From another angle - also here 90 degrees. :)

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Posted by: sir_clive on Nov 13, 2011 03:47 PM
From another angle - also here 90 degrees. :)
Four pieces of wood (sorry, no idea which kind, just bought it at a local store - it's light and soft, but harder than balsa)
Measured EXACTLY where to put the hole in the wing, then stuck a long needle through it, at exactly 90 degree. Well, as exactly as possible.
Before digging a hole in the wing to accommodate the wooden re-enforcements, I suggest some practicing on scrap styrofoam
As I was confident enough, carved the place for the re-enforcement into the wing. I first drilled a hole through the piece of wood you can see on the first pic, then I put the needle through it, then through the wing, and I marked its' dimensions on it.

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