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Posted by Hellysmack | Today @ 08:30 AM | 70 Views
After having such great success with V977 I decided I wanted a 100 size brushless micro helicopter that I could adjusted, pitch and throttle curves.
I had looked at the Blue Fly did not care for the module hanging of the back of my TX and I have seen my post of problems with modules. I seen the HCP100S running on a heavy 2S and my first thought was that will be like the 450 always needing repair.
Then I run across the HCP80 thread and was surprised by how pleased these pilots were, reminded me of the park zone Champ thread.
Do I really want to step back to a brushed main helicopter? I could not stop reading the thread and next thing I know I am ordering the HCP80 and the X-6S from Massive RC.

The HCP80 is a great bird! I had a bit of a learning curve to get radio set up correctly. I would have it controllable but then could not get it to be able to do flips. After comparing it to how the V977 would fly I finally found that sweet spot for me.

The HCP80 may be brushed but dont let that fool you it has a great weight to power ratio. Its small size makes it slightly more durable than the V977 but with more get up and go.
The biggest complaint is that the bushed motors do ware out but hey the are cheap.

The HCP80 can use same parts with V933
Same main gear as V977
Same blade grip bearings as V977 (feathering shaft is longer on V977)
Not sure of main shaft bearings, main shaft is same diameter.
V933 BNF (NON Programmable TX)

Only mod I have...Continue Reading
Posted by Hellysmack | Today @ 07:10 AM | 207 Views
V977 review
The V977 RTF, It is a just that a Ready to fly CP trainer that is like having 2 birds in one. In 6G it is very stable and hovers like a Quadcopter, in 3G it can do some 3D. I have learned more from this helicopter than any other helicopter I have owned. I also have never had so much air time with any other CP helicopter. What some see as weakness is actually its strong points. The TX is set up so you are guaranteed success if you dont know how to set up the programmable radio.
1. You cant screw up settings, so there is no question if it is set up correctly. Just focus on learning to fly.
2. It is set up to be a durable 3D trainer, not a 3D monster. It is set to give consistent power and best tail holding for the 1S brushed tail.

After I got my HCP80 I had a small learning carve on finding that sweet spot on setting up programming on my X-6S but I had the v977as a good example to compare it to.

Best upgrade is the carbon fiber shaft, and best mod was to remove the extra plastic on front of frame and landing gear. This makes it lighter and so more responsive and durable. My HCP80 and HCP100 landing gear attaches in two spots, why 5 attachment spots on V977 cut one off you still have 4.
My biggest grip of the V977 is they did not put a timer in the TX.
I just Velcro a dollars store timer on the back of my TX

My V977 is very reliable when I need a heli fix.
Posted by Flyingboats | Today @ 02:20 AM | 526 Views
The little Hisky Fixed Pitch 100 has become my favourite backyard helicopter at the moment. After following the RCGroups team's suggestion to add spacers for increased blade pitch (it was seriously lacking throttle response before), plus adding some HCP100 bullet blades to compensate for the stability loss through lower headspeed, the HFP100 has been transformed.

I tried a 6 axis V2 and was incredibly disappointed. The 6 axis makes it forgiving for a learner, but meant that lean angles were severely restricted and it slid it's way round corners instead of banking nicely. In comparison the 3 axis V1 is a delight, you can tilt it on it's side, point the nose at the ground, or even pull loops.

Favourite Backyard Flier Hisky HFP100 V1 (2 min 41 sec)

Posted by enervoloser | Today @ 02:17 AM | 533 Views

Im excited and nervous. Tomorrow im giving it a try at flying my new Freewing Moray.
I've seen a lot of videos and read about this speedy Eel.

Lets see how it goes.
Posted by Gear Swinger | Yesterday @ 11:57 PM | 664 Views
For some reason I haven't made any updates here for awhile. The past year was spent flying on the slope and working on a couple of planes. I sold a couple of planes and picked up a couple more.

I gave my Flamingo a total overhaul. It flew fine but needed some tlc. I wasn't real interested in working on it if I wasn't going to keep it. Well I made the decision to keep it and add some flaps. The project started off with a two week timeline. As things go... a year later it is done. I plan on doing a mini "how to" thread for adding flaps sometime soon.

I also managed to put together a Orca. Nice flying plane on the slope. Quick, crisp and responsive. In addition to finishing the Orca, a 3 meter Alpina took to the sky.

Until next time Happy flying.

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Sticky: New Syma x5c-1
Posted by HobbyOK | Yesterday @ 11:55 PM | 719 Views
Product Link:http://goo.gl/zOkG2W
Brand Name: Syma
Item NO.: X5C
Function:up/down,left/right sideward fight,forward/backward,turn left/right,with gyro/flash lights,A 360-degree 3D and special functions(continuous rolling)
Battery:3.7V 500mAh Li-poly
Charging Time:About 100 mins(USB charging)
Flying time:More than 7 minutes
Controlling Distance: About 50 meters
Battery for controller: 4"AA" batteries( not include)
Product Size:31.5 x 31.5 x 7.5cm
Box Size:51.5 x 29.5 x 7.5cm

Package Included:
1 x SYMA X5C Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x 3.7V 350mAh Li-poly Battery
1 x USB Charger
Posted by gekkoquad | Yesterday @ 10:47 PM | 757 Views
Hi, I'm new to this forum so below is what I have and I will post my progress of my assembly and any issues I have. I know there are probably heaps of posts covering any issues I may encounter so if you can assist in pointing me in the right direction I would appreciate it.
Posted by 747Pilot | Yesterday @ 10:38 PM | 748 Views
Fun at my playground. Setup:
Overcraft pdb
Sunnysky 2204/2300
12 amp velotech escs Simonk
dragonfly 32 pro fc
frysky d4r-ii
immersionrc 600mw 5.8 ghz
rhcp 5.8 ghz skew planar wheel plus by spec uav
mobius wide angle
Spec UAV Skew Planar Wheel Plus available at;
Rotorgeeks - http://rotorgeeks.com/index.php?rout...product_id=270
Aerial Visions - http://aerialvisions.myshopify.com/p...ant=1231301143
The Mini Qaud Club - http://shop.miniquadclub.com/shop/ac...8ghz-antennas/
Team Legit - http://team-legit.com/

Mini 250 - "Playground" (1 min 45 sec)

Posted by blucable | Yesterday @ 10:32 PM | 764 Views
Hello there everybody welcome to my blog. In my first entry I would like to tell you the process that I had to go thru to get this bird in the air. All credits to a good friend that goes by "Vantastic" sold me this quad ARTF and offered me the best top of the line support to help me figure out as a beginner how to get this thing flying.

The build:

Frame: DRQ 360 (D-Hawk) Folding Quad
Motors: 4 x T-Motor 2212 980kv motors
ESCs: 4 x HK F30-A ESCs flashed with Simon K
PDB: 1x Power Distro board with 12v and 5v (adjustable) outputs
Props: RCTimer C/F 8x4.7
FC: 1x Flip32+ (Naze 32) Flight controller with Cleanflight firmware loaded
Batt: Zippy Compact 4S 3700mAH LiPos
Footage Cam: Sony Action Cam Mini HDR-AZ1
FPV Setup: (Currently Working on it)

When I got this quad, everything was already installed in a professional way by my good friend mentioned above. All I had to do was some good tunning on the board and bind my turnigy 9x Tx.

Will continue...
Posted by XQPOWER | Yesterday @ 10:22 PM | 764 Views
Some of you may have wondered why XQ POWER brushless CNC servos(XQ-S83**) and digital CNC servos
(XQ-S48**/-S43**) are so gelivable(precise and strong) in the racing.

Three points listed below may explain a big part:
1) All Aluminum CNC case Entire case of all these three series servos are made from high precise CNC milled
aluminum,which can endure intensive high-stresses caused in the middle of racing/flying. It differs widely
from common full metal cases.

2) Unique Tamper-proof servo wire The black tample-proof servo wire as listed in the attachment below can
protect the servo from being interfered by any other signals,thus ensure a precise and strong performance
of the servo all the time.

3)Above all, XQ POWER has a group of innovative engineers.They are well-experienced and always in the
position to develop and test new servos using their expertise.

High-grade servo materials adopting combined with advanced technology,thats why XQ servos have been gaining
more and more popularity over the years.
Posted by JSS4 | Yesterday @ 09:31 PM | 832 Views
Bought this model with the batch of blanks I posted in November but didn't open it until today.

This generation of Chevy is SWEET! I love this and the Suburban, although bigger is better so I would go Suburban. I wish FRR made the Suburban but this Tahoe is very nice.

Like the Suburban I wish this model was made in 1/18. If AUTOart made one of these and a Suburban I'd jump it.

This one will get extreme overkill SWAT lighting, with optional autocycle.

Posted by quadboy | Yesterday @ 08:56 PM | 904 Views
I came up with this some years ago called the yard dart and sold the rights to JG HOBBIES he changed name to aggressor I still fly one
Posted by DaddyBigas | Yesterday @ 08:53 PM | 1,289 Views
Comparison of Spektrum Airware Transmitters to the FrSky Taranis Transmitter

One of the most difficult, yet most important, decisions an RC hobbyist must make is which transmitter to choose. One of the most common decisions users face is choosing between a Spektrum transmitter and the FrSky Taranis. No one can make that decision for a user and the best way to make the decision it to try both systems. My goal with this document is to try and provide facts about the differences between the two systems. A fair comparison is extremely difficult because the programming approaches the two systems take are very, very different. This is, perhaps, the reason opinions often seem so polarized. I like to think I am not biased since I very much like both systems and I refer both systems often. Which I recommend to someone varies based on my knowledge of the person’s technical skills, patience, desire for customization, personality, etc.

This is not a review; rather it is a comparison with some of my personal comments and opinions included. I welcome comments/suggestions from the community and I have no doubt there will be corrections and additions to this document. Since Spektrum and OpenTX are so different I had to devise a method for comparison. I am certain my method is imperfect and will need tweaking, but it is a start. My method started with a Spektrum transmitter model feature matrix I authored for myself and the Spektrum community. Since every day I see users...Continue Reading
Posted by quadboy | Yesterday @ 08:29 PM | 929 Views
papa and baby scorpion tricopters and my toys
Posted by jerrytbirdsc | Yesterday @ 08:27 PM | 928 Views
Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mW Tx & Rx
Posted by jetpilotrich | Yesterday @ 07:47 PM | 1,010 Views
The Sweetest fan around.... Check out the New JP EDF units coming soon to FalconHobbySupply.com . ALL Metal construction, Stator mounted rotor cone. Ultra tight .25mm Blade-to cowl gap... same bolt pattern as most popular fans for a drop in installation!

JP ALL METAL EDF Fans from Falcon Hobby Supply (5 min 40 sec)

Posted by jetpilotrich | Yesterday @ 07:41 PM | 1,007 Views
The latest racing Warbird from FMS.... Coming soon to Diamond Hobby.....

FMS / DIAMOND HOBBY P-39 980mm AIRACOBRA Teaser Trailer By: RCINFORMER (3 min 53 sec)

Posted by swing71 | Yesterday @ 07:27 PM | 1,019 Views
my qr x350 pro don"t start left side green light keep blinking what this mean....HELP......
Posted by marblekit | Yesterday @ 06:19 PM | 1,108 Views
Here's the maiden flight of the Red Dragon. She flies really well! I like this one a lot.

Red Dragon Maiden Flight (5 min 44 sec)