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 RCGroups.com Official Podcast - sponsored by HobbyKing
This month's podcast features Rich Hanson, the AMA government affairs reprentative, who speaks about the proposed FAA regulations on our hobby and what we can do to help. We also speak with RCG owner Jim Bourke, SleepyC brings us some Joe Nall updates and talks about a new contest on RCCars.com and we talk with Matt Gunn from CrackRoll.com.
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Join the discussion about the proposed FAA regulations here.

We want to give a big thanks to our podcast sponsor, HobbyKing.

 RCGroups is breaking records!
RCGroups.com is the world's largest and most active RC community.

Thank you for four of the best months in the history of the site:
November - 262,381 new posts!
December - 275,016 posts!
January - 302,648 posts!
February - 276,213 posts!

We now have over 350,000 members!

We just did the math, and we're juuuust under 10,000 posts per day!
...and our nearest rival (RCU) is getting just over 2,000 posts/day according to big-boards.com.


 Event Coverage
Great Planes E-Fest 2011 - E-fest was great again this year! Be sure to check out our covarage by clicking here.

Weak Signals and the ETOC - We are gearing up for Toledo! The Weak Signals show is approaching, and that also means the ETOC is here as well. Our Special Events section is already popping with activity about these shows. Be sure to join in the threads, and watch for our daily coverage:
ETOC Forum Section
Weak Signals Forum Section

SEFF - The largest outdoor electric event is coming! The Special Event section is buzzing with activity. Find out how to register, see what other pilots are bringing and get excited! RCG will be there again this year to get all the coverage possible!
Click here to be a part of the SEFF action.

 RCCars.com Contest and Video
RCCars.com Build Log Contest - Are you tricking out your truck? Do you have a tip everyone should know about? Put together a great build log, and you could win a 12 month subscription to RC Driver magazine!
Click here for more information!

RCCars "How To" Volume 1- Our own SleepyC has created a video to demonstrate how to custom paint a car or truck lexan body. Check it out!

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 RCGroups.com Reviews - 15 NEW Reviews!
The RCGroups reviewers and editors are hard at work each month bringing you the best RC reviews possible. You can see some of this month's reviews below, and see even more reviews by clicking the E Zone, RC Power Mag and Lift Zone tabs below.

ezonemag.com RCpower.com Liftzone.com

Cox Models Sky Ranger Ready-to-Fly Electric R/C Trainer Review
By Ralph Squillace
One of the greatest names in the history of powered models enters the 21st Century with a high-tech small-scale trainer. No need to worry about fuel; this baby is a state-of-the-art electric!
Park Flyers R/C YAK 54XL Pro Grade 3D Review
By Albert Wahrhaftig
The Park Flyers R/C YAK 54XL: study, colorful, affordable, and it may be an excellent choice for a pilot ready to try 3D flying.
Hobby Lobby Twister R/C Police Helicam RTF Coaxial Helicopter Review
By Ralph Squillace
Get ready for one of the most innovative - and fun - R/C coaxials to hit the market in a long time, combining easy control with digital video and still aerial photography controlled from the transmitter!
Great Planes ElectriFly CellMatch 2-6S Balancing Meter Review
By Mike Llewellyn
The Great Planes ElectriFly CellMatch will instantly tell you the charge and individual cell status of a battery up to 6s in just a few seconds. This new battery balancer makes an excellent addition to anyone's field box.
Cox Models Extra 300 EP 2.4GHz RTF RC Electric 20" Aerobat Review
By Michael Heer
The new Cox Models Extra 300 EP is really ready to fly in a matter of minutes and has some great new features.
A Taste of The Arizona Electric Festival 2011
By Michael Heer
The Arizona Electric Festival is a mid-winter party for electric pilots and this article is just a taste of the experience in 2011.
Hobby Lobby Alfa P-39 Airacobra ARF Review
By Mike Llewellyn
Alfa has released the P-39 Airacobra ARF to their impressive lineup of models. Hobby Lobby carries these remarkable looking ARF's that fly even better than they look!
RC Aerodyne Chaos 600 Pro Kit - Scorpion Edition Review
By Chris Mulcahy
Chris Mulcahy reviews the new Chaos 600 helicopter exclusively available from R/C Aerodyne.
What's New as Flown at the Arizona Electric Festival
By Michael Heer
Seventeen videos of new aircraft and one of something hopefully coming down the road in the future!
Model Aero Stinger Model Aero Stinger Review
By Don Shields
If you're looking for some good old fashioned park flying fun, but don't just want to open a box and "just go fly", then check out the new Model Aero Stinger.
Flyzone Cessna 250 Corvalis Review of Hobbico Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis Rx-R 57"
By Michael Heer
The Cessna 350 Corvalis from Flyzone comes Receiver Ready with a number of features including wing navigation and landing lights. This is a very nice general aviation scale foam RC plane of good size with a 57" wingspan.
Hobby People Phase 3 U-2 EDF Hobby People Phase 3 U-2 EDF Glider Review
By Don Shields
Phase 3 continues to expand upon their lineup of military EDFs with the release of the classic U-2 spy plane.
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