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Corsair retract
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This entry relates to the Parkzone Radian.

Danny gave me as a gift a fuselage (thanks !).
I purchased a set of wings and horizontal stabilizer.

I used a 70 g brush less motor , 2200 mAh 3S 25C Lipo battery , and a Super Kinetic folding propeller. The motor was mounted in a non standard fashion , with the motor outside of the Radian motor mount.

The fuselage was covered with clear scotch heavy duty packing tape , which I shrunk with a sealing iron. This gave a lot of strength to the wobbly fuse...
Similar treatment with clear tape was applied to the wings, albeit not covering them completely, mostly the leading edge and the wing roots.

A few pictures are attached to this post.

a video of the maiden flight can be found clicking on the link below:
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I just purchased the Jack Stafford Mooney from Leisure Models and was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a build log. I will be making some changes as I go along to try and make it look like my full scale 1968 M20G and would love any input or recommendations.
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Hello there,
I am new to this quad copter stuff. I recently took delivery of a cheerson cx-20 type multi rotor. I can't even get t to react to the transmitter. I have followed the directions given in the information by Nerdyballs alas to no avail.

DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.798 MODE: 0
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.798 "D|PREFLIGHT"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.799 MODE: 80
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.800 "D|STABILIZED"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.800 MODE: 64
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.801 "D|MANUAL"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.802 MODE: 88
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.802 "D|VECTOR|STABILIZED"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.803 MODE: 92
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.804 "D|AUTO|STABILIZED"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.804 MODE: 66
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.805 "D|TEST"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.859 QUrl( "file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/APMPlanner2/qml/PrimaryFlightDisplayQML.qml" )
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.937 QML Status: 1
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.940 QUrl( "file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/APMPlanner2/qml/PrimaryFlightDisplayQML.qml" )
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.988 QML Status: 1
INFO 2014-12-24T13:13:10.994 UASActionsWidget creating UASActionsWidget(0xa074868)
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:10.999 QuickView: load settings
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:11.001 QuickView: loading key: "GCS Status.Altitude (GPS) (m)" type: "text"
DEBUG 2014-12-24T13:13:11.011 QuickView: loading...Continue Reading
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I got the Exceed mad drift as a cheap drift car. Something to mess around with and wreck. But lately been trying to get more speed. Theres not very many hop-ups on their page. Here are my findings.

The car seems to be well build to me. Pretty solid. I got the upgraded one with aluminum and bigger shocks. The stock gear it pretty slow but has a lot if kick to it. I put in a 18tooth pinion and it went 45mph. I then got it to go 68mph when i put in a 25 tooth pinion and a 38tooth spur gear. It was hard to tell if this stuff would fit but i took the chance. You have to cut the battery holder to make the opinion fit. It looks weak not but still works. The spur gear's holes didnt line up 100% but if you tighten in enough it work great. ( the spur gear came from a 1/8 HPI Apache or flux). You will have to cut the chassis so the motor mound can slide more out. The ofna body fits nicely. I had to cut the front foam part to make it fit so the wheel wells matched up

Today i just installed a 30tooth opinion on it but theres snow on the ground so haven't been able to test it. Ill have to return later to tell about the 30t. The battery holder needs to be put on different but again. Still works....Continue Reading
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Bets FPV year ever Bonus at the end

2014 - FPV year in review (6 min 14 sec)

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Cool quad with an awful name. lol

NIHUI - U207 UFO Intruder - Review and Flight (7 min 14 sec)

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My C 64 commodore still flying and singing Merry Christmas to all.
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Coyote Bob Martin 1982 original. Fuselage Duralene painted in irow. Club Las Águilas. Caracas Venezuela.
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Translated from Russian into English

Click here if you will start at section # 6

The second that I highly recommend to do with the equipment - to make this dish.

The antenna in our TX, just a piece of plastic, and the signal is transmitted piece shielded multicore wire which is in the housing. Purified from the end of the wire screen is 31,25mm and the transmitting antenna.
The range of this antenna is not tricky to my measurements is about 200m. This distance is sufficient with a huge margin for the flight, but !!! This all works under normal conditions without any external interference.
For a long time I was not worried about this issue, until I started to fly on a school field near high-voltage power transmission line which passes. And then began a loss of communication at a distance of 50-60m Bole is not very nice. At the same time on the same field range of the remote was about 200 m on the ground. And in the air fared much worse. So I decided to put on a full remote antenna.
For this purpose, the near-market radio antenna was purchased for wifi router by 2 dB, and SMA times] it, to install the antenna.
Part of the native mount antenna feykovye I cut, pre-parse it. In this attachment I put SMA connector by screwing it on top of the nut and pre-soldered to it lead from the transmitter module. The central core to the center pin and the braided shield divided into two honor and solder the connector housing.

The result is a definitive yes. Losses due to the problem...Continue Reading
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Thought I would start doing build/modification blogs. Ordered 2 F100s the other day. I plan on building one and keeping the other asa spare. Working on a list of parts and mods right now.. Anyon know where to get a F-105?
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DJI sent me this link, and I thought I'd share...
DJI's Christmas Surprise – 'Light Up Your Imagination' (1 min 3 sec)

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It's been a while since I've posted anything in my blog. Somehow life has found a way to cut into my flying time but I did manage to find some time to branch into FPV. The days of me actually becoming a real pilot are just about over, so this is the closest I can get to flying real aircraft

I've been flying a DJI Phantom, which carries my GoPro Hero 2. I also use Fat Shark AtttitudeV2 headset (with integrated 5G8 RX and Trinity HT), 250mW 7ch 5G8 TX, 600TVL FPV Tuned CMOS camera and Spironet Antennas.

The attached video is a short compilation of some of the flying I've done around my town. The quality is not the greatest but it's a start:

Flying Around Marion (6 min 8 sec)

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Further progress adding retracts to the Corsair. The original servo for the retracts didn't have enough grunt to overcome the tight bend radius required. Swapped it for a HS81 for 2.6kg of torque.

The flaps caused some problems. The cheap 9g servo I had from the spares box burned out during testing/setup, so put in place a slightly less cheap HXT900 and redid the linkages to remove binding.

The wheel doors and other foam panels that were removed for the installation were reinstated with the appropriate bits permanently cut out to allow wheel retraction. Sadly I don't have the talent to do proper doors at this scale within the remaining weight budget.

The US Navy scheme paint was removed from the wing for repainting with the RNZAF tricolour scheme - airbrushed Tamiya acrylics thinned with windex.

Corsair 4Nov2014 (0 min 33 sec)

...Continue Reading
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The AUVSI and a number of other organizations FINALLY started to work together! If you have not seen this video, have a look.

Know Before You Fly (1 min 34 sec)

Credit for the link goes to sUASNews.com as they posted the press release yesterday.

Thanks for your time. Happy holidays and fly safe!
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Well, I don't update my blog much.

The T31 never came to pass, although it is still on the cards. I have been firmly bitten by the thermal bug though, and although my own design worked, it took a Carl Goldberg Electra to really start having fun.

Been a great year for modeling - the Vic Smeed Flipper has given lots of fun, and generally have got a lot of flying done.

What's next? Well, I need to maiden a new vintage glider, assemble my rc yacht, and finish an autogyro.... And build a really nice glider.

Happy Christmas

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Scratch built Tamecat from plans by Jeff Troy.
Super Tigre 61 with BCM muffler