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I revised Jetstream 2.0....based on what I learned from flying Jetstream 2.0.

Motor mount has been strengthened greatly....plywood sandwich with a hardwood block. Motor was raised about 1.5 inches
Added a keel
Reduced the surface area of the elevons
Revised the pattern for the canopy.....modeled the silly thing as a 3D surface/mesh and then unfolded it.....also canopy is now Depron. I plan to use magnets as hold-down's instead of cutting hatches.
Added a color scheme
Added a dowel to the nose, but that's optional.....
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I googled r/c clubs in my area. E/mailed my interest and desire to learn to fly again after a 35 year lull .My work kept me on the road and away from home most of my working career. I am now retired and rekindling my passion for flying. I was promptly called by the clubs president, Randy and asked to come meet him along with other club members at their field 12 miles down the road from me. During the time I was there everyone greeted me as if I were family. Unknown to me at that same time Randy put his 3D plane to the side and set up a 40 size nitro trainer w/buddy box and handed me the trainer tx. He really surprised me and said let's go see whatcha got! What a great feeling to be up in the air once more. Afterwards he said he would help me with learning to fly and that I did a good job flying! I hung out for awhile talking to all the guys. Sunset was coming on. I said my goodbyes and was asked to come back soon. The fella's there made me feel right at home. Wow, just wow.

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Hi my name is Paco and I am from Hilversum in The Netherlands.

I am an addicted RC racer since 1978.

Due to interest changes I got my eye on RC foamies.
I like to design and create and the foam material looks swell to use.
I am also deeply into electronics and designed a balance station with software for modelcars. Have a check for TechWorkx Balance Station. Beside that I am currently busy with a spring tester which can also be used for measuring torque/amp/voltage measurement of motor and prop combo's. If this not enough I also run a decal shop mainly based for modelcars. Have a check for Custom Racing Decal.

I hope the RC flying will give me a new level of satisfaction :-)

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Just a quick post to start this off with. I'm in Chicago to help FrSky at the iHobby show and I just got to play with some new toys. I have to say that I am very impressed. I'll snap some pictures and share some details in the coming days, but for now, rest assured that FrSky has been very busy working on new toys for us all.

I need to get some sleep, but will update this with details as soon as I can.

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I clipped the GoPro on under the quad today and took it for a spin, no gimbal. The video was full of jello but had one moment which was kind of incredible. While flying an approach to land, I had to wait for some people to cycle by. It was a lucky break as a dozen or so Canada geese flew by the copter on their way to a near by pond. The copter was motionless, hovering at the time, I expected them to fly under or around it, no expectation they would get this close.

There is a short video here: Close Encounter
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Moving forward.....the following were done on the tip panels: top spar, leading edges and tip blocks were glued in place, and the TE's were rounded as needed

Next up it's time to plane and sand the LE's in preparation for the top sheeting
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But my 02 level would not let me go out. I take Spirva, Advair and proair for lungs which I needed today. Wind was not strong good day for micro's. and I sat hook to my 02 maker. My local hobby shop must have the new UMX sport cub in it is all over there web site. I well make a trip thursday to get one. If my 02 gets low my carbon level is to high to my brain. Plus as I try to get air my heart go's nut's which make's it bad. You must learn to keep your head and calm down or you well black out. Can't wait to get the little sport cub looks like my kind of plane.
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"those who are about to crash don't know it"
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Oh boy!

Here we go again with another build!

I will post pix here to update the latest build from time to time.

Check back for updates every so often to see whats happening on the build.
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I've had several requests to post the plans, so here they are....sheets are 24x36 ...3-view is not to scale....didn't annotate the drawings , but 95% of you guys already know what to do....I'm still in the 5% that don't !

Updated Notes:

Turnigy 2836/8 1100 kV 18A max
2100 mah 20C 3s
30A ESC with 5 amp BEC
(2) HS 82MG (R/E) (2) HS 55 (Ailerons)
9060 prop (PZ I think)
She'll fly on a 9x5....

Bent Spar is 3/16x1/2 bass with an aluminum splice (see earlier post)
Thrust blocks are 3/16 Lauan ply. Firewall is 3/16 foam board sandwiched between (2) pcs of 1/8" ply, the front one being inlet for the thrust blocks, epoxied in place. Most of the glue was foam safe CA. The rest is GG and epoxy.

Wing airfoil is a DF-101, solid pink rigid foam core with spar inlet and epoxied. Ordinates are attached as .txt file. Wing tips are balsa...the whole thing is covered with MonoKote..wing and all !

I've taken the L/G off and put a skid plate in its place.....AUW is down to 27.8 oz and with the 9060 prop, thrust is up to 27.3.....basically 1:1 T/W ratio.....even with the extra weight of the L/G, she only took a few feet to get airborne.....and she glides smoothly....and slowly, as evident by the landing in the video below.

If y'all build her, let me know how she flies, and what changes you made......

Keep your nose up in the turns

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Back in the 1950's, Sterling came up with a cute and unique sheet build biplane in the Liberty styling of the pre-World War II era, called the Hornet. It was designed to 18" wingspan with 1/16" sheet balsa wings, built up sheet fuselage, firewall drilled for a Cox .020 Pee Wee for free flight, for a Cox .049 Babe Bee for control line flight.

This model is a rarity. I picked one up on E-Bay about 5 years ago. It is one I always admired and wanted to build. It might have been something to compete against Joe Wagner's Dakota Bipe free flight of similar size. It also may have been a competitor to Top Flite's form and fly sheet balsa half-A CL warbird planes of the early 1960's. I built one in high school, a TF Mitsubishi Zero. It's full fuselage was neat, as it was preformed curved 1/16" sides at the factory, making it easy to assemble.

In this case, we are going to take this cute bipe and enlarge it to about double its size, suitable for a standard sport .15 engine. First, I'll have to template the parts as there was only build instructions, no plans.

There is some debate as to whether the wings should be built up or for simplicity accorded the original, use say Jedelsky slab wings similar to the Dave Thornburg's 1974 RCM Hornet Bipe. For proof of concept prior to a balsa build, I may construct one of Dollar Tree 3/16" poster foamboard to wring out the bugs. Nice thing about foam is its durability and ease of repair in crashes.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.
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For sale
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Gentlemen :

My re-incarnation of the foamie ULTIMATE is ready for a motor fitting . As I am using the motor from the previous model , I had a chance to do a detailed inspection of it before continuing onward . I was surprised to see that the motor was packed with magnetite !

Magnetite is in abundance on this planet and is basically ; iron filings . It can easily be separated by any magnetic field from the likes of sand and gravel . As I tend to fly from a hard packed gravel runway , these filings do get picked up by the strong magnets present within the armature of the electric motors .

Electronically speaking , magnetite causes a short circuit in the magnetic field circuit of a motor by forming iron strands between the outer armature magnets and the internal field poles of the motor . These strands will create alternate magnetic paths within the motor that will rob the motor of power until they are removed . Mechanically speaking , the iron strands formed inside the motor will cause some binding of the motor which will make it a lot more difficult to turn . The presence of these strands can be easily seen and felt by the manual turning of the armature . Bumpy , grindy spots in the rotation .

A simple removal of these iron filing strands can be done with an air compressor . Having cleared the motor , a generous spraying of silicone is recommended , by me at least . I spray my motors on a regular basis to keep everything happy internally .

This minor inspection should be performed by every flyer who uses electric motors . Just thought that my fellow flyers should be made aware of this destructive and avoidable situation .

Regards to ALL flyers : RickC_RCAV8R
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First flight jitters were unfounded...she was real close to trim when I launched her the first time.......I think I'll take the landing gear (about 4 oz) off and put a skid plate on the bottom.......also go to a 9060 prop....then I'll up the throws on the ailerons at least one notch.......the rest is fine.

Just took the landing gear off......3.2 oz. 10% of the weight of the we're down to 27.8 AUW

Some of the guys wanted to know where I got the kit......I borrowed Andy Kunz's answer to a similar question....."Well, the plans are mine, the fuse and feathers came from Art Center (or Dollar Tree), the wings and landing gear from Home Depot, and the rest was salvaged from other aircraft."

Swept Stik Maiden (1 min 23 sec)

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The new Align Trex 550L is a new design, from frame layout to the electronics provided. If you have watched the preview you already know all the robust accessories that are included. The 550L construction is carried out in 3 sessions. Each session is 1 hour and gives you the ability to use during the work week and put in a hour each night. Once we finish Part 1 and Session 1,2,and 3. Then I will show the electroincs installation and also the setup for getting your 550L Dominator ready for flight. Sit back relax with only a few tools and you to will be ready for flight in only a few short hours.

Here is the Electronics Installation which is the final part of this build.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me a or if your interested in more product information please look at

Best Regards,
Jeff Fassbinder

Align Trex 550L Part 1 Session 1 of 3 (1 hr 4 min 51 sec)

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Name - Dragonfly 1800
Wingspan - 18000mm
Length - 1095mm
Weight - ~1000g

maiden flight:

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Name - Tigra
Wingspan - 1420mm
Weight - ~700g

first trials:

first soaring:
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Name - Vortex
Wingspan - 2500mm
Length - 1300mm
Weight - ~1600g

maiden flight:

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Name - Skywalker
Wingspan - 2000mm
Weight - ~1.6 - 2kg

first trials:

maiden flight:
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