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Posted by Hansondiandian | Today @ 04:12 PM | 13 Views
Guys, please watch these videos and tell me how they are by leaving comments on YouTube. Thanks for all your help!

RC float plane FPV (2 min 53 sec)

City FPV 2 (4 min 36 sec)
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Posted by Scotthack | Today @ 02:22 PM | 109 Views
Brand new!
While trying to calibrate and save calibration, I eventually lost one motor function, then later a second. First was front left (birds eye view), then back right. They won't spin. Occasionally they twitch, but that's it. Did I mess up the calibration, or did I get one with bad electronics, ie controller, circuit board, etc. first RC ever. First day. Flew a few flights before the problem.
Battery had full charge.
Thanks for any help.
Posted by Saijin_Naib | Today @ 01:38 PM | 119 Views
Dromida Ominus - Road Rash [808 #16 V3-D] (2 min 13 sec)

The Ominus experienced a bit of road rash today as I took a dive I did not level out of quick enough. I flipped it back over and kept flying. Tough enough, it would seem.

The rotors did get a bit nicked by the pavement impact, but they still fly well enough with the nicks sanded out.
Video Source: 808 #16 V3-D
Audio Source: 808 #16 V3-D
Music Source: Dead For Sure - Antitune [SoundCloud Works - ????]
Music Source: Headshrinker - Antitune [SoundCloud Works - ????]
Video Editing: Serif MoviePlus X6
Posted by Blaze0021 | Today @ 12:29 PM | 180 Views
What do you do when you have 1-2 mph winds and the flying field / park all to yourself? You have a great flying day with 2 AS3X Originals! Took out the UMX Beast 3D and UMX Gee Bee and worked on some pattern flying. Transitioning from the 2 flying partners definitely posed some challenges, especially when it came to landing styles, but we're solid performers in the air. Couldn't have asked for a better way to end the weekend.

If I could find another new in box/old stock UMX Gee Bee, I would pick her up in a heartbeat. By any chance has anyone here also tried the Great Planes Gee Bee R1 and compared the two models? Since that model is still available I was thinking of picking up a TX/R version and using the AnyLink on my DX6.
Posted by Nightstone | Today @ 12:07 PM | 185 Views
Was at my local park this morning doing some slow proximity flying in the park. This is a light weight 40" DT plane with full apm on-board. When I fly I use the whole park and fly behind where I am sitting. My safety record is perfect...

I knew when some of the locals arrived during my last flight is was going to spark a conversation. A few minutes after landing I got the talk about how I should only fly in front. How unsafe that kind of flying was etc, etc, etc...

Now these are otherwise good folks. Fun to be around. Etc. When it comes to FPV though they absolutely just do not get it.

Its just so sad to be thought of as unsafe when your actually flying the safest aircraft in the park. I'm flying a plane with a stabilized auto pilot. Set to pop up and go to the center of the field and do slow circles in case of an incident. Not to mention being slow and light ( Do no harm ). Not one incident ever.

Yet the LOS flyers continually crash planes in the housing area. On the freeway. Store parking lot. The children's playground etc. Yet the incident free FPV guy is unsafe... Boggles the mind.

Most of it is a lack of understanding of the technology and the inability to change.

Posted by RoryG | Today @ 11:48 AM | 222 Views
Perfect conditions for filming at Eshaness in Shetland's North Mainland, a beautiful area with a dramatic coastline. Fantastic scenery, these cliffs and stacks of volcanic rock have been formed by thousands of years of the force of the mighty North Atlantic. The sea looks peaceful in this short film, but it's a different place in the winter with a force 10 westerly! Shot with GoPro Hero3 & 4 Black cameras on a Sky Hero 750 Y6 hex and a Phantom 2. The music is my own composition, "In The Deep Groove Valley" from my Deep Groove Valley EP.

Eshaness, Shetland (7 min 21 sec)

Eshaness (Esha Ness) is a rugged headland situated in Shetland's North Mainland, about seven miles west of Hillswick. The coastline is exposed to the full force of the North Atlantic creating massive rock stacks, caves, blowholes and geos (inlets) from the ancient volcanic rock.

We start our flight near the famous lighthouse, built in 1929 and designed by David and Charles Stevenson. We'll then fly out to sea to take in some stunning views of the coastline before exploring the rock features and the long "Calder's Geo" right by the road. You'll need a head for heights for some of these shots!

Shot with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 Black cameras at 2.7K/30 on a Sky Hero Y6 hexacopter and Phantom 2 quad. Rendered in 21:9 (1920 x 837) HD ultra widescreen. Music is "In The Deep Groove Valley" by Rory Gillies from the Deep Groove Valley EP.
The Shetland Flyer on Vimeo

The Shetland Flyer on Facebook
Posted by HotArchives | Today @ 11:44 AM | 225 Views

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This doesn't have anything to do with RC, or even toy planes or engines, but it is a major part of my life...
I can't be the only person here who likes guitar music so, while I get my act together for a few engine running or plane flying videos, I thought I'd post this video of my daughter playing guitar...
Some of the RC forum gentlemen might like it...
Laura Cox - Damaged - John 5 cover (3 min 9 sec)

Posted by flmo | Today @ 07:43 AM | 388 Views

on my last ride, my truck started to make a noise while running. So i opened it and found a little stone stuck somewhere in a front axle.Then i had everything back together but i don't have steering...can someone help me out on this? Do i need to reprogram it ?
Posted by f.a.r.m.e.r | Today @ 03:52 AM | 537 Views
Well i been at it trying to tune this thing for about a month now and its getting there seems like the smaller the boat the harder to tune especially a hydro but having lots of fun, any advice with mini hydro's don't be afraid to chime in everything can use improvement.
Posted by unknownflier | Today @ 02:25 AM | 725 Views
does appear to be over and it did start before the covers of darkness were pulled up high enough to hide much, here in san bernaseptictank I mean san bernacesspool I mean san bernabagdad, the sky lit up (literally) like the Fourth of July. Although the only fireworks allowed in the parts of the city and state where it is legal are the "safe and sane" variety, the concussions and the sonic levels feel more like a "21 Gun Salute", for those that have actually experienced or even seen such an event. And no, just because you saw on TV, 3 or 7 rifles being fired simultaneously 7 or 3 times in a row, does not mean it's actually a 21 Gun Salute, no matter what your mommie or Walter Cronkite or Brian Williams might have led you to believe. (Caution, short detour ahead)

{OK, I'm paraphrasing here but, a gun salute (21 or a lesser #) is usually fired from a cannon or a naval or land based piece of artillery with a bore of 3" or greater and should not be confused with a "3-volley-salute" where rifles are usually used.}

Somebody on my street whose name I should not divulge though it could have been my sisters common-law husband's brother-in-law "read" where some guy set off an empty plastic 2 liter bottle and I know, I mean I heard, that the shockwave could be easily felt for at least a 100' as it went past and rattled windows and car alarms up and down the block. Nothing remained of the 2 liter since the black plastic had been removed...Continue Reading
Posted by 620ertom | Today @ 12:47 AM | 744 Views
Ich stelle mich mal kurz vor:

Name: Skandia
Art: Segelboot
Anschaffungsjahr: 1991
Rumpflänge: 1m
Höhe über Kiel: ~1,7m
Gewicht: 3,8kg

Posted by Joe Zip | Yesterday @ 11:48 PM | 788 Views
America - where You can make it happen!
Posted by Whiskers | Yesterday @ 09:54 PM | 842 Views
I found the Bix3 exhibited signs of not having enough v-stab area so I taped on a triangle of foam and flew it this morning.
It did seem to improve things so It is now glued in place.
It has not done anything for its looks.
It was a beautiful morning for FPV flight and the landings were all fine.
When I finished my last flight I took off the goggle box and sat there for a minute or so with a big smile.
That tells how I feel about FPV...
Posted by austntexan | Yesterday @ 09:29 PM | 867 Views
Works pretty well. Not everything lines up perfectly, but it's close enough. Just fast runs. . . no acro.

RD290 with Motor Tilsts Speed Run (3 min 32 sec)

Posted by KC BRAUN | Yesterday @ 09:18 PM | 868 Views
I have a Dream Flight Weasel as well a Libelle so when I saw the video of the Alula Trek, how can you resist? The plane is very precise for foam and the design is top notch. I started by masking off the wing and tail for paint. I used purple acrylic cause its lite and cheap! I thinned it out and shot it with a hvlp gun. After it dried I striped it and sprayed clear acrylic matte over the paint and stripe tape. That sealed it all together to hopefully resist paint scrapes and add a little strength to the leading edge. It came out lite, 6.5 oz ready to fly with the stock battery in it. It only took 8 grams of lead to balance as well, nice! There's an area for ballast just behind the wing connecting rod. I cut an ounce of lead that fits in sweet. It's easy to pack as designed. Used a 4 channel spectrum receiver. Can't wait to fly it!
Posted by caveman1o1 | Yesterday @ 07:51 PM | 884 Views
Added a bracing strut under the tailplane. Put a keychain camera on the wing, and off flying on another frosty morning. Flutter in the tail still evident. No trim change and no noticeable difference to elevator response with full flap. I will leave the tail strut on and move onto something else..............

Pulse XT40 (0 min 53 sec)