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Posted by AA5BY | Feb 04, 2014 @ 10:27 AM | 1,989 Views
Several years ago, a guy came to the field selling surplus stuff and I bought ($5) a set of balsa covered foam cored wings NIB. They evidently had been bought from a wing maker to rebuild a model that never got rebuilt.

The panels were forty inches. I determined to use them to construct a self design. My favorite era is thirties through the WW-II era so a thirties looking open cockpit sport plane was envisioned, sketched, drawn and scratch built.

Construction and Flight
  • Conception - spring of 2011
  • Drawing - summer of 2011
  • Acquring wood and hardware and final drawings - late summer and fall 2011
  • Buiding - January - April 2012
  • Maiden - early May 2012
  • Flown - often for fifteen months until mishap during summer 2013
Wingspan 96"
Power 35cc gas
Weight 16.75 lbs.

Video of maiden
Sport35.mpg (8 min 5 sec)

Build log

The Crash

Normally, flaps were used for landing and a fast idle was mixed with the flaps which worked very well with any headwind but lacking a headwind, I'd suffered a lengthy landing and determined to go back up and do better and chose to land without the flaps/fast idle. There was a cross wind in my face that I failed asses as a danger and slowed too much on base leg and stalled when turning onto final. The plane is salvageable and needs the front section, wing tips and rudder repaired.
Posted by AA5BY | Feb 03, 2014 @ 08:57 AM | 1,856 Views
We all have one... and mine starts with man's primate struggle to survive. He learned quickly that behavior was critical. Destructive behavior lowered the odds. He labeled that kind of behavior sin and taught his children to avoid. The dichotomy between good and evil was born out of the challenge to survive and live a quality life.

Teaching aids of stories and myths were created. They evolved into religions and given various authority figures (gods). The stories and gods served the various tribes in the quest to survive by providing order, identity, unity, entertainment, consolation when needed, assurance, comfort, hope, maps to guide them toward the future, and much more.

That so many various tribes and cultures had their unique narratives and gods, evidences a human pattern of thought and creative expression. Of course, each will be tempted to claim that his is better or the only true reality.

In our modern mobile world, our neighbors are global and we are challenged to respect and find peace with them rather than war about which religion is true. It might be helpful to accept that they all are alternate realities.