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Posted by spastic | Yesterday @ 04:58 PM | 1,245 Views
Here is a build i did just to see if i could get it to fly well, the factory crashed theirs after 10 seconds.. i didn't have any issues with how it flew!

I think what did them in was the draggy push-rods that are included, i replaced them with goldenrod, nice and smooth now, ill add notes later just getting the pics on here.

-70" span 3 part wing

-fiberglass fuse

-nice ply equipment tray in the fuse

-balsa and ply tail and wing, covered in Genuine Neucover iron on film

-aluminum wing joiner tubes

-CF stab joiner tube (glued in however)

-ailerons and flaps used MG mini servos (emax ES3104)
rudder and elevator used some standard size servos i had around

-fasst 8ch rx

-twin hobbywing 80A esc's (i used 80's because there is no airflow for the esc's)

-twin G-force 25 motors 1100kv, (they fit the nassels better than the G32 size motor would)

-spinning 11x5.5E props (counter rotation)

-4cell 4000mAh could use more for nose...Continue Reading
Posted by spastic | Jul 06, 2014 @ 02:54 PM | 1,152 Views
I finally got one of these new 8mm EPP kits and thought it would make a good start to my blog, this is the latest EPP Laser kit from Valuehobby.com, featuring g10 hardware, real Carbon Fiber (CF) spar, CF push-rods, CF gear legs, lightweight Printed graphics and unique epp zigzag fuse bracing (all for about $25)
The foam is called 30x EPP in China, that means its 30 times expanded, it works out to about 2lbs per sq foot. the kits are CNC hotknife cut.

here is what you will need;
-2204 to a 2206 size (about 29g) outrunner (X mountable) brushless motor, 1500kv recommended for 3cells 1900kv for 2cells lipo

-three, 9g servos, the cheapest ubiquitous 9g towerpro nylon gear servo believe it or not is more than enough torque fast and reliable for $3! each

- 10 to 12A esc i've used both the 10 and 12 amp HobbyWing "FunFly" esc's with much success.

-lipo, depending on the motor 3cell to keep it light, a 370mAh would be ideal, for 2cells 500mAh is good.

-GLUE, i highly recommend NOT using CA (foam safe or regular) on these type of kits, they make a brittle joint and the fumes and kicker smear the graphics! Instead use a glue that does not get brittle such as Foam Tack, Welders or my favorite Quick Grip (QG). normal type thin CA is needed to lock the control linkages in place.

Note on using QG, you can do the thing where you "make a bead then push together the parts then separate them and wait 30sec then stick them back together", but i find...Continue Reading