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(Please note that I am working in china so do not know if or how this may be available in US.)
I got this 160rmb dlg balsa kit in china on taobao.com with no instructions.
Think I have figured out where all the parts go from looking at the picture. Just not sure how far the fiberglass boom goes inside the fuselage. i can figure out the cg. Will use copy shop laminate to cover I think. Can hardly go wrong for the price.
Pretty complete kit, even a couple magnets for the hatch.

Have started building the fuselage, going together nicely.
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Aug 28, 2014 @ 01:44 AM | 1,810 Views

The $1400 beast finally blanked out after 7 years. The power light came on, but it would no longer detect a signal. Another monitor died earlier in the year, failing to come on at all. It was attributed to a mane processor burnout. Components can now be optimized precisely enough to hit a minimum required lifespan.

Thus began a period of despair over a future of just laptops or losing $400.

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Posted by shonmac | Aug 27, 2014 @ 11:57 PM | 1,807 Views
Every new plane I get; i crash . Then I fix it up and learn how it wants to be flown. It may take a few crashes and lots of glue...But I will figure it out.This hobby has been costly for me. I want so much in so little time. It's all been worth it though. I 've got spare parts , motors and batteries. I have the tools to repair and build . I have enough spare parts that I can start scratch building airplanes. Scratch build some nice little projects and let my friends experiment with them.
Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 27, 2014 @ 11:52 PM | 1,796 Views
some say that the early years were their happiest. i wonder...
i recall being told what to do and what not to do. then being taken to a place full of rascals that were doing their best to make my life miserable, and a grownup telling me what to do. things that i already knew, or i didn't care. that was called school. sometimes the grownups brought me with my cousins (a bunch of wild beasts) to a large tent, full of people, smelling heavily of manure, where there were some huge grey animals that looked like rocks (called elephants), some horses and fellows doing wild stunts, and other hanging from swings. the only thing i liked were the beautiful girls that did stunts on swings. the place was called the circus. other times they brought me to a sunny place where a fellow dressed like a clown entertained a bull with a piece of canvas. later a fellow on a horse pierced the back of the bull with a pike, and another challenged the bull with some sticks that managed to place on the back of the bull. then the clown killed the bull with a sword and 2 horses dragged the carcass away. that was called bullfighting. i also heard that my father was an amateur boxer, and he sometimes went to exchange punches with another 1. that was called boxing, but i was lucky enough not to be taken there because that happened too late in the evening for me. and grownups always so full of themselves, and making practical jokes on me.
and some wondered why i liked to be by myself!
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So, the great start to the holiday weekend continued with day 3 and 4, spent at the club field. Conditions were excellent on the Sunday, with zero to very light winds and lots of flying.
A good day for in flight pictures with some stunning aeroplanes on show.

This was the turnout on Sunday....Continue Reading
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cleaning out shop listed a lot of used RC micro and f3p parts on eBay up for auction here is the link http://stores.ebay.com/3drankin205/_...c&LH_Auction=1
Posted by K9000wner | Aug 28, 2014 @ 03:31 AM | 1,652 Views
a mess of photos I took while at the Duth MN AirShow


Hope you can Enjoy

notice some odd planes ...Gannet...F15...T34... T45 variant..B25 C47
PBY others
Posted by KiwiKid | Aug 24, 2014 @ 02:59 PM | 1,643 Views
Been having a lot of fun lately with my Polaris Ultra from ModelAero.

Maiden was a non-event and the HK Skipper proved to be a good trainer. On 4S the PU has gobs of power, although it is a bit rowdier than the Skipper. I did expect this, but it makes it a bit marginal as a park flyer although the bulk of the noise is created above about two thirds throttle, so I just give it the full welly at a bit of a distance from the huddled masses and it sounds OK.

Real easy to fly and great fun on the deck. A few of the guys in the States have been using them for FPV - not long range stuff, just hooning around at low level. They reinforce the hull (which already has a belly pan) and the PU can then can just bounce off anything that it grazes. ModelAero sell a drop in gimbal structure that just replaces the cockpit.

Haven't done any vids yet, so here's a retail one that shows how she flies - great model.

Model Aero Polaris Ultra (2 min 12 sec)

Sticky: Diatone #18 jps
Posted by Kaffine | Aug 28, 2014 @ 03:29 AM | 1,635 Views
Welcome to the Diatone #18 Build thread

First of all thanks to Buzz Hobbies for the donation of the frame.

The build components consist of:
Diatone #18 Black and Gold Frame Buzz Hobbies
Cobra CM2204/2300 motors Buzz Hobbies
ZTW 12A ESC's (SimonK) BoltRC
FrSky X8R Rx
OpenPilot CC3D F/C
HQ 5x3x3 Props

Diatone #18 B&G frame seems to be fibre composite build with added PDB for ESC's. The arms have a dual bolt connection but I've pulled the arms out and have only attached the one bolt.

Here is indication of what clearance and soldering angle is required if using both arm bolts

The PCB board allows the connection of the ESC power leads to the main frame
And the ESC Motor leads to the arms, also the Motor leads are attacked to the end of the arms aleaviating the need for exposed wires on the arm, NOTE: if using both bolts to attach the arm to the frame you must solder the ESC leads on a 90deg up angle so they don't foul on the frame

The frame allows for small and medium size Flight Controllers. Make sure you attach the F/C standoffs to the PDB before you connect the bottom plate as this we restrict access to the bolts.

As this picture depicts I have used only the one bolt on the arms and have extended them out to allow for 6x3 props, this...Continue Reading
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Hi SDS new and old friends,

Only one day left to the promotion for hot items with very COMPETITIVE CHEAPEST PRICE:
Rcexl Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch
Master Starter for Nitro/Gas engine
Rcexl Mini Tachometer
AOK 1-8S Lipo Battery Voltage Tester
Metal Dual Power Switch with Fuel Dot

To know more discounts,such as for boats,helicopters,etc,button Discounts

If you need to buy,take them home right away;
If you do not need,it would still be a precious chance to stock as backup.

The on sale hot items will be back to original price on 28th of Aug.
Action NOW
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Hard balsa 6 mm,
ply 2.5 mm,
Rigid wide frame with openings for doors.

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Posted by fotofly | Aug 25, 2014 @ 01:30 AM | 1,600 Views
Limited Pre-production quantity frame price with electric retracts 20pcs18 only: 600USD 740mm model, 650USD 800 model

After a long time of developing and prototyping an x4/x8 frame we have come to this final version.

We wanted to make something in the professional class and with high quality workmanship and materials at an affordable price in this class.

This is the result

We have currently tested it in two x4 different configurations:

Version 1

Axis Dimension: 740mm
Frame weight: 1.2kg
Height: 300mm
No-load weight: 3.95kg (contain a 10,000mah 6s battery)
Max load weight: 5.5KG - this is because of motor pull power. In x8 configuration this goes to over 9kg
Fly time: 27minutes (4.1KG)
Battery: 10,000mah 6S
Motor: customized dualsky 5015MR 390KV
ESC: HobbyWing Premium 40A
Propeller: #1655 carbon fiber propeller

Version 2

Axis Dimension: 800mm
Frame weight: 1.5KG (with retractable landing gear)
No-load weight: 5.0KG (include 16,000mah 6s battery)
Max load weight: 8.5KG this is because of motor pull power. In x8 configuration this goes to over 13kg
Fly time: 18minutes (7.2KG weight)
Battery: 16,000mah 6s
Motor: High-end customized dualsky 7010-330KV
ESC:HobbyWing x-rotor 50A
Propeller: #1855 carbon fiber propeller

After testing these configurations we have noticed that more motors are not necessary for heavy lift applications except for redundancy. So version 2 can fly some 18+ minutes with 2.2kg load and 16000mah...Continue Reading
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Preview pics of a new mini quad kit. Built for racing and the fpv abuse we all love. PM me for more info.

Name: a7047668-245-mini%20quad%20preview%203.jpg
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Description: Name: a7047667-20-mini%20quad%20preview%202.jpg
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Posted by helicoptererc | Aug 28, 2014 @ 04:37 AM | 1,594 Views
Le rôle principal d’aujourd’hui est la DJI Ronin 3-Axes Stabilisée Nacelle Caméra, une nacelle brushless 3 axes de type "steadycam" s'adressant aux professionnels du cinéma. Conçue sur la technologie de la Zenmuse DJI, la Ronin permet de réaliser des prises de vue précises et d'une extrème fluidité simplement en la manipulant à la main. Un second opérateur peut contrôler l'inclinaison de la nacelle sur deux axes (pan/tilt) avec une radiocommande. La Ronin DJI peut être configurée en moins de cinq minutes en utilisant une application sur smartphone.

Nacelle stabilisée sur 3 axes
* Compatible avec quasi toutes les caméras ou appareils photo (de micro 4/3 à la Red epic)
* Paramétrable en 5 min.
* Système mécanique d'équilibrage simplifié et rapide.
* Possibilité de connecter un ensemble radio commande récepteur.
* Applications de contrôle par réseaux sans fil bluetooth.
* Evolution de la technologie DJI Zenmuse
* Mise à jour Firmware possible.

En plus, Ronin DJI a 3 modes de fonctionnement:
3 modes de fonctionnement différents permettent le Ronin DJI à être utilisé dans différents scénarios, qui peuvent tous être entrés sans modifier les paramètres de Ronin app adjoint ou un 2e de commandes à distance. SmoothTrack fonctionnalité reste dans les trois modes. 

1.Mode Vertical
Retournez la nacelle sur pour mettre l'appareil photo de plus près au niveau des yeux pour une perspective plus élevée sans forcer pour la soulever. Utilisez ce mode lorsque...Continue Reading
Posted by benjamin presten | Aug 28, 2014 @ 02:32 AM | 1,591 Views
I am just finishing up my Bücker Student Swappable model designed by nernic. I am hoping to have a maiden done by Friday or Saturday.
Posted by helicoptererc | Aug 27, 2014 @ 10:48 PM | 1,589 Views
Si vous êtes un amateur de RC Quadcopter, on pense que le jouet idéal, LEFLY F1 UFO 4CH 6-Axes Gyro Mini RC Quadcopter, il est parfait pour vous. On prend un peu de pratique pour contrôler. Et ce quadcopter est vraiment mignon comme sa petite taille.

Pour choisir le meilleur jouet qui réponse à vos exigences. Peut-être, acheter le plus cher n’est pas le meilleur pour vous. La première chose que vous devez penser, c'est où vous voulez s’amuser . Voulez-vous pour l'intérieur ou voulez-vous pour l'extérieur. La taille est déterminante. Les plus grands sont faits s'adapter aux conditions extérieures. Mais ce quadcopter mesure de 5.6X5.6X1.2CM, Comme qu'il est petit, les enfants peuvent le jouer à l’intérieur.

Ensuite, LEFLY F1 a beaucoup de caractéristiques:

*monter /descendre, avancer/reculer, tourner à gauche et à droite, crabe vol, rouleau, voler de main
*peut empêcher la surcharge
*avoir la fonction de mémoire
*avec gyro/ flash lumières
* 4 Voies et 6-Axes gyroscope, offrir le roulement de 360 degrés et peut fonctionner sur la route ou escalader le mur
* La roue de rouleau et anneau de protection pourraient être activées librement

LEFLY F1 est le meilleur ami pour le divertissement. Il apportera beaucoup de plaisir et de mémoire pour vous. Vous pouvez obtenir une complète LEFLY F1 de la boîte avec 1 USB Câble, 1 Télécommande, 4 Hélice, 1 Manuel. Ce paquet bien équipé uniquement sur le site HobbyGaGa. En même temps, le prix est seulement €13,99.

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DJI S900 Fast Forward Flight and Wind **TEST** (3 min 13 sec)

For anyone that had concerns on the s900's stability in wind and at Forward flight here is a short little example. I should have gone farther but my battery was getting somewhat low and I was flying from the far shoreline.

DJI S900
Lightbridge (smooth mode)
GH4 HD Gimbal
Posted by Wolfgang125 | Aug 28, 2014 @ 04:23 AM | 1,559 Views
Hey Guys,

Just received new products info from Maytech about their 9443 fold blade carbond propeller. It is intened to have better flight efficiency and stable flight.

Anyone here once tested them? Like to have some info before try them.

Name: MTCP9443F2 small.jpg
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Description: 2-BLADE

Name: MTCP9443F3.jpg
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Size: 595.6 KB
Description: 3-BLADE

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DX8 pics for Habu2

If it's not pictured, then the value is just the default--0, 100%, etc, etc....Continue Reading
Posted by RickC_RCAV8R | Aug 24, 2014 @ 08:04 PM | 1,536 Views
Gentlemen :

I went over to my buddy Frank's place this morning for a coffee and had hopes of doing some flying from his backyard field . A storm was rolling in and the wind proved to be a bit much . No flying .

As Frank was building me a coffee , I whipped out my recently purchased Cheerson CX-10 micro sized quadcopter and placed it on a nearby kitchen coutertop . I began to fly this towards Frank to his amazement . His query was " I gotta get me one of these things ! " ; to which I replied , " I have one in this bag for you ."

Frank opened up the package box to reveal his CX-10 quad that I had already flight tested and trimmed . Well it was like seeing A Kid On Christmas Morning . I wish that I had the camera ready to catch the grin on his face . As Frank had never flown a quad before , it took him only 3 flights to get the hang of hovering around where he wanted . At this rate , he will be an expert in a dozen flights or so . I sipped my coffee while watching him in awe of the quad . Probably the best $25 I ever spent in this hobby ! Franky has a new toy .............................

Regards to all flyers .