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Posted by pdooley | Jul 22, 2015 @ 09:03 PM | 1,021 Views
I will try to share some random thoughts on electric bicycles below. Please visit endless sphere for more info.

Why an ebike?
1) Being an RC guy and knowing the power of lipo batteries, no more dark ages of lead acid or nicad batteries..
2)needing a secondary streamlined form of transportation.
3)love for bicycles since an early age and somewhat avid cyclist anyway.

recommendations for ebike users: (not comprehensive, just a few things I can think of)
Lighting: you want to be seen. my biggest challenge is cars mis-judging my speed and pulling out in front of me. these are my recommendations:
check the reviews, they are effective products at a reasonable price.
Clothing: safety green, actually a yellow looking t-shirt. this has been a huge help being seen and staying safe. wal-mart sells them cheap.
Brakes: consider a bike with disc brakes. it is much easier to buy a bike already set up than trying to retrofit discs on a rim brake bike. however rim brakes are adequate in dry conditions if properly maintained.
Flat protection: tire liners- these work best for me.
The nuts and bolts: You can buy a purpose built ebike with a special battery pack for thousands of dollars or you can build your own.
Various power systems are out there but I'm focusing on hub motors. Even those can be geared or direct-drive. DD motors are bulkier and heavier but require almost no maintenance.
Steel bicycle frames work best since the hub motor applies torque...Continue Reading
Posted by pdooley | Mar 31, 2015 @ 10:33 PM | 5,335 Views
recently been trying some low head speed testing on a few 450 heli's.
unfortunately I don't have a tach yet so not sure of exact numbers. Setups are:
1) 150T main gear, 11T pinion, 3550kv motor on 2S lipo.
2) 150T, 13T, 4400KV, 2S.
Oddly, I have experienced 2 episodes of ejected main blades due to feathering shaft bolts backing out. Both setups had this happen once.
This is unusual since the bolts were secured with Loctite. I have logged at least 50 flights with the same build techniques at higher head speeds without this problem. I'm wondering if the blades at low HS are operating at a frequency that could possibly attribute to the bolts loosening. either that or my Loctite is going bad..