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cowboycctx's blog
Posted by cowboycctx | Aug 12, 2014 @ 04:01 PM | 1,979 Views
I just built my my newest quad. Will it's more liked I put it together from parts I had lying around. Here are the Parts:

1 Phantom 2 body
2. Pixhawk FC I took out of my crap designed IRIS
3. QRx350Pro powerboard and esc's. The ESC's were a perfect fit in to the P2.
4. 4 DJI 2212 Phantom 1 motors.
5. QR 2D gimbal

Compare (11 min 20 sec)

I must say it flies 98% as good as the Phantom 2. I am getting 25 minutes of flight time without the gimbal and about 19 with gimbal.

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