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I was really having fun with this build that I can't help but build a second one....and it fly amazingly the second time around.

I like the look of open and expose electronics so no plan of making a body for this one too.

Close-up pix.
VIDEO WILL FOLLOW SOON.......Continue Reading
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Just a few photos of my Typhoon H in no particular order.
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If you've never built a Cloud Dancer, you should quit fooling around and build one. This week's special is a laser cut short kit of the Cloud Dancer 40. It has a 60 inch wing span, and a 40 FP will give it all the performance it needs.

You get the wing ribs, wing tips, fuselage sides, doublers, fuselage formers, and nose ring.

$35 plus shipping until next Friday. Shipping is $13 in the continental USA

See my entire laser cutting catalog at
I'm adding new planes on an ongoing basis.

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I am hoping that the wind will lighten up enough to maiden my new sport Cub S. The conditions were absolutely perfect for flying this morning, but ofcourse because I to go to work. My daughter and I had one of these birds previously but while my daughter was flying it , the wind picked up drastically and carried it to who knows where. But we are back in business now.
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Hobbyshop calls today says we have your new plane been here over a month. But I have picked up parts 2 times this month. They asked if I asked for the plane and I said no. So I went and picked it up.
took a few pictures and tryed a little back yard flying. It flew right out my hand no dive for the ground. Once up a little seemed like it was going to fly forever. It was a lttle windy but it did good. Talk about easy I did no tricks just flying and not real fast just around the field getting much higher than my normal flight. I bind it with my Dx5 radio so I can get it up without getting to far for the radio.
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Hi All

More build pictures added to gallery.

Vincent Unrau
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I bought an upgraded Detrum motor for my Corsair and of course the prop nut that came with the Corsair didn't work on the prop shaft I bought with the ugpraded motor (thanks for that one Dynam). While trying to force the issue--and without the proper tools (tap and die would have done it)--I managed to cross thread the nut and one of the two prop shafts.

So....while whining about it to a buddy of mine, he told me to come over and he'd make a few new ones for me. While I obviously knew about the existence of this type of machinery, I'd never seen it up close or in action. I was fascinated and just a "tad" envious my friend had access to such awesome tools.

Anyway, I put together a little video showing how he went about transforming a few lengths of aluminum stock into spares for my Dynam Warbirds. The best part is he has these "programs" saved in his mill/lathe computers and can punch out more parts anytime. While this isn't a plane review or flight video it is related to manufacturing RC parts. I just thought the process was super cool and wanted to share. Hope you like it.

Tech - Machining Prop Shaft Adapters and Prop Nuts for Dynam Warbirds (12 min 14 sec)

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Enjoying my Ride!

Enjoy my Ride (3 min 32 sec)

Thanks for watching
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Summer is here and midsummer eve has arrived. So happy midsummer to everyone. Spent extra holiday at the empty football field flying with my 250 size quad.

Configuration :
- ZMR250 (or clone) frame
- EMax Skyline F3 Acro (Seriously Pro Racing F3 Acro) FC
- Emax mt1804 engines
- HK Afro 12A ESC's
- Dualsky 1Ah/3S/35C & Zippy Compact 1Ah/3S/35C LiPo's

Midsummer eve flights (2 min 11 sec)

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Sleek aerial videography quadcopter with 1080P FPV camera and 3-axis gimbal.

Wingsland - Scarlet Minivet - Review and Flight (22 min 42 sec)

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I thought it was time to try a "pure" flying with no vertical surfaces. This was partially inspired by Karl Heinz's YB49 Build.

The airfoils for the XB35 were NACA 65,3-019 at the root and 65,3-018 at the tip. These are quite thick and draggy and close to symmetrical requiring up trim in practice. So in my case I may deviate a little and use some MH62 cores already cut or maybe cut some MH45 cores at around 9-10%. I intend using drag rudders and elevons only.

Scaled to 2.4M span to cut from a 1.2M wide foam slab which is manageable. I will probably borrow the 4 ancient Turnigy 2213/20 motors with 3 blade 8x6 props from my Lancaster. With the 3S 4900mAh pack it should have an AUW of around 2.0Kg.

I could also raid the Lancaster's retracts in which case AUW would be around 2.5Kg. Initially it will be minimalist and hand launched .

eCalc suggests climb rate and endurance should by OK even if not vertical which was also the case for the original.
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For review Courtesy of Banggood.
Brand Name: Cheerson
Item No.: CX-10WD
Item Name: CX-10WD Mini Wifi FPV with High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter
Diameter of Blade: 30mm
Channal: 4CH
Transmitter type: 2.4G
GYRO: 6-axis
quadcopter Battery: 3.7V 150MAH Li Battery (Included)
Transmitter battery: 4 x AA 1.5V dry battery (Not included)
Flying Time: About 4mins
R/C Distance: 20-40m
WIFI FPV Distance: About 20-40m
Charging Time: about 30mins
Camera: 0.3MP (Resolution 640X480)
Material: ABSAviation Material
Size Of Product: 42x42x25mm
Product wieght: 17g
Color:Golden, Rosy Red, Grey
Certificate: RTTE+NB,FCC,EN71,7P,ASTM,HR4040,EN62115,EN60825,CD ,ROSH,MSDS,UN38.3

1. 4 channel transmitter: Ascend/Descend;Forward/Backward; Left/Right sideward fly; Left/Right rotation; Hover etc, flexible and comfortable.
2. 6-axis gyro system makes CX-10WD very stable and easy to opearate.
3. Transmitter & Mobile Phone Dual Operating Mode.
4. CX-10WD is equiped with multi-color LED lights making the flight more spectacular especially in the dark.
5. CX-10WD super small size, can be throw to fly.
6. CX-10WD has 0.3MP camera, can take video and pictures.
7. CX-10WD has latest mobile phone WIFI remote control mode, support IOS/Android, you can scan QR code to get the APP.
8.CX-10WD can be operated in 3 flying modes. High/Low speed modes can be...Continue Reading
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As I'm a member of few drone forums and Facebook groups, I keep seeing threads with questions such as "Buying a new drone, what should I get?".

I think this buying guide would be greatly beneficial for everybody who's currently on the fence about what drone to get.

Inside you'll find 3 sections - Beginner drones, Camera drones and FPV/Racing drones, along with some clarifications and tips from me.

I hope you find this useful and share with people who are looking for a new drone.

Here it is : Drone Buying Guide – The 2016 List of The Best Drones You Can Buy