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Posted by JubyDuk | Aug 09, 2015 @ 01:24 PM | 2,155 Views
June and July 2015: got plenty of flightime ... nothing beats a lot of practice.

Was able to put together an FPV system by building goggles from a $25 LCD and foamcore from the dollar store. (attach)

Using an 808 camera (D lens) and Boscam Rx-Tx combo. Shot some good video, but put in no more than 3 minutes total flightime in FPV. Enven with a spotter and an open field, it makes me a little nervous so I test out in short bursts to start.

Mid had a major crash and broke part of the CF frame. I then firmed it up using duct tape and it still flew quite well, very stable (example
Quad St-So 6 juin 2015 (3 min 22 sec)

The second major crash took out what was left of the CF top plate and that was it for my first F450 flamewheel. Kinda happy as I wanted to try another frame:

New build with improvements on the way.
Posted by Looooeeee! | Aug 09, 2015 @ 01:06 PM | 2,518 Views
From a morning patrol I did out of Houssen aerodrome near Colmar. Go West, find an Allied balloon, and say, Guten Morgen!...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Aug 09, 2015 @ 12:59 PM | 2,841 Views
The rumors that computer vision takes enormous amounts of clockcyles have proven true. Last week's theory that matching homography of keypoints would yield the most similar frames was absolutely wrong. The best match was revealed by the frames with simply the highest number of matched keypoints.

Next came detecting the optical flow of the matched frames. There was computing the average position change of the matched keypoints. This was terribly rough. The keypoints were terribly mismatched.

Better results came by old fashioned macroblock searches. It might be faster to apply the Lucas Kanade method to the keypoints, but the brute force method proved the feasibility.

Not sure Lucas Kanade would handle the large differences in position between the 2 frames. The objects don't move incrementally, but occupy totally different parts of the image & don't match well enough for feature matching to produce any points to track.

The optical flow got better when the search for best macroblock was exhaustive instead of logarithmic. Narrow objects like poles got missed in a logarithmic search. It got even better when the motion search used full color instead of greyscale. But using full color instead of greyscale for the keypoint matching actually made it worse.

Synchronizing video using SURF (4 min 59 sec)

A nifty video of the current & reference videos being synchronized by feature point matching but not optical flow emerged.

Drove another 6 miles, recording several drives of the same section of test track in smokey conditions. The battery can't go any farther. An SD card glitch caused the recording to stop. The web server was still running, but showed a 404 error, a sign the filesystem was gone. The lighting change did make a few more frames glitch, but it was still pretty good for no color correction. Color correction will add still more clockcycles.

The video had to be downscaled to 320x240 to get any reasonable processing speed. This didn't seem to degrade the results.
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Posted by arcticflyer | Aug 09, 2015 @ 11:44 AM | 2,112 Views
High Performance:

Adj. 1. high-performance - modified to give superior performance; "a high-performance car"
↔superior - of high or superior quality or performance;

high-performance(adj)modified to give superior performance"a high-performance car

(of machines, engines, cars) very efficient and powerful ⇒ the thrill of taking an expensive high-performance car to its limits, a high-performance engine,

used to describe a product that is faster, more powerful, etc. than other similar products:

As you can see from my profile I live on the High Performance Forum. I put the definitions as given by various sources to clarify what High Performance really means. Key words in the above listed definitions are: Modified, Quality, Superior, Powerful, Faster. I would like to see us stick as close as possible to the definitions in what we bring into the forum. Subjects brought to the forum for a build or for discussion should be to modify or improve the plane or item so that it can be faster, more powerful or efficient. This does not exclude stock planes that were purpose built to exceed the performance of other similar planes...hope that makes sense.

I can't leave anything a product and the first thing I do is take it apart and see if I can make it better or more useful and that should be the goal with everything that appears in the HP forum. Those ideas are shared with all of the others so we can all benefit from the experience and experimentation of others. This forum has been a great help to me over the years and I have so many friends all over the world as a result of it.

We've had our differences at times but all in all you are a great bunch of guys!
Posted by Hansondiandian | Aug 09, 2015 @ 11:41 AM | 1,818 Views
Nevah tow anyting wiza poosher aircraft! hehehehehe
Posted by Hansondiandian | Aug 09, 2015 @ 11:15 AM | 1,727 Views
Hi all! Welcome to JHAC, I'm your product designer Joe Kwok. As the RC industry's demand has changed many times, I really want to know what kind of aircraft I should design to satisfy at least a small group of hobbyists. Please leave a comment, thank you! Plans might be available.
Posted by Hawk Driver | Aug 09, 2015 @ 10:42 AM | 1,698 Views
Here is the Horizon Hobby UMX F-16 painted in the Original US Navy Aggressor scheme. Made some simple additions to enhance it's appearance. Added a captive AIM-9 to the Port wingtip and added an ACMI Pod to the Starboard tip. Also added a pilot's silhouette to the cockpit area. Since the model is relatively close in scale to 1/32nd scale, I used SuperScale Decals to complete this scheme.
Posted by OrangeBird | Aug 09, 2015 @ 09:22 AM | 5,422 Views
AS355 / FX067c

….If you want to read and see this section in full, click on this line

FX067c with AS355 body

Photo AS355-01

Photo AS355-02

...Continue Reading
Posted by Red.Sneakers | Aug 09, 2015 @ 09:10 AM | 3,981 Views

Name: MM Repair.jpg
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This is the story of my journey testing the Micro Motor (MM) Warehouse CL-0820-15-9T motor on a micro plane. Originally intended for the Champ but eventually installed on the umx Sport Cub S (SC).

Conclusion: I love my MM on the SC. The performance is very good & consistent. Looks like the MM #01 still had some life left in it. Hitting LVC sooner than before seems to be a combination of slightly higher amp draw & weaker batteries. Having a reliable motor back on the SC is nirvana. In the future, I may do some static testing using a different prop to see if I can maintain the performance while drawing less amps. I have ordered the Eagle Tree voltage logger so I can do longer static tests, say 30 second motor run & get the battery / motor / prop performance data. Video "How to solder tiny wires" at the end. Related blog "Micro Motor Benchmarks for Sport Cub", click here

I went back & researched when I started thinking about using the MM. It was back in September 2014. I purchased two motors & asked a question of the company. The simple email turned into a warring opinionated exchange of words via email. We each responded with passion. To the company’s credit, they said if I did not like the product, to send it back & they would issue a full refund. Hum, that just seems too easy.

The MM philosophy is “October 01, 2014: We sell high performance parts for enthusiasts, they require a good amount of skill and knowledge.
...Continue Reading
Posted by Felipe Garcia | Aug 09, 2015 @ 09:08 AM | 1,419 Views
sparrohawk from seagull models
sparrohawk from seagull models (5 min 37 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Aug 09, 2015 @ 08:13 AM | 2,277 Views
It is getting down to crunch time! Covering should begin today sometime. Since my last post I have done the following:

1. Created a lower half cowling for the engine. I decided on a one piece section that acts as the lower cover under the fuel tank attached with screws. This gives me the flexibility to be able to access the tank from the bottom and the half cowling allows easy access to the engine. Access to the top of the engine is important for choking/priming the carbs, adjusting the needle valves, etc. Besides the single engine upright installation in the original design also was a half cowl open nose. I have coated the inside of this piece with epoxy for fuel proofing and strength.

2. This morning I have drilled and installed the Robart Hinge point hinges(dry fit only) on all control surfaces.

3. Added triangle stock to the bottom of the stabilizer and fin for better gluing surface and to help ensure a square installation. I will be covering all parts first, as I usually do, before final gluing of the assemblies together.

4. Final dry fit of all sub-assemblies and weight/balance check. The CD looks like it will balance just fine with minimal adjustment of some of the radio components. You can see I laid the battery pack inside the cockpit area and this allowed me to slide it fore and aft to achieve good initial balance. The airframe at this point weigh in at 5.5lb. I figure with covering and more epoxy to attach the surfaces, all up weight might...Continue Reading
Posted by ddruck | Aug 09, 2015 @ 07:18 AM | 1,841 Views
Ok more testing of ALES glider motor power.
Flying ALES/F5J gliders requires motor to get the glider 200m high in 30 sec or less. This makes very high demand on motor/battery combo and very different than average power system in RC airplane. My glider achieves that goal, 24sec to 200m, but I am always trying to find more efficient ways of doing it. My Euphoria is 4m, 2130g glider which turns out to be quite hard to push to 200m in 30 sec. I have lots of bench tests but am curious as to what happens in the actual 30sec climb. We climb at a steep angle for the entire time so my assumption was that the prop will not really unload much from bench test except for the actual flight speed. There is also no flight data available out there that I could find.

I strapped my Eagle Tree E-logger3 to the outside of the fuse for these tests and took it for a ride.

So test one is 15x8 Aeronaut prop with Thunder power 1300 3S 70C lipo
2 climbs back to back on same pack. Comparison 1 is result of that test. The curves are similar on bench and in air as soon as climb speed is established. The consumption is less by 5 amps overall with increase in rpm. On this battery there is a slight decrease in power on climb2.
Test 2 was 15x8 Aeronaut prop with Hyperion 1100 3S 45-90C lipo. Comparison 2 similar results except when this battery heated up on climb 1 it had better performance in climb 2 by producing more rpm so on this battery, having it warmer, does increase its power potential.
Posted by Saijin_Naib | Aug 09, 2015 @ 03:03 AM | 1,750 Views
Dromida Ominus - 2015 Case IH Patriot 3340 - Roundup after Pea Harvest [808 #16 V3-D] (4 min 24 sec)

Filming my friend as he runs the Case IH Patriot 3340 at Martin Farms to spray some Roundup after the Pea harvest. We take two passes and fold up the arms after the spray.

This was the first time I've tried to film a moving subject flying the Ominus. It was challenging, but fun.

Since this video, I've balanced all my propellers using the additive method (tape on the underside), so I'm excited to see whether or not that smooths out the remaining vibrations that are visible at the frame's edges at times.
Video Source: 808 #16 V3-D
Audio Source: 808 #16 V3-D
Music Source: three - antitune [brainsmoke - 2011]
Music Source: 0003 - antitune [instrumentapellas. - 2011]
Video Editing: Serif MoviePlus X6
Posted by Saijin_Naib | Aug 09, 2015 @ 02:09 AM | 1,722 Views
Dromida Ominus - Farm Cabbage Field Diving Runs [808 #16 V3-D] (4 min 32 sec)

I start off with a few climbs and try to get as high as possible. The Ominus loses signal at around 647ft and begins its quite nice autogyro descent into the cabbage patch.

After I pick my green thing out of the field full of green things, I take it on some bombing runs over the cabbage. The setting sun hitting them was just beautiful.

My lens got knocked out of adjustment again, I'll re-focus it for the next crop of videos.
Video Source: 808 #16 V3-D
Audio Source: 808 #16 V3-D
Music Source: amanita rosewater - antitune [letter to L. - 2012]
Music Source: loose batter - antitune [letter to L. - 2012]
Video Editing: Serif MoviePlus X6
Posted by ROLLING CIRCLE | Aug 09, 2015 @ 01:43 AM | 3,774 Views
Just flying at night to beat the heat and got some video to help keep things interesting on these here interwebs. Hope you enjoy the flying. Stay tuned in. Lots more flying coming the next couple months.

Twisted Night Flights August 2015 (3 min 29 sec)

Posted by forwardonly | Aug 08, 2015 @ 10:41 PM | 2,252 Views
I had previously lost my muffler for my Enya 6002 and I had purchased a different one off of Ebay that fits a range of sized Enyas. I was stoked when it arrived because it is a nicer unit than the original and it fit better! It still attaches with two screws that clamp it to a metal brace, but the screws actually screw all the way through the muffler mount and the unit didn't want to slide around!

I went out tonight with the new muffler and was able to put in about 40 minutes of flying on the Slow Poke. This is a great sedate plane and would be a wonderful low wing trainer. The new muffler performed great with the 6002. It is a little less restrictive than the original so I seemed to have just a touch more power. The motor temps were great and the engine just purred through the sky. Actually at altitude I could barely hear the engine running. I think I need to tweak the LSN. It is loading a little if I let it idle.

I really enjoy this airframe and engine combo. It is not exciting, it is relaxing. At first I was concerned about the aileron authority, but now after getting about 8 flights on it, I think it is just about right for this plane. The Poke with fly inverted fairly well too! I was surprised it held inverted as well as it did. I think I will follow some advise from the forums and program in some aileron mix on rudder input. Rudder turns are fun on this and I was having fun treating it like a 3ch no aileron trainer. The most fun I had tonight...Continue Reading
Posted by Bajora | Aug 08, 2015 @ 10:31 PM | 4,879 Views
I was recently able to pen a review the 280 sized E-flite Viking biplane for the AMA's Park Pilot Magazine. Man, this little model blew my socks off! It is a ton of fun and capable of more moves than my thumbs can muster. I was especially thrilled to see it featured on the cover, with my flying pal Jeremy hanging it in a hover for me as I snapped away gathering media for the article. Park Pilot is a pretty nice little magazine IMO; lots of quality content packed into its pages!

Here is the video we worked up for this project:
E-flite Viking Model 12 Biplane (3 min 1 sec)

As well as one of Jacob Holländer in his full size Model 12-S “Viking SE-XZA biplane!

Jacob and the Viking - The man and his machine in 4K. (4 min 2 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by Tarmakin | Aug 08, 2015 @ 09:14 PM | 2,420 Views
Spent the day out at the Tokay RC Club watching their members fly giant scale. Wish I woulda brought a plane with me to fly or at least my Hex Copter to get some good aerial vids.

Giant Scale Meet - Tokay Radio Control Club - Lodi, CA Aug 2015 (5 min 22 sec)

Posted by Hansondiandian | Aug 08, 2015 @ 08:54 PM | 1,826 Views
Every single time when I check out the RCG blogs, there isn't a single comment on 98% of the posts. I was like, "hey c'mon people, if you like the hobby, why not simply reply those blog posts or per say being nice to other hobbyists by leaving a comment..." . I specifically saw many posts, typing "Leave a comment" and there just isn't any replies. Come on bloggers, be respectful to the other hobbyists by replying or commenting on their posts. Maybe just spend 5 minutes or less, you can change the RC community by leaving your thoughts!