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Posted by irun4fundotca | Jan 16, 2012 @ 11:47 PM | 25,313 Views
Been into flying, building, and maintaining for a little over two years now
I have cctv & computer experience & worked in the tech field for almost 25 years.
and have been a technician for computers since the early 80's
RC is my way of changing pace and something I enjoy a lot

My Hangar Log

90" Wingspan Great Planes Piper Cub Running a Magnum .61 Glow
60" Wingspan Cosmo Hurricane 40L runing Merco .46 Glow
55.2" Wingspan Airfieild Trainer 400 (FMS Cessna 400) Stock Ele Setup
54" Wingspan Multiplex Easystar I
35" Span (890mm) Scratch Built APM2.5 Quadcopter
26" Wingspan Tom Mansell's 26" Stitts Skybaby
20.5" Span Hoverthings HT-FPV Quad Copter HT-FPV Naze32 Swap to KK2.0 and Swap To Naza M+GPS
Walkera Dragonfly #32
21.3" Span HJ-450 Alien Quadcopter
17" Hoverthings Carbon Fiber HT-450
12" ArmattanMinis Quad - Tri Frame

Waiting & Arrival List
1.2ghz @1500mw or 1.5w VTX & TRX setup
My Camera Pan / Tilt mount
DX6i Backlight Custom Mod
70mm EDF Project
Skybaby Kit Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Ardupilot Legacy Build
Flightstick To Radio Using arduino UNO For FPV Flight
Usefull Links For Builders
E-OSD Conversion To an CL-OSD
Arduflyer APM 2.5
Cheapest 1.2ghz FPV Setup
CC3D Build
PNP 1.2Ghz Video Transmitter Conversion
GoPro Antivibe Wire Mount
Scratch Built 35" (890mm) Universal QuadCopter
Micro Brushless Gimbal - Arduino Pro Mini...Continue Reading