SMALL - SMALL - Telemetry SMALL - Radio
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Mannering Park 2013 (7 min 13 sec)

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This is the second version of custom mobius gimbal that I build from scratch.

The first one is here:

  • Lighter. Only 130 grams without mobius. 170 grams with mobius
  • Clean wiring. I'm using hallow motor shaft so I can route the wires.
  • Center weight so ROLL motor won't require much energy to balance.
  • Accessible gimbal controller usb port for easy programming.
  • And its also cheap to build if you have lot of spare time.

Materials used:
Note: most of the wirings needed are already included with motor and gimbal controller.

  • Can Spray Paint - Black (from Lowes)

  • Drill (much better if you have drill press)
  • File for smoothing edges and shaping the aluminum.
  • Hack saw or any cutting tools for aluminum.
  • Soldering tools.

Depending on your setup, you might need additional parts for vibration dampening. My custom quad design ( has double vibration dampening because I'm using large propeller (15" inch) which produced more vibrations compare to smaller props. Even after I balanced motor and props.

First descent video:
Testing custom mobius gimbal (9 min 3 sec)

Taking selfie video while testing gimbal software configuration
Video Selfie (6 min 39 sec)

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1 of the sensors failed. Tried focusing it, but it wouldn't detect farther than 1m.

It doesn't have any focusing threads. It just slides in & out.

...Continue Reading
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Hello guys! My team and I will be participating in a competition held locally. It is called the Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC). We have uploaded a video about our Quadcopter, the process of making it, etc. So, we really need your help to like our video on YouTube!

Here's the link:
SAFMC 2014 The Shield Temasek Polytechnic Category E (5 min 41 sec)

Really appreciate it if ya'll could like this video

Thanks a million!!

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Okay, so there's this theory of diminishing returns, although I personally subscribe to Zenos' Paradox(which has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm talking about). That one is about a whole bunch of half to speak.

It has to due with, in this case adding a bigger battery but getting more flight time yet increasing the weight via the bigger battery thus reducing the overall flight time. But the question is how big can I go before it cancels itself out? I'm guessing its right around the 5 gram limit with the stock props. This video is with stock props and motors, big heavy, 4.5 grams, battery. Out the door weight with this setup is 14.774 grams.

I'll have to put together a spreadsheet so I can track all this. Essentially I'm adding 3.5 grams for an extra 2-3 minutes flight time. Probably wears on the motors too running high for extended periods. See how many flights I can get.

Well, in the video below, I popped that Lectron Pro 180 mah 45C battery in the PapaGuard/BatteryClip and voila, I got right around 6 minutes and 15 seconds!! It was very well balanced for me even with the huge overhang.

And I bet you could go even longer since you can rock the BatteryClip without the PapaGaurd, you save 0.9 grams.

I didn't think about it but you can use the Battery Clip with batteries you already own that are in the size range of the 150mah e-flight batteries.

Focus actually happens at the beginning and then at 45 seconds, so just hang in there.

Couple crashes where I had to pick it up and reattach/snap-on the break away Guard back onto the battery clip. By design. Sorry for the audio quality. And the video quality. Figure it will get better as I progress.

Thanks for watching.

Happy Flying!!

Papa G

Estes Proto X PapaGuard with Battery Clip and 180mah Battery (6 min 29 sec)

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FTBO 3-axis Carbon Fiber Handheld Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/Hollow Motor for Canon 5D 7D Cameras Photography


- Carbon fiber material, with aluminum alloy camera frame.
- With 2 x GBM5208-200T motor, One GBM5208-200T hollow shaft motor
- For DSLR camera(such as: CANON 5DMarkII/5D Mark III,7D,SONY a900, NIKON D900/D800E/D700/D800)
- Total weight of the whole gimbal: 1790g
- Max.loading capacity 3kg.
- With shock absorb set, effectively decrease vibration.

Pan Motor Specification:

- Motor Model NO.: GBM6324-200T
- Configuration: 12N14P
- Wire: 0.22mm
- Turn: 200T
- Motor size: Ф63*24mm
- Shaft: Hollow shaft/ Ф7.0m out, Ф5.0mm inner
- Ω Ri :15.0ohm
- Tension: 0.70kg

Roll and Tilt Motor Specifications

- Motor Model NO.: GBM5208-200T
- Configuration: 12N14P
- Wire: 0.24mm
- Turn: 200T
- Motor size: 63*24mm
- Shaft: 5mm shaft diameter
- Resistance :17.2ohms
- Tension: 3.0kg
- Weight: 180g
- Camera weight: 800-1500g(like Canon 5D2/5D3, Nikon D800, Sony A900, etc)
- Perfectly compatible with Alexmos SBGC.

Package Included:

- 3-axis handheld brushless gimbal w/3 motors
- Manual instruction
- 3-axis Alexmos Control board(ORIGINAL)
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Having "Salonit Packed" as my last blog entry really bugged. So here's another entry.

I do a project each month that stretches my knowledge and skills. It usually requires new special tools - well, that's not true I just like buying tools.

This month is a 7 layer maple longboard with decorative wood inlay. I'm not a huge longboarder but I wanted to build something that required some decent wood skills.

I bought the wood laminates and will make a foam mold. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find decorative wood inlay pieces and certainly hard to find in the 48" length needed. I found several decorative wood inlay sample packs of 25 and 50 pieces including domestic and foreign wood samples. Except for the 6" lengths, these are perfect and only cost a little bit on Amazon.

The maple is light and I plan on taking rectangle sections of the darker wood inlay pieces and aligning them down the longboard. The final finished top should look spectacular. At least that's the plan.

Haven't figured out how to put grip tape on the top without covering up all the beautiful wood. All the "clear" griptape is quite opaque.
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This is one cool plane, I'm loving this thing. Kevin Kimball, QQ and Mirco Pecorari did an amazing job.
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140 shipped should be fair. It's in like new condition and doesn't even have scratches on the bottom. The couple of spots on the screen are on the screen saver. It's been on since the day i got it.
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Hey guys! I was able to get some flights in yesterday with my MiG-15 and boy was it fun! My normal camerawoman had a great time learning how to use my new camcorder too:

E-Flite UMX MiG-15 DF Ultra Micro EDF Jet Fighter - Korean War Warbird with AS3X Technology (3 min 0 sec)

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I have just built my first electric plane, it is also my first foam plane. I got the idea from Ed at Experimental Airlines. It is called the "Noob Tube" and is made from Dollar Tree foamboard. The plane is finished and is ready to fly. Electric power is new to me so the process of choosing all the components of the power system was a bit confusing. With a little study and running my set up by some folks here on RCG for approval, I feel good about what I wound up with. Looking forward to the maiden flight, and will report the results.

Mar 11th
Maiden flight: It was a short one......way too much travel on the ailerons, barely able to control the airplane in roll axis. Brought it down and broke a prop. Didn't bring a spare ( that was dumb) so I took it home and worked on reducing the throws and added some expo.

Mar 12th
Second maiden: Wind was terrible and gusty to boot. Should have put it back in the truck and went home, but I just had to scratch this itch! I was pleasantly surprised with very docile handling airplane even though it was getting buffeted by the gusty wind. It penetrated very well at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Aileron rolls were a little slow to my liking so increased the throws by 15% and I'm happy for now.I have to say though that it wasn't much fun in that much wind.

I hope the wind gives me a break in the morning so I can try this again in a little more relaxed atmosphere.

Mar 13th
Got up this morning and the weather was perfect "NO WIND"....Continue Reading
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Hey there everyone, I have been struggling with getting my proto balanced after modding bigger motors, bigger props and a bigger battery. So, I started working on a way to get it close enough to center to be able to just lift off and go with out too much time spent trimming. Pics and description to follow at the end.

Less time diddlilng with settings, the more flight time you get right?

This other creation was inspired by Jesolins and Benedikt. Jesolins for doing it first, and Benedikt for providing the Sweetest motors. Super smooth!

Proto X by Estes
Chao Li 0615-14kv motors by
Nano QX propellers by Horizon Hobby
180Mah 45C 1S Lectron Pro Battery courtesy of CommonSenseRc
Hubsan X4 Transmitter


The motors are the same diameter but 3mm taller. Doesn't sound like much unless your trying to get it to fit a space designed for the shorter motor...So I took the old motor holders and removed/shaved the bottom down. If you look at your Proto X Motor holders, you can see the center support, above the little tabs. This provides a little more than 4mm extra space once modified and using existing hardware.

Once trimmed, the motors slide right in and clip in place in the motor holders. I then designed a battery tray that will hold a larger battery while still allowing you to slide it front to back for balance. Left to right is locked in, more or less, via the clip.

Initially, I had been using a homemade Ultra-Micro extension, then I was inspired...Continue Reading
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awesome setup joe!

Originally Posted by joesmith285 View Post
Correct, the biggest problem with my 103 last year was the 10 minutes it took just to strap packs in, and it actually kept me from flying it very much. 10 minutes to strap packs in for a 6 min flight

I wanted the 108 to be much more practical so I spent awhile thinking about designing a battery tray. I was looking into having a CNC cut carbon one or something similiar. After some more thought, I came up with the idea to just use battery trays from my 700 size heli. They are cheap, strong, and definitely proven to hold up to the abuse they will receive in this plane.

Here are a few pics. I used long flat carbon pieces to spread out the load. They are bolted to the sides of the firewall and to a piece of aluminum angle that is bolted into a former just above the wingtube.
Originally Posted by jsmith285 View Post
Joe is using a Heli battery tray, straps the batteries together and drops it in, Click. Been testing these for awhile. And they hold well. 1/4" hardened Drill rod.

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Can't wait to drop this guy in! Should be done by wednesday!
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ElvisLives: Remember, it's the experience more than the equipment that counts. Enjoy your project and safe flying.

TJ Gilbert: Everyone's flight experience with a kit or self built airframe seems to vary a bit. <snip>
As you guys visit and read the Naza forums you'll run into these different flight experiences with what seem to be similar or identical airframes and set-ups.
Multirotors are anything but an exact science...


Bill Glover:

Originally Posted by scottieusa
So I guess I'm a bit thick headed because I can figure out what course lock and home lock do. I've read the descriptions and looked at the diagrams but I'm still confused. Can anyone set me straight?

With Home Lock engaged, pulling back on the 'elevator' stick will fly the copter towards the stored home point ... from wherever it is, and regardless of which way the nose is pointing at the time. If you get disorientated it's a safer way of getting it back than engaging failsafe (where you relinquish all control). Home lock is also the only way you'll get a flat hexa (F550 etc.) back if you lose a motor/prop/esc., because although the Naza will keep it in the air it will be rotating continuously around the dead engine.

In course lock, forward/backward/left/right always work relative to the direction the nose was pointing at power up, again regardless of which way the nose is pointing now. The advantage of course lock is...Continue Reading
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Buenas tardes a todos.

Acabo de iniciarme en el mundo de los RC y me he comprado un Dron o Cuadricóptero. Un HUBSAN X4 H107D.

El fin de este BLOG es el de compartir con vosotros mis experiencias en este hobby.

De momento me estoy pegando con él para aprender a pilotar, cosa que me está costando un poco.
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I had a Frsky module would not work one day. So I was looking for a new one. And fm_head got a hold of me and said He could fix it. So I mailed it to him. He looked at it and said it was a defective v-reg. And fixed it. He mailed it back to me. I got it today and tried it out. And it works Great. I only had to pay for the v-reg and shipping. This is one of the reasons I love this Hobby. Great people and Friends
I would like to Thank fm_head for what you did.
Thanks Dan