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Posted by Gwillix | Today @ 09:33 AM | 99 Views
does anybody know what this is " Unique device ID received - 0x674ff525356715087054946" im trying to set up a naze 32 in cleanflight and everytime i plug it into my computer this pops up
Posted by eiichi KOGU | Today @ 09:31 AM | 96 Views
change all mech, new HK500TT in fuse.
UH-1 500 size. (5 min 35 sec)

Posted by SlowJeff | Today @ 09:23 AM | 98 Views
I found my plane! What a relief.

It was about 18" outside the back door of the main house on our property (not the house I live in) nose down in the flowers, with the vertical stabilozer and rudder hanging by the servo push rod.

They don't fly very well that way.

I feel some better - but I'm still not that happy about doing something so stupid.

Memo to Jeffrey: these are real aircraft. They're small, but they're real. Don't do anything you wouldn't want done on a plane you were going to fly in.
Posted by ThatsBS | Today @ 08:16 AM | 181 Views
My full review will be posted tomorrow. Here's some outdoor flying with the XS-1

Outdoor Flight: Yefie XS 1 Phantom (4 min 42 sec)

Posted by SlowJeff | Today @ 08:10 AM | 185 Views
Well, I appear, for the moment at least, to have lost another d*mn plane.

My own stupidity again, but a different kind of stupidity. The vertical stabilizer fell off, and instead of stopping right there I had to try one last flight. Stuck it back in...

I'm pretty sure it fell off in flight. By the time I realized I was doomed it was at the north end of our place and slipped over behind a tree. I forced it down but I couldn't see where it was. I've been out on my bike riding pastures but so far no luck.

I haven't given up. And my name and number are on it. I did learn something the first time.

I'm not going to buy another one right away. I've got everything I need - plans, foam, and all the electrics - to build a Flitetest Tiny Trainer. Shouldn't cost me one additional cent for anything. I've even got the rubber bands.

I do have a piece of furniture I'm building for my wife taking up pretty much all the space in my workshop, but it's almost finished and then I can get started.

The little smileys don't begin to express my mood right now. Believe me, what I'm thinking would not pass forum censor technology.

Oh well.
Posted by pulserudder | Today @ 07:32 AM | 209 Views
The Memorial Day long weekend is at hand, and I am itching to see a finished model. Along with a rekindled interest in gliders, I have become interested in electric power again, as it has been a number of years since my first exploration into the dark side, and to that end I have been following electric developments with SAM oldtimer flying and NFFS nostalgia and E-36 events with growing interest.

For sport and thermal flying, I have waiting in the wings a Holman/O'Reilly replica Super Sniffer that I will say is about 2/3 maybe 3/4 complete. I have most if not all needed supplies on hand. I have the aforementioned long weekend at my disposal.....

Hmm..... Wonder how much I can get done?
Posted by Caveman_Don | Today @ 02:39 AM | 445 Views
My health has FINALLY let me work on her again
Posted by GBLynden | Today @ 01:46 AM | 495 Views
This video is and the Unboxing, Review, and Build for the new E-flite P-47 Thunderbolt BNF Basic with AS3X Technology. This is pretty much the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt version of the E-flite P-51 Mustang Dallas Doll that so many in the RC community have been excited about since its release last Fall. That one was modeled after one of the most famous WWII Warbirds in history, the North American P-51 Mustang.

Here are my review notes on it so far:

- The motor has issues that have yet to be determined
- The hatch design is a step backward from the Dallas Doll Mustang

- Beautiful finish
- Very easy build and radio set-up in my Spektrum DX6
- Retracts and flaps installed

E-flite P-47 Thunderbolt WWII Warbird with AS3X Unboxing, Review, and Build (10 min 30 sec)

Posted by Hobby Tech | Today @ 01:33 AM | 517 Views
World's first amphibious drone that carry GoPro Camera with dive case easily to record your life moment, Especially in the water.
Great application for Fishing, The payload release mechanism is perfectly suited to release bait well past competing fisherman or into areas previously not fished from shore before..

PRE ORDER your Drone now at Hobby Tech...Continue Reading
Posted by Felipe Garcia | Today @ 12:46 AM | 520 Views
Syma X8C unboxing (English)

Syma X8C unboxing (English) (6 min 19 sec)

Posted by zhesto | Yesterday @ 11:22 PM | 594 Views
Recently trying hard to learn FPV, so I started to forget how much fun is the usual LOS flight - you can see your bird flying around, flipping and rolling... How cool is this, ah!

After I took this video, I added also OpenLog, so I can use Cleanflight Blackbox flight recorder feature. Thanks to it, I found my PIDs are too high. Fixed now.
RCX263 quad - LOS flight (2 min 0 sec)

Posted by mfwilliams | Yesterday @ 09:22 PM | 776 Views
finally a little more wind. Nothing fantastic, but better than last week. And actually the last hour from 1-2PM, was ripping nicely. Because of our upcoming Oregon Slope Safari (only two weeks!), we needed an opportunity to test out some of our heavy slope birds. As usual, a good time was had by all. No crashes or mid airs (outside of some foamy impacts) and all the planes left intact.

...Continue Reading
Posted by V-Man | Yesterday @ 09:11 PM | 683 Views
My wife called to say she'd be late from work, so I grabbed the Vandal and hit the construction site at the end of the street. Man, is that car dusty now!
Posted by ThatsBS | Yesterday @ 06:33 PM | 820 Views
Indoor flight demo. Full review coming soon!!!

Indoor Test Flight: Yefei XS-1 Phantom (5 min 39 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Yesterday @ 05:57 PM | 849 Views
This is the first ARF I have purchased from Value Hobby; I have bought servos from them but that is it. The price of their ARF's are very attractive and just beg you to take a chance on them. I have been eyeing several of thier airplanes for years but never pulled the trigger on one until now. I had been searching and thinking of the type of airplane to test fly my new twin cylinder engines on. The size, nose profile, and overall flight charateristics of the 'Stik' type airplanes were the deciding features for me. I have never owned or flown a 'Stik' before so this should be very fun.

The box arrived undamaged and the opening begins. I immediately found ONE of the reasons these ARF's are so inexpensive. They are not packaged in full color boxes as most kits/ARF's are. In fact I thought it was triple boxed, but in fact it was only double boxed. The inner box was just as plain as the outer; and as in good of condition too. ABout the only lettering on the boxes are the words "Made in China". What? I thought for sure these were out of Vietnam, but I guess not.

Once the box was opened I was pleased to see all subassemblies were individually bagged and nicely taped in place to keep them from shifting during transport. I removed each item and gave it a brief inspection. It was not my intention to begin building this tonight so further unwrapping was somewhat unnecessary. I did unbag the main section of the 2 piece fuselage. I wanted to set my Saito FA-...Continue Reading
Posted by RobDog | Yesterday @ 04:55 PM | 864 Views
Parts I'm printing for a RCG Member.
Posted by aben71 | Yesterday @ 04:43 PM | 861 Views
Took My Syma X8C for a flight at the local park.Enjoy
syma x8c at herricks cove (8 min 28 sec)