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So you wanted to move all the GPS logs from a corporate datacenter to a private datacenter on the phone. The phone has no downtime, it's a lot faster to access, it's not scanned by the government, it's always with you. It's the perfect cloud server.

It could be done in a few minutes with a hand coded Java web server & a custom protocol, but you wanted to parlay it into a profitable skill. The most current strategy is using node.js as the server, but there's no fully functional node.js which can run on Android & no interest. Cloud servers are supposed to be on corporate datacenters like amazon.com, not phones.

The best solutions have required a complete install of debian on a dedicated partition, with node run inside chroot. Node.js requires too many libraries not part of Android.

The honeymoon with node.js already seems to be over, only months after it began. Server side Go is the new thing if you want to be current.

Chasing these rapidly changing server side languages starts to seem irrelevant if you don't foresee ever getting a web development job. In the end, a simple hand coded Java web server could do all the required functionality. The only buzzwords used were a JSON query & some jquery commands. Google didn't include the HttpServer class in android & port 80 is blocked. Wonder why they don't want anyone creating their own portable datacenter.

It wasn't eye candy compliant, but it was the beginning of a phone cloud. All the workouts could be easily viewed.

Building this into a complete social network with accounts, advertizing, eye candy, & spam, would be a huge undertaking. It makes you appreciate what mapmywalk has done. Such a thing would never be discovered in the sea of web apps.
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The unique pink servo series XQ-S43 series for high-stresses hanlding.
Which one you love better.?

1)8kg Pink Servo XQ-S4308D
Weight:65g ±0.2(2.29oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.07sec/60º at (6V)
0.09sec/60º at (4.8V)

Name: XQ-S4308D.jpg
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2)15kg Pink Servo XQ-S4315D
Weight:65g ±0.2(2.29oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.10sec/60º at (6V)
0.12sec/60º at (4.8V)
Torque: (208 oz-in)15kg.cm.at(6V)
(181 oz-in)13kg.cm.at(4.8V)

Name: XQ-S4315D.jpg
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3) 20kg Pink Servo XQ-S4320D
Weight:65g ±0.2(2.29oz);
Gear type:Titanium Gear;
Speed:0.12sec/60º at (6V)
0.14sec/60º at (4.8V)
Torque: (278 oz-in)20kg.cm.at(6V)
(239 oz-in)17.2kg.cm.at(4.8V)

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Un excellent produit des Phantom séries a vu le jour. Son nom est le Cheerson CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder. Avec de la chance, on a trouvé beaucoup de qualités de Cheerson CX-20 Auto-Pathfinder FPV Quadcopter et on décidé de partager ses caractéristiques ici sur cet article.
Le Cheerson CX-20 mesure 30 x 30 cm pour une hauteur de 20 cm. Il est doté d’une batterie 11,1V 3S de 2700 mAh qui lui assure 15 minutes d’autonomie. L’appareil est livré monté et réglé, en version RTF (prêt à voler). Il suffit d’installer les hélices, de recharger la batterie et de mettre des piles dans la radiocommande pour décoller. Le contrôle de l’appareil repose sur une radiocommande et un récepteur en 2,4 GHz, qui offrent une portée de 1,5 kilomètre. La paire fonctionne sur le principe du saut de fréquence pour réduire les risques d’interférences, même lorsque plusieurs Cheerson CX-20 sont utilisés en même temps.

Cheerson CX-20 est équipé d’un contrôleur de vol qui simplifie la prise en main, notamment avec l’aide du GPS intégré. L’aide en pilotage permet de tenir une position GPS, de prendre la main pour un vol libre mais stabilisé, et de gérer automatiquement l’orientation de l’appareil (IOC). Si la liaison est rompue entre le Cheerson CX-20 et sa radio, l’appareil déclenche une procédure de retour au point de départ et d’atterrissage automatisée. Un système de protection évite la panne en vol en raison d’une batterie vide. Des diodes permettent de bien visualiser la position de l’appareil en...Continue Reading
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01 Phoenix Tucano - Unboxing and Parts Overview

In this video, I show you my latest build: the Phoenix Tucano from Tower Hobbies. This is my first "real" plane build (meaning not foam) and I am pretty thrilled to get started. And wow...is this a beautiful plane!

I show you what's in the box, and what electronics I am putting into it. Here's what I have so far, with Tower Hobbies part numbers for your reference.

LXBGZU Phoenix Models Tucano GP/EP ARF 61.4"
LXRDH3 Great Planes Silver Series 60A Brushless ESC
LXLWV6 Great Planes Rimfire .46 42-60-800 Outrunner Brushless
LXZK99 APC 12x8 Thin Electric Propeller
LXEAYP FlightPower LiPo FP30 4S 14.8V 4350mAh 30C
LXVW07 X 4 Futaba S3004 Standard Ball Bearing Servo
LXDPFP Tactic TR625 6-Channel 2.4GHz SLT Rx
LXDGLS Tactic Servo Extension 6" Futaba J
LXDGME Tactic Y-Harness 20" Futaba J

I still need a battery, and I am trying to decide if I want to run an external BEC for the servos, or if I just want to run a receiver pack. I'll decide that as I go, but right now I am leaning towards a BEC.

Thanks for watching!


01 Phoenix Tuncano - Unboxing and Parts Overview (11 min 2 sec)

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Just got hold of an 18x8 Gemfan prop,they are fairly new on the market apparently,I got one to test so will report how it goes,it's far lighter than the Zinger one i'm using right now,so less loading will be placed on the engine i'm thinking,It sure looks like more of a 3D prop, i'll give it a go and see,I have a feeling it will be much improved for the 3D stuff...

I have an APC 18x8 and an 18x6 ordered so i will report also how they go on this Evo engine.
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Eagle Tree Vector - QAV400 - 1.2 mile run
Lee Vining Creek, 8/19/14
Elevation 9,500'
Eagle Tree Vector - QAV400 - 1.2 mile run (5 min 27 sec)

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with an autopilot life can be so sweet! Many thanks to Peter Kohler for the Picture.

Pemotec Porter (built 2006) , Hacker B20-18L , 3s2200, AMP 2.5
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RC Groups limits the number of images per blog, so I started another blog to support my newest images.

So here's today's entries:

Friday evening (Page 8)

More difficulties with internet connection in the "hotel" here. No access in my room tonight, so I have to go down to the lobby and sit next to the router. Then, I have internet only on my lap top, but not my phone so I cannot download today's images, so it'll have to be all text...

This just in...I finally have internet access on my phone tonight, so I was able to call my wife via Viber (a phone service that works via the internet) and download images from my phone. Images at the bottom of this post...

Rained again all night last night, but by the time we got to the field had beautiful weather all day again.

A few of us including myself snuck in a practice flight before the pilot's meeting. But it took extraordinarily (painfully) long to get the first round started. The organizers are working hard, but I don't know what the problem is. There were many problems with the first round including no turn lights at pylon 1, no race times for some pilots, etc. resulting in about four or five rounds of re flys. I was in the second heat of all of today's rounds (all two of them!). For my flight, Bruce got the signal to launch and away we went, but the 2nd and 3rd pilots couldn't hear the start signal and they just stood there while I flew the entire round by myself. Just as well anyway because I cut pylon 1 on the...Continue Reading
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I have been sitting on plans for a Dan Santich Cobra since 1997. Its an Awesome looking Biplane.
I want to build it sometime in the near future.
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If you want to get your app to use 32 channels then you can edit the config file
Do so at your own risk!

The Android App channel configuration file is located in the mobile phone internal storage at /data/com.dji/config.xml. Modify the configuration file using one of the two methods below:

1. Copy and paste the channel configuration file to a PC. Modify it on your PC as described below, then save and replace the original file.

2. Install a text editor on your mobile phone that can edit the config.xml file directly. Open the config.xml file through this editor, then modify it as described below and save the file.

By default, the app will only use channels 1-10, as below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <channel id="1"/>
 ​<channel id="2"/>
 ​<channel id="3"/>
 ​<channel id="4"/>
 ​<channel id="5"/>
 ​<channel id="6"/>
 ​<channel id="7"/>
 ​<channel id="8"/>
 ​<channel id="9"/>
 ​<channel id="10"/>

You can add additional channels by modifying the configuration file, such as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <channel id="1"/>
 ​<channel id="2"/>
 ​<channel id="3"/>
 ​<channel id="4"/>
 ​<channel id="5"/>
 ​<channel id="6"/>
 ​<channel id="7"/>
 ​<channel id="8"/>
 ​<channel id="9"/>
 ​<channel id="10"/>
​<channel id="11"/>
 ​<channel id="12"/>
 ​<channel id="13"/>
 ​<channel id="14"/>
 ​<channel id="15"/>
 ​<channel id="16"/>
 ​<channel id="17"/>
 ​<channel id="18"/>
 ​<channel id="19"/>
 ​<channel id="20"/>
​<channel id="21"/>
 ​<channel id="22"/>
 ​<channel id="23"/>
 ​<channel id="24"/>
 ​<channel id="25"/>
 ​<channel id="26"/>
 ​<channel id="27"/>
 ​<channel id="28"/>
 ​<channel id="29"/>
 ​<channel id="30"/>
​<channel id="31"/>
 ​<channel id="32"/>
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Hi folks,
I'm having an end of the summer sale on 3 popular helis: the MCPX BL; the 130X, and the 300CFX.

The codes are:

The coupon values are just what they sound like: 30% off, 25%off and 20%off respectively. These are some incredible deals. Free ship too.

Just saying...

Tim (www.quantumhobby.com)
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Good afternoon RC fans. My research and discovery of warbirds continues. As of late I feel that my writing consist of my love proclamation of Horizon Hobby and all they are with the occasional affair with a Durafly model. The truth is if a company produces a model that delivers on the promises of what they offer, well that will be the one I buy. Any model from Horizon Hobby will be delivered with great confidence to the customers.

What I found today was some information from the last E Flite warbird that reinforces the integrity of Horizon Hobby. To be fair the other RC manufacteurs also have QC, but for E-Flite I feel it went above what I would have expected from other brands.

User Pittspecial put together a great list of events from the horrific release of the E-Flite Hawker Hurricane. Lets look at the aircraft from E-Flite that was destined to fail.

The E-Flight Hawker Hurricane was to be available the first part of July and on schedule Horizon Hobby had a press release that the models were on a boat on their way to the USA. Then on July 12 (my birthday) 2011 to all of our surprise Horizon Hobby announced that the entire shipment was rejected due to quality and that they were going to destroy the rejects as they did not want any filtering into the market in any way.

Lets analyze that. A large stock of product that could have at minimum been sold without a warranty at a cut rate but staying true to their standards Horizon Hobby turned down the profit. These...Continue Reading
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Mini quad build log

The frame was built around the GoPro 3 and the 2200mAh 3cell

It measures 260 millimeters from front left motor hub to rear right motor hub

Its a 250 class mini quad


2200 mAh 30-40C Turnigy

4. half inch booms, with a 19 degree cut on one end of each

3. oat quarter inch plates

4. aluminum shims cut out of 3/16 x 0.35 tapped at both ends to fit a 4 X 32 screw

4.nylon 1/2 shims and 4. 4x32 nylon bolts and nuts to hold flight controller

8. 6x32 nuts and bolts to hold booms and two plates

8. 4x32 bolts to mount motors to booms

4. 2206 X 2150 multistar Motors

4. 5x3 props

4. 10 amp plush ESC's

1. power distribution board

1. Naze 32 flight controller

Free sky X8R

Immersion RC 600 mw 5.8GHz

More details and pics and videos coming soon