Telemetry Radio
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I believe I have the following for sale soon.

2x Quanum 2.4Ghz Telemetry Receiver units
- 1 is a v2 with menu, the other not sure & will test in the next few days to confirm
- Firmware is on both
- 2 mounting adaptor for each unit
- Batteries on both are on perfect condition

1x Quanum 2.4Ghz Flexible Antenna.

3x Quanum 2.4Ghz Telemetry System Temp/Amp add-on module
- All come with Deans connections
- 2 temp sensors are std
- 1 temp sensor wire has been shorten

3x Quanum 2.4Ghz Transmitter V2
- All TXs are compatible with both Receiver units
- 2 TX have antenna casing removed for weight & placement fitting
- 1 TX uses the Flexible Antenna
- 1 TX has a shorten data cable while the others are std.

2x Cigarette lighter 5v out USB charger
2x USB cable. (Charge in car or on a PC)

I only have 1 Retail box as I bin the other to save space.
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This is the current progress of a custom Built Ground station I am working on for someone.

The basics: RMRC 8" screen, Immersion Video/power splitter, saw filtered digital RX, aluminum case... and a quad balanced and shielded fatshark cable to go with it Dual Tripod studs for optional mounting, and a sun visor to finish it off!

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The follow cam proof of concept is everywhere & nowhere. The problem is flying was only possible when someone else paid for it. Without any money, it's going to be a short effort.

Being a spare part application, 1 of the tiny servos from the Blade CX2 will be glued to the NTSC camera for pitch control. The Blade CX2 was an intriguing toy which never flew because it required a lot of trimming & its brushed motors were terrible.

The servo cam will be attached to the underside of a microquad. The microquad needs a better means of vibration damping, to use beat up propellers. It's getting near adding ballast like everyone else.

The camera will track a dual marker baton. The entire baton may actually be colored, making for a dumbbell marker that is easily isolated.

2 voltage regulators for powering the 5.8Ghz transmitter, & servo will be attached to the microquad. The camera is powered by the 5V flight computer rail, which originally was to power the PX4flow. The camera broadcasts video to the ground station, which combines it with telemetry to get a position for broadcasting back to the flight computer over bluetooth.

The ground station needs to record the video as well as scan it for position. The only spare part is a laptop. Since the follow cam's mane mission would be capturing running, the need to carry a laptop has been the showstopper.

For the 5 guys with jobs, the long reigning Odroid is finally dead. You need to be buying the Minnow Max. Unlike the boat, the Minnow has a dual core 1.3Ghz. It should be far ahead of the quad core ARMs. Personally have gotten nothing but grief from quad core ARMs.
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The first virgin flung into the about 20 minutes total time on one battery.....Took me a bit to get the trim right

First Flight Ugly Stik (1 min 18 sec)

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Hi there, this reciever is a great parkflyer reciever and for $8.99 a piece how could you pass that up.

Some specs:

Weight: 4grams
Voltage range: 3.5v-9.0v
Channels: 6
Range: about 500 yards

I love the quality of the gforce products and currently use this rx in a warbird model, a 32" epp foamy , and a 43" 3d model and have a couple more on the way.

This rx provides great range, light weight, cheap but quality and very easy to setup, it even comes with a bind plug and instruction picture so you know where to plug everything in and in the correct way.

If you go to to look at them,they also carry 2 other versions in dsmx both in 4 channel and 6 channel versions so check them out!

Thanks for looking

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Here is my thoughts and expeeience with these packs.

Lets start with some specs:

Weight: 46grams
Capacity: 500mah
Discharge rate: 30c
Cell count: 3

- Great choice for heavier 31-32" epp foamies requiring a 3s setup such as a crack yak or one of the value hobby line of planes

Personally i have used these packs in a value hobby laser 32" epp and will be also using them in one if the new rcplanebuilder wicked yak 55's, they performed awesome in the laser and have no doubt in them to perform just as well in the wicked yak.

Mine have about 40 cycles on each of them (i currently have 3) and still fly as if they are brand new!

They are very high quality packs and at $7.25 a piece from you cant afford not to have them for your foamie!

Thanks for looking!

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Few days ago I received a package from the other side of the pond.
Inside was a transmitter, bought here for a very good price.
Actually I wanted a broken Tx, instead got a good one. Love this forum

Anyway, I unpacked a very nice and shiny XP7202.
American version, so 72MHz, illegal here, and I wanted to mod it to 2.4 anyway.
I already ordered a FrSky DHT module from HK, but the package is going 7 weeks and still not arrived...

Yesterday I removed the whole HF part and then suddenly realised - it's a Mode 2 Tx.
Okay, I can change it. Or so I thought.
Quick search, service mode etc - well, everyone says it's not user-changeable.
In theory, at least...
Btw, my very old x-347 has 4 modes to select, it makes me wonder why JR didn't put this in the software in such relatively new radio...

Then I found some "success stories".
Some people swapped the little PCBs with the pots and trims. Then the swapped channels worked "backward".
Some people cut some of the wires and so changed the directions.
Better, but lot of work and not a very "clean rework". Unscrewing the gimbals and such...

A good tool is a half the job, some say.
So I went today to my local store and purchased a new desoldering iron.
I disconnected the throttle and elevator sticks almost in a blink of an eye.
Now I have to revert the wires in each connector and solder it to the opposite side.
Should work in the correct direction and with correct trims.
And no shrink tubes, cutted wires and other abominations

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So I was out cruising around and realized my time was up and needed to make a quick landing, I was coming in to land fairly fast and as I started to slow down I got stuck in my own downdraft.

How to land, badly! • FPV 21.07.2014 (1 min 58 sec)

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The bones, still som finetuning needed !
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this is my reciept number i guess, ill be looking at other action to take against the FAA as well.

the interpretation was just so poorly written and non-nonsensical, probly making things less safe, and more convoluted.

To Whom It May Concern,

The FAA is in danger of losing credibility and effectiveness, by over regulation, denying FPV capability and a general hostile attitude towards a large section of the American flying population that only grows. Worse, ( and I do not advocate for this ) many young people may choose to fly out of resentfulness and spitefulness, at which time the culture of disrespect for the FAA will become popularized, making your own task impossible.

So far the FAA has been more the problem, than the solution in this fast growing field of aviation. This poorly conceived interpretation is the proof.

I will remind the FAA that they are bound by the US Constitution and to serve the American people, not themselves.

Above all else we must establish simple and well working "rules-of-the-road" for the sky, known to all, and resistant to human factor errors. I greatly fear this task of safety may be beyond your ability.

Patrick W. Coleman
EE and Roboticist Student

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Lot's of video's on my channel, please check it out and subscribe!

Gee Bee EPP 1000mm (8 min 44 sec)

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This was a fun evening flight without me on the sticks. This time I was behind camera while a flying buddy was the one taking command of the unstable air with his Parkzone T-28 Trojan.

A Windy Evening Flight with a Parkzone T-28 Trojan RC Plane (2 min 59 sec)

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I'm almost done with the official RCGroups review of the Tamiya FJ Cruiser. Sitting on top of a durable CC01 chassis, the FJ Cruiser is a nice semi-scale trail rig that's quite capable in stock form.

Here's some photos from the review.
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Hello RC community! About a year ago I found this wonderful and creative hobby, and ever since I have been obsessed! I am only fifteen now, but I have learned a ton! Everybody here is so nice and supportive and sharing.

Anyways, I need some help with my quad that is half built. Because I am young, I don't have a whole lot of money to burn(part of the problem), and I need some help selecting some parts to have a reliable quad. I did a months worth of research trying to balance price with quality, and I may have made an error on the side of price .

My initial setup was as follows;

kk2.1.5 (no case)
turnigy d2830 motors 1000kv
20Amp afro esc with simonk hardware
power distribution board
q450 frame from HK
spectrum parkflyer receiver (I fly line of sight for now)
dx6i tx

The problem with this setup, was that the prop adapters for the motors failed during assembly, and so I used zip ties to hold the props on the motors (I know a terrible but effective solution). I didn't care about vibration, I was eager to get the darn thing flying! Anyways it flew for a while, I even have a video from the quad via an old smartphone on youtube, but unfortunately, all things that go up must come down. The quad did a flip at about 4 ft and landed perfectly! It was a miracle! But I knew that zip ties could never be trusted again... So I went to the hobby store to get new prop adapters, but it turns out they were junk too. They are set screw type that always made the props slip...Continue Reading
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RC has been a amazing amount of fun for me over the past 13 years. I'm done a little of everything it seems. In the past year or so I have been slowly loosing interest and have been frustrated and just not having fun anymore. To that end I am going to get out of the hobby (flying, FPV) and just enjoy some simple RC car/truck setups with my 8yr old son. He has no interest in RC flying and we need to find more things to do that are in common. I'll be selling off everything related to flying over the next several weeks.

Thanks RCGroups for an amazing experience!