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10mph intervals from oblique angle (11 min 47 sec)

This angle came out almost professional looking. It might still be an unseen angle in any movie, since no-one has ever run 3 miles with an RC car cam.

Running form is a lot more discernable from this angle, but it's much harder to avoid bikes going 15mph. The combined speed of an impact would be 25mph. Ran off the road once, so driving from this angle is still harder than driving from behind. A purely side view still requires an autopilot.

Unfortunately, the work done on path following would not allow a side view. The car would weave from side to side, manely staying in the center of the path. There is no algorithm which could hug the side of the path. It's another area where lookup tables or convnets differentiating materials could be the best option. It still needs a previous copy of the drive where the materials have been manually labeled.
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I was looking forward to this, I have had an interest in Multirotors for a while and built and bought a few, I am not that good at flying them, but I try.

My most recent purchase is an Emax NightHawke, it is built, I just need time to finish setting it up, then fit the FPV gear and play.

In the meantime the racing at the NATs was pretty good fun, set up on what I think was the old Bloodhound missile site.
Saturday was the heats, fun to watch, interesting watching the techniques people used, some just went for at, missed the hoops and took the time penalty, or more likely crashed out, others took their time and had better results.

If you don't finish, you can't win.

Anyway, the racing was fun, very difficult to get a decent photo of one in the air, not a sharp one anyway, but I tried.

What I found fun was to put on my own Fatshark goggles and watch from the pilots point of view....Continue Reading
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I only stayed on the scale line for a short while, it was nice to sit on the grass and watch some nice lovely detailed models put through their paces.

I have no idea how they judge which model is the best, they all are of such a high standard....Continue Reading
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For me, the best bit, though this year I only managed one evening, my leg has been giving me hell for months, I only got off crutches a few weeks ago after several months use.

Bloody good fun, I gather someone got hit on Sunday evening, I hope they are not badly hurt, but you go knowing there are planes flying in all directions and you stand a chance of getting hit if you do not keep your wits about you.

The sunset was pretty cool as well....Continue Reading
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Guys, please swing by my newly revised website @
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I have never indulged in Control line, though I have a couple of planes, no one I know seems to be interested. Nice to watch though....Continue Reading
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We are working on a new project, code named "Project Greyhound". We are looking for a few people who can fly quads and post to YouTube. We would like people that have access to weekly or other racing events/ flying with buddies.

We are looking for people that enjoy the hobby, not necessarily win ever event, but have fun doing it. If you would like to find out more, PM me your email and a link to you flying video.

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These twins were built for a customer who wanted 2 of the exact same ZMR's.

ZMR250 full carbon fiber frame
Overcraft V4 PDB with LC filter
CC3D flight controller running OP 15.02.02 fw with Oneshot125
RTFQ 20A ESC running BLHeli 14.02 with Damped Light enabled
RCX 2205 2350kv motors
TS5823 5.8ghz 200mW 32 channel vtx
700 TVL CCD WDR camera
Lost vehicle...Continue Reading
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, travel back from shanghai , exhausted. and saw many talents
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The FPV Nano QX is a great way to get into the FPV hobby.

Blade - FPV Nano QX - Review and Flight (16 min 31 sec)

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Out of the box, the RocHobby F16 has an odd front landing wheel. For some reason, the front landing gear has a forward rake. Basically, the axle is ahead of the strut mount point. This results in well documented issues with landing and taxiing.

I tried to straighten out the front gear and give the wheel some rearward rake. If you have a vice, that would make this easier. I don't so I used a pair of pliers to straighten out the top portion (that inserts into the strut mount). I also used an x-acto handle to go into the spiral of the spring portion and tried to get the axle to bend further back. It looks like I was able to get the axle behind the strut mount point by about a centimeter.

Here are a few photos. It isn't perfect as you'll see. The spring does touch the fuselage so it could be better.
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This was a surprise for me. I wasn't sure what to expect regarding stalls from this model. I've tested it a few times now because I'm just amazed at what this thing does when you stall it. .

So to test it, I bring it up to about three mistakes high, cut the throttle and begin to pull back on the elevator and try to keep the wings level. I try to hold it at a similar angle of attack as when you flare during landings until I can pull all the way back while keeping that angle. Then watch the stall do it's thing.

I'm running a gyro (AS3X) when I did it with this F16 and I didn't know what to expect. I can tell you though, I didn't expect it to simply drop it's nose.. Perfect! I don't think the gyro helped during the stall since there isn't enough air going across the control surfaces to matter. That's why it is a stall. It might have helped though in the brief moment between stalls to keep her level until the stall repeated. Either way, dropping the nose on a stall is a thing of beauty and to do it on this edf impressed me. I also have a Freewing P51 with a gyro in it and when it stalls, you fall out of the sky like there is a brick at the end of a string tied to your wingtip. It's... exhilarating. Thankfully, this F16 isn't.

If anyone has tested their setup for stall characteristics, I'd be interested to know what your experience has been and if you also had a gyro or not.
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Ok, so I had four 24mm x 4mm x 2mm magnets lying around. I used those to affix the wingtip missiles. They work very well and will do the same to the drop-tanks and under wing missiles too. I just bought some similar sized magnets from ebay...

Here is a video (ignore the audio, bad camera).
Detachable Magnetic Missiles (0 min 46 sec)

If the wind lets up, I'll maiden it today or tomorrow...

** UPDATE **
You might notice in the photo that the magnets are not in contact with the missiles on. In hindsight, I think it would have been better to have the magnets on the front and rear sections as opposed to the center like I did. The magnets are very strong and have begun to squish the foam so they can tilt and connect. This makes the missiles look like they are sagging downwards on the sides.
I have found though, to correct this I can simply wedge anything lying around about as thick as I need it into the space between the magnets to keep them in proper parallel orientation. I've used stems from blades of grass. They come out if I land a little rough so I just grab whatever is handy.
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Another RCGroups user "P40flyer" posted his mods for enlarging the battery compartment. The issue he addressed was that the velcro battery strap would push up the canopy when a larger (2200mAh) battery was used. Here is the original post:
Originally Posted by P40flyer View Post
Got my FMS/RocHobbies F-16 built and ready to go this morning. One slight mod that needed to be done was to Dremel out a portion of the canopy underside. The lipo strap interferes with it properly staying magnetically secure to the fuse (when the lipo is installed) so this worked perfectly. Not much room height wise in the battery compartment. The only thing I wish FMS would change with these edf's is use heavier diameter pushrods. They have a tendency to flex a bit. My Freewing jets have VERY heavy duty pushrods that don't flex at all. Minor complaint though. Maiden to come!
Here is my enlarged battery compartment.
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The (codename) Pi250 is a mostly closed frame for a 250 class racing frame quadcopter.
The objective is to obtain a NICE, VISIBLE, adaptable frame, to render drone races more interesting and fun.

It will probably result in a quite heavier build in respect to the carbon fiber wafers kits, so it won't probably be so much performing. My estimate is just below 200 grams for the full version.
On the other side, the fully enclosed, smooth design should reduce greatly air drag.

It will also be expensive: at an estimate of around 150 cc of material, price for the complete set will be probably just below 90$ at Shapeways.
Update: with the new design the cc should fall back to no more than 80, thus also price should be near to 50 or 60$. Won't be very cheap anyway.

After the main version will be completed, a "home friendly 3D printer" version is planned.
This will actually be a challenge because of the limitations of low cost printers, but it should greatly help in reducing production costs and let me produce the thing at home.

Last but not least, I will probably make a second version of the whole, with a smooth look, instead this first faceted version.
This is just the beginning.


Mostly closed body
Much like the Robocat, this frame will make the drone much more visible than the actual black carbon fiber ones.
This is the main objective of this project: to obtain a visible, beautyful frame for 250 class quadcopters.

Multipart - 8 pieces
- 4 arms
- front
...Continue Reading
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Took my modded Sky Raider ( think Airhogs Titan but not as up to date) out for a spin a few days ago and shot video from it. I let Google Pictures edit the six minute shot down to a palatable :48. I tweaked the edit a bit but this it pretty much what the AI came up with.
Recon Mission. (0 min 50 sec)

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So anyone that has seen my other blogs or my youtube channel will know that I have had my hands on a few gimbals over the years. Most of them being Feiyu-Tech's.

You will however also be aware that while many of those gimbals have been good... none however have been 'great' and so far none at all have convinced me to walk away from my stalwart DJI Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal which, to this day, i still feel is the best GoPro based gimbal if you want pure quality footage.

With all this attention from the reviews I have been blessed with a few companies stepping forward offering products for review. The most recent was Zhiyun who sent me their Tiny 2 and a couple more.

Before you fall asleep the review I have done (Those less patient can go to 18:33 to see the actual in flight footage.)

Interestingly the Zhiyun products have been out and around for a while. They are a Chinese company but seem to lack the Western presence in terms of retail outlets compared to Feiyu-Tech. For that reason not a lot of people had dared jump into their products but from the whispers in the comments of youtube I'd heard good things. I'd also had people requesting a version of my popular Feiyutech G4 Gopro Clamp for the Z1 Pround and the Evolution. I owned neither and due to the lack of demand on them I never entertained acquiring them either as the G4 was serving its purpose in terms of use and in terms of Shapeways design...Continue Reading
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Full-Frame Camera Mount for Yi - Good and Cheap from Amazon!

I just received THIS in today's mail for my Yi. Only $13 and eligible for free shipping via Prime; I picked it because it came with a UV Filter/Lens Protector and I was willing to pay more to have it quickly.


Overall weight with Yi is 100 grams, plus 5 for the UV Filter

The frame is injection molded ABS and reasonably thick; it doesn't feel a bit flimsy at all. When attached to the base and tightened down, it feels VERY firm. I still don't think it can stand up to Kernow Quad, though.

...Continue Reading