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Posted by Doris X | Today @ 10:06 PM | 32 Views
Hey guys,
I am Doris X from Shantou China.As you know Shantou is a toys city,and my hobby is rc.Hum..
Nice to meet you guys...
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Posted by Tahoe Ed | Today @ 07:43 PM | 161 Views
A user came up with a procedure for resetting the BTU on the Ground Station. Here is the link;

Posted by austntexan | Today @ 07:36 PM | 180 Views
Got this idea from Hanson Hobbies website.


Stripboard comes in handy in so many ways in this hobby. At some point, I'd like to integrate a 5V Pololu stepdown to this mix. Would be very compact and out of the way. By drilling holes in the PCB board, you can create stress relief for the servo wires.

Hope someone finds this useful.

Stripboard: http://www.amazon.com/ST3U-StripBoar...ripBoard-3U%2C

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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 07:31 PM | 207 Views
It's been probably 30 years since the last science project which had utterly no point. Helas there are many people who do make stuff with absolutely no point & show it at maker faires. The ideas are still mounting.

Recording & playing back video from cassette tape, using a soundcard, ancient cassette deck, & software. There's a large stockpile of useless cassettes whose content is now freely downloadable in higher quality. You could probably get 64x64 10fps B&W out of it.

Wireless router with 400 mile range, using either optics or very short packets over ham radio. Cell phone data for under $75 is still worthless, so there might be some point in some kind of extended range router.

Camera based on a single photodiode & pinhole assembly that mechanically sweeps in an X/Y pattern.

There was an idea for an extremely large reflector that focused light from a very small point in the sky onto a photodiode. It would use the earth's rotation to scan in 1 axis & mechanically scan in the other axis to make a picture.

Spinning XV-11 Lidar mounted on a panning servo to make a 3D map of a room.

Fixed XV-11 lidar on a pan/tilt mount to make a higher quality map of a room.

The ability to capture an exact replica of a place in 3 dimensions is the successor to photography. It's so far from being done conveniently that it hardly ever comes up. Setting up a modern quad copter for aerial mapping is not convenient. It's equivalent to capturing a...Continue Reading
Posted by jefffassbinder | Today @ 05:49 PM | 259 Views
Align Factory Test Pilots (5 min 42 sec)

Area 51 special assignment. On deck, Ben Storick, Alan Szabo Jr. Colin Bell, and Jamie Robertson. Out in Las Vegas these Test Pilots push their machines to the maximum. Aircraft being flown Trex 700E DFC HV, Trex 700E PRO DFC, and Trex 700N DFC. On each of these machines there is at least one item being tested during these sample videos. Soon we will share what we have been testing for some time.

For more information on Align product please check out www.align.com or www.alignrcusa.com

Thanks for watching!
Jeff Fassbinder
Posted by ROD GARCIA | Today @ 05:45 PM | 236 Views
This was my best hexa ever ! Sad i sold it!!!
Posted by TheQuestor | Today @ 05:15 PM | 265 Views
I guess I'm going to go ahead and document my retro fit of my Quad.

Little history.
My original quad "QTip" was lost and a bunch of great peeps banded together and replaced it for me. So QTipToo was born. She flew great and I had a bunch of fun with it until one day she decided to flip over and crater breaking all kinds of stuff. I was pretty bummed out really.

After weeks of saving up for new parts I put it all back together and it flew fine, but it never felt exactly the same so I decided to do a little upgrading.

Originally it had a F450 clone frame on DJI arms running crappy dji 920kv motors and HK 30a ESCs [SimonK]. It was run by a APM Clone called the ArduFlyer 2.5.2 with an AVDome Kit and a CN06 Plus GPS from Kendall over at UAVObjects.com. Pretty awesome bit of kit all in all.

....... more to come ...........
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Winter was very hard here this year, its only beginning to warm a bit, I still have snow on my lawn and we are almost may, but we had a great day last weekend and I'm saying that was the start of a new FPv season ! I'll concentrate on multi rotors this summer, with also aversa wing, my TBRC 60" wing I want to fly more and add OSD, and I'm playing with a versa wing from Flitetest, 4$ of foam board, very nice !

Here is the versa and some tricopter:

Season 2014 begins (5 min 6 sec)

Posted by bsbauman | Today @ 04:04 PM | 339 Views
Y'all get your party hats on!
4th Annual FPV Fly-In is around the corner, here is a psycho video from last year:

Pecan Patch FPV Fly In 2013 (23 min 6 sec)

Posted by staffy | Today @ 03:54 PM | 321 Views
Revamp of a old turn left.
Posted by eirlink | Today @ 01:35 PM | 481 Views
Heres a short video i did showing the various LED sequences of the Naza M v2 From DJI

Naza M V2 LED Sequences (1 min 23 sec)

Posted by crash-man | Today @ 11:32 AM | 565 Views
More Than A Little Info

We are all back in the workshop for this 257th installment of our show and in this one, we share some news items, dip into the mail bag, and even talk a little about Open Source projects. There's a LOT of info in this show and it's way too much to try to write a description for here.

Please pay special attention to the announcement where we are looking to gather up some equipment for a friend in the hobby. If you think you may be able to lend a hand, just send me an email with the subject line "HELP A VET"!


FACEBOOK FAN PAGE (Show Announcements)


NEXT LIVE SHOW - Starting at 8pm CDST on Wednesday evenings.

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The guys at Flytrex gave me the chance to get an early look at their latest creation, the Flytrex Core 2.0. Itís the second version of what has become a very popular multirotor flight data recorder. I know thatís a mouthful but thatís what it is. Attached to the flight controllerís GPS, the Flytrex Core records altitude, speed, distance and temperature of each flight. I have a feeling that they might parse and add more data to this in the future. The exciting aspect of Flytrex is what they allow users do with the data as Iíve spelled out in my review of the Core 1 here.

Judging from my first encounter with Flytrex and communication with Flytrexís Amit Regev, these guys are ambitious and actively pushing the boundaries. They also keep their ears close to the ground and listen to the gripes and trends in the multirotor community. They proved that with this Core 2.0. I donít want to take too much away from my video review below. So, please watch and feel free to send comments and feedback.

(READ MORE + video review)
Posted by brandonmoon | Today @ 11:14 AM | 558 Views
For all my friends and colleagues here on RCG.... I want to let everyone know as of April 2014, I have moved back to Arizona in the Mesa & Gilbert area.

Moved back and quit my job with Lockheed Martin in GA for family and health reasons. Also just simply didn't like living there any more .

Will be looking for new employment here in AZ as well as planning on going back to school and peruse my dreams & goals toward engineering. Any leads or help to that end would be greatly appreciated

Happy to be in my element and back in the open warm desert country

I'll be back up and active before you can say ...yippee- cye- yay!!!!
Posted by Rusty-Gunn | Today @ 09:18 AM | 624 Views
Hi. Wow. It seems a few years might have passed by since I've been here. Allow me to bring you all up to speed.
Over the past few years my vision has gotten worse. Developing cataracts and frosting of the lenses. The eye doctor says all can be fixed but it won't happen for a while. Maybe next year. So there is hope.
Well. My vision is bad enough I can not see the planes well enough to keep from crashing. So, until my vision improves I figure it best to retire for now.
I still have the box of foam hiding under my bed and the electronics put away. Also, my Ptarmigan Trainer still awaits completion.
I've got a very cool full fuselage prop jet drawn up too. I will be back guys. Out on "vacation". Enjoy your foamies.
Posted by D W | Today @ 08:27 AM | 678 Views
Dumas Hot Shot. Built from original kit. For the Proboat electric outboard.
I replaced a lot of the wood (the formers) and did the nose, cowl and turtle deck using fiberglass and the lost foam method.
Still needs a coat or two of paint. Not maidened yet.
Posted by Jmasula | Today @ 08:03 AM | 707 Views
So, the ME-163 is coming together. I may decide to scale this up? its tough working with such small planes! And even tougher to keep it straight. Maybe when I get the sheeting on it'll get better.