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Drones Magazine #15 (Oct/Nov 2016)

Speed and agility: those are the top two qualities you need if you want to compete in drone racing. In most cases, in order to obtain these two necessities, it requires a ton of research online to see what components other skilled pilots are using, how their PIDs are tuned, and the time/effort/money to build a race drone. But who has the time and energy for all of that? If you want to quickly jump into the hobby of drone racing, you need the Walkera F210 3D.

Right out of the box, this quad is efficiently tuned to allow any user, from beginners to advanced pilots, to fly at extreme speeds, and combines the ability to flip and roll with ease. We flew this model with the standard OEM settings to see if this little bird performed as good as it looked. To our surprise it was much faster and more fun than we ever anticipated. New pilots can start off in 2D Stabilize Mode, which provides self-leveling to the bird, and prevents you from being able to flip and roll. Next is 2D Intermediate Mode, which still self-levels but also gives the user the ability to flip and roll. Finally, 2D Advanced Mode gives the user full manual control over the quad with no stabilization; this mode is reserved for very experienced pilots. With a flight time of 8-9 minutes, no matter what 2D mode you fly in, this bird will not disappoint. More on 3D flying later

First, lets get into the frame and components. Its sleek and rugged carbon fiber frame ensures...Continue Reading
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The use of UAV in agriculture will have a huge & positive impact and a wide field of applications within the agricultural sector.The need for sustainable and efficient means of farming is becoming more necessary each year with the reduction in farm land and increases in populations.The use of UAV will optimize the agricultural output and conserve resources such as water, going forward into the future.
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NXE Power---Our products passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, CE certification, UL certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, all products stand for testing from customers.
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So the front differential was never used since it was converted to 2WD mode. It came out in a single piece suitable for directly inserting in the rear. The mane spur gear was on the right. This got it driving in the right direction again, with no grinding.

The wheel base of the Ruckus is about 1/2 of the Lunchbox, so the Lunchbox wouldn't be a good replacement. The Ruckus is just narrow enough to fit on curbs in the city. The day job probably won't last another 400 miles, so the Lunchbox may still be a suitable replacement wherever the next day job is.

For better stability, a stiffer suspension would be the next idea. Metal gears would solve the differential issues. It's going to need new tires by 800 miles. Helas, the plastic wheel bearings are completely worn out. It can't steer with the current wheel bearings, so like any servicing of an old car, what started as a grinding sound turned into a stream of endless repairs.
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Ok so the all new stackable Diatone SP1 40 channel raceband 200mw video transmitter are here.

This cool new VTX has 30.5 by 30.5 mounting holes so you can place it above or below your flight controller. They come in 90 degree and 180 degree straight SMA versions and have push button controls, plus work on 6v to 30v. These are a must for any FPV racer, X frame builds, or for some one that wants a super clean build.

Diatone SP1-90 40ch 200mw
Diatone SP1-180 40ch 200mw
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Product Link:
Manual Link:
Firmware Update Instructions:
Version Updating:
flysky i6s 1.10 22-Mar-2016 to flysky i6s 1.11 30-Jun
Need to bind with receiver again, 2. The menu set contents will be reset, please reset your transmitter.
flysky i6s 1.11 07-Jun-2016 to flysky i6s 1.11 30-Jun
Need to reset and calibrate the stick date. Please follow the calibration process to calibrate your transmitter.

Upgrade Process:
1. Connected the transmitter to the computer via USB cable.
2. Enter the Setup menu in the transmitter and navigate the Firmware Update section.
3. Open the firmware upgrade tool in your PC.
4. In the Firmware Update Section of the transmitter press Continue and the transmitter will enter the update mode.
5. Once the transmitter enters the update mode, you will see it listed in the software. Press Update in the software and the update process will begin. It should take a few seconds for the update to take place and then the transmitter will reboot.
6. Close the software and unplug the transmitter.
7. In the Setup section of the transmitter navigate to the About FS-i6S section to confirm the correct firmware.

Once the transmitters software has been successfully updated, it must be calibrated. Follow the following steps to calibrate your transmitter:
1- Enter the Setup menu and navigate to the Stick Adjust section to initiate the calibration process.
2-...Continue Reading
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Here are the cliffs of where I am post 220 loss.

-Built a sweet 180. (Much fun)
-Flew FPV successfully, crashed, flew LOS for the 'last 45 seconds of the battery'
-EXACT same thing happened as the 220.
-180 goes behind a tree, and badda bing (you can hear it, hear i, hear, hea, he...) Badda boom (you cant findit,) my partner and I cannot find it. The people mowing the grounds cannot find it. (Either of the craft)
-2 weeks removed of no flying. New stuff is on the way.
-Piezo buzzers are in the arsenal this time.
-Hoping for better results. Losing quads (builds) hurts my soul.
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Welp, after almost 14 weeks I got my new airplane kit! A Proctor N17. Took inventory on the parts over the last 2 hours and seem to be missing a few things but, I may be just over looking as this is way more complicated than anything else I have built. Then I look at the instruction manual. 9 pages long. 1st page tells about the aircraft. Last 3 pages is the kit contents. Middle 5 pages vaguely describe assembly. Then I looked at the 3 sheets of blue prints. I need to take a quick tutorial on how to read blueprints! And then go get a mental exam...What was I thinking?.......Hopefully I can rely on a few of my flying friends for help.....
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wow, it's only been two days since i ordered my heli frame and parts/electronics, and already it feels like an eternity. . by the time i get it in the mail,it will feel like the year 3016
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TAROT 120 Review and Flight Test
by Drone Camps RC

This week we got to setup and fly the new TAROT 120. I was actually excited to fly the 120 because the motors, Escs, and flight controller are the same as the 130, but in a small package. This is a review, setup tips, and a bash session. Flight footage starts at 18:00.

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:


- Lightweight, and durable
- 3S 450-800mah.
- 5.8Ghz 300mw Video transmitter, good range.
- Compatible with SBSUS or PPM receivers.
- Same 4000v brushless motors as the Tarot 130.
- Same 6Amp Escs as the tarot 130
- 520TVL Camera
- NTSC or PAL versions available
- Decent flight times at 5-6 minutes
- Small enough to fly into tiny gaps
- Very fun to fly. Good power to weight ratio.
- Very good video range with the tiny antenna and 300mw vtx.

Pro Tip: Order yourself a "pinless" SBUS receiver so you
can direct solder the wires and save space.

Star Rating: 4.5
- .5 star for Video transmitter cable up front.

- Less room than the 130 obviously.
- Video transmitter now sits up front.
- Video cable sticks out the front. ( cover it ).

My final thoughts on the Tarot 120 :
Honestly I really like this quad. I'm deciding on which quad to give to a friend. The 120 or the 130. Both of them fly great. My advice to you is get either one. You will love either one. The 120 is smaller, but not by much.

Tarot 120 Parameters:
Wheelbase: 120mm
Empty Rack Height / Assembly Height:...Continue Reading
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Selling a Walkera Runner 250. The last person interested changed his mind. Check it out here:
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I got this transmitter from a friend as part of payment for organizing a huge estate sale for him and I don't know much about it. So far I have the 2.4ghz receivers binding and working fine but I don't know how to use the 72mhz option or if I can fly heli's with this transmitter. If anyone out there is familiar with this transmitter I could use any of the info I can get
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Howdy Gang-

I have been running my Mini Trooper now for about a year, and decided to make this blog post as kind of a long term review, and a catch-all for all the modifications I have done to it...

First, The Truck!

(From Hobby King)

The Turnigy 1/16 4WD Mini Trooper is great fun with plenty of performance features usually only available on larger buggies such as fully adjustable suspension, oil filled shocks, metal diffs, diff cups, dog-bones, and F/R anti-sway bars.

The chassis features a twin deck design made from tough 2mm fibreglass and the shaft driven 4WD system is protected from the shock of landing big air by a spur gear mounted slipper clutch - making the Mini Trooper our strongest electric 1/16th Almost Ready to Run car yet!
Equipped with a 25A brushless power system, this little 1/16 Short course truck is both powerful and fast. Small and quiet enough to zip around the living room on a 2S LiPo pack, or take on tougher terrain at your local dirt track or park - the Mini Trooper is at home on loose surfaces.
Tough, 4wd and Quick!.....What more could you want!

Motor: 4800KV Brushless inrunner (2040)
ESC: 25A Brushless (with Reverse)
Battery: 2S LiPo (98x25x40mm Max Size) w/ XT-60 connector [Required]
Servo: 15g Micro
Traction: Full Time 4WD, Twin Diff with slipper clutch on Spur gear
Length: 245mm
Width: 190mm
Height: 120mm to top of Cab
Ground Clearance: 20~30mm Adjustable

2S 1000~1300mAh LiPo
2CH Radio...Continue Reading
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I want to make my grand hauler blow smoke out of the stacks. What smoke generator should i use?
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BG 10% Off!

Lookie what I found in my eMail today.... good till the 1st, and good on THIS:

There's a whole page of our favorite stuff right now, including their RacerStar Rebranded Cicada 20A ESCs for $34.19/set:

Oh hey... another code: RC20 good for an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF on clearance items on THIS PAGE:

...Continue Reading
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3 days of dissection between commutes revealed the differential to be stripped. 400 miles in 2WD mode was all it lasted. In 4WD mode, it might have lasted longer. After all the effort to extend the range by converting it to 2WD mode, it never went over 1/2 its range. At least this left a spare differential full of parts. The decision was made to get another 400 miles out of the spare differential parts. With the tires going bald, it'll then be time for another vehicle.

The thought had occurred of using a hoverboard or a boosted board as the next vehicle, but before hoverboards went out of style, they couldn't balance themselves. Boosted boards can't steer themselves. Any other vehicle would require a new motor. The answer most likely is another ECX Ruckus left in 4WD mode to protect the differentials.
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Dear friends and modelers this new thread will be presented all electronic plans and articles through this magazine.

The order of presentation will be the chronological publication of the magazine.