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Posted by mnemennth | Sep 28, 2014 @ 11:57 PM | 1,610 Views
Taranis TOO EASY™ RGB Backlight Mod - Rev 1

So you've got your Taranis, and you've done all the usual speaker, Haptic & Sliders Mods; maybe even a 6-Position Mode Switch. But you're still stuck with the original contrast-killing BLUE backlight. If you're lucky, maybe you have a Plus and get to add some Dusty Grey™ to that, making some color in between. Yay!

If, like many of the Taranis faithful, the display isn't important to you, then it's probably time to flip the channel. But if you like the idea of having all THESE COLORS:

and pretty much anything in between then you're in the right place, dear Modder.

What if I told you you could have this, and add a remote control (we all know that whatever you're Modding, it's not fully "Blinged-Out" until it has a remote ), and still keep your original backlight controlled by the TX the same as ever, so all your flashing warning programming will still work?

What if I told you that you could do it all in an afternoon with no microsurgery on your beloved Taranis' Mainboard, and that this is a low-risk procedure with only two solder connections to the actual TX for power, and total All-Up-Cost is in the vicinity of $20-ish US ?

If that sounds good to you, read on.

"Okay... what's the catch?" you ask. "There has to be a catch."

I won't lie to you... there is a catch. In order to make the Mod this easy, we have to avoid disassembling the original backlight; this is a...Continue Reading
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 24, 2014 @ 02:23 AM | 1,500 Views

Though SpaceX never revealed any detailed diagrams of Falcon 9, they did reveal 1 low resolution diagram which was captured in a blog in 2008.

So the video was the LOX tank. The spheres in frame were carbon fiber helium tanks used to pressurize the LOX tank. The temperature in there was −297.33F. Helium liquifies at -452F, so the spheres would still work when submerged. The fuel is presumably pressurized with exhaust.

All of the stages use common bulkheads between fuel & oxidizer. There's nothing on the 1st stage, no public displays where you can see the plumbing up close, no diagrams.
Posted by T.A. | Sep 24, 2014 @ 03:19 AM | 1,468 Views
Oh thank you baby jesus for the arrival of the E-Flite P-51D! I was ready and already accepting that I would not see the model until the second part of October which is more than likely the end of my flying season. Then on Saturday morning Horizon Hobby updated the stock to in stock.

Now that I have the model I love her but have already began to understand the flaws of this version of an 1100 mm class P-51D. Flaws considered this version by E-Flite is a must have.

From the beginning I knew that the battle of which foam 1100mm P-51D to own would either be the Durafly or E-Flite. Touching them is bring some light to who is the better of the two.

I want to recap the models and first up is the potent Durafly P-51D meassuring in at Wingspan: 1100mm
Length: 945mm
Flying Weight: 1220g
Motor: 750kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
Wing Loading: 60.1g/dm2

and its competitor hailing from E-flite by way of the mother ship Horizon Hobby the E-Flite P-51D BNF basic measuring in at
Wingspan: 44.0 in (1120mm)
Overall Length: 38.4 in (975mm)
Wing Area: 334 sq in (21.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 42.8 oz (1214 g)
Motor Size: 15-size brushless outrunner, 950Kv (installed)

By the stats the E-Flite should deliver a slightly more stable flight. Its wing area is a better measurment and the Fuse length is a little longer which may help in giving a little greater lift to drag ratio.

More by the stats the Durafly actually has a little more flexibility right out the box with its...Continue Reading
Posted by PeterVRC | Sep 24, 2014 @ 05:08 AM | 1,465 Views
There are some 'nuisance problems' with FPV Goggles that are perpetually annoying.

For all use:
1) A need for power - a battery that you need to fit or hold somewhere

For use with Head-Tracking:
2) A lead going to your TX
3) Having to press the Head-Tracker Reset Button, which are ON the Goggles, quite often.

After a bit of investigating and thinking I decided on a 'fix' for all of these issues in one swoop.....

Posted by xplaneguy | Sep 28, 2014 @ 11:10 PM | 1,455 Views
Here's a bunch of photos of the forthcoming Freewing 90mm F-16 which will be available at Motion RC, date TBD....hopefully before Thanksgiving. It uses a 6S 5000mAh battery and loaded with a ton of features. More info coming soon.

...Continue Reading
Posted by Suenaga | Sep 24, 2014 @ 10:41 PM | 1,421 Views
Here is a quick video of bench testing the control surface correction directions for the Eflite SAFE Rx (originally found in the Apprentice S RC plane). In this video I have installed the SAFE Rx in Eflite's new P-51D. This will also be applicable to bench testing the SAFE programmed AR636F4U found in the HobbyZone Corsair S. I want to do a longer more detailed one in the future, but I had a few requests to throw something together soon so this will have to do for now.


My YouTube Channel:

Bench Testing the Eflite SAFE Rx (8 min 26 sec)

Posted by Nightstone | Sep 24, 2014 @ 12:15 AM | 1,410 Views
Decided tonight to see if I could get this cheap board working in Flying wing mode. Made a dollar tree mockup and took a go at it. Here is how I did it.

1.) Flash board with flying wing mode. Define your board.
2.) Right servo on D11 - Left Servo on D12
3.) Roll to roll - Pitch to Pitch
4.) Set Taranis to simple 4 channel mix. NOT ELEVON
5.) Chan 5 to aux1 on board
6.) Use win Gui 2.3 beta to program
7.) Program Aux1 with pass through/Angle/Horizon or combo you want Add baro in. Etc

Here is a vid of the results. Servos chatter a bit. It works. Going to take some tuning I think. Will try it on a wing when my bluetooth comes in from HK. This way I can program from my tablet or phone in the field.

HK328pWingMode (0 min 57 sec)

Posted by tailskid2 | Sep 28, 2014 @ 05:30 PM | 1,350 Views
New DEVELOPMENT....tried a NIB Futaba 6EX with their R617FS receiver (two servos connected to RX with "Y" connector)


Quickly plugged the "Y" into aileron channel on Specktrum RX and "Same old thing".... so I guess I'm going to have to sell those servos - crap - that puts me back a couple of weeks and probably lose some money in the process

Posted by scruffy1 | Sep 28, 2014 @ 12:31 AM | 1,341 Views
there's one other thread here about it, but i thought i'd selfishly start a new one to do a build log; this is the closest to the alula still reasonably easily obtainable

$34.70 (us $) delivered to australia, from korea, in just on 2 weeks using their (cheap) standard post; the cardboard box might have been a little more resilient, but despite a little wear and tear on the exterior, all the parts arrived intact and ready to go
you can buy one here if you want to, and there's another version that comes with a pair of servos and a nimh battery for around another us$20

for the money on the basic kit you will receive :

4 pieces of pre-cut foam, which looks to be hot-wired polystyrene (they say epp) :
pod - 9 grams
fin - 1.8 grams
wings x2 with pre-cut flaperon "groove" - around 24 grams each, but conveniently for this right handed thrower, the left wing is 23.9 and the right 24.4, leaving me half a gram for the peg for DLG whilst maintaining lateral balance; whether it has any use as a DLG might be debatable - but if the libelle has delusions of that role then i don't see why this foamie shouldn't try it on too

then there's two spars of fibreglass, which will get saved for future reference, as i intend to swap in carbon for the reinforcements

and there's also a pair of control horns, a throwing peg and some cord for reinforcing it to the left spar, and some 1.2mm push rods and linkage stoppers

rounding off the package is a comprehensive manual -...Continue Reading
Posted by MattyB | Sep 28, 2014 @ 05:20 PM | 1,339 Views
A review of the EFX Racer will appear here on release.

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to Ralph Roberts please visit Paypal and donate to paypal@theprocreator.com.
Posted by tearig | Sep 28, 2014 @ 03:34 PM | 1,338 Views

Posted by kiwi_craig | Sep 28, 2014 @ 04:13 AM | 1,338 Views
Had a fantastic flight session with the v915, flew brillantly. Conditions where far from perrfect with strong wind gusts up to 10 to 15 mph. Strong enough that my modded v912 was in the deck repeatedly. Ive fitted a set of Nine Eagles 228 mixers, these work fantastically when combined with the stock flybar weight (with ends tweaked up for clearance). Heli responds nicely and remains composed even in head winds able to blow it backwards it remained level and in control, normally with a WL thats instant crash territory...... When the gusts dropped it flew stunningly well

Fitment; have to trim off the original mixer arm pivot pins, drill a very small hole right through the blade grip so the mounting screw threads through nicely. I drilled the brass bush from 1.5 mm to 1.65mm to suit the screws i had to hand. Dab of epoxy on the screws to make sure they dont lossen .

The mixer arm is adjustable with three different ratios i found the stock 228 setting in the middle hole works nicely. The NE mixers reduces the flybar inputs into the blade grip allowing better servo response and a significant improvement to the overall flight envelope and smoothness best this bird has ever flown by miles.

Superb improvement to the overall flight characteristics. Going to change the 912 over, the difference is an eye opener ! Normally my 912 will handle a decent head wind where as the 915 was pretty hopeless....... Total reversal in very trying conditions........

Reliable vendor on eBay, from china, around $5 delivered. Best $5 investment you can make on this bird.

Next project for the 915 is the Fx 78 drive shaft with FX 071 flybarless rotor head and FX 071 flybarless PCB. Drive line nearly done just got to fab an offset swash pivot guide. PCB is easy. Not so keen on the el cheapo Fx tx units after running a 9x though......
Posted by elbryan03 | Sep 24, 2014 @ 12:15 AM | 1,338 Views
Blade 180QX Practising to flip and roll (1 min 55 sec)

Anyone able to advise how to do tighter flips and rolls?
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 25, 2014 @ 06:21 AM | 1,331 Views

document.getElementById("button").checked = false;


$(button).prop("checked", false);

It's not about common sense. It's about knowing the secret handshake.
Posted by xzd | Yesterday @ 01:14 AM | 1,327 Views
Powered by 4s 1300mah Lipo right now. Sounds great and unlimited vertical, the TV helps a lot on the elevator too.
Posted by Suenaga | Sep 27, 2014 @ 03:05 PM | 1,323 Views
Today's maiden of my Eflite P-51D equipped with an Eflite SAFE Rx. Onboard camera is a Mobius and Hat Cam from the ground is a GoPro 3+. Transmitter is a DX9. No flaps were used for landings or take-offs. The first landing was a bit bumpy as I held up-elevator for too long on touch down. This bird likes to land like my ParkZone FW-190. Final landing was much better, even with the small pebbles dotting my landing strip.


Eflite P-51D Maiden w/SAFE Rx (7 min 3 sec)

Shorter raw 3 minute ground version:
...Continue Reading
Posted by dys08 | Sep 25, 2014 @ 06:39 AM | 1,317 Views
Dear All friends,

Hello to everybody! Here would like to share the goods news with you.

DYS recently has released the new Quadcopter D800-X4 with strong power and elegant design, it is the version which can be upgraded to X8.

DYS D800-X4(Quad) Frame Kit with 800mm motor to motor diameter is one of the medium sized frame kits that we offer.

The D800-X4 with high power can be suitable for the heavy lift platform.

The quick disconnect and retractable automatically design enables fast easy assembly and breakdown.

Frame: D800-X4 quick disconnect design
Propeller:1555 CW/CCW*2 pair
Landing gear:retractable automatically
Total weight of frame:2.8KG (including motors, ESCs, Propellers and flight controller set, without battery)
Battery:6s Lipo with 10000 mAh
Battery weight:1.42KG

Take-off weight:4.22KG
Flight time:15min

Maximum load of above configured multicopter is 6.5KG

If coming with plastic fold propeller 1552, the flight time will be 12minutes.

The max installing motor size: 65mm
The max installing propeller size: 19inch

Recommended Gimbal: NEX Gimbal (BLG3SN with 3pcs BGM4108-130).

Fully upgradeable to X8 configuration will coming soon!

Thank you for your review.

Thanks & Best Regards,

Posted by Nightstone | Sep 28, 2014 @ 01:41 PM | 1,315 Views
Disassembled the quad last night and started the process of putting equipment where it should go.

Here is some equipment weights to give you an idea of how out of balance the quad is. So that's 127 grams up front and a whole lot more in the back.

Gopro 2 and flight cam on the front - 127 grams
5000 Mah battery and video TX - 450 grams
6000 Mah battery and video TX - 530 grams

The battery has to come much further forward than the quad will allow with the FC at the recommended location. Even with it further forward it still will not balance.

Only solution is to put the FC on top and leave the entire inside for battery placement.

From TBS web site -
• DJI Flamewheel Motors with Graupner 10x5 or 9x5 E-Prop
• 3S 5'000 - 6'000mAh or 4S 2500 - 3700mAh

Second issue NOT listed on the main web site is that you cannot go wide angle with 10" props and have prop free video/pics. They suggest using 127 degree field of view. Another design flaw.

We don't want to forget that when an FC manufacturer recommends the FC be located at CG its best to put it at CG. When you read the naza manual the GPS location numbers are measured against the CG not the FC location. Syncing the GPS to CG while the FC is at a different location cannot be a good thing.

So far I have moved the FC up top and i'm going to design a plate to extend the gopro position out of the props. Hopefully it will become usable at that point.

I really wish I would have done more research prior to buying. Bad design and bad layout.

Posted by TScott1118 | Sep 24, 2014 @ 10:55 PM | 1,314 Views
The stab went together easily without any fingers getting glued to balsa. I'm a little unsure if the root rib areas are correct, but it's the only way it made sense. I'll sand it to an airfoil shape like the other ribs cross section.

In order to keep the assembly straight I pinned the halves over the plans and tack glued the 1/8" brass tube to the spars. I'll wrap thread around the tube and spar and smear glue on it. Then I'll cut the tube flush with the root. Then I'll work on the front rod. I need to think about the best way to get it in the right spot.