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j 10 3d jet (5 min 26 sec)

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I'm sure many of us have received crazy emails from Chinese sellers. The emails were obviously written in Chinese then (poorly) translated to Engish.

Some translations leave you frustrated while some are funny.

The word 干 has several different meanings: "dry", "do" and "do someone". Strangely, translation software have picked "do someone" for most of the translation of 干:

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Hey Friends,

It is time to release new product.

We are exciting to announce new item mini FPV racer X160 quads, it is with DYS BE1104 4000KV brushless motor, ABS3020 prop as well as the popular XM10A BLHeli firmware ESC with one shot function, flight range of remote control more than 1000 meters.

X160 combines with 5.8G 32CH 200mW video transmetter and 1/3" COMS lens in order to gain high quality and real-time shoot for FPV.

The firmware of CC3D is CleanFlight, it can be used after connected batery, receiver and remote control.

X160 is very light, just 110g without battery, receiver and remote control, small size is 131mm*38mm too.

Pls find the link for more details:
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Our annual Fun Fly to benefit Porter Leath Children's Home will be held October 24th at our field on Inglewood Place. In lieu of the $15.00 landing fee, bring a new, unwrapped toy of equal or greater value for the kids at Porter Leath. Last year we raised close to $1000 for Porter Leath along with a Santa sack full of toys. Let's do better this year.

We have secured lots of door prizes including gift certificates to local restaurants along with some spectacular aircraft "toys".

Many thanks to all of those that supported us in the past.

Contact me or any other officer if you can help out with setup and or take down.


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Afew week ago i was lucky enough to be sent this little prototype to test for Armattan quads , boasting a lifetime warranty they had my interest and i can happily say it passes my abuse test xD , High quality carbon, competitive pricing with a lifetime warranty on a sexy X config fpv frame what more can you ask for?

Check it out the whole F1 series has been released!

Armattan F1-4B // Inspired! (2 min 38 sec)

Armattan F1-4B // First impressions (2 min 46 sec)
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Checkout the MultiGp Chapter in you state and city, and join in the fun!!! Checkout these 2laps with the Heero4 capturing all the enjoyment of FPV Racing #vortex #maiden #flight #racing #immersionrc #fatshark #quad #quadcopter #gimbalguy
RACING IN ANGLE MODE (1 min 24 sec)

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Enjoy a smooth ride through some of the most beautiful mountains in the Appalachian Valley.

Fall Aerials - October 2015 (4 min 11 sec)

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pretty much nothing to do with R/C aircraft but fun !
what are your favorite movie lines, scenes, or just movies in general.

She's a witch! (4 min 15 sec)

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Starting to explore investment casting to get more detail out of my parts. With that in mind, started to design some fully scale parts - In this case 6th scale He-111 parts ("scaled up" some of the machined parts too)
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I built a FPV Tek Sumo that doubles as a slope soaring ship. Normally you would use a 2200mah 3s lipo with this bird but I shifted my esc, GPS, controller board and pan servo to the nose so I could use the lighter weight 1800mah battery and still have CG with the heavy over-powered motor I put on the tail.

I set everything up so when I fly FPV my vtx, camera, receiver, tracker, are all velcroed to the top up there unfortunately creating drag but easily removable so when I want to slope soar I just unvelcro everything and the plane is fairly light-weight and just has velcro as drag, so slips through the air quite respectably.

Everything is laminated with the stuff that Aloft hobbies sells, but as you can see it's all bubbled up from getting sunbaked.
laminate helps:
1) makes it so you can crash harder and it holds all the chunks together
2) improves the performance of the plane

I tuck a 1.8ah battery into a nice little compartment for slope soaring or high energy close to the ground FPV. I use a micro 5.8 video tx when doing high energy stuff but switch to the significantly heavier 1.3hz vtx for long range. I use a massive 3s 5.2ah multistar battery but I actually like the way the plane flies under so much weight. The plane doesn't get bounced around by the wind when it's weighty and I find that I like to fly fast, which is necessary with the extra weight....Continue Reading
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When you spend as many years in this sport as some of us have there is bound to be a day where you just wish the clock could go backwards. Golf has Mulligan's but soaring needs to have a Do Over. This picture of my good friend Larry Jolly sums up what a hard day looks like. I can really relate.
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2:37 Size comparison with hubsan knock off 4:29 Interchangeable joystick nubs
Behold! A tiny quadcopter that can fly upside down! I unbox this little guy and share some of my silly / witty commentary as I do so!

Eachine 3D X4 - Unboxing a 3D Micro Quadcopter (7 min 46 sec)

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Yesterday Harry and I tried out my latest IOM 'A' suit sails. They appeared to fall into shape very easy with minimum fuss so that was a good start. Whilst racing the wind was quite light and coming from all over the shop. Harry had the first trial and at times went very well but being fairly new to the sport he found it tricky keeping a distance between himself and the other seven competitors. After the halftime break we swopped boats and I went on to win the following four races which was quite satisfying. The next major test will be when Harry races the 7Bor and 'mk' sails at the Woodspring's, IOM, SW District Event on November 1st.
I have also fitted the fin/mast case into the Voltage hull. I hope to really press on with this project over the next couple of weeks so I can knock out a couple of new, identical IOM's over the Winter months in readiness for next season.
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Right now, this looks a little silly.
At the rate cell phone sizes are increasing, it might not be silly for long...
Remember the Motorola brick?
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Uuuh, had a bad weekend.

I travelled to Jmi to fly my Pilot Yak-54 (87") before winter hits really bad. Had a nice, but cold day, but then just before landing during the last (sixth) flight I became a passenger on my Yak. Plane was flying at 8-10m height maybe 60m away from me, when the plane snap rolled and continued to rotate... Until it hit the ground head on. I didn't have any control on the plane.

I've setup fail safe to do a positive snap roll - this way you'll take the speed away and basically plane will just drop in it's place, which is kind of safe. And to me it looked like the fail safe just activated.

Well... The motor mount / nose is totally crushed - let's see if Pilot will make wood parts to me, which would mean second life to this plane. To make things worse also the DA-50 motor is broken - haven't disassembled it yet to really see how badly.

But the most frustrating part is that I don't have a clue what really happened. Plane is fitted with Spektrum AR9110 receiver with 3 satellites, all positioned just as Spektrum instructs, Powerbox Sensor is supplying 6v to the receiver from two 2200mAh 2S lipos - which both had plenty of power left. And there was only one other guy flying / preparing his equipment during the incident.

And of course radios worked just fine after the incident...

Really frustrating, I haven't had a single problem with these radios so far (I'm using DX9 as transmitter)... Why it had to happen with the most expensive plane I have??!!?

All ideas are welcome: What should I do with the receiver to determine if it's ok or not?!
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KEER 900 mAh 30C Battery.

WLToys V636 Skylark - Evening Flight. (8 min 41 sec)

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My Ernie wing mid-aired and it split in half...
It went back together simple enough... but there was some places missing.... easy fix....
The red marker was to tell me where not to waste glue.
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In preparation for BBCC 7 , which I think starts in November, I'm going to take the Keil Kraft 12" Jetex free flight Avro 707A and convert her to a 36" WS balsa built-up 3 channel 70 mm EDF...started on the drawings a few days ago...progress so far......
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WiFi FPV quad... but I had some range issues with this one.

MJX R/C - X300C WiFi FPV - Review and Flight (15 min 25 sec)