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Pretty short and sweet today. I choose to hammer out the fin, rudder, elevators and sheet the stab.

I have a load of wings to cook for today's festivities so I am going to try and not start on the fuselage.....
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YAK54 100cc (8 min 25 sec)

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We recently try belly taking off under windy conditions at slope.

The following vids show belly taking off under 10 m/s wind.
It is easier and safer than hand launch.

RCRCM Typhoon 2m:
RCRCM Typhoon: belly take off and rolls (1 min 28 sec)

The above flight, took by the holder:
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Great fun.
Plan coming soon.
WW1 Combat (4 min 26 sec)

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Flight 002 (0 min 22 sec)

Thanks for checkin it out, flyin friends!
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Flight 001 (0 min 42 sec)

A little shakey but wait for it in the upper right corner. Hope you like my awesome helicopter flying music... it really gets me goin!
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So you got yourself a shiny new G-Force 2206 and stick it onto a new EPP plane and on the first flight! Zip!!! the prop goes for a flight on it's own away from the airplane..

If you have played with Foamies long enough you have probably learned that wobbly adapters on these motors can be finicky to say the least

one problem i've run into, and this motor has it too, is they (the manufacture) puts too short of screws on the adapter to catch the O-ring or band that holds the prop on.

Digging through your stash of screws (if you have one, you don't? well you should!) you might find some suitable M3 screws, in this case they need to be about 2mm longer than the stock baby ~5mm screws they use.

You will find One more problem, the clearance with this motor is very tight and most M3 flat head screws have too Big of a head. This will make getting the bands on or off nearly impossible..

so here is the fix, find some ~7mm flat head M3 screws and chuck them in your drill, even better is a drill press. Use your Dremel with a grinding stone on it to grind the head diameter smaller while you spin the screw with the drill, this way the drill acts like a lathe and you get a nice round and smaller head..

These screws serve two purposes, one they hold the o-ring or band that keeps the prop on, and two they hold the end bell to the shaft, so a dab of blue or red threadlocker is a good idea on these screws.

this is the Valuehobby motor, a beast on 3cells with a 8x4.5SF gem fan prop

these are the screws i used

O-rings that work nice

hope this helps
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my EPP planes can fly very aggressive, and with a typical o-ring (or even very strong cut band from surgical tubing) i can wobble the prop in flight, sometimes completely off.
what makes it even worse are the carbon filled props i like because they don't flex at all so all the gyro effect works toward trying to make the prop leave the motor!

I found that these smaller multirotor motors are made with the threaded aluminum shaft as part of the end bell making it lighter than a separate bolt on or collet adapter. Another plus is it keeps the total length of the motor short, which is good.

here are the pics of the motor and mount so far. it will be going on my Sabre EPP 32" design from


Sabre EPP Reading
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I'm a big fan of r/c and doing it for ten years . I love it so much I have a custom HPI Savage w/ LRP ZR .32 and custom Losi DBXL w/ 29.5cc big bore kit. I love fast and loud truck . I'm 30 year old from RI and married my supplier is HobbyQuarters in Foxboro MA . Worker at the place very friendly and nice and helpful too
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I plan to reverse the RC805 5.8ghz receiver to access the SPI port that controls the frequency of the receiver module.
My wish list for the project in the end
1. auto power up on connection
2. access all 32 normal channels
3. add a scan functionality that will hold on that channel for as long as the signal is received, then continue scanning
4. make a user interface which will display the RSSI as well as channel in mhz and the common band and channel type display
5. tbd
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This is my first blog to the group. I have a question about the Geen 1700 mm p47. What are the paint color codes for the paint used? I've look every where with no luck.
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First entry on the site, and I am wondering if this message is visible to all as I cannot find a new or reply to post link!

Probably operator error?

Through a Google search which returned this group when I asked the question of how to set up Channel A or B on the Syma remote.
Countless searches on You Tube did not even mention the problem, including Syma's own set up video!
Thank you R C Groups, and I look forward to other postings on the hobby in the future, Best wishes.
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Ok, I thought I was done for the day, but...... I started on the stabilizer. BTW, I did finish the right wing panel too. I put the final LE material on and sanded it to shape.

I must say that this kit is SO over engineered in areas it isn't funny. I already mentioned the wing tips, now this stabilizer. I mean really? First of all they use large material to make this. 5/16" spruce leading edge and 3/16" x 3/8" top spars. Top spars?? Then you put some die cut ribs in to hold the shape of no less 3/32" sheeting. Holy cow!? This is designed for a 1.20 size 4 stroke..... no it was designed way back when engines were much less powerful. I am absolutely sure no one ever ripped the stabilizer apart back in the late 60's and 70's with the under powered engines of the day. I am just shaking my head the entire time I frame this thing up.

Not only that but the material provided is very dense balsa. Good thing I am putting a relatively heavy Enya engine in the nose. Now some pictures. This is it for the night, my back hurts.... Oh this is just the top. The bottom also gets the spar and sheeting....geeeez.
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Things that people assume but aren't true about FPV equipment.
#33 - Common Newbie FPV Misunderstandings (21 min 44 sec)

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay...been swamped with work.

Anyway, here it is... the T-50 Build Guide!

The New Stabilator fix goes a bit outside the box & is extremely solid! The LX Rotating gear issue is a long over due fix, no more unexpected main gear rotations Best of all these improvements are easy to do!

Yes, the video is long... but there is a table of contents in the begining so you can scroll the slider to the part you need without needing to watch the whole thing



LX Models / Banana Hobby T-50 PAK FA Build Guide By: RCINFORMER (2 hr 1 min 5 sec)

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Over the past two weeks I have been assembling the materials for a Bubble Dancer. I nearly have the parts necessary. I'm thinking I might feel the urge to counter some of my more recent composite experiments with some old-school wood cutting.
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Quad Maiden (2 min 20 sec)

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I've been flying the cheap $1.23 HK props since the summer and just got some better ones today. Here's some data.

My rig currently weights 970 grams with battery (multistar 4000, 3dr radio, moon landing gear).

I just measured...

1) Turnigy Slow Fly 8045
- Draws 16.0 amps or 267 mah / minute
- 15 minutes theoretical max on multistar 4000

2) 9 x 4.7E Multistar Carbon Fiber
- Draws 14.6 amps or 243 mah / minute
- 16.5 minutes theoretical max on multistar 4000

3) Removed moon landing gear (40 grams) with 9 x 4.7E Multistar Carbon Fiber
- Draws 13.0 amps or 216 mah / minute
- 18.4 minutes theoretical max on multistar 4000