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Last few weeks Drone Racing Team Croatia was practicing on this amazing Gemfan track.

We had excellent training and a lot of fun

Frame: Mixuko 5''
FC: KissFC
ESC: Kiss 30A
Motor: ZMX 2205 2633kv v2
Reciever: FrSky XSR
Cam: Runcam PZ0420m
VTX:FX796T 200mw
Antenna: Immersion SpiroNET 5.8 GHz
Propellers: GemFan 5045 Bullnose
Battery: 1300 mAh 45c 4s Tattu

GEMFAN CHALLENGE - 40.817 - Klic FPV (2 min 0 sec)

Video from Klic FPV,Thx.
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Hello every one , Hope all guys have a good day !!
This is the new 11.1V 9000mAh 60C-120C LiPo battery from Vant. It's designed specifically for Traxxas vehicles with longer battery trays such as the X-Maxx, XO-1, Rally VXL, Slash 4x4, and Slash 2wd VXL.

Discharge Rate: 60C Constant (540A) / 120C Burst (10 sec) (1080A)
Suggested Charge Rate: 1C (9.0A)
Max Charge Rate: 2C (18.0A)
Watt Hours: 99.9Wh
Weight: 23.7 oz / 673g (including wire, plug & case)
Dimensions LxWxH: 152.0 x 46.5 x 43.5 mm
Dimensions w/ Wiring: 155.0 x 46.5 x 43.5 mm
*Note that dimensions may vary by ± ~1mm.
Discharge Plug: Traxxas High Current Style Connector
Balance Plug: JST-XH
If interested , please contact me
my skype: peng.caroline2
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Hi !

I received an Action Cam with for main purpose to be used on my RC models: it’s a GIT2 Pro from GitUp

You just have to know that the difference between the GIT2 and GIT2Pro concerns the provided fastening solutions.

The cam weight 64g and measure 59mm x 40mm x 30mm

The beast own exactly the same dimensions than a Hero 3 from GoPro, so compatible with all Gopro family accessories.

Regarding its main characteristics, we have: a 16M sensor supplied by Sony

These very interesting video recording modes :

4K Interpolated 24fps
1440P en 30fps
1080P en 60fps
720P en 120fps

High recording speeds will ensure a good fluidity of movies for our very fast RC models but equally to perform beautiful slow motions.

Other very interesting characteristics :
- An external microphone plug via micro USB, a good way to avoid the main issue of sports cam : the sound quality !
- An optical stabilization: one of the most efficient available on action cameras

The box just after opening : the cam is put in a foam block, very well protected.

Provided accessories with the « Pro » package of the Git2

...Continue Reading
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I have been looking for a canopy for my carden yak 54 89" wingspan for months now. I can't fly it without one. Does anybody know where I can find it?!
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I was out trying out a fpv system I put together on my K70 yesterday afternoon,my setup needs some tuning still but I got a bit of nice scenery I wanted to share, getting very green around here
KAIDENG K70 Sky Warrior Checking Out The Greenery (4 min 11 sec)

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A few days ago, about a year after building the Magnum, I got around to finish the carbon supports for the floppy fin. Took all of ten minutes. Just stuck them into the EPP with mix of CA and UHU Por to secure a good fit. It did help quite a bit, a more distinct rudder response and visible improvement in the air how the rudder moves quickly and crisply (well that last thing is relative).

The three packs I use now are two 2s 500-ish and a 3s 500-ish and while the 3s lets me hotrod vertical and long for the aileron acro wing, the Magnum and I like it best crawling along with the 2s on 1/3 throttle. The evening sun even provided a little thermal action, enough to "park" the plane in the air for a few minutes.

The Magnum is perfect for a short evening flight, it cruises around slowly and with the Hacker motor and the ESC inside it is very silent too and doesn't disturb the neighbors.
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My latest FPV race multirotor project.
This 190 class fpv racer is build on a complete selfdesigned frame with clean and dirty section.
All details about this project, a step by step building guide and al 3D sketches are available on my blog
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The drone that can make it rain. The process involves seeding clouds with silver iodide.
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T1 flight controller is specifically designed for multi-rotor UAV, and supports all the multi-rotor structure on the market. It adopts design of aluminum case with high degree of accuracy and built - in damping,which makes UAV have a goad stability and extremely high control precision.T1 supports PC and smartphone ground station,it can achieve auto-fly.Meanwhile,SDK will be open for free in T1 in order to support UAV manufacturer & integrator.

All-in-one design
T1 is a commercial and industrial multi-rotor light controller.It adopts all-in-one design, which is light and easy to install and has less space to occupy.

Built- in damping
T1 adopts built-in damping design, customers do not need to consider damping problem, easy to install.

Support SBUS receiver, PPM receiver and PWM receiver

Excellent interference immunity to magnetic fields

Failsafe protection , Low battery alert and protection,Protection for one-rotor failure

Supported by PC and smartphone ground station
Support high-performance with external IMU
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Scale triplane doing 3D aerobatics? Yup! The airplane seems quite at home doing it too!...that is until the engine quits...

Fokker DR1 Triplane 3D Aerobatics (& Flameout) at Gilman Springs USSM Qualifier RC Airshow (2 min 23 sec)

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Some pictures of the flaps and retract setup.

Both the retracts and flaps took some time and a few evolutions to sort out. The retracts are operated by a Turnigy TSS-10HM DS Micro Servo 2.2kg 10g servo and have a "pusher" cut from an old credit card to push open the doors as they extend. This keeps the doors from jamming the retracts and keeps them clear of the retract springs.

The pusher contacts a curved "runner" (also from old credit card) fixed to the inside of the gear doors. This is also shaped to form a ramp to increase the speed the doors open as they near the fully open position.

The retracts also have a length of elastic (elastic hair bands borrowed stolen from the wife). These are carefully tensioned to close both the front and rear of the doors neatly. Holes are drilled in the pushers to tension the elastic bands and pull the doors shut as the undercarriage retracts.

Each retract servo is on a separate channel and the endpoints are individually set to push the retracts to their mechanical limits (both up and down) and a curve then relaxes the servo by 1/4 mm or so. This means there is no load on the servo either when fully retracted or extended - all the load is taken by the "end locks" of the retract (no buzzing ).

Flaps are cut from 1.5mm balsa with strengthening ribs to make them slightly concave to keep the trailing gap at a minimum. Operated by a HXT500.

Clear plastic strip links the inboard and outboard sections....Continue Reading
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Halloa people

recently released by HobbyKing.. The 1700mm Hall Cherokee EDF glider.. I ordered this one with the hopes it will make for a nice FPV platform

Link to this plane: Hall Cherokee 1700mm

Allright! Lets first see what we find in the box, and what it all looks like:

DutchRC - HobbyKing Hall Cherokee 1700mm EDF Glider - Show & Tell + Build recap (11 min 49 sec)

Wingspan: 1700mm
Length: 920mm
Wing Area: 23.27
Flying Weight: 700g (Power EDF version)
Motor Size: 64mm EDF
ESC: 30A Brushless

5 channel radio
3S 1500mAh 25-40C Lipoly Battery
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Tarot 650 Sport Hexacopter.
This is my first hex to build and fly.
After 6 months of no flying I am more than ready to get out and in the air!
I tried T-Motors this time and am very impressed!
This build has less than 1 hour in the air, which I plan to change real soon

Tarot 680 Sport Hexacopter
Build Specs:

Tarot 680 Sport Carbon-Fiber Hexacopter Frame
DJI Naza-M V2 Flight Controller w/Mini iOSD
Castle Creations QuadPack 35 AMP ESC’s
T-Motor MN3110-26 KV:470 Motors
Tarot T-Motor Style 13x5.5 Carbon Fiber Props
Dragon Link Micro UHF Receiver - Next Gen v3
1.2-1.3GHz LawMate Plus Dual Power 500/1000mW Transmitter V2
VAS/IBCrazy 1.3GHz BluBeam Ultra Mad Mushroom Antenna
Lumenier UBEC High Voltage - Adjustable 6V, 9V, 12V at 5A (14-40V Input)
Camera Positioning Kit (660mm)
FeiYu Tech G3 Ultra 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal
GoPro Hero3+ Black
4S/6S 14.8/22.2V Lipo Power System

I'm only flying with the Spektrum DX9 and DLA for all multirotors now...
This is an incredibly smooth and stable flyer.
Thanx for stopping by ...Continue Reading
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In my quest to build my own reflow oven i came across a software compatible DIY ControLeo2 called the "BMI reflow". Im still in the process of completing my build, but i figured i would share what i have with everyone who may be interested in adding this capability to their RC toolbox. you can find info about the BMI reflow here:

the project is based on the original ControLeo2, located here:

the open source software is located here:

Lots of good building tips on these pages.
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For Beginners and Non-Techies!
How Modern Camera Drones Work

Drones Drones Drones – everyone is writing about them, talking about them and flying them – but only a select few actually know how they work. This article will provide a brief non-technical explanation of the basics that keep a modern Camera Drone in the air.

It really is Magic!

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

For our more logical minds, it may help to rename magic to “sensor fusion” which is defined as:
“combining of sensory data or data derived from disparate sources such that the resulting information has less uncertainty than would be possible when these sources were used individually.”

Modern camera quadcopters, such as the Phantom 3 series, need to have control of two systems…the flying machine itself and the camera/gimbal combination. Keeping both steady and under control results in the desired end – butter smooth video and stunning photographs.

Multirotor Flight Control Sensors and Instruments

Modern Camera Drone Sensors
(See diagram attached)
1. The GPS gathers satellite data in order to determine the position of the Drone – this data is also fed into the main flight controller. Advanced models such as the Phantom 3 Pro read both USA (GPS) and Russian (GLONASS) satellites, resulting in much more accurate positioning than previous models.

2. A Barometer measures the pressure in the air, which help the Phantom know its...Continue Reading
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Causing havoc//TATTU (3 min 36 sec)
Patsminih Minion
Cobra 2204 2300kv
sn20a esc
HQ 5x4 Glass FIbre
10 degrees motor mounts (hoverthings)
frsky d4r ii
600tvl mini cam
hawkeye 600mw
cleanflight oneshot pid controller 1
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After a number of successful flights off the ground with its landing gear along with my steerable tail wheel modification, I moved on to try the Multiplex Shark off the water with its hull/float set.

First I did a static floating test to see what I might do for a tail rudder to provide the same degree of positive steering as taxiing on the ground. However, I was dismayed to see how much the tail of the fuselage sunk into the water. This motivated me to try something to help raise the tail out of the water as well as steer it. I came up with the idea of a kind of hydrofoil rudder, reasoning that a small ski-like device would lift the tail out of the water once the plane was under motion similar to how the step in the hull does.

I fabricated a hydrofoil style rudder out of some Lexan poly-carbonate plastic sheet I had left from a desk top protector. I fitted this assembly to the tail wheel strut such that only a single screw secures it and is swapable for the tail wheel as easily as the float/hull unit.

With my water steering device in place, I went to the next phase of testing, low speed taxiing, followed by high speed runs getting the hull up on the step. The tail rudder seemed to come up on step right along with the float/hull and skimmed along on the water perfectly.

Next test phase was to lift off the water and get some air time with the float/hull set on it. That's when "bad Shark" appeared and things went south in a hurry. Once in the air, it was very...Continue Reading
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H-King 250 Flight at park (3 min 44 sec)

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I did the mod to change the antenna
I bought a 5 DB antenna for the taranis radio and I found a Wifi antenna is White
watch the video and you see my results comparing and the difference of the two antennae

SWR taranis radio antenna mod (7 min 18 sec)