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Scratch built 2009 from magazine article I know longer remember. Wing Span 42 inches, weight 38 ounces, Motor Suppo 2208-14, 3c 2200 lipo, 20 amp ESC and 8/6 prop. Maiden flight in 2009 spectacular in its uncontrollability. Talk about squirrelly. Put on shelf until last fall 2014. Changed cg and motor thrust line, engaged a much younger, proficient pilot and behold a fantastic flyer!
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My New project..... Build Thread HERE

This 55-inch-span Strega MK2 is designed for .46 to .55 glow power or electric, this plane comes built and covered and ready for radio and power installation.

Wingspan: 55.5 in (1410 mm)
Length: 50.3 in (1278 mm)
Weight: 7-7.5 lb (3.2-3.4 kg)
Wing area: 640 in2 (41.3 dm2)
Wing Loading: 24.5 oz/in2 (75 g/dm2)
6-channel minimum radio
Five standard servos
800-1200mAh NiMH battery
2-stroke .46-.55 /4-stroke .52 glow engine
1000-1400kV outrunner brushless motor
4-6 cell 4000-5000mAh LiPo battery
50-80 amp ESC

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Put the Wanderer together for a bench fly. First landing stalled upside down on grass, second one spot landed. Besides sanding, we also serve adult beverages in the Palapa
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Nice day, took the build outside to my hastily constructed palapa for some final sanding...
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Hi there people

I received this HobbyEagle A3 SuperII flight stabilizer a few days ago.. Personally I don't use stabilizers a lot in planes, so this is mostly to show You how to install / configure it.. And offcourse test how well it performs

Here is a link to this system: HobbyEagle A3 SuperII Stabeliser

In this first part I will offcourse show you what it looks like, and what comes with it.. More importantly though: I'll talk you through the setup & installation procedure of it:

DutchRC - HobbyEagle A3 Super II 3-Axis Stabilizer - How to install & Setup ( (24 min 36 sec)

SpecificationsBrand: Hobbyeagle
Item:A3 Super 2.0 II Flight Control Stabilizer
Main Controller: 32-bit MCU
Sensor: 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer
Gyroscope Scale Range: ±2000 dps
Accelerometer Scale Range: ±4g
Input Signal: Standard PPM with center point 1520uS, or S.Bus serial data
Output Signal: PWM max frequency 333Hz, 1520±500uS
Input Voltage: 4.8V - 7.4V
Operating Temp: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Size: 43×27×14mm
Weight: 10g (excluding wires)

Works with all major receiver brands including Spektrum, Futaba, Hitec, JR, Tactic, and more.
Integrated design of 6-axis (3 gyro+3 accelerometers ) 32-bit MEMS sensor for self-stability and self-balance.
Advanced brown-out fast recovery ability provides better security and reliability.
6 flight modes: Normal Stabilization, 3D Attitude Locking, Auto-balance, Auto-Hover, User Defined, and Gyro Deactivated Modes.
2 stick control modes: Manual Mode(MM) and Auto Mode(RR/AR).
Various wing types: 1AIL+1ELE, 2AIL+1ELE, 1AIL+2ELE, 2AIL+2ELE, delta-wing and V-tail.
Independent gyro gain adjustment and gyro ratio selection for each flight mode.
Separate adjustments for servo travel limits.
Up to 333Hz servo operating frequency, compatible with all analog and digital servos.
5-level response rate setting allows you to use it on gas-powered planes.
Compatible with HV (7.4V) receivers and servos.
Flat or upright mounting orientations.
Newly designed config GUI makes gyro setup simple and intuitive.
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Its been a while i posted anything on my blog, But I was lucky enough spot some wild foxes living and playing and our RC club"s field.
Phantom did the video )

Fox RC (3 min 44 sec)

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Flight planning.
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This is a very very short video of my first FPV flight that ends in a crash...since I'm just starting it's hard for me to take my eyes off the quad...but I guess I did alright for about one minute..then a nice crash.

First FPV Flight - Crashed (1 min 31 sec)

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Took my duet and night vapor out front today was a little windy even with for cast calling for 3 mph. Had much stronger wind coming up while flying. Did get to fly duet for a while wind coming up about 5 min in flight. Got 3 flights in had to land on 3rd flight wind got to strong. Put the night vapor up without flying. Using one of my champ battery's in the duet now, charging with my spitefires charger. Car coming by while flying had to pull over 2 times and let it go by. Nice and warm outside today. Winds showing well be down for a few days may try out back later today. Just before it gets dark get ina few flights with a few planes.
Duet out front 04 29 2016 (3 min 12 sec)

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Finally had a nice night last to get the night flyer in the air.
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This past Sunday I had a chance to participate in the first club contest of the year. It was my second ever DLG contest, my first with a newly acquired ship. I considered this day to be more of a chance to practice and learn how work thermals. I didn't fair too well in the contest, but I did learn alot. Often the guy timing me was able to coach me on how to fly thermals, I think the longest I managed to fly was for 3:15 despite breezy conditions all day. That flight was coached by my timer Steve, who won the contest for that day. At the end of the contest I got a chance to test my other newly acquired ship, and that turned out to be much better than the one I was using, I look forward to my next contest!!

Here are the results from the contest:
Final Results: (see attached for point totals and rounds)
1 Steve Martinez
2 Mike Wiz
3 Chris Parken
4 Sean Fidler
5 Ryan Ensminger
6 Scott Rhodes
7 Rick Wait
8 Barney Bauer
9 Larry Markey
10 Tom Kelley
11 Mike/Rick...Continue Reading
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I'm looking for a high discharge rate LiPo Battery for FPV racing drone,I found two when surfing internet,which one should I choose?

1)Turnigy Graphene 1300mAh 4S 65C Lipo Pack w/XT60

2)Tattu 1300mAh 14.8V 75C 4S1P Lipo Battery Pack
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Get One Set For Free Test ! AOKFLY FR 2205 Motor For FPV Racing !!!
Hey guys, good news!
You will have more choice on motors for your multirotors now!

AOKFLY is launching more new motors for FPV!Now here are

some stocks FR2205 will send out for free test , every guys will

have chance to get the motors if you would like to test . It born for

FPV Racing crazy about speed, perfect CNC

outlook design and stronger thrust.


Stator Diameter........22mm
Stator length..........5mm
Shaft Diameter.........3mm
Internal resistance....50mΩ
ldle current...........0.98A
Max Thrust ..........1076g

Will post the free test list on this thread on May 10,2016 , samples

will send out from May 10 after test list post announced (Freight

cost by us )

How to get free testing of AOKFLY FR2205 Motor

1.Please post links to your youtube channel or Facebook on this

thread and let us know if you would like to test the motor

2.You should have 250/200/180/170 mm frame, one of size

would be ok .

We are looking for some reviewers. Qualified reviewers to do a test report and video, and post on this thread,also included youtube ,facebook or other channels

Thank you very much for your attention and participation.

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Now added thrust tube one outer rear side panel still thinking about the elevator either the place it is now or on top of the rudder or maybe mid way what do you think
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Except spraying agricultural plants,maybe we can use it to kill mosquito.
Agricultural Spraying in Xinjiang Province of China (3 min 5 sec)

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I spend a very long time to get better battery for my FPV, eventually, I get it-Tattu 1300mAh 75C 4S1P lipo battery pack. More about it They just surprise me, terrifically cool!
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Entering the Outer limits via Zoe, and Zuul.. Cant wait to push it, beyond.. Thanks Zoe..
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The SAE Aero Design West 2016 Competition was held on 22-24 April 2016 at Apollo XI Field in Van Nuys, CA and it was an awesome event!

This year was my first time attending as a Volunteer Pilot for the California State University Northridge Team and it was an amazing experience, not to be forgotten.

If you're interested in volunteering to assist teams at the next event, check out the link below. I highly recommend getting involved in this rewarding team building opportunity. Reading