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Anura is access to flight, whenever, wherever, 24/7.

Anura Pocket Drone is currently on KickStarter.

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It's about time, huh?

Fully capable 32 bit board with baro and mag. Runs Baseflight, Cleanflight and Harikari beautifully. You might also have heard of these as Flip32s, but the DragonFly is here to stay!

These boards look awesome. Pick one up now at multirotormania.com!





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hello guyz!
help me out here i tried everything i know and checked every yb video on the net and could find the reasons why my tarot 650 quadcopter with kk2.1 board wouldnt fly and tilts at one side at a the takeoff throttel level ...

i used the standard gains for kk2 and even lowered them down more and still ,the rx sensor on the board is reading correctly and telling me that my tx is good "initially all 0" ...

-rctimer 5010 360kv motors
-carbon fiber 17.5 x 5.5 props
-kk2.1 controller
-30A x4 Quatro sky lll esc's from favourate
-tarot fyi 650 fram with motor mounts
-simple tx rx hobbyking 6ch radio "thinking its the reason as the to ARM the controller i have to move the th stick to the left up angle rather then down right angle" (waiting for my 9ch turnigy thats taking forever to get here from china)
-10000mah multistar battery 4s

i uploaded the videos for you to see my problem

Tarot 650 quadcopter fail takeoff ... (1 min 32 sec)


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This is a picture of a prototype skid steering FPV rover we have in development. In the coming days we will have updates and additional information about this vehicle. This project will be running the ArduRover software branch of ArduPilot and will be made available presale to our developer partners.

More information will be found at digi-dna.net and updates will be first posted there as they are avalible. If you are interested in contribution to the product or access to pre-release products we welcome the inquiry.
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Here's some wacko fun at the Melbourne Air Show, guys!

Kent Pietsch is up to his old tricks (and a few new ones) in his Jelly Belly Stunt Plane, a 1942 Interstate Cadet, as ex-con 'Chuck Dramamene' who built the plane in prison and smuggled it out one piece at a time.

Crazy Pilot Stunt Plane 'Crashes' Melbourne Air Show - Jelly Belly Comedy Act (6 min 35 sec)

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Made for an RCgroups member!
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The Yi Zhan X4 is a nice quad, with interesting looking prop guards.

Yi Zhan - X4 - Review and Flight (8 min 59 sec)

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Model Name: F16C [Tail Designation 91359]
Wingspan: 1023mm
Length: 1522mm
Aircraft Material: EPO material
PNP Takeoff Weight: 3550 g (126 oz.) w/ wingtip two missiles
Thrust: 3150 g (112 oz.) installed

Find Hobby Asia
RC-Castle Asia
MotionRC US

Empty KIT includes:
Empty without any electronic devices???
Electric shock absorber screw metal retractable landing gear set.
Like true navigation lights system.
Simulation plume lighting system.
Glue gift
English manual one.

KIT + S + Servo empty version also includes and is already installed on the aircraft for your empty machine on the basis of:
4x9 g metal servos (2 forward, 2 reverse). est 1.4kg or 20oz/in
23L x 17H x 12W
  • 1 Steering
  • 1 Nose Gear Door
  • 2 Main Gear Doors

5x17g metal servos (4 forward one reverse) estimated 2.8kg or 40 oz/in
28L x 19H x 13W
  • 2 Anhedral Stabs
  • 2 Aileron/Flapperon
  • 1 Rudder

PNP Based on the following Kit + S + Power Plant:
Battery: 6S 5000mAh 35C
EDF; FW 12B metal 90mm
Motor: FW 3748-1550KV
ESC:130A +
BEC: External 8A UBEC
AUW with wires:

Battery: 2 x 4S 4500mAh-5000mAh 40-70C
EDF: JetFan 9B
Motor: HET 700-68-1680
ESC: 120 A 4-14V
BEC: 10A External
AUW with wires:

Landing Gear
Freewing Custom
Nose Gear
Height (Pivot to Wheel Base):
Wheel Dia:

Main Gear
Height (Pivot to Wheel Base):
Wheel Dia:

Radio Set Up:
can be done with 6 - 9 channels. More than that is all extras....

Stabilator R
Stabilator L
Aileron/Flapperon R
Aileron/Flapperon L

Gear > Sequencer > Gear > 3 door Servo

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Here is a review I helped my LHS make. It is the second one of a weekly series we are doing.

Ares Optim 80 CP Review and Indoor Flight (6 min 13 sec)

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So I dorked in my PZ T-28... again... this past weekend. Good news is that I only required a new cowl. Everything else survived it appears. While I've got it apart, I decided to change the motor. I had a HobbyParts Monster Power 15 on the front. It was very large, very heavy, and required cutting the cowl to get it to fit. Not sure why I went with that motor originally. It was a bit of a lower kV, and since I had the weight of the larger motor along with the weight of retracts, it never really flew as well as I'd like.

So I dug through my spare parts and found a smaller motor with a slightly higher kV. I guess it's the same physical dimensions as the stock motor? It should fit in the cowl without modifications, and it spins the stock T-28 prop with no problem. However, my amps will go up from ~16 to ~24, which means less flight time. The T-28 should, however, have more oomph when flying.
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Greetings again all,

It's been a while since I've posted anything build related. I have to get on this one now because that cat's already out of the bag on another thread.

I don't really remember why I chose this for my next project; I think part of it was wanting to have something new and fresh to take to Ace In The Hole in Vegas.
After the long and drawn our P-38 project, (which is grounded due to a faulty nose gear) I wanted to do something a bit more fun and less bogged down with scale details.
I also had a break from work so I wanted to tear into something with a rapid building technique, fan fold or something like that.

I know the Zeta Sciences model is out there. I've had the good fortune to fly one thanks to my buddy Tony, (RCG member xplaneguy). That model is great, a real treat to fly. Lots of fun!
For me though, it doesn't quite capture the spirit of the movie version. Let me nerd out for a second and use a reference that most of you will get; it's sort of like the Scout Walker to the AT-AT, or Mini Me to Austin...

I also felt ready to attempt my first scratch build. I've been in this now for about 4 and a half years and think I've acquired enough info and experience building to try it out. I mean with guys like J Morgan, pmullen503, Sparks, Greenseaships and many others sharing their amazing techniques, I've got plenty of outside knowledge to lean on.

Now about the bird; I am going to refer to it as the Raiders wing. I know the other one is...Continue Reading
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Well after receiving a replacement X mount an motor, installed that to the letter, when first spun up bearing noises straight off the bat, seriously these people cant be serious , anyway went for flight one ,appears all ok, how ever on flight 3 we have the same issue the X mount has broken in 2 places but again, after removing the motor the screws that secure the X mount to motor are still there an this time the field wiring has melted like fused together not impressed , putting in claim number 2,

So ive had this plane 3 1/2 weeks an flown it 5 1/2 times , i m interested to hear from anyone else that has come up against this issue , please feel free to give your 5 cents worth cheers

Btw prop is balance all screws are tread locked motor wiring to esc wiring is zip tied together, running the 4s setup with 5x5prop
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O.K. , So after many years of buying ARF & PNP airplanes I decided it was time to build a larger scale P-51D. I have looked around and decided to start with a ESM P-51D. So far I have purchased the ESM P51D "Glamorous Glenn", A KMP P-51d Scale cockpit. The ESM P-51D retracts, and a miracle tail retract for the P-51D. For the motor I plan to use a O.S. FS 1-20 that my father and I picked up in the early 90s (it has never been run) we never got a chance to put it in anything before he passed away but, I know my dad would get a kick out of seeing this in a huge p-51D. Part of my plan is to develop a scale exhaust for this motor, or at least adapting one. I have some other ideas, I will bring them up as I go in the build. I have always wanted to do a build log so I am excited to get started on this project. I welcome any advice and comments. I will post pictures this weekend when I get time.
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Maytech hs a series of slim ESCs, from 15A to 40A, width 11mm, 17.5mm or 20.5mm.
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Inspired by the continued existence of a AA consuming toy fan from the 1980's, it was time to build something more efficient with RC parts.

Dumb Blond hottie

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to make a fan. The mane problem was noise, which RC parts aren't designed to avoid, but which is a critical design feature for appliances. The other problem was safety. A prop saver did absolutely nothing. The prop still shattered in an obstruction test. This is 1 area where 3D printing a shroud would be useful. For now, a wire provides some minimal protection from accidentally coming in from the side.

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Hey everybody!

Long time lurker... thanks to everyone for all of the information and cool stuff happening here.

I'm in the extreme early stages of a project that's been in my head for a bit. It's an ultra mini "racer style" H quad that measures just over 167mm (6.57in) diagonally motor to motor. The 250s are small but I'd like a bit smaller.

Attached are some CAD snips of the general layout of the base. I have 2 styles in the works; one where the arms and bottom plate are one piece, and one with a separate base plate and arms pair. A setup with 4 individual arms instead of 2 pairs will come later.

The base plate design needs a lot of work at this point but I need to decide on equipment first to design holes and cutouts around. Next will come the top plate which will sit probably 30-35 mm above the bottom plate I'm guessing. I'd like the arms to be held on with just 2 x 3 mm bolts then the rest of the body assembled with 3 mm nylon hardware. The size of this craft will necessitate the use of a board with the 30.5mm mounting pattern - leaning towards a Naze 32.

The arms right now are designed with a 12 x 12 mm bolt pattern to pair with the 1306 sized motors along with 3.5 inch props. This may be changed to 4 inch but we will see; I'd like smaller

I have on order some RCX 1306 2300kv motors and a plethora of 4045 props from myrcmart.com. My idea is to trim the props to 3.5 inches to see how that works-please tell me if this is a stupid idea.

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