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Hey RCG flyers,

This is for the Spektrum DX/LRS flyers.
Has anyone experienced interference/erratic trim movement from there DX9 or any other DX with LRS connected?
I'm flying multirotors only and am curious about this one as it is becoming too common for my level of comfort.

It always starts with hearing the trims moving throttle usually but the elevator has been affected also. I correct it and its ok.
In the air the MR will begin a left or right rudder for a second or two then my center throttle is gone.
When I land, on the ground I have center throttle (single flash from LED), back in the air center throttle is gone.
It almost looks and feels like it is being forced down??
I have to rebuild my program to get rid of the interference ghost. But it always comes back...

This is my average config specs.
I usually use the same electronics:
Tarot 650 Sport Carbon-Fiber Quadcopter Frame w/Retractable Landing Gear
DJI Naza-M V2 Flight Controller w/Mini iOSD
Castle Creations QuadPack 35 ESCís
SunnySky X4112S-11 KV:400 Motors
Tarot T-Motor Style 14x5.5 Carbon Fiber Props
Dragon Link Micro UHF Receiver - Next Gen v3
1.2-1.3GHz LawMate Plus Dual Power 500/1000mW Transmitter V2
VAS/IBCrazy 1.3GHz BluBeam Ultra Mad Mushroom Antenna
Lumenier UBEC High Voltage - Adjustable 6V, 9V, 12V at 5A (14-40V Input)
Camera Positioning Kit (660mm)
FeiYu Tech G3 Ultra 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal
GoPro Hero3+ Black

All ideas are welcome!!
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Those who don't have a asphalt or cement hard track to take off may be frustrated by trying to get airborne with stock equipment and also high power drive.

Here is a small tipp how it will work:

  • very small wheels
  • very low angle between front and rear gear
  • high angled thrust nozzles

  • bigger wheels
  • advance the front gear
  • ADDITIONAL: change thrust angle of nozzles (normally NOT necessary with above two modifications!)

Demount the main retract wheels and mount them on your front gear. Normally on a grass track you don't need any brakes, but you can also mount them on your front gear.
Next buy bigger wheels for your main gear. They are very cheap to get for example from aliexpress: 65mm diameter wheels from freewing

To advance the front gear i put a wood plate between retract and retract box. The size is 13mm. So you will have uplift while accelerating for takeoff.

This all should do to get your phantom off your grass track. Additionally you can lower the thrust angles of the nozzles. But this will take massively changes to the flight characteristics! So if you do this, only reduce the angle of the nozzles in a few degrees, NEVER straighten them completely!

Good luck. Would love to see some videos of phantoms taking of from grass track with gears and without rubber strap. Right now there are NO such videos in youtube!...Continue Reading
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Spent most of day at doctors they took me off blood thinner I was bleeding real bad. As I went to doctor I know if this did not stop I was died. I take a lot on meds each day and this is hard on your body. I am home getting better tonight just glade to be here. Able to read or go to Rc group. Hope to get to fly my many new planes. But well read and watch all that I can till than. It is good to be home and not in the hospital for the weekend, May even fly my night vapor LATER. So if you can doing some flying for me and take some videos for me to see till i can.
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This is my Unboxing and Review for the new E-flite UMX B-25 Mitchell BNF Basic RC Plane WWII Bomber. In this video I look it over showing you a variety of different angles, discuss its pros & cons, and I even compare it side by side to the E-flite UMX B-17 Flying Fortress.

Here are some out of the box pros and cons:

- It looks really good
- Landing gear stays on in the box
- Semi symmetrical airfoil
- Reinforced wing and control surfaces

- Landing gear appears to be a weak point
- Elevator asymmetry
- Pre-order issues

E-flite UMX B-25 Mitchell BNF Basic RC Plane WWII Bomber Unboxing and Review (11 min 18 sec)

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Not easy to think about anything else, after the video. You know the one. We all grew up watching the Apollo 4 stage separations & the Apollo 6 earth departure stage departing while the camera stayed behind in the S-II stage, & the shuttle departing the boosters. Nothing was quite like watching a 1st stage manipulating grid fins & engine burns to return from a parabolic arc to a powered landing on a tiny X in the sea.
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Hi guys here some photos of some model boats at boating today enjoy
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Last weekend we attended the first aerotow event at Morrison Field located just North of Logan Lake B.C. The weather was not very welcoming but the scenery and hospitality was outstanding.

Morrison Field B C (1 min 53 sec)

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just testing ...
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He Gang,



Here is a video we did today streaming the Phantom 4 to youtube live. I cant not say I am at all impressed but I guess its just another avenue to take.

Phantom 4 live flight Test - Youtube Streaming (31 min 23 sec)

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Nothing new, just to me. This hobby started a year ago for me, one year ago this date my 1st CX20 arrived in the mail, I can say this hobby has sure been a lot of fun for me.....Since I have spent hours keeping the CX20 flying, then..........I build my first quad, on an S500 frame with a Pixhawk FC, taranis X9D control system, SS2212 980 kv motors 1045 props....then I lost it for 10 days Well hell I did like everyone one of us would have done I damn well ordered enuff stuff to build another, cept SS2216 motors 1145 props, then I found the lost girl.....dried her out, replaced the damage and have 2 S500's

Are 3 enough......heck NO...........

After helping some more enthusiasts build a s500 and lots of reading, more then one knowledgeable UAV builder and flyer giving a very favorable recommendation I decided on a Tarot 680 PRO frame....well heck....even before the frame arrived I ran across som info on some really nice Tmotor 4406 380 KV motors and some tmotor style 1555 props I had a cannot run a 15 inch prop in that frame without stretching it some....well the stretch is on!!! Still awaiting parts but they are comeing in and soom I will be flying a hexa More to come
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Helicopter drones delivering SD cards and flash drives to North Korean residents hungry for entertainment and information from the outside.
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Love it when I come home to find my latest goodie here!I picked up the Parkour a couple weeks ago on Banggood for a pretty nice price,got the bnf,I have heard the tx with the rtf version is not so great but it was only $10 more soif I have to swap it out I am not out too much and I am sure I can find something to do with the stock tx/rx Setup Time
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Took the P-51 Mustang out for the maiden flight today. The video includes a short recap of the build followed by the maiden.
ParkFly - Airfield RC 1450mm P51 Mustang Build Review and Maiden Flight (8 min 14 sec)

Highlights: Scale details are decent and the plane fits together very well. One could lift a car with the magnet they used on the fuse cover. Surprise servo articulated cooling cowl. Full flaps, retracts, and lights at a 2/3 the price of every other similar sized warbird.

Lowlights: Door sequencer doesn't close the doors after the gear is down. Had to add weight to get it to balance even after using a 3700mah 5s pack all the way forward compared to the recommended 2800 4s.

If you're looking for a 57" Mustang, this bird deserves a serious look. I would buy one again without hesitation.
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