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Posted by Littlenitro_216 | Today @ 09:12 PM | 92 Views
Got my Twisted Hobbys Crack Pitts put together.
Did the maiden tonight and boy was it a blast! I cant wait to try it on 3s next and really light it up!

Flies really smooth and genital. It can be quite snappy when you turn the rates up.

I would like to play around with it some more and see about getting a video of it
Posted by CurmudgeonAir | Today @ 07:27 PM | 170 Views
"Curmudgeon" - noun; a crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man. I guess that about sums it up.

But it was not always thus. There was a time when I had no idea what a curmudgeon was. I was in Jr. High School and a friend of my father's gave him two U-control line planes that he no longer wanted and told my dad to give them to his boys. They were wonderful things. Both bi-planes, they had wingspans around 40 inches. One was a Spad and the other may have been Sopwith Camel. It was a long time ago and I’m not sure any longer. They had balsa frames covered in silk span and dope. They also had very noisy gas engines (one was a .35 and the other a .19), and my brother and I were afraid to fly them for fear we would crash and ruin them.

We would take them out in the back yard now and then and fuel them up before scraping the skin off our fingers trying to get them started. Once running they filled the yard with smoke and made so much noise you couldn't talk to each other.
I bought model airplane magazines and poured over them trying to figure out how to fly these things. And it was there that I got my introduction to radio controlled model aircraft. But this was back in the late 50’s and early 60’s and RC was an expensive proposition back then – especially for a kid.

When I was in college my mother said she would like to have those planes gone, so my brother and I took them out to a big open field and, without much of a clue about...Continue Reading
Posted by mfwilliams | Today @ 06:55 PM | 169 Views
We were almost rained out this weekend. It rained in the morning until after Noon. Eventually it cleared and we crawled up through the mud and rain puddles up to the top. We had a few minutes of a North breeze and then no wind. Basically it was another electric day. After an hour of flying we packed up and headed down to Peachtree.

...Continue Reading
Posted by jefffassbinder | Today @ 05:51 PM | 203 Views
Hello Everyone,

Just want to let you know that if your attending IRCHA Jamboree Helicopter Event we will have a Seminar on the New Align Gpro Flybarless system. This will be happening at the West Seminar Tent. Please if you have a Android or iOS bring them with you to follow along.

Look forward to seeing the IRCHA pilots so come on out!

Jeff Fassbinder
Posted by jefffassbinder | Today @ 05:48 PM | 203 Views
Align is a proud sponsor of the IRCHA Jamboree 2014. We would like to let you know that if you want to see some of the newest items offered by Align come on out and watch some of the Best Pilots in the World do some flight Demonstrations for you. We will have Alan Szabo Jr., Jamie Robertson, Ben Storick, Colin Bell, Marcus Kim, Darrick Chekas and a few others on deck. Please come on out and cheer on your favorite pilot. We want to thank all the helicopter pilots for coming out and making it a great event. Make sure to stop on by the Align Tent. Say hello, take some pictures with your favorite pilots. Or just come on by to see some of the new products offered from Align.

Here are the demonstrations times. Please make sure to check the posting at IRCHA for up to date information. IRCHA will also have radio announcements so please stay tune for any new information!

Best Regards,
Jeff Fassbinder
Posted by gabstallu | Today @ 03:59 PM | 269 Views
Hi Guys,
Maybe you can help me, I'm trying to use the new ground satin feature on my dji phantom 2 vision.

First problem that I can notice is that the position of the aircraft displayed on my iPhone is not the same as the Phantom position. iPhone display shows it facing north when its actually facing east, or vice versa.

Another thing I've noticed is that when I tried for first time to use the Ground station feature is that i marked 3 simple way points. A triangle, 6 ft height, 30 ft of distance, first thing I saw when i pressed the GO button is that the phantom climbed much higher than 6 ft, this making me feel insecure and taking back manual control of the phantom.

Please let me know if you could help.

I've done all the updates.

All best,
Posted by Tsavah | Today @ 03:06 PM | 318 Views
Many, many moons ago I learned in welding class any device used to hold metal in place until the weld was completed was called either a welding jig, or fixture. Still not sure if there is a difference, but the concept of using a device to hold metal, or something else in a specific way until the bond was completed stuck with me. I have used the same concept to make foam shaping devices, but I don't seem to have a specific thread on the subject. What I do have is a collection of pictures in various threads showing some of the devices I have made and used to shape foam parts for model airplanes.

No doubt I will be making more for projects not yet started and am thinking I should share the tricks, or device types with others wanting the inspiration. That is the purpose of this "Mini-How To", a sort of show and tell thread. Hopefully those who read what I share and study the pictures will see something useful and inspire them to make jigs, or fixtures they need for their model airplane projects.

Posted by RoryG | Today @ 02:57 PM | 353 Views
I've been flying my DJI Phantom 2 for just over a month now and can honestly say what a great little quadcopter it is! She's fitted with the Zenmuse H3-3D sporting a GoPro Hero 3 Black and I've managed to amass a huge amount of video footage as well as having a great time flying her. So much so my other aircraft have mostly remained in the hangar, although I've had my gliders out a few times along with the Phantom.

The Phantom 2 in flight

The FPV setup feeds the GoPro video through a Boscam TS351 250mW VTx fitted with a RHCP skew planar antenna, with OSD data provided by the DJI iOSD mini. On the ground I have a FlySight Black Pearl 7" diversity monitor fitted with a matched skew planar on channel one and a five turn helical on channel two. This setup provides a perfect FPV display out to 600m (the furthest I've gone so far) with no glitches or interference. In practice as long as the helical is pointing roughly towards the Phantom then the monitor will use channel 2, only when directly overhead does it switch to the skew planar.

The monitor is fitted to the R/c Tx using the excellent Rave Creative mount. I had one of the cheap carbon mounts to start with but the balance was terrible. It's easy to hand hold now but I normally rest it on my legs sitting on a camping chair - glider habits die hard!

Skew planar and five turn helical on the Black Pearl diversity monitor

The iOSD is fitted to the Phantom shell using double sided servo tape, and the VTx is...Continue Reading
Posted by CO2X2010 | Today @ 02:47 PM | 319 Views

I was really excited when I saw this frame on ebay and was really curious on the weight of the frame and to my surprised,it was only 1.05 lbs without any electronics.

I fitted it with Sunnyskys 2212 Kv 980 with HK 30A Simon K esc's and with a KK2.1.5 FC and it did flew really well.

I don't have the number yet on the total weight with all the electronic added to it,I will post it later.

Here are some pix of it ....and a flight video will follow soon.
Posted by RCPIOLOT | Today @ 02:44 PM | 319 Views
I finally found the car I want! It wasn't in the poll but I still NEED IT! To check out the car click the link!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin...&I=LXDUTJ&P=ML
Posted by crash-man | Today @ 12:20 PM | 435 Views

After about 2200 miles total (round trip), I'm back in the workshop to talk all about the fantastic time at this year's WATTS Over Owatonna event. Unfortunately, Laine and I were the only hosts that were able to attend this fly-in, but we certainly tried to have enough fun for our whle crew! LoL I'm going to tell you here and now that I really pour on the love for the SMMAC crew, their field, and their handling of this event, but trust me when I say that it's all very well deserved. You'll want to add this one to your calendar next year!!


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NEXT LIVE SHOW - Starting at 8pm CDST on Wednesday evenings.

Posted by austntexan | Today @ 11:31 AM | 482 Views
Started with HQ530 props, then moved to GF530. Wow, HUGE difference. . . tons more grunt with the GemFans.

My favorite prop is the HQ540, but I've only got a set or two left and I'm hoarding those right now. The 540 performance is nearly as good as a standard sized acro quad on 845 props + 1100KV motors. Great prop.

Diatone 250: LOS play (3 min 45 sec)

Posted by LemonC | Today @ 10:44 AM | 544 Views
I just built the blu baby and got it going 2 days ago! I am excited that i found the 600+ foamie build thread and hope to learn a lot from everyone here. Last night i also got a trainer sim installed (was having issues with ppjoy and having windows 7) and put in 2hours so i can master irl flight. I like to crash, altho id like it more to fly around for a few minutes at a time without crashing. i discovered hobby king dot com about a year ago, and am now able to enjoy a bit of my 80s childhood dream of flying my own RC planes (affordably bc if it werent id still be dreaming about it only)!!!
Posted by Barney Boy | Today @ 10:00 AM | 542 Views
Me and my quad got some more positive media for our fight.