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On the gimbal there is a pitch and roll pins which both have S, +, -. You need to only plug-in to the pitch "S" unless you want to control the roll of the gimbal instead. On the steady grip there are 4 pins and the left outermost pin is the control for the gimbal as seen on the video I posted. Somehow the pin besides the pitch control does not have any function for the el-cheapo gimbal and if you connect it to the roll pins of the gimbal the gimbal will act on its own.
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So Disney finally announced the fabled Star Wars themed quad copter to coincide with the movie. The quad copter is just a licensed Air Hogs toy, fully manual, no boundary sensors, sonar or camera.

The blog was told of plans for such a thing 2 years ago, but if we could make it autonomous, the license wouldn't have gone to Air Hogs but the one & only Jack Crossfire Inc. Of course, the level of autonomy was quite unattainable even by today's standards. They wanted the speed & accuracy of a vicon tracking system for the cost of a toy. It was still intriguing that the vision actually came to fruition & what Air Hogs shipped had the exact same size & propellers as the proof of concept we made.

This size was not big enough to lift the amount of electronics required for any kind of autonomy. As for the foam styling, there's probably a good market for flying prop replicas. No matter how long the fact that something looks like a historic artifact can keep their attention, they only have to buy it once.
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I'm new to this hobby. I'm trying to hook up a brushless motor. I ordered an esc and a motor. What else do I need? Do I need a servo and a receiver? If so will I need a new transmitter too? Sorry I'm a rookie lol
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This video shows John having fun with my E-flite UMX Radian. It is a windy day, so he puts it through some fun tests and has some special guests show up too! This took place at the same location we had fun slope soaring with my E-flite UMX Whipit RC Glider. In fact, that RC Plane appears in this video too, but not in a way you might expect lol

John Flys GBLynden's UMX Raidan RC Glider with Bugs! (3 min 47 sec)

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Had to get out the Park in Northern Texas and take on the ZMR 250, which a buddy of mine was testing out and flying for the first time! Strap in and join in the fun as we burn a couple Lipo packs..
VORTEX VS ZMR 250 FPV BATTLE (5 min 31 sec)

#gimbalguy #vortex #zmr #battle #maiden #flight #immersion #fatshark
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Diatone Power Distribution Board for ZMR250/H250 : Entirely Too Good For The Price!!!

I recently received a package from Banggood containing 2 of the Diatone PDBs; my thanks to Aaron Qin for providing them for review.



What's In the Box (Or Baggie)

The PDBs arrived in an unassuming grey bubble mailer; inside were two clear baggies labeled DIATONE on one side. Inside the baggie is the PDB itself and a smaller baggie containing auxiliary LED lighting.

The PDBs I received are the V1; they are made to fit the majority of "ZMR250" and "H250" quad frame kits. Here you can see it fitted against an RCX H250 frame; I know it's hard to tell from this photo, but what looks like mismatched holes is actually just shadows from the flash. I PROMISE you all the arm screw holes and standoff holes line up perfectly. I've used it successfully with a number of different generic "ZMR250" frames from eBay and AliExpress.

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Thanks to my instructor the first flight of my senior was a success. What a great feeling! Here's a pic of it landing.
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Just got done with putting together this 350QX FPV Body Conversion Kit and I absolutely love it. Fitted with a Boscam TS832 600mw TX. I get a GPS lock with no problems even with that powerful of a TX. Had so much fun flying today FPV, real clear signal, I'm gonna do a review video soon too

They also have some full body kits left too: which is what mine is.

It looks really cool but I must also stress it's seriously built for performance with FPV! Not just for look. The key is in the high purity carbon fiber and graphite that blocks and absorbs RF. The canopy is built from carbon fiber composite and protects the GPS from interference. I seriously did not lose GPS lock even once with the TS832 on full power.

So custom shielding is very necessary and the builder on eBay truly did their homework, it's something you can't get anywhere else currently. I've NEVER seen anybody fly this far with 350QX3. I'm gonna get a few vids myself up in due time. Here is someone else who bought this body and shows what its capable of:

Blade 350qx FPV body kit 4.3km long range flight test. Total 8.6km (13 min 56 sec)
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Here are the next two big events at Richardson Radio Control Club of Texas (RRCC):

1. Big Bird Fun Fly (10/4/2015)
2. Gary Harvey Memorial Fun Fly (10/24/2015)

More info please visit

Please join us during these days! Hope to see you there!

Joe Kwok
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Oh Supposed I not to fly in high wind without a complete pre-flight check! Not solely junked my brand new JH-11A/P wing, but also my beloved C Lens Mobius Action Cam! I was just tryin to take some nice vids with my stablest controls ever, yet still crashed...

My first crash in the whole entire year, not because of the problem from either the transmitter or the pilot, but the wing's weakened motor mount that actually flew off the aircraft during flight. Pitiful.

Walked to the crash site and it was a catastrophe. The starboard wing snapped in half, the motor mount far reached from the plane, the camera landed head on and the case popped open, the battery smooshed... For such disaster, shall I pick up all of the remains with sadness and return to the pit with misery. Some quick paces left no triumph, I anxiously tried to turn the Mobius back to life; however, failure awaited.

Now what can I do? I definitely chose to fly my other flying wing, the big-o-trusty JH-22A SurfWing. Whatever to the blue sky and scattered lone clouds, I thought it was so D nice!
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Greetings all, I'm new to this hall of blogs and to the RC hobby and am hoping someone can offer some assistance. I just finished a project, but now not sure what configuration to use for this . With the pictures attached, does this qualify as an "X" quad or a "V"tail. I flew it under a quad setting, and it flies ok. But I found myself kinda fighting with it while hovering . For now, I've named it the "XV1". In saying this, my Q is, Can I adjust the throttle curve to a more gentler, more user friendly curve using "clean flight"? Or should I adjust the "Dual rates and the Expo"on the radio? Am I able to set up the XV1 as a heli if the board is a naze32 acro? I'm wondering because this would give the option to adjust the throttle curve and other options not offered on an acro set-up. I know, I have alot of questions. But, as I said, I'm a newbe. If anyone has a clue to this...stuff, please let me know.
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Hey guys got a new RC boat kit in the mail a few days ago hope you like the photo
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The West Coast Mini Festival Sept. 5 & 6, 2015 this weekend. It looks like great weather. We already have motor home coming in to what is going to be a great event. All day flying, night flying, Paint Ball shoot down, lunch, and a big raffle. Go to for more info.
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Took my Nihui toys U807(which is now flyig well yay!) and my MJX X400 out for some evening flying
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Micro Motor Battle

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Let the micro motor battle begin. I have several umx Sport Cub S planes. After the Sport Cub motors started to fail way too early, I started to keep track of the number of flight hours each had lasted before failure.

Horizon Hobby Sport Cub versus Micro Motor Warehouse

Here are the standings so far
= = = = =
by Red Sneakers
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 2.8 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted 1.6 flight hours
#03 ~ lasted 0.8 flight hours

Micro Motor Warehouse motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 7.0 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted 7.0 flight hours

= = = = =
by liquidcourage
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted <2.0 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted <2.0 flight hours

Horizon Hobby umx Radian motor
umx Radian
#01 ~ lasted ~2.0 flight hours

= = = = =
by brokendiff
Horizon Hobby Sport Cub motor
umx Sport Cub S
#01 ~ lasted 2.9 flight hours
#02 ~ lasted 2.9 flight hours
#03 ~ lasted 1.7 flight hours
#04 ~ lasted 1.3 flight hours
#05 ~ lasted 0.2 flight hours
#06 ~ lasted 1.7 flight hours

= = = = =
For those interested in checking out the Micro Motor,
here is a direct link to the CL-0820-15-9T - coreless motor for micro planes
=> <=

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twisted on inner part