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Practice makes perfect, and having the right tools help! Pretty happy with my solder joints now!
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Yesterday was possibly the most unfortunate day I have ever had. A series of terrible mistakes during an fpv flight led to the loss of signal between me and my axn floater I have been working on for months. I forgot to record the flight, didn't have a spotter, and hadn't installed a buzzer on it yet. The last image I saw in my goggles was the plane going nose down into what I thought was a field. I was crushed to say the least and after many hours searching around the neighbors farm land I called it a night. (I was flying right before sundown, another mistake.) Low and behold a recieved a call from a golf course 3 miles away from where I was flying saying that they had found my plane wreckage near the 3rd hole. Thank god I do not have to buy all new electronics. Moral of the story: don't make the mistakes I made and most important of all: PUT YOUR INFO ON THE PLANE. It is the cheapest form of protection and does wonders. Happy flying.
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Another build that I am dedicating to ALL the STAR WARS fans.STAR WARS SPEEDER BIKE

Inspired by my good friend ADAM of RCG, I made my own version of the Star Wars Speeder Bike. Fitted with a Mini KK2.1 FC with Sunnyskys V2216 -12 800Kv with HK 20A Simon K Esc's ,9" rear props and 8" front and flying with 4S 2200 Mah lipo.

Not very easy to build for space is really small and very little room for mistakes when drilling holes and planning is really needed to avoid it.

Here are some build pix and maiden video ....Continue Reading
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If you have a battery that is puffed, popped, or you just want to throw away this is a very easy and simple method to get the voltage low enough for disposal in the normal trash Hope this helps and please subscribe and stay tuned for more!

How to Discharge a Lipo Battery for Disposal, Salt Water Method (4 min 55 sec)

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Some photos of my FPV race quad. (though I wouldn't consider what I do racing - more like Driving Miss Daisy meets quad pinball....)

Name: DSC_0029.JPG
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Size: 140.0 KB
Description: Dramatic view
  • Aluminum standoffs are captured inside the printed parts for durability
  • Camera mount allows for tilting using the stock holes on the Runcam
  • Integrated Flysight 5.8GHz and FrSky DR4-II rear bulkhead
  • Vtx SMA bulkhead mounted to avoid broken connectors during crash
  • DR4-II antenna holders swivel and pop out to protect from damage during crash
  • Top plate has channel display port , Vtx vent "gills", and battery strap slots
  • Sides have vent gills and swing open to allow access to Flip32 USB port and connections - also keeps loose wires inside

Frame: ZMR250 from MultiRotorMania (Nice 3K CF)
PDB: Overcraft V2 from Team-Legit
FC: Flip32 from ReadytoFlyQuads
Firmware: Cleanflight
Motors: Emax 1806 - 2280kv from Hangar18 Hobbies(Cary, NC). Awesome local (for me) shop that carries FPV/MR gear!
Camera: SKY - RunCam 650TVL from SecurityCamera2000
Video Tx: FlySight 32ch 5.8GHz 200mW from HorizonHobby

It's a work in progress. My designs - like my builds - are never done.

Can't forget to mention my awesome quad race club: F1FPV If you look close, my quad makes an appearance in the first few seconds of the video. (for about 1/2 a sec)

Also, the bright yellow is much easier to spot after a crash and makes for a much quicker and more dignified walk of shame.......Continue Reading
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As a while back there were some problems with Image Shack, and another hosting site I used for my pictures,, I needed to host the most important pictures elsewhere. This thread will serve as alternate hosting place.
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Three angles available for mounting the fatshark camera to your diatone 250 or fpv 250 frame.
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Three angles available for mounting the Fatshark FPV camera to your ZMR 250 frame.
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This is a 3d printed case I designed at the request of another user who had 90 degree pins and straight pins.
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Start at Eifel-Pokal 2005.
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Start at Eifel-Pokal 2005.
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I Love these cheapo cell monitors with built in low voltage alarms.
I plug one in all my planes and quads before I fly and even with flight controllers set to warn me with lights, I'm often alerted by the alarm first.

They are small and compact and built tough. The best part is they are very inexpensive if you don't mind waiting for the slow boat to deliver them.

My one gripe is the orientation of the LCD display. If you want the balance port in the "up" orientation, than the LCD reads upside down.

My first two attempts to flip the LCD failed and I bricked the boards.
Since then a couple tricks I learned from my failures have worked and I can now convert them pretty quick and without issue.

It's not difficult, there is no SMD removal or rework, so I consider this a 'basic' modification for someone who has even minimal soldering prowess.
just through hole desoldering and careful solder sucking.
It's a fun and rewarding project.

All you will need is a 40+Watt iron and a solder sucker or braid.
A small flat head screwdriver and some Teflon wire or magnet wire.

Pictorial review below. Open the individual pics. Descriptions attached to each.
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Last weekend I did the last details to get my trailer ready for the new flying season.
I installed my modular model rack, made from PVC tubes and isolation foam inside, containing my Hurricane, Spitfire and Mosquito.
It leaves plenty of room for another rack next to it.
And then it was time to fix some rack rails to the walls, so that I can insert supports wherever I need them.
On the pics you can see that I used those to securely stow my 3m Ka8 glider and its wings above the model rack.
Pretty happy with this result, now it's time to use it and find ways to still improve its versatility. I need a safe way to add another couple of gliders and the wings of my Twin Otter, which are hard to transport because of the three-blade props.
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Finally recieved my V977 & TX with sim port... after 1.5 months! lol
Found the bent tail rotor blade at 5:31, quite amusing...

Video you below for your mindless pleasure!

Unboxing WL Toys V977 with Real Flight 7 simulator / TX & Sim Port + Sillyness (11 min 38 sec)

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Hi guys I am giving up with the 450s and going 500+ in class here is my 2 I have so far
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Just bought one wondering if anyone is flying this and what motor set up. Thinking about old nib quadra 32 that I have laying around. Would that be to much engine
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Gentlemen :

I had the chance to 'maiden' a recent purchase of a HK Ugly Stick (PNF) at my buddy Frank's field before a storm arrived . A Walkera DV04 camcorder was VelCro'd to the top of the fuse for this special flight . As the video clip showed the annoying strobe effect of the propeller , I will be moving the camera under one of the wings for further clips .

There was a storm approaching from the West on this afternoon which presented itself with a steady 15 - 25 KPH wind . There was also an annoying cross-wind at the runway . No big deal for me but Frank had some issues with it . I would just have to deal with the trimming of this 'wild card' .

The video shows Frank's back 40 field which has a number of obstacles to be avoided . The first is the HAM radio tower area of where we tend to launch from . An old orchard bordered by a barb wire fence is present on the western end of our dirt road runway . Our alternate runway which is mostly used for the landings is a great little grass field . It does have a rather huge CLIFF which is lined on its upper edge by extensive forest . A better video clip of the field is forthcoming .

Regards to all flyers and builders : RickC_RCAV8R

RIX : Ugly Stick (PNF) Maiden Flight (5 min 59 sec)

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My 180 just flys and flys. More than 80 flights on it and did not had a single repair
Love it

Blade 180CFX in the morning (2 min 34 sec)

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I fly from an AMA field that boasts paved runways and mown grass for take-off and landing.
The P2V+ and the I1 both have low slung cam/gimbal units.
I fear damage from loose gravel and weed stalks when landing on the above surfaces.
I usually keep a sheet of masonite in one of the club's outbuildings to take-off from and land on.
I've seen several poster's fabricated helipads and some marketed by the dealers.
I wanted something a little larger, but still transportable in my SUV.
I went to Lowes and found a 48"x48" rubber pad that breaks down to four 24"x24" panels.
That was a little too large and standing up where I wanted it obstructed my rear view.
I reduced the overall dimensions to 42"x42".
Here she is...
The "H" is just white spray paint...