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In my last blog, I mentioned that a review of some wonderful new Hitec multirotor motors was on the way.

And so it is.

Here's the result of the combination of Hitec Energy Propel 2212/20 motor/ESC combos, a DragonFly 32 Pro FC from site sponsors Multirotor Mania and an Armattan CF-355 frame from site sponsors Armattan Quadrocopters.

It all makes for one of the most fun sport quads I've ever flown and I highly recommend these motors and support components. Keep an eye peeled for the official review on the electric flight page!
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Here are pictures from before the maiden flight of my new design. It's of totally conventional balsa construction, with a 36" wingspan. I've barely flown over the past few years, so I wanted to design something versatile yet very stable, and the model achieved this in full.

It floats around at a walking pace with flaperons down, but also has a little speed and aerobatic punch when you want it. Looks gorgeous in the air! I'll try to take a video, and I'm considering re-drafting the plans, as many of the ribs and such were completely fudged and I had to make many adjustments throughout the build.
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This is the Maiden Outdoor Flight with my new Syma X8HG HD Camera Drone with Altitude Hold.

Maiden Outdoor Flight - Syma X8HG HD Camera Drone with Altitude Hold (4 min 18 sec)

This Camera Drone is very similar to my Syma X8C Venture Drone Quadcopter, only it looks better and comes with a way better camera. A GoPro will even fit in its camera holder (Look for future videos with it below this quadcopter).

Here are my review notes for this multirotor beast!

- Very stable flight
- Altitude hold works well
- Beautiful dark red color
- High quality 8MP and very light weight HD GoPro like camera
- Anti-vibration camera mount
- 2S battery power
- Excellent lights

- Loud brushed motors
- Slow yaw rate
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As its a bank holiday weekend Im taking the opportunity to get started on the build of my Pfalz E.1. This is a prototype build from Peter Rake's design - 60 inch (1.52m) span for electric power. I think others have built this aeroplane before but at a smaller scale than this one which will be more or less 1/6. I'm building it from scratch so I hope to learn a few new tricks in the process. Peter's design is for a very light model with control on rudder and elevator only and I want to keep to his intentions as close as I can. Hopefully it will look a bit like this photo by the end.
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FPV Crash and Flight (1 min 42 sec)

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Up to now, I have been flying for almost two years. Have had quite a few planes. Some good. Some not so good. Some that were beyond my experience level. And some that were just disasters.

But one thing I learned is...I found out what style of flying I like best. There is Sport flying, park flying, aerobatic 3-D, Soaring, and so many others.

Here is what I found. Maybe it will help others that are entering the hobby.

My this order.
HobbyZone Super Cub...3 Channel
HobbyZone Sport Cub...4 Channel UMX
Icon A5 UMX...4 Channel amphibian
Hobby King Skipper Delta wing amphibian
WLToys XK A600 DHC2 Beaver ( Banggood) 4 channel
Hobbyking BFG 1600 E-Sailplane
Ares Advantage 350 Decathlon
HobbyZone Conscendo S. E-Sailplane

The good/bad/and the ugly.
Good...recommend as a first choice
SuperCub...ParkFlier... Wish I hadn't converted it to brushless/and ailerons. Should have kept it stock.
WLToys XK A600 DHC2Beaver...a flyer/park flier
HobbyZone Conscendo S...also a FAVORITE ...E-Sailplane

Bad...may recommend with some reservations
Icon A5 UMX...Sport flyer amphibian...Not really bad...but over my head at the time. (Don't always trust your LHS guy.)
HobbyZone SportCubS2...Sport Trainer...A good flyer but motors are bad.

UGLY...will never recommend these.
HobbyKing Skipper. Amphibian Sport Flier...Super fast...Nobody at the club enjoyed flying this thing.
HobbyKing BFG...E-Sailplane....needed to add 21 grams 14" out on the starboard wing to get it to fly level. Even then it was a terrible flier.
Ares Advantage 350 Decathlon...Sport flier...Landing gear is impossible...very poor design with no structural support. Many broken props.

Will post specific details on each in later blog posts.
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Hello guys,

This is Darcy from Overtoptechfpv.

Provide OEM/ODM/manufacture/wholesale of FPV racing drones with CE ceitificate, also fpv goggle, DVR receiver, fpv air gates and flags.

Please contact to get you involved in the most exciting Drone racing event yet!

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all began with the Radian, a 2 meters (80") electric powered sailplane from horizon hobby. i learned about it when i watched it flying. it impressed me so much that same day i went to the nearest hobby shop that stocked it and purchased 1 and was flying it next day. no gyros nothing.
but then they released the 29" UMX, that has gyros (electronic stabilizer), that makes it fly in some wind as if were a way larger plane.
and i got 1 too for flying at the backyard or nearest park.
then came the Pro, that has ailerons and lower dihedral, for aerobatics. that i dont have 1 because my goal is thermaling.
and now we have the largest 2.6 meters (102") XL that comes with a receiver with gyros, for windier weather. and i have 1 too.
all excellent design and manufacture. congratulations to the designer (or designers, if more than 1).
this is just the start. i will keep bringing comments on my personal experience with them, so keep posted and get into the end of this. see ya.
i will start with the impressions i got on each 1, then details and then what i have done to improve it or make my life easier.

#1: the 1st:

#2: the micro:

#3: the big 1:
this it the latest, and still am learning about it, but is another dimension. after flying the 2mt extensively,...Continue Reading
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Racerstar Racing Edition Motors
Quick flight test with:
RSPLUS2205 2300KV Motors
Racerstar RSPLUS RS2205 2300kv motors Test Flight (5 min 3 sec)

More Videos to come:
Full Review can be seen here:
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So I thought I would dip my toe in the canardly pursuit and see what all the fuss was about

I chose a rather old design called a Canardex, built from a plan, as it has a relatively simple balsa construction and looked pretty tough, so would make a good trainer.

The model has been built with a 3S set up running on a 1100mAh battery, 25 amp ESC and 1100kv Turnigy motor with a Multiplex Xeno 9x6 folding pusher prop. These props are really neat (particularly if you are planning on doing a bit of slopin') for 3S pusher applications and, being specialized pusher/folder props, they don't over-rotate forwards or backwards.

Here's a vid of the maiden flights with a bit of AP. Crank up the HD to 720.

Canardex (2 min 38 sec)

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OMG! Time flies when we are having the best summer in years!
Work kept me away from my build, and now I am on a much needed leave of absence.
After being in this crazy trade for 38 yrs without actually spending any more than a week at a time away, I am stepping away for a few months


I have really put my desire to build into the 'E Irene' and have incorporated some of my own characteristics.
I have extended the front of the main cabin to have a curved front with a row of five windows. This means that the extended roof line will have the mast passing through it...which now makes the roof impossible to remove without unstepping the mast...

I came up with a neat idea to remedy that and now the roof is completely and easily removed without unstepping the mast!
I couldnt help myself and also made a working companionway hatch.
So here are the latest pics of the 'E Irene'...Continue Reading
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I have purchased a twister quad and no matter what one propeller is slower than the other 3 if I fix that one another will stop either completely or go slow please help I don't know what to do and I really want to fly it I haven't had a chance because it was like this when purchased. Thankyou
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Howdy folks, I need some emergency help for my Mobius Action Cam! I did some float fly at a saltwater channel with my mobius today hoping to capture some scenic views, but when I came home trying to watch the footage by plugging it into my laptop with its stock USB cable, it just won't charge or start its USB mode. I can only toggle its USB mode by turning it on while the cable is connected to the computer, but it still won't charge. I've tried different cables and USB ports nothin' worked. How/what should I do?
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On a whim I decided to add a few lights to my new A600. I picked up a bunch of self blinking water clear white LEDs a while back and thought that they would go well on an airplane.
I used white strobe and a navigation light on the underside of each wing tip, a bright water clear white on the LE of the left wing as a landing light, and a self blinking water clear red as a position light on the underside just aft the battery door. The red and gree navigation lights were some high brightness four pin LEDs that I picked up from Radio Shack a few years ago. Everything else was gotten through either Amazon or Banggood. The nav and strobes are all on the CG so my balance shouldn't be too far out of whack.
The lights are hot glued in place and the wires (30awg) are red and blue wire wrap wire.
They are all powered from he B+,B- pads on the receiver board, it provides a nice 5V source. The total load maxes out at apx 60mA.
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So some discussion has been going on between Jim and I about stuffing a 230S into an MD500 shell. It will work. Here's a CF frame w/servos in the shell and the pictures that have blue tape show what I will be cutting to allow linkage clearance. To secure the frame to the shell, I think I'll use some 1/16th " ply attached where the LG would and screwed to the ply in the shell. Also, I made the tail feathers from old credit cards and the vertical fin from a 200 SRX (when that was the mechanics) and will most likely do the same for this one as it's much lighter than the included pieces.

8/27/16. Later today I'll add some discussion Jim and I have had. Anyone else interested in this, please feel free to join in....Continue Reading
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Spackled wrinkles, added fuselage details. Built up motor and added radiator pipes, repainted with Tamiya Acrylics and topped with Minwax Satin. A few flying wires added for looks.
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Drone footage offers aerial view of areas affected by the Earthquake in Italy. A magnitude-6.2 earthquake hit central Italy early Wednesday and rescuers are searching for survivors. At least 247 people have now been killed in Wednesday's central Italy earthquake, the country's Civil Protection Department says.