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Posted by Diceman89 | Today @ 11:24 PM | 24 Views
Ok, got a used Pike and I am stoked. Cannot wait to fly it. Came with everything but a receiver, got one in already and copied program from seller even! Just got to make fine adjustments and Bam!, flying!! Woot!
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ABSENCE (1 min 7 sec)

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I think I found a suitable motor for my Yankee Soar. I just read the construction article and the prototype came in at 8 lbs. This was AFTER 1 1/2 lbs of lead were added to the nose.

Suppo makes a 60 size motor. It weighs 14 oz and is rated up to 2000 watts. So with the right battery and prop I can get the required 800 or so watts. They make a 46 size motor that will go up to 1554 watts, but it states that the max model weight is 125 ounces, so I'd rather go with the bigger motor and have some cushion if I want more power. It doesn't need to go vertical on launch, but I'd like it to have an aggressive climb out.

Also, the Suppo has an attractive price of $59.95. I have Suppos in most of my e sailplanes and to date have had no problems with them
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Well, I realized that the bottom of the fin is supposed to be plywood. So I had to cut off the bottom of the fin and make a new fin bottom. I think I made the same mistake on the big BOT.

Also, I epoxied the doublers to the fuse sides. Then it was on to to stabilizer.

These plans are really hard to read. Like I said, the plans are of poor quality. very blurry. So I spent like an hour trying to figure out what to do where the stab meets the fairing in the fin. I pieced everything together and slowly it started to make sense. It's really hard to put into words but maybe the pictures will help.

So now that I've got it all noodled out I can start putting it together tomorrow after work.
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SplineNav is now a feature of the latest Arducopter, version 3.2! Robert Lefebvre posted this flight of his traditional helicopter flying a SplineNav circuit at 108 km/h:

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Tarot 810mm hexa
15" props
APM, external mag/gps
2x 5000mah 6s
3dr telem, 5.8 vid, 2.4 tx
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I had a free weekend so I decided to make this! It is made from dollar tree foam, and hot glue. I like it, its fun to drop the whiffle balls on stuff.
It is also a fun new way to play fetch with your dog!

Tricopter Cargo Release (0 min 37 sec)

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Castor EV-2.5 mt form arthobby.com
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From northcountyflyingmachines.com
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Blaster 2 by Kennedy Compisites
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30" WS x 34" OAL.....she's a little bigger than Jetstream 1.0. That was based on the abundance of thrust available to me with the motor and prop combo......not going to paint this one.....unnecessary weight. Canopy and fins are a bit larger too. Motor repositioned to amidships and strengthened the motor mount. Control surfaces are now in the prop wash. I'll publish full size patterns as a PDF if anyone is interested.
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Just went through the whole setup on this FC. Thought I would share My setup. This is basic. Google is your friend for further info.

1.) Do throttle range on all esc's
2.) Use arduino to flash 2.3 ( Set quad type, Board type, #define RCAUXPIN12 )
2a.) Do multiwii esc calibration - define ESC_CALIB_CANNOT_FLY
3.) Set trim in acro mode. Acro is no mode selected.
4.) Calibrate ACC & Mag
5.) Set throttle curve to 30
6.) Setup aux1 and 2 for switches. Connect aux 2 to pin 12 NOT aux 2. Only signal wire is needed.
7.) Do sticks calibration while in Angle.
8.) Play with your pids
9.) Cover Baro with foam.

Have fun flying.

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One last photo opportunity before retiring this warbird. I'm putting this warbird down and taking the electronics out of it to put into another project. This P40 was one of most difficult flying/landing warbird for whatever reason. I had plenty of mixing in my radio just to be able to fly this plane.
Posted by Nightstone | Today @ 04:25 PM | 408 Views
Built 2 new Multiwii copters. A tri and a quad. Both flew fine. I ended up parting out the Tri. I just could not get into how it flew ( Plane like ).

The small H copter flies really nice. Its light at 634 grams without a battery. With a 5000 mah I get about 15 mins of flight time.

To keep the frame light I used epoxy to hold it together. No hardware. Zip ties for everything including motor mounts and props.

This will be my main FPV quad going forward. Keeping the nice quads for photography.

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Have you had your voice heard? The comment period ends today. If you haven't done it yet, stop what you're doing RIGHT NOW and let your voice be heard. This has the potential to affect us all, and you have your head in the sand if you think "I don't fly FPV and I don't fly for money so this doesn't affect me." Do it now.

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Thanks to 1uas.com

DJI Ronin App - Part 2 : Control - 1uas.com (17 min 43 sec)

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The new Align Trex 550L is a new design, from frame layout to the electronics provided. If you have watched the preview you already know all the robust accessories that are included. The 550L construction is carried out in 3 sessions. Each session is 1 hour and gives you the ability to use during the work week and put in a hour each night.

Once we finish Part 1 and Session 1,2,and 3. Then I will show the electroincs installation and also the setup for getting your 550L Dominator ready for flight. Sit back relax with only a few tools and you to will be ready for flight in only a few short hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me a jeff@alignrcusa.com or if your interested in more product information please look at www.align.com.tw.

Best Regards,
Jeff Fassbinder
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Here's a cool view of a Cessna Skyhawk banking a sharp right turn out of a fiery sunset at Fort Lauderdale Airport.


1977 Cessna 172N Skyhawk
Fixed wing 4 seater
Single Lycoming Reciprocating Engine

Cessna Skyhawk In Blazing Sunset Landing - Fort Lauderdale Airport (1 min 9 sec)

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Reading this thread made me wondering what's the actual highest number of ignored members on our forums. The record is astonishing: one user has 4855 ignored members! The second place is far far behind with just 293 members on ignore, and the third place has 165 ignored members. The numbers decline slowly after that.