At 58 oz-in of torque, the "droop" of the servo arm position is more pronounced, as expected. The overall droop though is still pretty reasonable considering the load, and the benefit of the 5 cell receiver pack is more pronounced.

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Posted by: 96S14 on Jul 19, 2006 05:47 AM
At 58 oz-in of torque, the
This graph shows the servo's ability to return to the same home position under no load. 20 trials were performed and the angular deviation from the median position is shown on the vertical axis. As can be seen, this is a very accurate servo!
This graph shows the "droop" that the servo experiences when putting out 40 oz-in of torque. Note that the deflection from the zero load position is only a few degrees and that it's less at 6.0v than it is at 4.8v...a good reason to use 5 cell RX packs i
At 77 oz-in of output torque, the servo no longer operates at 4.8 V, but at 6.0 V the servo is still going strong. Note that the "droop" of the servo horn position is significantly more pronounced, however the total error on a 60 degree servo horn motion
The HS-6635HB installed on the aileron of our Ultra Stik Lite. Note the strong 4-40 linkage.

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