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New RCX H2205/2350 : 22xx Power for the 18xx Weight Class!

I recently received 4 of the new RCX H2205/2350KV motors for my Tech Teardown; thanks to MyRCMart for providing them for review.

RCX H2205-2350 Promotional Price $8.99


Model: H2205-6
KV: 2350KV
Weight: Approx. 24-25g
Cable: 150mm, 22AWG Silicone
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5mm (CW)
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Length: 5mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Internal Resistance: 0.109Ω
Suitable ESC: 10-20A

H2205 Mechanical Draft

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Just finished up building and modifying my short kit My Oh My. The laser kit was from Lazer Works and the plan was downloaded from the OuterZone UK webstite. The plane was a joy to build and is fun to fly.

Build log:

RCM's My-Oh-My (2 min 8 sec)

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I was hoping this was the year to learn to fly 3D, it will have to wait till next year.

In the meantime, a friend sent me some links to some good 3D training.
All in all, it is 54 minutes of instruction. Enjoy!

Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D episode 1 (15 min 43 sec)

Michael Wargo How to Learn 3D pt2 -"Throttle, Rolling and rolling harrier" (19 min 33 sec)
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If you like your Rally Cars on the bigger size, take a look at the November 2015 issue of RC Driver magazine.We had some fun with the new Hobby King Basher BSR 1/8 scale 4WD Ready-to-Run Rally Car!

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I've almost forgotten how easy and slow flying can be.
Bird of Time T-tail Slope Soaring (3 min 54 sec)

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Here are the selected top 9 from the amazing 34 submissions we got for atom and raiju builds!

Thanks to all who entered, selection criteria was based on things like staging, scale references, artistic etc.
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Hello Everyone

Check out are site for GREAT DEALES on accessories.

Fuel Dots

Clear Fuel Tanks

Fuel Line

And More
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my new tow boat and extra large springer type hull and barge
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For the last 2 years, I have been flying a DYI Quad using a DJI F450 frame and a KK2.1 flight controller, and Tarot 2D gimbal. It was fun to build and fly but recently upgraded to a 3DR Solo. While waiting for the gimbal to arrive, I shot this fun video pulling my Nephew's tooth with the Solo.

3DR Solo - Drone Tooth Pull (1 min 21 sec)

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thanks to my 13db patch antenna I've been able to practice my high speed it's just the battery that's giving up on me

6 packs good times....I had a close call when I heard rustling leaves....had to land in a hurry and check if it was a snake

No snake

Bent landing eMax 250 is great!
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Photos of the DLG I've been flying at the TPG Monthly DLG Contests in Poway this summer.

Results are recorded in F3X Vault.

The tails are getting beat up.

Not to brag but I flew a 1000 on one round, legit too.

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Here are my First Steps of converting Dusty to an RC Plane

Dusty Bubble Glider RC Conversion (2 min 57 sec)

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Hello RC Group folks. Got my chance to test this light set. Let me say, this is the way to light your way to great night flights. The RC Flite Light kit is simple to install, has no complicated drivers, it involves no lights on your tail feathers and it lights everything up like a diamond at night. Better yet, each wing can run on a separate battery, so, if you knock one light set off, you have the light you need to land your plane. I really enjoy having the option to take the SFGs off and put the lights on for night flying. Next day... back to the SFGs during the day... not a problem. You will no doubt see more of RC Flite Light since the design is now the best on the market. Enjoy the vid everyone.
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I was working on my Besson today and felt that I was tired of looking for pilot bust for it. Of course if you want something done the way you like it... do it yourself.

Never having sculpted anything before other than Plasticine with my 2yo I didn't really know where to start. So where do we turn when we don't know something... where else but youtube! Several instructional videos later I was ready to rock.

Bear in mind that this is my first attempt so it is a bit rougher than I would like but you have to start somewhere. He stands a diminutive 32mm tall and 35mm across the shoulders. His head is about 20mm tall so it is about right for a 1:12, maybe a whisker too small. There is about 4hrs work in the original but I think with practice I'll get faster.

The original sculpt is in fimo polymer clay and is a bit heavy for direct use.
I have taken a Pinkysil mold and intend to do a slush cast to make a lighter resin duplicate to paint and mount.

For this, my first attempt, I didn't have a model or photo to base it on. I just kind of started pushing the material around and waited to see who came out of it. I think he looks like quite a distinguished little aviator.

I really enjoyed this change of medium and think I'll try and make it a regular part of my builds

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Finally getting the hang of the Sport Cub without the SAFE technology after relying on it for my initial flights. Still have crashes, and had a good one today when I got brave and tried a loop. Straight into the ground. Some CA glue and I'm back in business!
guess I'll be picking up a spare fuselage sometime soon!

My wife asked me, "You sure do a lot of surgery, is it worth it?"

Sure is

I posted a few pics of the repairs and some commented on how the front looked off. Seemed to fly ok, but thought I'd give myself the chance to fix it right and replace the fuselage.

I got a new fuselage from the LHS and replaced it yesterday morning. Not as bad as I thought it would be though I did have a few spots that needed some extra attention (cleaning the wing, which I wasn't sure if it was glued or double-side tape).

Letting the silicone dry in the motor mount right now, then will give it a shot. Biggest concern is whether the board is seated properly -- thankfully I got a photo of where it was in the old fuselage. I haven't secured it fully yet (though it's in there tight) in case I need to adjust....Continue Reading
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Hi,my thing is old timers , ic powered. Whilst waiting some material for my Fire Brand Old Timer . I was given a small rubber band powered spitfire bit the worst for wear but structrally sound .so having striped all tissue off the air frame ,decided to convert it to electric power .I have beefed up all stress points,freed the fixed main wing so now it will take two mini sevosin the fuseand sitting atop the main plane a mini recover and a small 1500 lipo ,the motor and speed controller will fit nicely in the nose cowl .
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So I have order the parts for my first mini racing quad, and I'm very excited! To day the Mail Man delivered almost everything, just waiting on my frame rx, and battery. I'm sure your asking well what components did you get? Well I chose a Tarot 200 frame, it has the power, and signal pads incorporated, which is cool. It also is designed for a CC3D so that the only wires will be sbus to my Rx. I'm using some cheering 2204s, with 6030 props. I am also going to add some walkera bright LED "Headlights" and will add my VTX and CCTV camera after It is tuned. I'm controlling with a Taranis x9D+ and a X4RSB rx. I will set oneshot125, damped light, and CC3D Telemetry to the RX SmartPort.
I am so excited it's crazy, like a little girl!
I will report more when everything's here!
Until next time y'all!
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Several generations ago of hardware and electronics.

Experimental VTOL Jax R/C (3 min 15 sec)