When I was in 1 or 2nd grade, in the early 70s, I was taken to a large air modeling meeting. Thus was the peruvian nationals.This was a two day affair. I remember clearly them flying the "mosquitos". All sort of free flight models and also de RC models. All my memories and interest in aviation go back to this event.

Lots of time have passed. During the 80s as a teenager I really got involved. Built from its and from scratch a few gliders and one glow trainer. I flew tha Rainer a few times. Not very well. I was totally enabled with flying gliders on a slope.

Now I am at it again ... My objective is to finally learn to fly powered models, all electric...

The adventure begins again!