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UP50 is an updated and innovated autopilot in UP fixed-wing autopilot series.UP50 is a fully digitized autopilot which allows the UAV with full digital avionics system.Its system manly composes airborne autopilot,ground control station software,and communication tools which ingrates sensors,GPS module,transceiver in it.UP50 can control UAV at different layouts with high precision.And it is interfaces for quite easy to use.It shows high auto-flight ability under GPS navigation.There are several task interfaces for various devices.In auto-navigation mode,you can set flight route and way-points freely and modify way-points or target point during the flight,UP50 can also fly to any temporary way-point pointed at the ground control station map.

Flight control
*Kalman filtering estimation at 50Hz
*Support attitude and airspeed keeping
*10 PID control loops
*Stable inner loop flight,50Hz PID control loop is applied
*Auto-take-off and auto-landing
*5 control modes(RC,RPV,UAV,CRPV and pointing flight mode)
*Multiple safety protection function(GPS navigation protection and communication protection in CRPV mode)

Ground control station system
*Brand new operation interface
*Different maps for your choice(mapinfo map,scan registration map,custom map)
*Visible flight channel rudder output
*Graphic way-point editing mode(includes pattern way-points function)

RC transceiver
*Futaba SBUS RC transceiver is used,simultaneously capture 16 portion channels and 2 switch...Continue Reading
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My corsair build has been going well. I've been able to work a bit each day or at least each weekend. Sometimes it is just a light sanding or shaping or planning, but it is something. I finished the basic construction of the wings pieces and joined them this weekend. I always get nervous joining my wings because I feel it is one of the most critical steps. Needless to say, I'm usually paranoid and picky about this process, but I guess I let this one slip. My right wing slid down as the glue cured. I had to do some surgery on that wing section and re-glue it. It did however come out OK and I'm back on track. Now I'm waiting on my servos to come in so I can install my aileron and flap servos.

I decided to mount the aileron servos in the F4 former instead of attached to a servo door. I am going to make an access door however and I should be able to remove the servo if needed. I will need a bent screwdriver to get the screws out, but should be very doable. I ordered servos from Tower and only one came in. After an email to customer service, they have sent the others claiming a packing error. I was very pleased with the speedy resolution to this and zero run around. WTG Tower Hobbies!

So I should be on to wing sheeting soon. This worries me a bit since I have not sheeted a wing before, especially one with all of these curves. Wish me luck! I'll take my time and get it right though! I'm already ahead of where I wanted to be with this.

I have really enjoyed this build as I actually feel like I'm building and not just putting a jigsaw puzzle together. Although everything is very doable and anyone with a few kits under their belt can do this. I have especially enjoyed the places where I have had to fabricate a way to install something like my servo mounts and retract mounts. I think I will begin some scratch builds starting with some cox .049 engines I am acquiring. Especially since I have so much scrap balsa now from my last 3 kits.
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A buddy of mine bought this kit years ago and it has say unassembled in another buddy's shop for a long, long time. I asked my buddy if he would sell it to me, and he did. I tried to run a 500 size helicopter motor in it, but I just burned up the motor and ESC. So now I'm basically running a stock EF-1 setup. I have not had it on radar yet, but it appears to be between 120mph and 130mph. With one huge advantage, it flies like it is on rails. Really nice flying plane.

Since I've got the Rare Bear going almost 170mph, this plane seems kinda slow. So I decided to sell it off. After posting it on a local for sale group, my buddy who originally owned it bought it back from me.

*** SOLD ***

Hangar 9:
Sundowner 36 ARF

2820/07 EF-1 brushless motor

Hobby King:
80a brushless ESC

8x8e prop

(2) HS5245MG servos (elevator and rudder)
(2) HS125MG servos (ailerons)

Aluminum spinner

(2) 4s 2200mah 40c lipos run in 4s 4400mah configuration

DX9 transmitter
AR636 AS3X receiver

WS Deans:
Ultra plugs
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Capture it, record it and share it with FIREFLY 4K DV.

Shoot up to 4K video and take 16 megapixel photos with FIREFLY DV.

Gyro image stablization makes photo shooting much more stable and video smoother.

Multi Signal outputs, like HDMI, CVBS and Wifi are accessible, Share wonderful moment with your family and friends via WiFi connection.

Same size with Gopro, FIREFLY is compatible with DJI Zenmuse H3-3D, H4-3D gimbal and other gopro gimbals.

OLED Screen makes it convenient to check setting parameters and machine condition.
More details at

FIREFLY 6S 4K Sport Camera VS GOPRO 4 (5 min 4 sec)

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As an addition to my growing collection of professional-level multicopters (AM4, AM4XL, AM6, and soon the AM8), I decided to create a dedicated aerial mapper called the AMX8. The goal was to produce a large aerial mapper offering portability, long flight times, redundancy, and large payload capacity.

Multicopter Specs:
-Custom carbon fiber frame with removable arms
-Pixhawk FC w/ UBlox GPS and Telemetry
-KDE 4014XF (380 kv) motors
-Mejzlik 15x5" props
-3x Quadpower 10,000 mAh 6s 25C lipo

-Sony Nex 5n w/ 20 mm pancake lens
-Fat Shark FPV cam w/ IRC 1000 mW TX

-Storm iM2700 with custom clips, straps, microcell foam, ...

AUW: 18.0 lb (8.16 kg) with 3x 10,000 mAh 6s

Flight time: TBD (estimated at ~40 min)

Video Demo:
AMX8 (4 min 37 sec)
...Continue Reading
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DRONE AND Firefly 5S 1080p


To see photo shots from the 3DX8 on the Gold Coast go to my website


This is the flying 3DX8 355mm RC Remote control Quadcopter, has brushless motors, GPS, altitude hold, return to landing and even best manual flying this Quadcopter is suitable for new flyers to brushless motors. Anyone wishing to move up from coreless motors quadcopter such as the Syma X8C or the Tarantula X6 this is the perfect upgrade to what you are looking for. Its a stable even flyer even in winds up to 20km an hour, as we have re nick named it the “Wind Cutter”. The noise output of the brushless motors is extremely minimal and making unobtrusive noise (basically you won’t scare people dogs and cats with it).
I have been testing this flying 3D X8 with a range of cameras and gimbals, these are the ones that I would recommend best suited to the “Wind Cutter” for a budget buy.
The gimbals I would recommend is the V303 and the Firefly 6S camera. This makes a perfect low budget brushless GPS quadcopter capable of extremely decent aerial capture. You will get spectacular height, footage and its also ideal for fun fast low flying.


This is the 3rd generation of flying 3D Quadcopter, the teething problems from previous models have been ironed out. This s the best value for brushless Quadcopter for beginners. One of...Continue Reading
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We're at it again! I'll be adding more over the next few hours!

We have a Cyber Monday section full of deals and don't forget the bonus codes below!

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FT Tiny Trainer Maiden (3 min 11 sec)

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Finally some progress and success.
Free style Dynamic Soaring at Goat Rock (4 min 55 sec)

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Tough little bird.
JW 60 crash and recovery at Goat Rock (0 min 5 sec)

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So I have been looking at a couple of really great frames to get as a follow up racer to my blackout. After going to NAFPV and meeting the FPV Addiction guys I fell in love with the prototype X design that became the Krieger. There are Now a couple of people on my racing team that have one and my god do I love the way this thing flys. So after months of jealousy I finally went ahead and decided get a Krieger of my very own.
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Phoenix RC Sbach (4 min 21 sec)

me how I usually fly with the Sbach, more to come
have a good day
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Gentlemen :

Todays Hobby King 'Cyber Sale' sees an offer of a fiberglass camera gimbal kit for only 10 cents (US) . I ordered a couple of these at 99 cents a few weeks ago to recut into a quad frame and for the hardware .

Recutting this fiberglass kit is easily done having bolted up similar parts before cutting with a band saw . This ensures that the parts cut will be identical . Hold the motor mounting arms together with masking tape to carefully mark their frame mounts on the old skids . (fuselage frame sides) Similarly bolt up the bulkhead pieces to form 2 mains as well as an optional tail one . File off all of the burrs as necessary . Also use some 3mm scrap ply to 'beef up' the under sides as needed .

My set-up will include the use of a KK2.1.5 FC , 4 x 18 Amp ESCs , 2204 motors twisting 6 x 3 props ; all on a 3S 2200mA battery pack .

This ten cent / dime one ; 'Dime One' , DIMON . Close enough to DEMON to use . SO it is ; DIMON ! The Dimon is probably the best recycling of ten cents worth of materials that I have ever attempted . Waste nothing , I say . I am betting that this frame will easily fly as it is very strong and has no flexing anywhere .

Regards to all of the builders and flyers : RickC_RCAV8R
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A warm Colorado November sunset flight with my UMX PT-17 (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Bella", reminding us of good flying days with warm weather, calm winds, and beautiful scenery.

Eflite UMX PT-17 (2S Brushless w/ Dual Servo Ailerons) "Bella" - Sunset Flight (4 min 31 sec)

RC Groups Build Write-Up with Photos:


Motor: Eflite 180 BL 2500KV
Motor Mount: UMX Beast 3D / UMX Carbon Cub SS
ESC / Receiver: EFLU4864 (UMX Beast 3D / UMX Carbon Cub SS) AS3X
Aileron Servos: Spektrum 2.3 Gram Linear Long Throw Offset
Propeller: Eflite 5 x 2.75 (UMX Beast 3D / UMX Carbon Cub SS)
Adapter: CNC Small Parts Aluminum UMX Carbon Cub SS (Long)
Landing Gear: RC Fun Labs Mini Super Cub Wheels 1-3/8"

Transmitter: Spektrum DX6
Lipo: Eflite 2S 200mAh 30C
Timer: 5 Minutes

Thanks for watching and please hit the Like Button if you enjoyed the video!
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Ok so its been a while since I've posted anything.. I've been all about the CX-20 thread and have to give huge props to the folks there. Mr. Jagger is quite the knowledge fountain when it comes to these quads.
So I helped a fellow flying friend of mine fix his beloved CX-20. He was pretty stoked when we got it flying again. He offered me a previously crashed CX-20, thinking i might be able to salvage the motors.. At first site I said, "Why not salvage the entire craft?"
This is how it has gone down... :-)...Continue Reading
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The noob pushing it a little bit more today
This is so fun it should be illegal!
Oh wait......

多摩川FPV Running Man BHS (7 min 20 sec)