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Mobius mic pops example (1 min 5 sec)

I bought it on Amazon and the guy says he will give e an exchange so I'm not worried about it.. but I would rather try to fix it,

I'm going to try a few things before I send it back. I'm going to run clear tape over buttons to see if that helps as I think it may be buttons bouncing off of the case, they seem "loose" on my Mobius.

If that isn't it, it may be microphone itself loose inside cam and intermittently knocking into side of case inside or maybe something else loose in there.

He says he has sold thousands and only one or two with issue similar to this but it was due to external power source (maybe USB cable?)- or something.

Running off battery in above clip.. Will produce mic pop with slightest movement or very small vibration, but sometimes it doesn't.

Using this headband:
http://www.zebralight.com/Headband-w...H52_p_110.html a

-and the motorcycle helmet mount that came with cam, with strap run through the slots after the one plastic piece removed from mount, it's totally silent. These pops have happened with different mount and no mount.

Kind of a bummer.
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Straight wing, span 1700 mm.
Central part — 1000 mm,
consoles 2 x 350 mm.

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I see this DYS HDV-1 GoPRO-like action camera and want compare with GoPRO Hero 3 Black, SJ4000 and Mobius.
But seller from AliExpress send SJ4000 after three weeks after payment
and I still have not received the parcel
And dys.hk sent in a week after payment, I have already received the parcel.
But I still can not make a comparison.
No additional packaging, only two cartons.

Thank you DYS....Continue Reading
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Had a wonderful dive yesterday, to discover this sunken C-47 near Kas in the south of Turkey. We were able to swim inside, through the open cargo door, up to the entrance of the electronics bay and cockpit. It was way too narrow to continue any further. I wouldn't risk getting stuck inside with all the diving equipment sticking and hanging out of our body....
We had to leave the wreck a bit early because one of our diving partners ran out of air fast, but it was quite the experience!
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Reinforcements to transfer loads from wing bolt

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Labor Day 2014..I've been selling off some stuff for an old friend, and I just got a note from a buyer...
There had been a box of old engines that I sold for 'parts', and he had repaired most of them, distributing them amongst those who could make the best use of them.
That was heart-warming...Bob's collection of junk is circulating the flyer's neighborhood,doing some good.
I'm going through MY stuff now, to see if I have anything I can live without, that may help someone else. I am a classic hoarder, but I also like to see things used for their original purpose.

As some of you know, I build Hot Rod engines...One of my customers stopped by yesterday, with a magazine. His car,(and my engine) are featured in it...Since the early fifties, I've read all the magazines, never thinking that one day, I'd be in one.-kinda cool..

As fall closes in, I'll get back to the 'Not a lil' Rascal' project, which I'm looking forward to.
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Finally got one. Installed the servos and links
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Always take your props off first!!!

Calibrate ESC's using the KK2 Board (0 min 50 sec)

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Porsche GT3 RS - Willow Springs International Raceway (2 min 47 sec)

Aerial footage provided for Jay Leno's Garage - Carbon Revolution wheel segment:

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Im making a batbone because my tricopter had a horrible crash and ordered some SF 8*4.5 props and im wondring would they work good on the dt750's? BTW im using kk2.1.5 and 18 amp plush ESC.
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Hi everyone

For those of you struggling to get your Spektrum DX8 configured to work with the Xaircraft SuperX, I've attached a profile settings file that worked with one of the units I built (quadcopter).

I don't remember all the settings off memory as I don't have the DX8 with me anymore, but failsafe is activated (via switch and On/Off button), 3 way switch for flight modes, AUX3 for gimbal, etc.

This profile would at least give you a right start when configuring your DX8.

J. Fandino
UAS/Gimbal creations
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Posted here so I don't lose the thread (again):

A fellow RCG'er created a FLY to KML utility
the KML produced has the GPS coord and works well in GoogleEarth.
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I just got a Pro Tech (model craft) 701 from a buddy at work.. Is it ok to discharge and/or recharge my 3000 3300 mah NIMH packs with this??
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Gooday all,
Greetings from Australia
After an absence of 20 years (Family and financial), I am back into RC, and have joined the dark side, LOL, 2.4g Futaba 14SG.
What a transformation from my old Futaba Gold 6 and 7 channel sets.

My Hanger list:
New Parkzone Radian Pro, R7008SB (Still to maiden, with modifications as suggested by Paul Naton – Radio CarbonArt USA)
New Parkzone Mosquito with R7008SB (Still to maiden)
RCM ’83(?) Shoestring Racer R7003SB (rebuilt after major planting – spring fell off T4L transmitter Aileron Gymbal)
Scratch built Middle Stick 40 (Infernal Combustion0 - to be converted 2.4g R7008SB
RCM Opti Moose (Full house Ail Flap Spoilers - to be converted 2.4g).
Goldberg Gentle Lady - to be converted 2.4g
Pilot (Japan) Christen Eagle S2A - to be converted 2.4g
Pilot (Japan) Divine Wind (Slope Soarer) - to be converted 2.4g
RCM Laker (Amphibious) - to be converted 2.4g

I am in awe of the knowledge and work of Malcolm Holt.
I have his book, and have configured Radian Pro with suggested settings as per Malcolm’s book.

I fly Mode 1 (Throttle on J2), and have setup Launch, Normal and Landing on SE, and Reflex, Normal and Camber on SA (as per book).
However SE and SA, appear to be more useful when Throttle (Motor) are on J3.
(Mode 2 - Right hand is busy with Aileron Elevator).

I am contemplating for Mode 1, swapping SE to SG, and SA to either SC or SD.
I know any switch can be any function, but can anybody see any problems?
I have enjoyed reading and learning from all you learned guys, and look forward to boring a few holes in the air, as soon as “the August winds” here in OZ have abated.
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Ok, at last, I am making progress with my Xtron 500 build!

Built the basic heli now
- just the electronics, servos, motor etc needed...

The build so far has been pretty straight forward
- I have built the tail as per the manual
- but the tail pitch range looks too small in the counter-torque direction
- so it looks like I need to swap the tail blade holders over to give more range ...

Also, the Tail pitch rod control guides were impossible to get on the tail boom
- so I ended up cutting them, and then will glue them in position

Hopefully I can get the rest of the heli built this week,...
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The Asus batteries each lasted only 8 months. Then it was time for the final laptop: the macbook. After much debate, it was decided to dual boot it instead of erasing MacOS completely. Still remember walking out of Stonehenge mall one night, with that thing neatly packaged in its pristine cardboard box, the perfect packaging, the new mac smell. It's a very strange laptop, more like a stone tablet.

An SD card Ubuntu installation failed with MMC driver crashes. Trying to burn the DVD on the mac would always wrap the iso file in another iso file. Finally got it to install from a DVD burned on a Linux box. The installer couldn't initialize the network at all, but it ended up not necessary.

Booting from the DVD requires holding down option to get into the firmer bootloader. Not sure those refit or refind bootloaders are required, since they just go into grub. Once installed, any of the EFI options seems to go into grub, which can then go into bunt.

With a terminal program finally installed, it was possible to load the b43 wifi driver, see the error message, load the required firmware from an SD card, & configure the network manually.

The macbook's audio, suspend mode, & 2D graphics seemed to work, a rarity for Linux. Wifi was intermittent. The keyboard & single button mouse are a buster. The current commands which create alternate mouse buttons:

xmodmap -e "keycode 108 = Pointer_Button3&...Continue Reading
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Hello, just wanted to show the first tests with the laser.

first time running the laser in the shop (8 min 38 sec)

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Nice weather this weekend. Enjoyed practicing with my Eratix 3D. I wonder if anyone else is still flying Eratix....

E-Flite Eratix 3D Training #1 (5 min 51 sec)

Video taken with Mobius hat cam, not the best quality possible.